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Kenya Moore Says NeNe Leakes Doesn’t Have The Intellect To “Take Her On” So She Has To Name-Call!

kenya moore and nene leakes

Kenya Moore isn’t concerned about castmate NeNe Leakes, or her constant name-calling. In fact, Kenya took to her Twitter to respond to a fan about NeNe constantly “weaponizing” mental health, by calling Kenya crazy. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, says NeNe just doesn’t have the intellect to “take her on.” Check it OUT!


I don’t think NeNe should be walking around calling anyone crazy, considering she’s the only one on that show that really feels in her mind that she does absolutely nothing wrong. Now that’s A LOT more crazier than someone who twirls too much. LOL Whose side are you on? Kenya’s or NeNe’s?

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  • Nene CANT learn! Her oversized ego blocks any opportunity for intellect to make its way to her. Hey, go make yo money gurl! They gon hate cuz you is fab-o-lous! You’ is da bestest dats ever ben and dare ain’t gonna be nun better.

  • Thank you prettypinkie and jayden213, can someone get this chick a dictionary? It is sooooo annoying that she constantly says bridemaids, and the other dumbass word that she must have made up in her own head is, “They gon be fighting with their fistessess!” What a dingbat!!!!!! For someone who wants to be so high and mighty, and so boojie, she surely needs to find a dictionary, and read it from front to back!!! Instead of practicing on a strip pole for her husband, she needs to enroll into somebody’s school because its nothing more annoying than someone who wants to act prim and proper, and is far from it!!!!!!If her head gets any bigger than it already is, I’m going to come through that t.v. and deck her myself!! Can anyone say annnnoooooooyyyyyyiiiiiinnnnngggggg!!!!??? Her arrogance and her cockiness is appalling!! One thing that Nene has to learn, which its obvious she has not, is to remain humble even when you have success!!! Pride comes before a fall! Obviously Nene has not learned that lesson yet either, cause when she falls, she’s going to fall hard!!!!

  • Nene’s ego has run amuck and she is going to alienate herself right out of Hollywood. No one is going to want to hire an egotistical monster that barely even looks female. She needs to check herself before its too late. I’m not a huge fan of Kenya, but she does come out with the occasional zapper and puts these other women in their places. When Phaedra tried to shame her for not being able to find a husband, Kenya came right back with the fact that since some of their husbands stray, it won’t be too hard for her to find an available one. Unfortunately for both of these women, Apollo will be available but in prison.

  • Momma T, Ashely Rub and followers: Since season one, Nene has called out housewives; Sheree was verbally ‘read’ by Mrs. Leakes at a restaurant, drinking and basking while ‘talking sh8’ about Sheree to Kim Zoliciak and I believe Zolciak’s mom….K. Zolciak appeared in shock that Ne blasted their cast mate. Now, say what you feel; but Zolciak and Nene would use “Moose” “Big Nose Sheree” quickly and others on-screen followed tactic, Lisa called Kim Z. crazy and mentally unstable who needed medication – and many would agree Lisa was shown as mediator, reasonable with good wit, well verse & boring lol.

    I recall ‘KenaMoorewhore’ was the catch Phaedra (Attorney-bright individual) coined for Moore and further went on to say Ken was a user / abuser of “bath salts” – the attorney who took that “risk” but contractually, this type of young “verbal shade” is nothing to physical altercation – many HAVE violated – even Kandi was ready to “drag you up in this….” so, if you single Nene for such aye, this forum of drama has come by many of RHOA cast past & present. Kenya tried it with the unethical voice last season, Reunion show, attacking words to Phaedra “pregnant and all” – Nene may need ore cultural polishing, mostly growth in word choosing, pronunciation but THEN Momma T and writer of this biased post would than believe more so that Nene has “changed”….SMH G.A.Life &/or season your memory….less baking folks.

    • Champ – nicely put.

      I don’t agree with the names that all of the ladies use about their castmates. I do think Nene is good at reading the others and generally right. I have been reading on the blogs as to what is really driving the wedge with Cynthia and I have to agree.

      Let’s be frank – Kenya is a bit eccentric. Personally her story lines of fake boyfriends and dolls are a bit off for a woman in her 40’s. I do agree with Nene that Kenya makes good TV.

      I hope all of the ladies return next season. This cast is more interesting than many of the other shows.

  • Wow Nene is digging her own grave one grammar error at a time. She really believes she is famous and well liked. I used to think she was witty and made funny one liners but now she just puts people down for everything. She really gets under my skin. Her and Marlo are birds of the same feather…both classless and ignorant. her scenes are boring and all she does is talk shit about her own “friends” (aka minions) that wwhl special sealed the deal for me… NENE NEEDS TO GO!!!!

  • At first I thought Kenya was the one that was out of her mind but more an more I see right through Nene an she really isn’t the same person that she used to be at all something very wrong has happened to Nene she’s just changed for the worse an the way she treats people is really nasty specially when she was talking about Cynthia on camera with Andy being right there,Nene needs to know the definition of being a friend after what happened on WWHL talking about Cynthia was so wrong so I have to say that I’m with Kenya an Kenya has come a long way on the show I’m sure Nene don’t like that at all O well Nene is going to get over it cuz Kenya is not going anywhere but on #RHOA .

  • Because Nene is so uneducated and so full of herself, she does resort to petty behavior(s). I cringe every time she uses the word “bridemaid” as well as using the singular form for lots of words inappropriately. Nene’s ten minutes of fame will soon be over.