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Ana Quincoces SLAMS RHONY’s Newest Taglines; Heather Thomson Responds!


Former Real Housewives of Miami star, Ana Quincoces isn’t happy about the newest taglines of The Real Housewives of New York, and she took to her Twitter yesterday to slam them, particularly newest housewives’ Kristen Taekman, and Heather “Holla” Thomson immediately responded! Check out the exchange between the two below

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I personally don’t think any of the taglines are THAT serious, but that’s just me. What do you guys think about what Ana had to say?

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Ashley Rub

  • Gina

    I was super delighted to hear these lines… I feel like Bravo finally gets it… the drama is good for a while but when the shows start to get SO dark like NJ and now BH, I am OVER IT! It’s too much!!! These tag lines give me hope that NYC is gonna be OVER THE TOP silly and FUN with drama here and there but nothing so dark as BH and NJ. I am excited now for NYC! BRING BACK THE FUN to Bravo!

  • Team Fair

    Here we go AGAIN! Why does Ana continue to speak! She never, and I mean NEVER says anything positive about anything or anyone!

    She is the one who LOVES to stay relevant; and messing with the New York ladies is another one of her ploys to continue to stay in the limelight. Do you actually think that Ana would ever say that to the Atlanta or New Jersey HW’s? HECK NO! Those ladies would wipe the floor with her.

    However, if I were Heather (who I beginning to like) I wouldn’t engage Ana in a back and forth! This is what she wants. She can only use Twitter and Facebook; because she know NO ONE is interested in interviewing her! This is why she is NO LONGER a HW! UGH!

  • Cajsa

    I am with Ana, that new housewives tagline makes me want to kick her to the curb before the season opens. I don’t remember the exact words, but it’s more of less, Yeah, I am dumb as a post, but who care if I can’t compete with an ant. I am pretty.

    and that is all that matters.

    When that aired the first time, I said Fuck You! to the TV

    I cannot stand women who under cut the entire gender by thinking looks trumps character, intellect or being a decent human being.

  • rachel

    omg people that are saying ana is desperate to be back in the spotlight or is bitter are just plain moronic. I think she has her right, just as us viewers, to comment or critique the show. YOU ppl saying she’s desperate are the ones that need to lighten up. lol

  • Ginny

    Since Ana is no longer with housewives why is she worried about taglines???

  • Frankyblike

    Ana is right, i cringed when i heard kristens tag line, She just made her self sound so stupid

  • Oahu Stacey

    Ana is just an old goat.

  • September24

    Jelly much???? Ana should not be putting down another franchise. No wonder she isn’t on Miami anymore……….

  • Cessy

    The tag lines were beyond hilarious! Aviva’s “pulling my leg” line? That had me rolling! Ana’s just hungry for attention.

  • Half of the time I don’t even pay attention to the ‘tag lines’….really???? I am
    laughing out loud , she can not be serious. I can’t believe I am commenting
    about this! LOL.
    I will say I do not like “Holla” , Heather needs to drop it.

    • They’re All Crazy

      Good grief, yes. She can shove “holla” where the sun don’t shine.

  • Ry

    I actually agree with Ana this time. Heather’s tagline would be totally fine if she didn’t add the “holla!” at the end.

    Kristin’s is just pathetic.

    Ramona’s is very lame-she’s celebrating her drunkenness. For a woman in her 50s, that’s not ok.

    • medicated fan

      Watched the First Look and thought the taglines were exceptionally stupid. I always thought NY women were a little more sophisticated but clearly it is more of the same idiocy. Those lines were the best they could do?

  • Erin

    My boyfriend and his ex wife argue over whether their daughters should be allowed to watch the HW’s. Just last week I told him I agreed with him about it but that the NY show wasn’t that bad because the ladies were mostly educated and running real businesses and so forth. BUT then these broads had to go and do this and I had to take back everything I said!

    I understand that these are possibly just one big joke, but that shit about being dumb but it’s okay cause she’s hot? That’s really…sad? Joke or not, it’s just sad to me. You could not pay me enough to say something like that on television unless it was part of an SNL skit.

  • rhfan

    These taglines are supposed to be, and for the most part, are “tongue in cheek”. Ana knows this.

    Why make a big deal? Just makes her look like she’s trying to hold on to that Bravo lifeline.

    If Ana is so concerned about taglines leaving the wrong impression, I don’t remember her weighing in on Joyce’s. “You can never be too thin” is on the same level as “I’m pretty”. Funny, she only slammed one not the other.

  • Jazzy

    She is trying to stay relevant. No one cares about her.

    • PixNTrix

      LOL Jazzy that would be Ana’s tagline…I’m trying to stay relevant but no one care about me.

  • Hopeful

    I saw a half hour preview of NY The tag lines are silly. So what??
    The show looks great.

  • jealousmuch

    Umm, Anna – what’s your tagline. Oh right. You’re not a housewife.

    • Ptettypinkie

      LMAO !! But it’s do true an that’s what makes it more funny, lol !!

  • Lovely Givan

    Whether the “Taglines” sounds stupid or not. Really it’s not that serious!

  • zoeysmom

    I agree they are silly for the most part but why does Ana need to weigh in? To me it seemed as if they were being satirical-except for Heather’s.

  • Boston Girl

    Ana so desperately wants to be back in the spotlight. She is ridiculous! Get over it Ana…Housewives dropped you.

  • What Had Happened

    Wow Ana…still bitter you’re not a HW…get over it…don’t you have cases, fiancé, daughters and dogs to occupy your time….

  • Candida

    We’ll ms Anna Q just looking to be significant

  • jaime

    Where can I find these new taglines?

  • holy cannoli

    Jesus Ana..Lighten up, it’s not that freakin serious!

    • michers

      Right??? Some people always have to find something to say/complain about for attention.

      • holy cannoli

        Hi mich

        I agree, holy shit, talk about ” tits on an ant”.

        • pinkie


        • michers

          LOL Holy!!! I keep forgetting about that saying.. I cant say it out loud though in my house because of my sons!! ( Monday thru Friday until 3 I can say it , LOL)

    • Beyoncé Shabazz

      Aww pobrecita Anna still craves attention and still no one wants her 🙁 Girl get your life. Bravo and your ex are done with you. Sit down somewhere #dontH8

    • LaraM

      Sooo agree, @Holy! It is tongue and cheek and funny! Like the HW’s! Thos isn’t PBS. Jesus!

      • LaraM

        And Ana looks loke Quasi Moto in that picture, anyway…or Marlon Brando. Whatevs!

  • CherylTN

    I thought Aviva, Heather, and Carole had the best and funny tag lines personally.