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RHOA Recap: Crunk In The Trunk


We start this week’s episode off with Phaedra visiting over at Kandi’s house, and of course, she’s there to fill Kandi in on the drama that went down with Chuck. Kandi is shocked that Nene and Phaedra are being so chummy, and she’s probably thinking that Nene set that whole mess up with Chuck. Phaedra proceeds to tell Kandi what Chuck was saying and they are both laughing ’cause they know he is full of it. Cynthia is helping her sister Mal get her beads together for a trunk show they are going to have for them. Cynthia doesn’t exactly approve of how her sister Mal dropped by, but at least she’s making the most of it. Unlike Peter, who decides to throw another mantrum. Peter is mad that Cynthia told her sister about the problems they are having, and of course that she’s living there. Peter thinks Cynthia should of had a private conversation with him about Mal staying over, and I agree. I also agree that Peter should have a private conversation with his WIFE, every time he steals money out of HER account, and spends it on whatever HE thinks is best.

Kenya’s father is visiting her, and they look nothing alike. The first thing he tells her after “hi,” is how she has corns on her feet. EWWWW. Kenya needs to twirl her butt to a foot doctor! They get to Kenya’s house, and her dad doesn’t like anything about it, and could care less. Kenya tells him how she wants to reconcile with her mom. I don’t know why Kenya keeps trying to force a relationship with someone who has consistently said, and proved she doesn’t want her in her life. Kind of like her dating Walter. She tried forcing something with someone who didn’t want it, so she faked it. Porsha is meeting with her divorce lawyer, and is mad cause she wants money, but her lawyer is trying to explain to her that she looks to rich to be asking for money. Which is true, Porsha is not like other women who actually need to money they are fighting for. Porsha really doesn’t get life. She thinks the judge is like her mommy who will give her, her way.

Kandi and Todd are going over the preparations for her upcoming play. Todd mentions that he has a job opportunity in New York, and that makes Kandi cry ’cause she thinks he’s trying to escape her and her mom, which is probably true. Kandi says she doesn’t want the issues going on with her mom to change things, but Kandi needs to realize she holds the power to end all of that. Her mom shouldn’t have the key to hold that kind of effect on their relationship. Cynthia and Nene both are walking up to Kenya’s new home, and Nene looks annoyed that Kenya is renting a Bentley and she isn’t. The ladies both meet Kenya’s dad, and Nene says they don’t look like they are related. Nene tells Kenya that, that can’t be her Bentley since she’s broke. Geez, at least play coy about your jealousy Nene!

Kenya brings up Kandi’s play to Nene and Nene acts like a diva about not doing it. I think for someone who has never even won an award, including a Razzie,for her acting — Nene is being VERY snobby about the whole thing. She should be honored that a Grammy award winner, such as Kandi, even thought to include her. Nene says she’s very busy too, but I guess Bravo missed all of that in filming, ’cause every time we see her, she’s doing nothing. Porsha is having Kanid and Phaedra over at her new house, and she’s dressed funky. Maybe she was trying on different “I’m not rich” outfits for her court date? The ladies are shocked at how much money Porsha is spending on her home, especially given her financial state. Porsha is getting annoyed that they are questioning her, but that’s what she needs — Two, SMART, business women, giving her financial advice. Porsha is filling the ladies in on what’s going on in her divorce, and they feel bad for her.

It’s time for Mal’s trunk show, and the main focus in Mal inviting herself to stay at Cynthia’s, and Porsha not being a good friend to Nene’s standards and not telling her that she moved in her neighborhood. The ladies are shocked that Mal came unannounced to stay with Cynthia and Peter, and Mal is getting very defensive. She snaps at Kenya for asking so many questions about it, and Kenya snaps back at her. Then Nene arrives, and she is already annoyed with Phaedra. Even though Porsha told the ladies not to tell Nene that she moved into her neighborhood, they do so anyways. Kenya is annoyed and leaves because she is tired of Porsha making everything about her divorce. She’d LITERALLY rather get hit by a car, than be around her crying. Nene gets mad and calls Porsha a bad friend. She doesn’t feel that Porsha is there for her the same way she is there for Porsha. She tells Porsha that she is a bad friend, and Porsha walks away in tears. Cynthia tries stopping her, and Nene comes over to apologize, but is irritated at the same time. Porsha says she feels she is too needy right now to keep bothering her, and Nene talks with her. Nene has so many demands on her friends, yet she never acknowledges their feelings. Next week, the drama continues with Kandi and Todd’s relationship as someone comes forward to reveal he is an opportunist!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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  • Porsha is cute to many people. But, to me, she is just a bad weave and bad outfit away from looking like Arsenio Hall’s female character in Coming To America!
    Ouch! My wife just slapped me for saying that, but to me, that’s what I see! Can’t help it…..

  • I feel bad for Porsha and I think she may not be making the best choice right now. It takes many women years to get over a divorce; Brandi Glanville is still not over hers and she REALLY needs to be. Porsha is newly divorced and I think the ladies need to give her a break and be more supportive. Cynthia seems to be the only one showing her support.

    • Yes, I just saw it, but I’m glad you mentioned it again in another post because I forgot to respond to it above (and I totally meant to do so).

      I did NOT see that. VERY GOOD CATCH!

      And it leads to some very interesting questions/thoughts. Maybe Nene acts like “DA BOSS” of the show because she quite literally, in some ways, IS. Hmmmm……

      • That’s what I thought too ! She said “I’m the boss so these girls will do what I tell them to do”. She is such a biotch !

      • It may be true, but that would be NeNe trying to catch up with Kenya! Yes, Kenya’s production company distributed her fitness DVDs and NeNe wants to keep up! That’s probably why bravo allowed her company to do her wedding show (remember bridesmaid and groomsmen?!) no s there!

        So, maybe she needs this to stay relevant. She’s still losing viewers. It will run out….

  • Wow, I have so many questions about this episode. First, did anyone else think Kenya was drunk @ the trunk show ? Her voice was SO LOUD ! And her storming out then twirling in the middle of the road was just bazaar behavior to me. Clearly, she is a shit stirrer, with the chitlin remark about Kandi’s show, the remarks to NeNe she made about not doing the show, the crayon remark about Porshe,the remarks about this is not the Porshe show @ the trunk show & the remarks she said to her Dad about facing her Mom,Then the remarks about her lover buying her a Bentley. Tell me Kenya,have you produced even One show since you started on this show ? What is your purpose of even being on this show anyway. I have never seen you @ work on anything other than your video (big fail). Kandi has Grammys people. She could buy & sell everyone of these women in a blink of an eye, but you never see her brag like NeNe does or be belligerent or mean like Kenya & Nene. And NeNe, what is your purpose on the show you say you are the boss of ? You were on one short season of a now defunk show, and guested on another show a couple of times, big whoop. What are you doing now ? Nada ! No-one wants to work with you, because of your egotistical attitude, and you can’t act ! If you could the show would still be on television ! Sit down NeNe you have no storyline either. We are sick of you.Porshe may be a dingbat, but she is at least genuine. She deserves all the time she needs to heal from the public humilation Kordell put her through, but leasing an $8000k a month house was a terrible move on her part.But maybe her attorneys told her to do that so she could continue to live in the matter in which she was accustomed, who knows? As for Peter, he’s a slimeball, we all know that except for Cynthia it seems, but I think she is catching on. What husband goes out & gets a Mercedes with their shared bank account, not to mentioned the warehouse he so shadely bought without her knowing ? Why isn’t there an uproar over that ? Phaedra, I am still on the fence with. She can throw shade with the best of them. Chuck deserved every bit of it too. But there are somethings I just don’t quite trust about her. There, I think I covered it all, anyone ?

    • Yes, I think you covered it all. I’ll do my best to try and answer some of your questions (Well, provide you with my opinions, which aren’t really answers, but…whatever). 😉

      Phaedra strikes me as being as shady as an oak tree. I’m like you. I totally appreciate her wit and intelligence, but if I were to hear that she was harvesting and selling the body part of some of the clients she embalms on the Black Market for extra cash to send Prince Ayden and President Dylan to private school…..

      ….I wouldn’t be suprised….


      ALL (Just keepin’ it real).

      You could have a point about Kenya being drunk at the trunk show. I’d never considered that. Thanks for providing that as an option. It could very well explain why she was twirling in the middle of the street as if a car was not about to hit her twirlin’ a*s.

      I think Kenya, unlike Kandi, for instance, REALLY needs the RHOA income. This is why I think she is stirring up the sh*t and causing drama as much as she can. Because if she does that, she secures her position as an RHOA Housewife (and prevents another future eviction).

      I love how humble Kandi is. With the way Nene acts, you’d think that SHE has had the success that Kandi has had (and continues to have), and you would think that SHE is the one that can buy and sell everyone if she so desired (when that title REALLY belongs to Kandi). But people with REAL money don’t brag about it and don’t really show it off. This is why you never hear about Kandi owing anybody any money, and we just heard about Nene owing the State of Georgia “Tax Man.” *Sigh*

      You hit the nail on the head with Porsha: she’s a TOTAL DINGBAT, but she’s a NICE dingbat. Some of the completely IDIOTIC stuff she says, in wide-eyed wonder, make me LMAO. So, I want her to stay on the show for comic relief. The “little girl” part of me also wants to see her have a “happily ever after” with some dude who will appreciate a woman who has nothing to offer conversation-or brain-wise (There are PLENTY of ’em out there. If I had a nickel for every man I ran across who claimed he wanted an intelligent woman but then turned around and picked some dizzy broad, I’d be a rich bitch! But good for those men, and good for those broads! Porsha will find one of ’em, if she doesn’t somehow die because she gets lost in that 8000 square foot mansion and couldn’t find her cell phone in time to call 911 to rescue her before she died. *Sigh*).

      O.K. I know I haven’t answered everything, but I need more coffee. I’ll be back later. 😉

      • Lol Lola, I think you did very well ! No doubt Kenya needs the $$$ so yes thats why she causes so much drama, but I seriously believe she has mental issues. Maybe she really is Bi-polar ? What you said about Phaedra is funny, I mean we have seen criminals pay her in cash in a parking lot before ! Take note Phaedra, showing off all that cash is not favored by Uncle Sam, just look @ Teresa Guidice ! Enjoy your coffee 🙂

        • Ms. Lola, very good analysis. Kenya’s approach regarding her mom starts with Kenya FORGIVING her, whether she hears it or not. Our hearts are like colanders that strain spaghetti. It’s capable of capturing water momentarily, ultimately losing it due to so many holes. Blessings are poured, so they must be liquid. So, in order to retain our blessings, we must cover the holes. Forgiveness does that! I learned that lesson to forgive my father for his abandoning us. But, if I didn’t forgive, I could not be the father MY children need nor the husband I promised to be. Forgiveness does not remove the wrong; it allows the wronged one to have enough peace to move forward. So, I hope she does it for her healing.

          Now, the pedicure you mentioned….let me tell you. My wife was always after me to get one, but I was too MALE to do it. While we were hanging out, I gave in. Lord, my feet were so bad that Asian woman dared NOT speak her true feelings in English! When she used that grater on my feet, I have vowed to NEVER get grated cheese on any dish when we eat out! Stop laughing! I got big feet and I swore I heard her say Godzilla! Well, since that pedicure, I can rub feet with my wife without fear of severing a blood vessel or causing massive bleeding, AND have had another. So, I wonder if an ex-pageant contestant ever hear of that or a podiatrist?! Maybe her new name should be Dr. Scholl!

          Stop laughing, lady! Peace

  • Did you all hear Kenya father talk about her nasty a** “FEET” ! OMG her father couldn’t let it go about her feet grossed out feet saying they had corns on side an they were so ashy I mean it was just the grossest stuff I ever heard or seen on any of the house wife’s franchise, Kenya was telling so hard to defend yourself but it wasn’t working at all, lmao !!!!

    • In my opinion, Bravo didn’t have to show us that but I must say it was fun to see Kenya squirm a little bit.

  • I LOL’ed when Phaedra asked Kandi, “What kinda ghetto dog is this? Does she need a 40 on the side?” when Kandi told her that Georgia the Bulldog likes salt & vinegar potato chips (as Georgia ate those things like they were going out of style).

    I couldn’t understand why Kandi bawled like a baby when Todd mentioned taking that job. It seems to me like she wants him to put all of his financial and business eggs in HER/THEIR basket (e.g., their play; working on business opportunities provided to him by her companies and her connections), as opposed to being o.k. with him still working on the career he had BEFORE he met her. I don’t know. It just seemed very needy and a little bit selfish on her part. I know she was insisting that she wanted to take the job, and she didn’t want to stop him. However, bawling like a baby like that seemed to indicate otherwise. Time will tell.

    I don’t know why the hell Porsha bought that HUGE house for just herself and without a stable income/career (Her RHOA spot is not guaranteed), but, hopefully, she’ll learn lessons about budgeting and living below her means without TOO much drama (e.g., getting evicted; being sued; etc.). I’m glad Phaedra and Kandi kept it real with her and tried to advise her about how to make financial moves. Hopefully, Porsha will start taking some of their advice when it comes to financial matters. As an aside, that little “Mr. President” is as cute as a bug in a rug. I wanted to reach through my television and grab him so I could just squeeze and kiss his fat cheeks. *Sigh*

    Even though I kinda wanted to choke her at the end of this episode for being so messy and stirring the pot (I probably shouldn’t feel that way because she probably only stirred the pot because the Producers advised her to do so. We all know how these shows work), seeing Kenya’s interaction with her father made me feel even more sorry for her than I already did over the situation with her Mother. I found her father to be incredibly harsh, critical, judgmental, insensitive and almost cruel to her. I mean, it’s no wonder Kenya sometimes acts out inappropriately for attention the way she does (To her, even negative attention is probably good attention because she probably never got any positive attention from her parents. That can really screw a person up, IMO). It’s also no wonder she’s probably been attracted to emotionally unavailable (attached and unattached) men most of her life as well. If having emotionally (and physically, in her Mom’s case) unavailable parents is the way she grew up, she’d be attracted to emotionally unavailable men because it’s “familiar” to her.

    Oh yeah, if that African “Prince” exists, I’m the Queen of England! Pretty sure Kenya leased that Bentley herself so she could “front” (the same way she leased Walter last season. *Sigh*).

    I’m so glad Cynthia pulled Malorie aside and told her to act like a professional and a business woman instead of standing there trying to fight with Kenya, a potential customer. I admit I probably feel this way because I totally agree with Kenya’s opinion. How in the hell do you just “show up” at somebody’s house TELLING (not ASKING….TELLING) them that you’re just going to stay with them for 2 whole months? Sh*t, how the hell do you do that, trying to stay for a damned NIGHT??!!??!! Like some folks say, “Where they do THAT at???!!!???!!” I like Cynthia much better than I like Malorie (although I can see why Malorie can’t stand Peter).

    Nene needs to get over herself. She didn’t make me laugh last night. When she does, I can overlook some things. When she does NOT, I can’t. She needs to sit down with Porsha one-on-one if their supposed friendship is SOOO important to her, not loudly call her out in front of everybody else at a business/social gathering. I don’t think she really cares all that much about Porsha’s friendship. I think she just feels that Porsha doesn’t pay her the requisite amount of homage to which she feels she is entitled as the “Queen of the Show” (not to mention the “Queen of the Universe,” which she probably thinks she is). If Nene was so concerned about “being a bad friend,” she wouldn’t be such a bad friend to Cynthia quite often (when Cynthia has been nothing but a good friend to her).

    Why did Kenya’s a*s try to twirl in the middle of the street (almost getting hit by a car in the process) like she lost her damned mind? Girl, Bye! *Sigh*

    • Great points Ms. Lola. The editing on this episode was horrible. Kenya’s dad was probably told to crack on her feet. She could’ve worn tennis shoes or something. But, he did give sage advice when he told her she needs to let the situation with her mother go. Her mother has shown no interest. You cannot make someone love you. How many years did she “try” before getting on the show? This is a repetitive, dead end storyline, similar to NeNe’s quest to find her father. Not trying to be mean, but this is Bravo’d up.

      I guess you can never have too much drama…….

      • Why thank you, Qpsilove! 😀

        I LOL’ed at your suggestion that Kenya could have worn tennis shoes. Then, I agreed. I mean, I try my best to keep my feet up, but if I know I haven’t quite been able to make it in time for my pedicure, my “dogs” (a.k.a. feet) stay covered up (and I’ve been told by more than one person that I have VERY nice/cute feet, with no ash and not a corn or a bunion to be found. Even I, however, do not feel comfortable busting out the open-toed shoes if I’m a little late for my pedicure).

        And you do make a good point about Kenya’s father giving her sage advice about the situation with her Mother.

        Oftentimes, people are not available to or simply refuse to give us the closure we need for healing. At those times, it is up to US to take control and work on getting that closure for ourselves WITHOUT the other person’s/offending party’s input.

        I hope Kenya realizes that she might not ever get ANYTHING from her Mother and does the “work” (therapy, meds, self-help books, whatever it takes) to let that “demon” go. I truly do believe it’s holding her back in some ways with moving on with her life and living it fully the way she claims she wants to live it (with a husband/partner and a child or children).

    • I agree with everything you said. I have another question though. Has anyone noticed that after the show it says NeNe Leakes Productions ? So does that mean NeNe is now co producing RHOA ? Anyone know the answer to this ? It would explain NeNe’s “I’m the boss, you girls will do as I say” statement.

  • Porsha is beyond stupid, there’s no reason for her to be that immature and make such poor decisions. She’s acting like an 18 year old. Nene is pathetic who is she saying that anyone is not a good friend? She was horrible to Cynthia and she only keeps Porsha around so she can abuse her. And Nene is clearly jealous that Kenya had her dad come visit why comment on whether or not she looks like her dad? Lastly, Phaedra opened it up for Kenya to spill the beans that Porsha moved into Nene’s neighborhood and why would Phaedra do that if she was Porsha’s friend?

  • Nene is a hypocrite. She blew a fit when Kenya told her as a friend, she should have asked about her eviction, and warning her about Walter, and NeNe said she does not reach out on gossip (though true) and shit, but she got mad when Porsha wanted to suprise her about moving in her area? Whatever, cause from what we have seen, she is not a good friend herself.

    Messy Mal is back and she is looking for trouble. Did anyone take note her trying to start with Krayonce? Kenya’s father was a bit odd to watch. It is clear her storyline is about her family; still more of a storyline than NeNe.

    MARLO DEBUTS NEXT WEEK. Finally, cause THAT is what I have been waiting for next week. Was that the girl Todd left for Kandi that was in the previews?

  • A lot of this stuff tonight was bad editing. Did anyone notice how the baby appeared, disappeared, was being changed, but had on the same different clothes? Or the way the Bentley was backed in upon Cynthia’s arrival and forward parked when they left? Or when Porsha had the baby who spit up, then was holding him again AFTER Phaedra had changed him, yet he had the initial clothing on?

    Kandi obviously didn’t hear what Todd was saying BC she was crying BEFORE he got anything out. He was SHARING a job opportunity that he needed to check out and she comes out of nowhere with that crap.

    Porsha? Only GOD can help her. She is clueless, has no evidence of employment prior to marriage, can’t show she NEEDS Kordell’s money offered and is obviously on the gold dig! Even her own attorney (who happened to be NeNe’s divorce guy) tried to school her. She’s not needy, but a pleaser? Really? She failed to please her husband, nene and seemingly everybody expecting to be pleased by her.

    Nene’s comment about Kenya’s dad? At least she knows her dad! nene too busy turning down scripts to do Kandi’s play? Please! End the nene torture as soon as possible! She’s a bully and nothing good. Porsha needs her permission to move into her neighborhood and now is a bad friend? How has nene helped anybody without a YOU OWE ME attached? Was she on the red carpet at the GGs, where REAL actors belong?

    Cynthia disrespected Peter. Like fish, you gotta get rid of them after three days! Mal is intrusive.

    Bad story lines abounded tonight and Phaedra was funny as hell!

    I don’t have to watch, true. However, it wish it were better…….oh well…….

    • That’s what pissed me off the most, Q. What does Nene have hiding over there where she lives for Porsha to have to get her permission to stay there?? I think Nene is grasping for the littlest of storyline she can personally. Porsha does need to toughen up though dealing with a personality like Nene. I’m sick of everytime when Nene busts her chops on something, she goes into princess victim mode and cries.

      Kandi also has turned into a bit of a crier this season too. Kandi needs to let Todd make his own paper and be successful, so Mama Joyce will have little to no excuse for her to claim Todd is living off Kandi.

      • Agree Cheryl. Todd making his own paper totally shuts her mom up. Kandi wants Todd around constantly, but he will endure hell if he does it her way.

        God bless them both.

        Nene is slowly fading away and it can’t be soon enough. I can only imagine how SHE will cry when she is no longer relevant and has burned every bridge imaginable.

  • I’m so annoyed with Nene! This chick is nowhere near humble at all since being on Glee and New Normal. She makes it seems like she has Golden Globe, A Tony, A Emmy, and an Oscar — like boo, sit down and shut up and get a storyline! How can she say she won’t do Kandi’s play (which I heard was good and Porsha was also in it too) all because Kandi is producing it and it’s not Ryan Murphy. I just rolled my eyes so hard at her. Kandi is multi-talented, has Grammies, and way more millionaires than you do Nene. So you really needs to stop thinking you are above Kandi, because when RHOA is over some day who’s gonna be checking for you! Hell, Tyler Perry not even trying to get you in one of his movies and he stays in GA.

    LOL @ Kenya’s daddy! He read his daughter like no business, but I still felt a little bad for her when it came to momma. Kenya and Porsha leasing all these houses left and right, like these women are not even understanding the value of a dollar. Porsha did better IMO if she got herself a fancy apartment instead of trying to keep up with Nene’s lifestyle because that money Kordell is giving her monthly won’t last forever. And Kenya got her Bentley, lmao, I guess she got herself a Big Papa??

    Malorie, I think she got problems in her relationship! It sounds real fishy to me all of sudden she’s going to be spending two months with her sister and her BIL. And Cynthia needs to stop bragging about how much she use to put it down in the bedroom with Peter and stop telling Malorie’s nosey ass everything too about her marriage.

    Pha though made me tickle when she called Chuckie “The light skinned Frankenstein.” Lol. Kenya, twirling in the street, no lie, I did laugh.

    • Agree with everything you stated about Nene…man does she need some humble pie and a humility class…in her head, she really thinks she’s on the level of an A-list actress..

      My aunt and cousins attended Kandi’s play and said that they loved it…they were impressed that it turned out really good with this being a new venture for her…

      I have said the same thing about Tyler Perry not even offering her a small part in one of his productions…hell, he even wrote a part for no talented KK…that should give her a clue and she did say she knew him…

      Apparently he has no need for a loud mouth, obnoxious, no talent woman…

      • Ha! I completely forgot KimHodashian got a movie role from TP. That should had told Nene something right there that her supposed connections or manage isn’t doing a very good job at the moment.

          • But Kim K draws a massive audience or lover and haters. She’s a household name, sadly. Nene draws Bravo’s RHOA fans. That’s it. Despite what Nene thinks, she’s a bravolebrity. Kim is an actual celebrity. If someone doesn’t know her name, it’s because they’ve recently awoken from a coma.

    • It would have gave NeNe an ACTUAL storyline if she was on it, and we could have heard her have some talent in her vocals.

      • Yep but you know Nene is too good to do anything Kandi is producing. You’re name has to be Ryan Murphy. 😉

  • I looove me some Phaedra! The things she says are so hilarious…..especially what she said about Chuck (Big Homie) ” I don’t like bite sized brownies and cocktail sausage”. 🙂
    She is definitely one of my favorite!

    • I love her, too!

      She’s smart and she’s sassy, and I wish her the best. I didn’t like her her first season, but I really have come to admire her and her comments make me laugh. She seems a genuinely good person with a quirky outlook on humanity. I felt so bad for at that awkward moment when horse’s ass Chuck, who can have that moron wife Mynique, started in on her and Kandi as part of his “team.” I wish she’d pulled out some embalming fluid and injected him with it.

  • Lmao its crazy but i startd to love phaedra and cynthia these last two seasons but i dnt ever think ill like kenya just like i cnt stand sonja from new york but i love porsha though you can tell she is geuine maybe cause kenya came in to the viwers to strong

  • I like Porsha. However I can’t understand why people have a problem with her moving on with her life, one month AFTER her divorce. Shit at least she waited until after the divorce. Move on Porsha I hope you find whatever it is you want and be happy. Ain’t nothing wrong with being happily in love.

    Phadrea phadrea phadrea. That bitch is sick. Nobody makes me have LOL moments like her. She’s funny as shit.

    Kenya, bye to you and the actor hired to be your daddy. As far as the bank not taking checks in crayon, obvi you’d know. Kenya has a man that would but her a Bently, but wouldn’t pay 3500$ in rent? Bitch can we say hoodrich? Lies you tell? I don’t beleive it. Lease.
    Nene shaded the fuck out of kenya tonight on WWHL. I MEAN. Deep peel? I can’t. Too funny.

    • Cant wait to watch WWHL. If that was Kenya’s real father, I kind of feel bad for her. He insulted her as soon as he got in the car about her feet. When she was trying to show him her house he completely blew her off. I also thought he was rude to Nene.

  • Kenya must look like her mom. I cant see any resemblance with her father. Sounds like her African boyfriend is spending some serious money on her.

    • Really Bry? He’d get her a car when she’s being evicted on national tv? Kenya wasn’t playing that eviction up for the camera. Especially after she’d been bragging about purchasing the house and being a professional business owner of a production company. She should’ve said loud and clear, Hell na, pay this rent.

      • Hi Andrea, I’m just going by what Kenya said but, I don’t believe everything Kenya says. If at the time of her eviction she was claiming to be dating this rich guy then your right, he should/could of paid her rent.

        • She said it at the reunion remember. When she burst into those fake tears and Nebe said she got her a ole black man. I know’d her ass was lying right then and there.

          • Yes, I do remember that. I will definitely have to see her rich boyfriend to believe it. Wouldn’t surprise me if she hired some guy to play the role. Who knows with Kenya.

        • She might be doing some nasty for money, if she had a good looking man in her life, you can bet his balls would be on that show.

        • Let’s remember it wasn’t that she couldn’t pay her rent. There was a discrepancy on the payment. And let’s remember she won in court over the rent battle. I don’t think she’s broke, but she clearly isn’t as fabulous as she claims.

          • She did win and the landlord came off as someone desperate for 15 minutes of fame.

            You can lease a Bentley for under $2,000.00 a month. Nene is the only one constantly asserting Kenya is broke. I bet Kenya makes over $300,000.00 for doing the show. Just because she didn’t want to drop $15,000.00 a month on rent Nene calls her broke.

    • I could KINDA see the resemblance. Oh god they were SO entertaining together. I loved watching them. They are both so funny.

    • …if one were to believe anything KrayKray says…..
      I believe we can all agree she’s basically fulla shit. (and always talks it w/a stupid grin on her greasy face)

    • Boyfriend is questionable to me because we all know that Kenya would certainly have flaunted him by now….and her feet must really be bad for that to be the first thing her father called out and he even said they were ashy..the same thing Porsha has been saying for the longest…seems like her extra money would be better spent on a podiatrist….lol

    • Kenya’s father is a deadbeat, and could be he’s not even the father and that’s why the mother didn’t want Kenya. Perhaps he raped Kenya’s mother? Kenya should get to the bottom of this with speaking to her aunt. She needs to understand her family dynamics to get well.

    • I remember Funky Dineva spilling the tea on her renting the car when they were filming. Her prince did not buy that.

  • What the hell is up with cynthias hair?
    and Mel os still a bitch and entitled to just show up at someone’s house and say I’m staying for two months especially after the shade she threw Peter. I want the delusion meds that she is on.

    • I’m happy Mal is staying with Peter and Cynthia for two months. If Peter leaves, Mal is there.

      It will also keep Peter’s mouth shut closed tightly. Peter is a nothing compared to Cynthia.
      He looks as if he’s her father. I thought Cynthia
      had said they were going to keep their money separately. Did she forget? Whatever she does,
      he has to interfere. I wish she would leave him.

      Let him go back to his strip clubs. While Cynthia
      was ill with fibroids, he only thought of himself.

      • Wow. It’s your opinion, but it’s clear you hate Peter. Mal staying two months without asking?! No one would accept that! Cynthia is nearly schizophrenic. When she drives Peter to argue, she belittles what he does and draws everyone in EXCEPT Peter. That’s asking for trouble. Then, she doesn’t want to be transparent when he gives it back. She left New York to come to Atlanta to follow his dream? If she doesn’t come she’s not on the show and they would struggle more! What business did she sacrifice that’s not transferable? How many clients does the Bailey Agency have? Shouldn’t she still have them if she moved? Cynthia is vying for storyline and is failing miserably, so it must be her husband’s fault!

        Like I said…….. Wow…….

  • Phaedra is probably the funniest housewife across the whole franchise. Seriously.

    I really feel for Porsha, cant understand why so many dislike her. If anyone believes she is that stupid and Kenya is that crazy is sadly mistaken. Porsha and Kenya play up to a character. They know what makes good reality tv. I love Porsha!

    LOL @ Malorie I really like her. She was gonna get GHETTO with Ms Twirl herself.

      • Any slightly smart person knows, that you wait until AFTER you see the judge and the divorce is final, before flaunting a beautiful new home you just moved in to. You live with mom, show that you are young and need support. I can’t believe no one guided Porsha in this ridiculous decision. Maybe she didn’t ask. Now she is an hour away from all her family, living a lifestyle that is above her means. Yikes! This will be one HECK of a reunion show. I can’t wait!

    • I don’t have a problem with Porsha at all, I just don’t understand why one person needs a house that big. The utilities alone must be very expensive.

      • Bryn, she needs to maintain her “fabulous” lifestyle.
        It really is too much house for one person.

      • I don’t think Porsha is dumb at all does she say/do the most intellegent things at times? No, but to blatantly call someone dumb from how they act on an edited TV show is ridiculous.

        • Porsha says & does smart things?? Are u watching the Porsha on the Real Housewives of Atlanta?!? ROTFLLL

          So that part where she argued that the Underground Railroad was an actual choo choo train was edited?? That someone BUILT A TRAIN for the slaves to use? Meanwhile she’s running The Hosea Feed The Hungry charity?!? A charity created by a civil right legend who also happens to be her grandfather who ALSO happens to be the very reason she’s rich????

          And that part where she was crying her eyes out bc she wanted Kordell back but said he’s homosexual, editing again??

          How about the part where she said there is 265 days in a year?!?! Or when she couldn’t even make a simple cup of fkin instant coffee?? Oh wait that’s right she thought the French vanilla CREAMER WAS COFFEE.

          How about when she announced that eating yams would make her conceive twins??? Or when she rented the 8000sf mansion while claiming poverty in a divorce case?

          I’m actually shocked Kordell stuck around as long as he did, but he definitely realized putting up w/this idiot was not worth it when she changed her mind on him outta left field. You see Kordell TOLD HER before marriage he only wants a housewife that can raise children. No nannies.

          Not only is Porsha Stewart stupid, but she’s an EMBARASSMENT to her family.

          • I don’t know if Porsha is stupid or not but I feel pretty sure that many of the things she says are slips of the tongue. No grown person thinks there are 265 days in a year. Guilty until proven guilty. These are perhaps things she says out of nervousness – getting used to the cameras and being nervous around controlling Kordell and censoring herself in her head with the cameras around and in front of Kordell.

            I wish there is at least one person on the show that could refocus overbearing narcissistic Nene. Porsha has not been out of her marriage for long. Any intelligent friend would allow her the time she needs to get to a better place instead or constantly saying Porsha is not there for her. Sheree could check her but she got Sheree kicked off the show.

            Just turned on the tv and see Nene with that small animal on her head.

          • @joleeface I agree 100% SheBySheree was the only house wife that could get Nene ass together. I wish they would bring her back. Porsha I think Korbel was the perfect man for her, she needs someone controlling because she is dumb as a box of rocks.