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RHOM Recap: Lisa’s Peacemaking Works, But Not Without Getting Her Into Trouble First!


On this week’s Real Housewives of Miami, Joanna was preparing for her upcoming wedding day. Since her sister lives in Pennsylvania and Romain is always working, she is freaking out because of all the last minute stress. Where are her bridesmaids? Oh yeah, Lisa goes to gossip with Alexia and Adriana. Lisa discusses the Texas trip with them, and reveals that Lea is very much the black sheep in the family. Adriana wonders why she was never taken to Texas while she and Lea were friends!

The girls, minus Adriana, attend Lea’s handbag launch party. It’s all fine and dandy until Lisa decides to be “peacemaker” and pisses Lea off. She refuses to make up with Adriana, or at least won’t do it until she feels the time is right. Lisa continues to be pushy and then tells Joanna that she might have ticked Lea off. Joanna goes from zero to sixty and goes off on Joanna asking why she would have anyone make up with Adriana.
Joanna lists off why Adriana is such a terrible person and why she dislikes her and Lisa insists she’s also friends with Adriana and yadda-yadda. Same issue that has happened all season long. It’s particularly stupid because Joanna already “made up” with Adriana like 50 times. Can we move on with this crap?

Things get heated and then Joanna tells Lisa she’s not in her wedding party anymore and to “get the fuck out!” Lisa walks away while Joanna tries to continue the argument. Lisa leaves and Joanna has clearly gone mad about this mess. Romain tells Joanna that she just took out her wedding stress on poor Lisa, and I think he is right.

Later on it’s time for Lea to unveil her finished home. It’s been under renovation and the finished product will be revealed at a big party of course. Adriana is invited and she attends. Everyone gets along which is creepy, but most likely a producer request so that they could all be present at the season finale stuff. Lisa and Joanna make up and she’s back in the wedding. But now it’s time for more making up.

Adriana and Lea find time to talk and they both cry about their friendship divorce. Adriana apologizes and Lea agrees to leave the drama in the past and move forward. We will see how long this lasts. History in Housewife land says by reunion time this will be forgotten. Joanna then invites Adriana to her wedding! Kumbaya. Everyone is one big happy family all of a sudden.

Next week they all head to Las Vegas for Joanna’s bachelorette party and that includes strippers on Lea Black plus some drunken limo catfights! I am actually excited for next week! Let’s discuss this week’s show! Is Lisa meddling too much in other’s business? Will the reconciliations last?

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  • I still love this franchise but I’d still love to see Katrina who is the star of Hot Listings Miami be brought on if BRAVO or E does not continue that series since the Style Channel is gone. She could teach all of these women some class. Anyway, I don’t get why all of you are so against these women. They are no different than Atlanta or Orange County. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch but I love Miami and will continue to watch and campaign for it to come back.

    • I am more than done with JoAnna, she is just a mean, raging drunk who if she were not pretty would probably be in jail for one of her altercations.

      As to Adriana hitting her, remember that JoAnna laid hands on her first, pulling her shoulder to turn her around so she could berate her. JoAnn chased her down the hall when she tried to leave, so that slap is 85% on JoAnna in my opinion. She milks it for all its worth, though.

      And yes, they agreed to more forward and when Adriana learned Lisa was going to be JoAnna’s bridesmaid, she teased her a bit about being a double agent, but in her talking head said that since they have agreed to move forward, she really cannot pressure Lisa. On the other hand, there is hot mess JoAnna who is the most despicable person on any of the shows with the exception of Joe Gorga.

      • Joanna needs an ally to back her up on hating adriana. I get confused just because her and adriana made up and even had lunch. She wants lisa to hate adriana forever but lisa and adriana have history. They wont hate each other.

        Joanna is a bitch who wants people to have her back. That fight between karent and adriana had nothing to do with joanna. She put herself in that position.

  • Ugh! I don’t know how I ended up watching this crap last night, but I wish I could un-watch it! It’s so contrived and desperate. I don’t like a single one of these women anymore. You’ve got Lisa, who I used to love, in everyone’s business. Lea and Adriana really aren’t convincing in their fight or their reunion. They hate each other then they’re good. Who cares? Joanna is yelling and making an ass of herself once again, but this time she’s stressed about her wedding… BULLSHIT! That is her general demeanor to get loud and belligerent when she is upset, then act like a victim when someone pops her in the mouth. Nobody should put their hands on anyone else, BUT you have to be accountable for the things that come out of your mouth! She is still talking about Adriana hitting her. Joanna wanted a fight that night as she argued with several people because she can’t hold her liquor! She is a mess wedding or no wedding. They all are! Except “classy” Lea who is an insufferable snob! This show is done, and I don’t think too many people will miss it!

  • Don’t love any if these women but Lea & Joanna are awful. Lisa (who I did like) is really getting on my nerves.

  • I like the show and Lisa becoming the star is causing it to crumble. Her role of peacemaker is better described as desperately seeking camera time.

    Lea didn’t say she wouldn’t talk to Adriana-she said she didn’t need Lisa to mediate. Lisa showed her true colors by insisting they move closer to Lea and Adriana to eavesdrop. She is there for the gossip value.

    Lisa, Lisa, Lisa no one cares about your peacemaking ability.

    • This. They’re so trying to force Lisa to be the star of the show and everything she does is coming off fake. She can’t be the star, there’s not enough substance to her.

      Although, she was more tolerable this episode than previously, until the last 10 minutes anyway – that just seemed desperate for camera time. It looks like she may bite of more than she can chew next week taking on Alexia.

      If Adriana had just admitted about the marriage license thing and rolled with it then she would undoubtedly be the star. In my eyes she still is though.

  • Just because people appear to apologize for crappy things said/make up /move forward does not mean they will be friends . I think both Jo and Adrianna have made it clear that are not friends, so Im over it! If they can agree to move on and be civil /respectful at least while working together , then progress is made.
    As for Lisa- is it me, or is she messy or just a hot mess this season??? WTH is going on with her? So different than season1. Which one is the real Lisa?

    • hi michers

      the rumors around the rh blogs is that lisa was told she was too boring and had to bring on the drama this season….

      guess she gets and A++++ for the dramz

      Im miffed at how beautiful she was before all her plastic surgery… So horrible that her face has been butchered

      • Hey kgg!
        Well, Im sure that must be it- bring it or get off the pot LOL. It just comes across so unnecessary and adds to pettiness! And its annoying to watch… I agree, so beautiful and she is young! WTH did she need surgery for??????? You know who else was striking and beautiful? Mama Elsa. Have you seen her pics from back in the day? UGH.. if those are not enough to make women stop butchering themselves, IDK what will.
        I get ” maintenance” at a certain age, nose, whatever.. but sometimes the extremes these women go to is ridic. Look at Jax from RHONJ. Another example.

        • Vicki as well. I looked at photos of her from a few years ago and she looks so much better. To think she spent all that money on her face to look younger, when NOW she looks older. So strange.

          • I know! And Vicki’s skin has been looking worse, even after her procedures. I look back on older episodes, and her skin was glowing, she looked great for her age.. now, she is ewww.

  • can RHof Miami just disappear and fall off the face of he earth?

    this franchise is horrible!

    Is it true there is a RH of Vancouver? id rather watch that …. id rather watch Bad Girls Club (which is horrible and the bottom of the barrel) than watch Miami….show is useless

  • Boring!!! It was like watching an infomercial by bravo….FFS I am so over the housewives advertising their shitty products.