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PHOTOS: The Real Housewives Of Miami Season 3 Reunion!

The Real Housewives of Miami filmed their season three reunion recently and it looks like things got heated between former BFF’s Lisa and Joanna by the photos we have here! All five ladies seem to have had intense moments except Alexia. Marysol also joined the group and it looks like she and Lea also went at it.

Check out the gallery courtesy of Bravo:

Are you looking forward to the reunion? Who do you think looked the best?

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  • i don’t like the lighting at all here. i loved the look and set from the last reunion. this one looks weird. i think alexia, lea, and marysol look great. lisa is just bleh for me. i think joanna and adrianna don’t look nearly as beautiful as they did at last year’s reunion. they are two of the most beautiful housewives ever, and this is not their best look. everyone has an off night!

  • Only 23 comments and the posting has been up since the 29th of Oct, not a popular franchise? I wonder if they will continue with it or shake up the casting for this show to improve the ratings?

    • I think the show is as good as gone. They tried a cast shakeup last season and the ratings increased a little but not much. The increase didn’t last though as this season the ratings tumbled with the past 4/5 episodes all being under 1 million viewers.

      • For this past Monday they only had a market share of .3, (300,000 viewers) and only 720,000 viewers overall. I don’t see how this show gets renewed for anything other than a Thursday or Friday time slot where they dump the underperforming shows on Bravo.

        Ratings for BH and Atlanta will be interesting to see if the housewive franchise overall has any steam left.

        • Let’s be honest, Nielsen Ratings are a load of crap and mainly reflect ‘family homes’. RHOM seems to have a lot of die hard fans in the gay community. Either way, yes the ratings have been disappointing but certainly not the worst for Bravo this season, finding its way smack dab in the middle.

          I for one would be incredibly upset with Bravo if they went forward I canceling RHOM… It’s easily my favorite of all the Housewives franchise.

  • I actually think Lea looks the best here – But my God Adrianna is so beautiful – she is pushing 50 and has an effortless beauty about her. I also think Alexia is a stunner here! Lisa and Marysol are looking crazy these days… And Joanna continually makes poor styling choices…not a fan of her look here at all…

  • This is my second favorite Housewives series so I hope it’s not cancelled. I don’t get why people don’t watch it. The back drop of Miami and the fashion is enough to make me want to watch it over and over again. I like them all but Joanna and she gets on my nerves how she constantly acts like she’s perfect.

  • I’m not a fan of any of these girls – especially not Adrianna. But OMG that girl – she is stunning, I love her clothes and hair on the show, and this reunion I think she is the best dressed again.

    If I could look like any of these girls (outside, not inside) I would totally choose Adrianna.

  • Lea looks the best, Joanna is the most beautiful, nothing she does or wears makes her look bad. Marysol looks like she’s playing dress up with a 5 year old and Adrianna looks like she just rolled.out of bed, without showering.

  • Ohhh lisa!! Miss “I’m my husbands best creation”. You sounded like Frankenstein, when you said your husband “created” you. You’re turning into your husbands creation all right…and apparently he’s creating a second Mama Elsa! If you keep going with those fillers and everything else he’s doing to you, that’s what you’re going to end up as!! And not even when you’re as old as Mama Elsa, in 10 years!! For the love of all things holy-stop letting him Botox you every night when he gets home!!

  • Johanna’s stylist needs to be fired! Her dress is beautiful, but knowing that she’s going to be sitting the entire time, the cut of the dress seems really uncomfortable. And that jewelry…looks like the stuff in my niece’s dress up box. Tacky and cheap looking. Andddd probably cost thousands… In the first pic of her, she looks a tad coo coo crazy. Like here I am, smiling all proud, but ten seconds before filming I had a total meltdown, threw a total temper tantrum flailing my hands thought my updo, and now this is the result.

  • I don’t really love any of the women on this show. But I do love that they try to go over the top with their fashion, hair & jewelry. Don’t love all the looks but way better than other HWs.

  • Adriana looks great.
    Alexia looks great too. Didn’t Lisa Vanderdump where the same dress to the BH premier party? Although it does suit Alexia more due to her light hair and more tanned complexion, it’s less gothic.
    Marysol looks stunning.
    Lea looks quite good.
    Joana, I’m not feeling the hair but the dress is amazing.
    Lisa…what the hell is up with her face? it’s like someone’s pulling it back. Seriously stop with the botox and fillers.
    I hope Mama Elsa makes an appearance. She’s awesome. Her “I’m not talking to you, number 3” line last season was hilarious.

    • Yes Lisa wore it to the RHOBH premier party and Kris Jenner wore the same dress to Kims party in Vegas last week. Must be the hot item right now lol.

  • Joanna looks like she rode into the reunion with the top down to her convertible.

    Um…not a good look. Her updo that she wore on the last episode looked better.

  • What the hell is Adriana wearing ? It looks like a freakin nightgown ? Looks like the drama never stops with these women. They kiss & makeup then rip each other apart @ the reunion again. Ugh !

  • What’s going on with Adriana’s dress and Joanna’s dress. Hell all of em look finished abs they’re going to be trying the most to pump up the drama, hoping for another season. But I say CANCELL.

  • It looks like Lisa is sitting on Adrianna’s dress lol. Marysol looks her best ever imo and Lea look good too actually. Lisa just looks like she had fillers done minutes before taping. No bueno, she’s so young, she doesn’t need that!

    • Get out of my head! I swear I was thinking the exact same things lol. Lisa does not look good with whatever she did to her face. Good riddens dem cheeks!

      That first picture of Joanna… umm… yeah. Her look seems more high fashion/editorial. Makes her look a bit deranged IMO. As SA mentioned above, the lighting (or whatever it was) did not flatter anyone. Except Lea maybe, I think she looks good and Marysol’s makeup looks nice as well. And I like Adriana’s dress.

    • She makes herself look ten years older than what she is. She should be required picture viewing before any young lady does that shit to her face. It’s awful.

  • the lighting was definitely off for this reunion..not flattering towards any of the women!! I think Mr Andy was the best dressed…LOL!!