Evelyn Lozada Pulled Out Of Basketball Wives Reunion Show And It Has Officially Been Shut Down!

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With Basketball Wives season five coming to end, it is time to film the reunion! Except we may never see a reunion considering one of the biggest stars, Evelyn Lozada has pulled out!

According to TMZ, the show was set to tape earlier this month but Evelyn decided she was going to bail out and producers had no choice but to cancel the entire reunion show. That’s not all but it looks like taping will NOT be rescheduled.

So what was Evelyn’s reasoning on being a no-show? Apparently, Chad Johnson. It’s obvious a lot of the topic would revolve around her divorce to Chad Johnson and she is sick and tired of talking about him. Producers felt like the other wives didn’t have much to talk about for the hour of the reunion and that it could not be done without Evelyn.

Looks like Basketball Wives is coming to an end but Evelyn can be in a lot of trouble considering showing up to a reunion is in the contracts. Do you think Evelyn made the right move or is it not fair to the viewers who tune in and watch the show?

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  • Ok, I used to watch the Basketball Wives, it was like watching a bunch of Rejected Women who fed off the fame of their lovers, husbands or whom ever tying to become “Relevent”. The absurdities of their “flame wars” was almost comical, until it became a “Boxing Ring” of Delusional Sociopathic Narcissistic alleged Sophistated Women, taking off their shoes, taking out their hoop earrings, b-otch slapping each other and then, of course tossing drinks and glasses at each other.. Really? I would have been frightened to dine in any establishment they frequented.. Personally, I believe these Women should be ashamed of themselves as they have been the Poster Girls of reinforcing negative female racial stereotypes. Shame on all of them..Go away..I’d rather watch “Love & Hip Hop” as it is a window into a subcultural Entertainment genre, where the Ladies actually have talent and are in a iffy Male Dominated Industry..Just saying.

  • This season was very boring. There was nothing to discuss at a reunion even if Evelyn would have attended. I think they know people are just over the show and after the boring season not many would watch the reunion.

  • Evelyn should totally retreat from trash-reality TV (anything “wives”) and do things she loves that are positive. She has the courage to say no to this reunion for her right reasons. Good for her. I’m really liking this new, mature side of her. I wish her the best.

  • Oh hahaha I call bullshit SHE was the one who kept bring him up I was like Jesus. H christ u’r not the woman who’s been abused -_-

  • I DON’T BLAME EVELYN! At least she’s trying to put this behind her and move into a positive direction. Had she shown up and discussed Chad, people would have talked about her; Now, since she will not show up and discuss Chad, they STILL WILL TALK ABOUT HER, so what difference does it makes?! I’m happy for Evelyn, that she will not make Chad relevant again, by discussing him even more! Considering Chad is one of the BIGGEST narcissist known to mankind, he probably was waiting in front of the television with his popcorn, EAGER to hear his name mentioned! GO EVELYN, for doing what YOU feel is right! I didn’t agree with Evelyn’s behavior in previous seasons, but as least she’s trying to make a change!

  • I think once again Evelyn proved how self absorbed she really is, she is the one who spent every episode discussing Chad but won’t discuss him at the reunion? VH1 does whatever she tells them to do and it’s clear that she needs to leave the network because she is the reason that Jen and Royce were fired and she’s ruined the show. I don’t get why these women on reality TV think that they cannot show up to reunions, it should be a requirement in their contracts. This show needs to end and by Evelyn pulling out of the reunion shows that she doesn’t deserve any fans because there are fans who wanted a reunion. They made a mistake with the casting, they should’ve fired Evelyn and Tami instead of Royce, Jen, Kesha and Kenya.

  • I think the show should be cancelled. I wish jen wasnt fired because tasha marberry brought nothing to the table this season and i’m sure they asked suzie to start acting crazy because of ratings. Either bring new people to the table or cancel it. And i doubt evelyn will return.

  • The problem with these VH1 shows, they are NOT well produced at all….we have yet to see NONE of their homes and how they interact with their families…NOBODY believes that ALL of them are bicoastal…

  • Good! The show should have stopped long ago when Evelyn paved the way for violence before Chad even came along. And maybe she should have stayed off national tv show after what happened. It was a serious incident and she HAD to realize that going into a new season , this was her storyline….

  • I stopped watching this show after the only likeable characters were fired and the bullies remained on the show. I think it’s safe to say this show is going to be done for good.

    • Hope so. Hot messes promoting wrong things for women since season 1. And what about this has been about basketball wives???? Any of them even basketball wives, or a wife? Only Shaunie divorced form Shaq, yes?

      • Yup, she’s divorced. And then Jen was married to that guy, what’s his face…and they are divorcing as well. The show is just a bunch of trashy women fighting with each other. And they are mothers acting like mean high school girls! So embarrassing.

        The show I liked was Hollywood Exes. At least the women on there have real friendships and they actually have something going on for themselves.

        • I like Hollywood also, although I missed quite a few episodes this season. Think the last one I saw was when they burned the other one’s fur hat! Missed the rest of the Las Vegas one 🙁

  • I say good for her… she’s trying to move on and doesn’t want to relive it anymore…
    I’m sure there will be some issues with her being a no show as far as her being contractually obligated to appear…. but, I think it’s worth it… she spoke about it most the season… that all she “owes” anyone… to be honest she didn’t owe that…

    • Too bad she didn’t care about her “friend” Tasha having to relive her husband’s infidelities when she wrote about it in her book. She also didn’t care about Jen reliving her issues with her husband and their weekend in Vegas when she aired all her dirty laundry out because she was mad at her. Evelyn just can’t take the heat, so she’s getting out of the kitchen.

      • I agree with you, however, other than Tasha who would not say her hubby’s name, is the only one that talks about their relationship issues on this season. Shanie does not talk about Shaq, Tammy does not talk about her Hatian boyfriend, Suzie does not talk about her ex or current. The show is called Basketball wives, but no one wants to talk about how they are affiliated to basketball. Eve was right, if no one else wants to talk about their relationship dram no should she. Why should she give more that the other ladies. She has put it all out there. She talked about her basketball ex, she brought Chad on the show, she talked about the head butting, she physically fought Tami, Royce, and her best friend Jennifer. If all the other ladies want to change their image and focus on positivity and their business ventures, then she should be able to also. Yes all the ladies except Shaunie have brought the drama in the past seasons but, if they want to be positive and move forward then Eve should be able too.

        • Agreed. I think she talked about him enough. Let her move on. I have to say I thought would get back with him and I am glad she went through with the divorce and started to set a better example for herself and her daughter. If she is TRYING to change I’m willing to give her the chance.

      • Queen Vee,

        You hit on some very valid points. It was all gravy when she was doing he exposing of others, but now that her real life issue arebeing expsed she wants no parts of it.

      • Exactly! Evelyn simply played the victim this season and the audience had no sympathy for her tears. I can imagine that’s the real reason EVILyn didn’t want to reunite with castrated this season.
        Who care about Chad giving her what she gave several of the cast, like Jen,Suzie,Royce,Kenya and that other chick she hit in the face with a cup.
        What goes around comes around.