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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Gorga To Play Nice With Teresa Giudice For Season 6 of RHONJ!

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The ladies are getting ready to film season six of the Real Housewives of New Jersey in less than a few weeks and a lot has changed with the gang. For instance, Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita are not returning but Bravo has decided to add two new twins along with their friend. What’s even more interesting is that Melissa Gorga is said to play nice with Teresa for season six!

My New Jersey sources tell me,

“Melissa didn’t like all the backlash she got last season. She definitely didn’t expect it but she does care that it was her who was getting it. Melissa realized that viewers no longer care about the feud she has with her sister-in-law especially when ratings dropped so she has told a bunch of friends that she is going to play nice with Teresa. Melissa’s tone is going to change and she has said that she wants to be portrayed like she has her families back no matter what. Melissa wants the backlash off of her even if it means putting up with Teresa!”

The source adds,

“Melissa and Teresa are in a good spot. Both don’t trust each other but they are civil and they plan to keep it that way. Teresa has already told her family she refuses to fight with them anymore so that is why Melissa has decided to switch things up for next season!”

Can’t wait to watch it all unfold!

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  • IMHO This used to a nice place to read and then blog with other fans of the Real Housewives even if we didn’t agree; but now it is just vicious name calling and ugly comments if opinions don’t agree. This is worse then the damn Guidice/Gorga drama!! Fans act like they have a vested interest in these people. Their favorite housewife is the best, can do no wrong, etc. THIS IS A TV SHOW PEOPLE and it has brung out the ugly in the fans. What a shame!!!

  • OMG who gives a fuck about these two families anymore!!! Their time has come and gone…if either one really wanted to stop the drama they would have left the show. If Tre has a problem with editing why does she continue to sign the contract? This is all bullshit! ENOUGH Bravo, RHoNJ is done, over, finished!!! Ratings should tell you that.

    • if Teresa is such a trouble maker that the douchebags gorgas claim she is. why do they continue to sign their contracts and continue to be on the show with her?!!! Melissa claims she moved to stay away from her but yet signed that contract for another season!! bitch boy then contradicts his own wife and claimed he joined the show to be closer to his sister but all he does is attack and constantly put down his only sister. so which is it? so over the gorgas and their B.S.

      by the way, all the housewives and not just Teresa complain about the editing and they all sign their waivers and contracts.

  • @estrella: have u seen famewhorgas post 2day? Proof that Melissa & her angry Stump have been been feverishly,for years, Ratting out Guidices!! Their own blood?! Only supporters they have are sistersMarco & co. paid 2 write replies like yours that we’ve been reading 4 years, everywhere. LOL. Wouldnt want their Karma! Yucko. Teresa has 2 have read. So any kinda truce Mel tries 2 do will only anger viewers more, cuz its fake!! Like her.

  • Yeah, because Caroline did so good “rehabbing her image” this last Season, Meliss? lol! 🙂


    • She probably thinks if she follows on Caro’s footsteps she will get her own show as well..LOL. But I do think that the Manzoids had a deal brewing before Caro tried rehabbing that image anyway.

  • okay…side question

    did any of you see the scene this week where the verbal altercation with kim’s assistant and the gorgas and rosie….Caroline looked scared shit of this chick and pleaded for everyone to leave before something happened… while they were leaving shes was screaming at rosie calling her and old grandma…

    does anyone know who she was and why caroline was so scared of her?!!

      • That whole thing still did not make sense to me.. We saw Meatball Face say to Fredo your sister is here, I saw her at the bar, blah blah blah. Now I didn’t see Meatball face anywhere near Fredo going to speak to Teresa or when the Maria say anything to Fredo. So when Meatball Face said to Fredo she wanted to leave I thought WTF? Now last week before I saw this episode( the whole thing) I thought Meatball face saw and heard everything and thought yea she was right to want to get out of there, get them all out of there. But that was before Maria had come over to speak to Fredo they were cool, and she still wanted to get out of there. But then again Rosie and Richie were all freakin fired up so maybe Meatball face was right.. But I still think she should have called out Rosie and Richie and told them to shut up.

        Faux Reality did a blog and said Teresa and Meatball Face had some kind of fight at this event, but we didn’t see that. I went on the Bravo site and there are pictures of Teresa and Meatball Face and it looks like they are having words but I can’t tell that they are really arguing, just maybe disagreeing. :/.

        • Caro is probably preaching hypocritical words of wisdom again, and Teresa probably told her to go scratch!
          I have also read somewhere recently that Caro got lucky and and the Bravo crew edited out the whole scene where Kim addresses the “affair” of Big Al. On top of that, have you read how the Whorgas , Wakiles, and Monica Chacon have all known each other since at least 2005?? Interesting deals 😉 Remember Messy said at her party that she ” does not know Monica”, LOL? Very interesting connections popping up lately . They are scummier than I thought.

          • Hi mich

            I’m thinking that Teresa was telling Meatball face how her talk with Fredo went at the gym. How rude Fredo was to her etc. Meatball Face was probably like well you have to try harder, or maybe she didn’t believe her. I hope Meatball face feels real stupid when she has watched the footage and has seen for herself how Fredo has been/ spoken to Teresa.

            Yes I saw the Blog you are speaking about..Facts, documents, pure and simple no freakin bullshit!!

  • Finally!!!
    I never read or heard, with any certainty that Kathy would not be returning, but that her role had been decreased. I believe that, and hopefully so. Rosie is only good, IMO, when she is with Joe Gu.,hilariously real together; otherwise she cowards down to mush when Katy is around, as if too always have some sort of favor and acceptance from Kathy.

    I hope Rosie finds a mate soon…and I hope that Bravo pays her…she deserves a salary for giving the Wakilies some watchable credibility.

    • Juicy and Rosie are fun together and so natural. just proves once again that Juicy does not have a problem with gays and that they did have a very close relationship that goes back years.
      Rosie around Kat and Rich is very uncomfortable and all the scenes at the gay bar, in the hot tub and just even talking about gay dating were very uncomfortable to completely forced to making fun of gays. It seems very clear to me that Kat and Rich have never had that easy breezy, we completely accept you for the person you are type of relationship with Rosie.

  • What will Melissa do? A storyline about a reconciliation with Teresa will not fly. She cannot play happy housewife because her book killed any goodwill on that front. Her singing will just bring more snickers from the audience. She has no skills or talent. What can she do for a storyline? She is screwed, especially if the new people + Dina figure out that it is better to get along with Teresa (especially since she is facing criminal charges) than to attack her. By reports, Melissa will be the last attacker standing. She and her sisters must be casting spells and mixing potions to come up with some way out of the hole Melissa has gud for herself.

    • That’s why we have this whole “moving forward to a better place” foolery. She knows she will be the villain next season. They squeezed every last drop from Teresa and Caroline saw the writing on the wall that it was her turn and got the hell out.

    • she can run in front of the camera with her Wonder Woman costume!!!

      its ashame Danielle already filmed a pole dancing storyline…DANG…

      MeHo is so screwed….


  • Good to hear theyll be on the same page this year!

    Hopefully T will stop with the bitchy comments,and Mel will just ignore the comments regardless.It would be so refreshing to see the two team up for once!

    • But will Melissa convince her husband to stop talking trash about his sister or better yet stop calling her quotes by Joe, “stupid, garbage, a bitch, being through with her, saying he does not care about her” — right in her face. Oh how we wish we could all have a brother like Joe and be abused to our face –dare to dream.

      If Joe can stop being abusive and violent for 5 minutes (whipping a glass with shards of glass flying past Teresa’s head and the Juicy nuts biting were classic) they may actually have a chance to get along or at least be civil. Maybe Melissa can get Joe a muzzle or just take away his steroids to calm him down a few notches. When you call your own daughter a cockblocker on television, you should take it as a sign to take it down a notch.

      • Yeah jo is definitely terrible in some of his actions but once upon a time teresa was flipping tables, chasing people through country clubs, shoving andy Cohen. ..maybe t grew up…and jo will to?

  • I think Messy is trying to do something here.. Her Blog was all about her and Teresa being ” good” working on stuff, being there for each other, blah freakin blah.. Last week she posted on twitter something about her having sprinkled cookies and pignoli cookies and she posted a picture of them, ” united” like family united or something geeky like that( it’s on her T.L. still) check it out. She has not really said a bad thing in interviews, etc for a while.. She is working on something, she is trying to clean herself up, just my opinion.

    • ITA Holy. Where does she go from here? The show HAS to go in a different direction, so it’s image rehab time. Just wonder how it’s gonna work with the raging bull. A lot less airtime and hopefully no more talking heads!

  • What will you do if Juicy gets a slap on the wrist? This question is purely hypothetical, as I am sure that won’t happen, but that may take a little wind out of your sails, that’s for sure.

  • Heather & Teresa are keeping themselves entertained that’s for sure.

    Guess it’s better than focusing on Juicy’s court date Monday.

    I did find the headline lol funny. Yeah. Melissa is the one that needs to “play nice”. Oh Teresa, you are one silly bitch.

  • Its sad that once again melissa has to act fake tp make sure the viewers will like her for next season. Too bad we can already read your bullshit & smell the desperation!

  • Doesn’t this work the other way around, too? Teresa “playing nice” with Melissa for the show.

    • I think she has been fed up and does not want to play at all ( Teresa). And to be honest, she seemed like she did try and make attempts at least ,whereas the Whorgas were just down for whatever to get camera time. Tell me one time when they seemed even just a tiny bit sincere.

      • I don’t think they are sincere. In fact I think they are extremely annoying. I’m just saying I think it’s funny that Melissa is the one who “has to play nice” according to the headline, but not Teresa. I think Teresa is just as fake as Melissa is and doesn’t actually want a relationship with her. Her grudge-holding skills are unbelievable.

        • I respect your opinion, but of course, I disagree a bit LOL 😉 At least you are not just “hating” on Teresa !

        • Let’s face it, Gimme. These two despise each other and all the analogies and internet psychology on this blog is never going to change things. I don’t think they were ever in a “good place” and have absolutely no desire to get to that destination. It’s sad, as their children are missing out on so many memories.

    • Teresa doesn’t do it for the show. Teresa does it for her family. Like most of us would if we didn’t like our brother’s wife. I really give Teresa credit because Melissa AND her own brother have made it impossible. It’s been three seasons of Joey and Melissa playing victim for a number of made up reasons and Teresa trying to get along and forgive and forget. No wonder their parents want nothing to do with filming with Joey with Teresa around. They can’t trust their own son. Pretty crappy.

      • And that is the problem ! I agree… We see how and why they joined the show. Its gross and just plain ugly to do that, even think that way about your family. To actually follow through with it and be boastful is just downright disgusting.

    • I agree with Gimme that Teresa most likely does not and will nover like Melissa. Teresa barely tolerates her. I don’t blame Teresa at all. I am in no way related to Melissa and my dislike for her is so strong I can barely stand to watch her on my tv. My sense is that Teresa would be happy to ignore Melissa and just be superficially civil to her, but now that Melissa is on the show, that kind of distance is impossible. And Melissa needs Teresa to be relevant, even if all she does is fight with Teresa.

  • What I do not understand is if Joey and Melissa are trying to move forward….why they can’t let it go. What I am referring to is every chance they get…usually at events…Teresa is asked to admit her involvement in spreading the rumors regarding Melissa’s infidelity.
    Most recently Kim D’s cuff links party. Everybody was enjoying themselves and here comes Joey confronting his sister ONCE AGAIN. Let it go. It’s apparent if she was involved, nobody has it recorded…lol or we would have heard it by now. So L.E.T. I.T. G.O. if you really want your family back together. Teresa already apologized for being around the rumors. He is such a bad actor imo. haha You can tell when he approaches her that it is all scripted and forced. He is all into it…and she is so over it. If they are ever going to get along on camera in the FUTURE…they need to never speak of the PAST.

    • I believe that Joey has nothing but hatred and jealousy in his heart for Teresa. Too many years of listening to his wife’s bitching, lying and complaining because Teresa was the star of the family and then star of RHONJ.
      While I think Teresa might be half the blame for the problems in the first few years of Joeys marriage if she didn’t think that Lookers was good enough for her brother or loyal to her brother I think that last 5 years to has all been lookers. From the minute Teresa was announced as being on the show that negative posts started appearing from her and her sisters and they continue to this day.
      Lookers may be cordial this season but I don’t see Joey acting any different to Teresa.

  • The sad thing is that it took a drop in viewership to get Mel to see the light instead of her own realization, or the pain of her inlaws.

    Really hope this isn’t Mel’s basic storylines, that she is pals with Tre. No one will buy that either. Just be cordial, and do some song writing, jewelry design, something?! I find Mel super boring, not sure she could do anything to capture my interest.

    • I agree. Cordial is more believable. I also find her extremely boring without an ounce of charisma or camera presence. Nothing interesting about her at all. She has no class, her and koma Kathy. She always uses really gross ways to describe things, like the pimple analogy she made about tre, it made no sense and gave me a gross visual. There’s no reason to keep her if the Teresa storyline is done.

  • A little too late, MESSY! If I were Teresa, you couldn’t bring you long face, manipulative ass around me ever again! I’ll play nice with alright! Teresa, if you’re listening, don’t fall for this fake biotch! And another thing, DON’T STAND UP FOR HER WHEN SHE’S BEING THROWN UNDER THE BUS NEXT SEASON! I have no idea why Bravo even renewed her contract, BECAUSE SHE BRINGS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO THE TABLE!!!!! Conniving witch!


  • I think Melissa knows that she has to play nice with Theresa not just because of backlash but because of the return of Dina. many people like Theresa and many don’t but Dina is clearly still a fan favorite and bravo favorite even after being gone for 3 seasons. Dina will get the good edit since bravo loves her and she will have theresas back since they are such good friends. If mellisa gies against Theresa she will look bad with Dina on the show sticking up for Theresa.

  • As far as lookers being nice to Teresa I believe that she will indead put on the act but I don’t think it will last. She has done it before when they were in the campers in CA and then she turned right around and started acting like her real self again.
    One thing I do know about Lookers is that she is sneaky and evil as hell. Remember when Jac and Teresa made up in the camper and then Jac said she heard Teresa say some bad things about her? Anyone else wonder who told Jac that Teresa said something? Not me I do not believe that Teresa would say anything negative about Jac after just making up but I can sure see Lookers started in the shit again just like she does with Joey every day.

    I think Lookers wil get others to do her dirty work while she plays that sweet innocent act for the cameras. She will keep Joey so fired up with Teresa that there will never be peace. If she really meant what she is is saying about being nice that she would do everything she can to get the kids together more than 2 birthday parties per year.

    • I believe that Teresa may have been talking with Melissa,Joe, & Joe in the camper and may have still been hurt by Jac and probably did say something like I can’t stand her. Which is understandable this has been your best friend for years she clearly stabbed you in the back and that rushed hurry up and make up scene BRAVO wanted wasn’t going to make the hurt feelings go away. I do not believe for one second Jac was just walking by at that exact minute and heard Teresa say that and didn’t go on one of her screaming like a lunatic rampages I believe Melissa went back and told Jac what was said and quite possiable made it out to sound worse then what it actually was.

      • It doesn’t add up because there were conversations after that, i.e. Kathy and Jac and Kathy asked Jac if everything was okay again with her and Teresa and Jac said YES! Why would she say that if she had heard Teresa say something nasty about her RIGHT after their talk? Also, Jac was fine with Teresa after that talk. Why would she be fine with her if she heard Teresa say such a thing? It would only make sense that Jac would bring it up or at least not act buddy buddy with Teresa again.

        If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true. It was just one more thing Jac and Melissa could hold against her amongst all their other lies.

        • or Melissa didn’t tell Jac till after the trip. But I’m sure whatever was said was blown up so big and made to sound so much worse.

    • lookers is seriously a nimrod!

      remember tre loosing her shit on the reunion years ago and andy couldnt even control her physically?!

      if tre was my sis in law … i sure as heck would have myself in check….

      im actually shocked that she has restrained herself from beating the crap out of MeHo….

      Tre is like old school from patterson…she went to a high school with metal detectors!

      what tre should do is fight MeHo in a ring and have the proceeds go to st judes!!!!

  • BLAH… believe it when I see it. It will not be genuine or authentic anyway!
    Im sure Mel was shocked people saw some of the ” real ” her. But sometimes its too little too late Lookers.

    • Completely agree with you michers. She will put on an act for the cameras and when they are off she will continue the shit stirring with Joey and her sisters, letting them be the bad guys.

  • I guess it the few newer posters on here always want to believe that Heather or Teresa are feeding the stories to this blog then the same could be said about on site where are at least 4 stories every week about Teresa, It must be lookers or her sisters feeding that site all their bs stories. At least this site’s usually backs up their stories with proof where as this other site is always “a source”.

    • Its a dead give away that Teresa/Heather were not the ones to put this story because it said”she told a bunch of her friends” Teresa/Heather know Melissa has no friends.

      • MeHo has never planted stories!

        MeHo was never a stripper at Lookers she was a “bartender”

        MeHo never had a nose job….

        MeHo never takes a shit

        MeHo never crossed herself completey all backwards…

        im waiting for her to start talking about herself in the 3rd person like Caro does…

        shes trash

      • the MeHo sisters….OOPS ….sorry supporters……just continuously post that anyone on here who posts negative comments about MeHo are paid from team Tre to post anti MeHo comments

        they are so narcissistic that they believe nobody would ever not like MeHo…

        lol… ludicrous!!!

  • So now we are going to have another season of fakes and lies. I don’t know if my stomach is going to take much of more than the usual fake ness from meho. Why can’t they just filmed them seperately?

  • I think that this is another Teresa/Heather plant. For one thing, it hasn’t been confirmed that either Teresa or Melissa are coming back (although it’s a pretty safe bet that Melissa is), and there’s also been no confirmation that Jacqueline has left. And every time I hear about these twins I can’t help but lmao.

    But the real tip-off is, “Melissa didn’t like the backlash she got last season,” when the fact is that Teresa is the one who emerged from this season with her reputation even more in shreds than it was last year. She left the majority of the audience with no more room for doubt that she’s even more depraved and immoral than we thought she was.

    Melissa spent the entire season combating lies about her marriage that were being spread by Teresa while at the same time trying to make peace with her, which if anything shows an amazing amount of both tolerance and character. God knows I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) do it, and I don’t know too many people who could.

    • She shows an amazing amount of tolerance & character? Lets not forget that Melissa has claimed her & Teresa were on the outs well before RHONJ, she claimed Teresa was horriable to her and that may very well be true. However what doesn’t make sence is why then did Melissa join the show? What character does that show? Because as for myself if I was that disgusted by a family memeber I would not apply for a job knowing full well thats where they worked. And this job just happens to be on TV and she had no problem going on talking shit about Teresa. To me that shows her character as being someone with no morals.

      As for the tip off being Melissa didn’t like the backlash, to me the biggest tip off of this being complete bs is “she told a bumch of friends” SHE HAS NO FRIENDS

      • The “They came on the show behind my back to destroy me” has been beaten to death and proven wrong so irrevocably that I can’t believe anyone, even the most hard-core Tree Trolls, don’t feel like major assholes continuing to try to make people believe that it’s true.

        IOW, it’s starting to sound really, REALLY stupid.

        • Well then I guess your major asshole you are talking about is Melissa. She already admitted to it on Regis & Kelly. It has already been proven that she along with her dried up hag sisters talked shit about Teresa from the very start of season 3. This is not made up bs from Teresa trolls as you like to put it. And again instead of throwing around inslts why didn’t you answer why Melissa would apply for a job that clearly Teresa was at first, again not a pissing contest just facts, if Teresa was so mean and horriable to her?

        • It doesn’t matter. It’s true. It’s the disgusting truth about the Marcos motives for joining the show. Actually tre has tried to move past it in season three and four but they wouldn’t let up and kept trying to blame anything and everything on her, Tre can’t do anything right. The only one beating the old “they’re trying to destroy and take us down” line is Meho and her disgusting piece of work husband. How many times have they tried to pound that line into the viewers head in hopes of changing the fans opinion of them? And look how quick they changed their song as soon as they figured out they won’t have their backup from Caroline and Jax, limited time koma Kathy or the viewers. Meho will do and say anything to stay on air. Her game is so obvious, but it doesn’t change the past and the damage is done. Just look at the reviews on her book she is by the most hated housewife ever. And theres no coming back from that. You just can’t say the most cruel hateful sh$t and then turn around and say we are in a good place when it’s convenient for you. It doesn’t work like that.

        • Melissa owes Teresa many many apologies. She has said and done so many off the wall comments and deserves to be seen as the minipulater she is. Caroline never recovered from her fake happy this year. We all know how she really feels. Why on earth would Meho get a clean slate?

        • @Olga ~ If Melissa said that Teresa was trying to destroy her and take her down, she was 100% correct, since that’s exactly what Teresa has been doing ever since Melissa joined the show.

          Your statement that Teresa can’t do anything right would ALSO appear to be 100% correct — she is hands down one of the biggest losers on TV.

          • Well you clearly believe that to be the truth, so again what sane person would want to apply for a job with someone they claim to be so evil and mean?

          • Someone who knows her inside out and knows exactly how to handle someone who’s that nuts, and has more than proven that she can, that’s who.

            And enough with the, “She applied for the same job,” as if it were some kind of administrative position. It’s a spot on a TV show, for Christ’s sake.

          • Example: In the S4 finale, when it finally became clear to Melissa (when they were in the bathroom at the PFS) that Teresa was behind the stripper rumors, she practically laughed right in her face.

          • LMAO @ how to handle someone & proven she can. Then why the hell are her and stump always blubbering all over each other?? Yes ignorant one it is applying for a job it just makes it even worse that its on TV and they went on with the intent on shit talking thier own sister/SIL that by itself speaks about their character.

          • Sorry, but you’re just too damned dumb to argue about this any further with.

            But I already knew this about you, so technically I guess you could say it’s my own fault. Your posts are meant to be laughed at, not responded to.

          • No sorry shit for brains its not that I’m dumb its more like you can’t argue this anymore because you have not one valid reason or fact, what you’re pulling from your ass is nothing more then your opinion and you know what they say about opinions and assholes everyone has one.

          • @ Jen, Silence speaks volumes to a fool! Let @Olga stay delusional. Several million people saw the same thing..

          • and she’s going to PRISON so all you delusional fanaics can shove that up you know where. She’s a slimy POS and proving her guilty will be EASY.
            These two famewhores are so pathetic to stay on tv they will pretend to get along, lame. Dina is a major hypocrite to come back after her zen bs of leaving due to negativity. Next year’s rating will be even worse I don’t care who they bring on. Not a fan anymore quit watching due to all the staged fake scenes. Maybe they can fool Teresa’s fans after all her fans look up to her so their IQ must be even smaller than hers but normal intelligent people have already tuned out.

          • gypsy99 you can blow it out of your own “you know what”. the only delusional people are you Teresa hating,lunatics that are out for blood and wishing for the guidices to be thrown in prison. what kind of sick crap is that? I seriously doubt you’re some legal expert so you have no business to say you know the guidices will go to prison. nobody knows what’s going to happen.

            as for Pieces of crap, that would be the gorgas and all their minions. what ever the guidices have done does not compare to the low life scumbags that are the gorgas, wakiles, manzo’s and especially drunk jac.

            as for dina, many of her fans have been wanting her back and now that jac and caro are gone she can safely be on the show with her daughter. dina doesn’t need anyone’s permission to be back on the show and especially not from a gorga weirdo like yourself.

      • @jen

        dont rile up the primates… i thinks it a full moon….

        you could agree with them and they would still try to pick a fight…

        you cant fix stupid….much less debate or discuss anything without them turning into the innate vile trash which they were bred into….

        we all know your views are solid plausible coherent and that what they hate……


    • Yes, it’s been confirmed that they both signed contracts.

      She spent time trying to make peace??? Yeah, only when forced to sit in session with Dr. V.

      and if you read any of Bravo’s site comments you could clearly see the backlash. Not all negative comments/information is just posted on this blog.

      • Wow, it looks like I’ve stumped Laurie. Either that or she’s taken a 24-hour break.

        Anyone else care to give it a shot? 😀

        • Well I have not read any confirmation from Bravo about any of these ladies signing any season 6 contracts. I have not read anything from Bravo about who is coming back/ who was let go, except Caroline leaving period. Everything ” out there’ now on these blogs/ twitter, etc, in my opinion, is rumor/ bullshit. Until Bravo states otherwise, that is what I am going with.

          • Same here. Some of these rumors weren’t even started by the “exclusive sources!” (always unnamed) in the blogs, but by some of the posters in the blogs themselves. In other words, bull crap.

          • Well Estelle. I know you have been reading my posts long enough to know that I never ever believe ” exclusive sources” unnamed,or otherwise from any blogs, tabloids/ rags anything. LOL. It’s just in my opinion, “Everyone knows everything, but in the mean time NO ONE KNOW ANYTHING!!”

            I remember so many of the Bloggers/ People on Twitter( that were in the “know”. last season were left with egg on their face when they all said that Caroline and Jacqueline were axed!

            We will all know when Bravo lets us know!

    • Wanted to add that I think that what prompted Teresa/Heather to leak (lol) this “story” was the tweet Melissa sent out the other day about the two of them now getting along.

      • Now what you are doing is pulling shit from your ass and trying to make it stick. It is not fact that Teresa and/or Heather put this story out there. That is your opinion. It is fact that Melissa trash talked teresa from season 3, Melissa knew she signed on for this show to cause drama with Teresa. So who is the troll?

      • Melissa has been lying her fake ass off long before Heather started tweeting Estelle.. with her ” in a good place ” BS.

    • I just love Estelle’s revisionist history. It is magical thinking at its best. If you say it enough times, maybe it will come true. LOL.

      Perhaps she lives in a bubble disconnected to the real world, but the backlash has totally been against Teresa. Why would Melissa be begging others to believe that she and Teresa are in a good place otherwise. If the backlash were against Teresa, Melissa would be piling on and attacking her. The reason Melissa is trying to make nice is that attacking Teresa has worked against her and made her the most hated housewife in the franchise, and of course she does not like that. It is really not that hard to figure out.

      • Isn’t it amusing Emily? Her TV gets a different version of what everybody else sees. That’s why she makes these outlandish posts. On the episodes her TV broadcasts, Melissa is Dorothy, Kathy is the Cowardly Lion, Richie is the Tin Man, Jaqueline is the Scarecrow, and Caroline is Glenda the Good Witch of the North. Oops, almost forgot Joey, the yapping dog Melissa carries in her basket, her beloved Toto. Poor Dorothy, I mean Melissa. Such a young, pretty victim.

        • Oh, and most importantly, Teresa is the Wicked Witch of the West who wants poor Melissa’s shoes. Are they Manolos? What Teresa doesn’t know is that they aren’t the real deal. Kim D gave them to Melissa as loaners, but they’re fake!

      • hi Emily

        ignore trash posters attacking you….

        its like visiting the bronx zoo…. dont engage or try to get eye contact in the primate wing….

    • OMG Estelle! I am going to send this post directly to the Vatican, so the Pope can canonize the first living saint to ever walk this Earth. I promise not to tell him about her book. 😉

  • Listen, if Melissa attempts to start any shit or throw any shade Teresa’s way in S6, it’s only going to make her look worse than ever before and her ‘image’ take even a bigger dump.

    No one wants to see Melissa pile on Teresa while Tre is facing a trial and jail time. She’ll look like a complete asshole. I think she and Joe will play nice — as much as they’re capable of.

    • lol…youre right

      MeHo looks like an idiot all the time..

      MeHo on s6 will be an emmy award fake performance of ass kissing and acting nice…

      i cant wait to see that dumb ass film with dina!!!!!!!

      i hope dina rips her like she did on danielle… about uber mean girl on steroids…

  • Hopefully Melissa remembers to tell Slojoe it is time to play nice with his sister. Once again she reveals her true colors, she will act nice and that she is nive.

  • Big shock. The feud supposedly ended this season and there is no one else on the cast who cares about it.

  • I am so over Melissa. I don’t even think I can watch next season if she is on it. I want to support Teresa but I don’t think I can do it by watching the train wreck.

    Melissa, Joey, Kathy and Rich have made the show intorable to watch. And Bravo is not listening to their viewers or don’t care what we want.

    We all know Melissa is such a big fake and why should viewers have to put up with that? Bravo could have made the necessary changes but they didn’t. Even if they show everyone getting along ….. it’s just too little too late. If ratings dropping didn’t prove it to Bravo I don’t know what will.

    • Susan, I agree with everything you posted, as I am sure most here do. The only thing that will make me watch is Melissa getting her way overdue bad edit. We got a few sneak peeks, but she prevailed as the victim once again. What will she do this year to become the star of the show? Her music & book were a major embarassment, but this broad seems to take a licking & keeps on ticking! It gave us a lot of material to snark about, but come on! Bravo can air a full season of all her on-air lies and contradictions, and fill a book (properly edited and gramatically correct) of her antics on social media, complete with famewhoring photographs. Her before & after pictures would fill a chapter alone.
      I won’t even mention her caveman of a husband, or her sneaky, boring cousin & her vile wannabe husband, as I am tired of typing!
      Shape up Bravo, or we are shipping out!

  • Fake, fake, fake! Messy has turned me off from this show, I won’t even be able to watch it when she pretends to get along with Teresa. This last season was such a turn off for me…can’t stomach her and her famewhoring.

    • Ms. MarcHO is a professional victim. Let’s hope all her scene’s wind up on the cutting room floor!

    • I agree. I know it’s fake, it’s obvious they don’t like each other. I’m not into this storyline and can’t stand meho. I don’t care if they’re getting along for the cameras that will be awkward and uncomfortable to watch. Just like every scene they filmed together when they’re ” faking nice to Tre” for last three seasons. It’s not interesting or entertaining.

    • I think it’s going to be her being sooo fake to Teresa, while still trying hard to be seen as the only one “trying”.

      “I’ll swallow my pride” blah blah. Yuck.

      • i hope to god Tre refuses to film with her!!!!

        my prediction is that theylll be filming tre and dina alot together…. and meho lunkhead and rosie together…

        the twins…hmmm thatll be interesting…

      • @A real NJ housewife

        Yep. That’s wat she’ll do play the roll of being the one that backs down and swallows her pride

        I would love to see no norm fighting and therapy but i don’t want to see bad acting either and that’s ya
        What’ll be BAD ACTING really hope the 3 new girls are fun and they tape them shopping parting acting silly Teresa as well.

        I don’t think I’ve ever seen Melissa happy on an outing god just get rid of her already prob next season she might be gone lets face it no fighting with Tre no storyline she has no talent she’s not entertaining to me and many other ppl. Be gone witch

  • IO bet if they allow their walls to come down and put their best foot forward it would be fun to see them having fun! I don’t think they realize they have SO much in common..

  • All I know for sure is that Caroline is off Jersey. As far as Jacqueline or anyone else those are still rumors until Bravo says otherwise, that’s what I’m going with sorry Rox.

    Now if this is true about Teresa and Melissa, freakin good!! I’m so over the feud, it’s so freakin stupid / tired..UGH!!!

      • From what I have been reading @Lisa most people are ” over it’. It’s been 3 freakin season of the same shit. Jesus!

    • Exactly !! She reported Kathy wasn’t returning either but yesterday I read that they wanted to keep Rosie so they had Rosie and Kathy sign a joint contract and Rosie will be featured more prominently than Kathy. They like the Joe Guidice/Rosie chemistry , but Rosie wouldn’t sign without Kathy , so this was the compromise to get Rosie.

    • I agree with you holy

      It is hard to believe Bravo (a money machine) would ignore 1 million less viewer’ and change nothing.

      As for M and Teresa…at the beginning of taping of any BH it is always kumbya time.

      But wouldn’t it be cool to have the arizona therapyst be in the first couple of season’s- he seemed to nail each cast member 100%.

    • Hi holy. I do believe Jac is done with NJHW, but I don’t understand why Bravo hasn’t announced it yet.

      • i would assume that beforethey cut her loose they want to ensure she wont have a twitter tirade and expose behind the scenes shenanigans….

        their legal dept is prolly drafting a separation agreement that will nail her down good…so she cant drunk twat all the secrets…

    • Hi holy. I do believe Jac is done with NJHW, but I don’t understand why Bravo hasn’t announced it yet.

  • Melissa has already showed her true colors and I for one can’t forget. I sincerely hope that Teresa does what she says and doesn’t engage in the nonsense. Let Melissa try to go against her nature of being manipulative and shady. It’s going to be hard and if it’s not her true nature to play nice she won’t be able to. Teresa can. I don’t want the family suffering anymore so I hope this works but Melissa better come up with a story line quick because other than her feud she doesn’t have one. All her endeavors have failed, she’s not talented with much at all besides being a liar. Hmmmm this should be interesting.

    • She’s running scared because the people left are more in Teresa camp than hers and she doesn’t have the Manzo’s or Laurita’s anymore. And you would think that Kathy and her would be a team but that isn’t true. Kathy hated her from the start because Richie was drooling over her all the time and Kathy hates any woman who is better looking than her. Melissa is trying to get out front before Tre and her people start at her.

      • Yes, I agree that she’s scrambling now to rehab her image. And notice how condescending and outright dismissive she’s been to Kathy (and Rosie) this last season?

        Kathy is very insecure and isn’t a “girl’s girl” at all. She is actually quite nasty to other women, especially is Rich is around. As if all the women are drooling over him. Actually, since he can’t stretch his lips over his urinal-sized teeth, he’s the only one doing the drooling.

        • I know some of you are counting on Teresa going to jail for years, but you all need a reality check. Even if they are found guilty like recent cases in NJ of Lauren Hill (who owed 3 times in tax fraud than Tre and Joe) and she served 3 months in jail, 3 months house arrest, or for example the Ty Warner case this month of the Billionaire who had 50 counts, is paying a 25 million dollar fine on $150 million dollars of fraud, no taxes paid, illegal wire transactions …and who could have gotten 50 years and will do under 8 months time after all said and done – I can list example of example of federal tax evasion and fraud cases for 5, 10, 20 times the Guidices (who owe unpaid taxes on $1.5 million) and after being found guilty the actual jail time sentenced was very, very small followed by house arrest, probation, fines and community service — and that would be for Joe, not Teresa.

          Teresa as a first time offender with no criminal record, and with her husband’s role will, if anything, if she is found guilty to which will be a more difficult case to prove versus Joe, get maybe house arrest at most.

          My brother-in law is a top IRS prosecutor of just these type of cases and we were discussing this case and granted he has no real specific evidence or info for this case, as none of us do either, but he said in his experience there is almost no way the government pursues jail time for the wife with four young kids since her husband ran the finances and business–they will nearly always cut a deal to have The husband serve more time instead of pursuing jail for both of them if they are first convicted, and don’t plea deal for lesser charges settling for fines and probation. I may be wrong and Teresa could be the one exception to all similar type cases, but I doubt it.

          • I laugh when people say, with complete authority, “Teresa will be going to prison for life”. A little research will clear that up.

            Thank you for your post. It’s nice to see some rational thought once in a while.

          • the irs doesnt want jail time

            they want the $$$$$$ owed

            no matter how you try to reason with these people…all they want to do is argue and fight ….

            im ignoring them….


          • Thanks – a little good sense here. At the reunion, Caroline mentioned her husband’s best friend Bernie Kerik – who is now out after 3 years – for far worse crimes than Teresa is alleged to have committed. I think the corruption of public officials like a police commissioner are worse than those of ordinary citizens because the financial harm is compounded by the damage caused to the body politic. He was convicted of taking kickbacks from the mob – and he got three years.

            Ken Skilling is out of jail already – the architect of the fake energy crisis caused by Enron, who raided pension funds and drove people to suicide – So yeah, the folks who talk about life in prison just display how ridiculous their hatred is .

          • @cajsa

            oy vey …. bernie kerik…….

            u cant even say his name in front of an nypd cop!!!!

            hes a disgrace and despised in nyc law enforcement….. very very very evil person. what he was charged with only is a light scraping of what illegal activity he was involved in….. cops under him were so disgusted they turned him in!!!!

          • With your country being in such deep debt it would be more logical to keep these two out of jail and working, making them pay back their debts wouldn’t it? It’s not like the Guidices are a threat to society. I will never understand why some people on here revel in the thought of tree and Juicey going to jail.

          • Thank you for explaining that Happy…I just hope that they don’t try to make an example out of Teresa and Joe because they are such public figures.

        • @Debbie

          really where did you read or hear that.

          Do you have inside info.

          Hmmm always funny how the Teresa haters always fall back on the law problems.

          Let me tell you as Carowhine would say yes Teresa and juicy have done some shady things but don’t overlook the others they all have done shady things Teresa and juicy have been caught only time when the rest will fall.

          Plus i always thought innocent till proven guilty but i guess that only applies to who you like.

          If the Guidices are found guilty and there very hard evidence well they did the crime so they do the time.

          But mark my words the rest will be following behind are you gonna comment on them when they get caught even tho the blog HAS NOTHING TO DO with ur post

          • That’s right Summer the others are even more shady the only difference is they haven’t been caught….yet

            Chicklet Richie and the Exxon issues,
            Loonie Jaquline and all that mess with Signiture Apparel
            And SloJoe as it turns out is a pool cleaner imagine that, I’ll have find the site I read it on.

            Melissa proved she can’t sing after the autotune wasn’t working ( the radio station in Florida) now that was bad really bad.
            They’re all lying pretending to be something they are not.

        • Hi Debbie, ooops I meant to say hi Meho’s sisters!!!!

          It’s innocent until proven guilty but I guess you two crows need to be hooked on phonics too !

      • @Lysel
        @buck Henry

        Agree with both of you.

        A few weeks ago on twitter i said that season Melissa will change her game plan coz of all the backlash from so many people inc most of her die hard fans.

        She’s received a lot a negativity on twitter ppl saying that they now the the manipulator she really is & how she And Slojo are the instigators.

        But like the posts above me said yes she’ll try of course because Teresa can’t be more popular than her but how long can she keep it uphmmm

        did anyone notice during the reunion how not as outspoken as she was last season.

        And that apology she gave to Teresa was so fake if that was her trying to act nice and make us believe her it was crap & i didn’t believe her for a min

        Any way as far as Im concerned I’ll NEVER trust or believe her in my life.

        As it was written “I’ll play nice” no bitch if it’s family you don’t play you try to MAKE it right. Plus she’s only doing it to gain more fans.

        So she’s either fighting with Teresa or playing BFF with Teresa she’s so desperate 2 stay on the show she’ll do anything i can’t see this show lasting any longer, unless the new girls are as fun as Tre this is will prob be cancelled