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NeNe Leakes Fights With Marlo Hampton, Denies Attacking RHOA Producer With A Bottle!


Rumors have surfaced that NeNe Leakes attacked a producer on Real Housewives of Atlanta and then fled the scene! NeNe has denied the story on Twitter, but it looks like something may have, in fact, gone down.

MediaTakeOut reports the story, saying that NeNe and Marlo got into a heated argument at a charity baseball game that one production crew member even tried intervening in to prevent a fight! That’s when all hell broke lose, allegedly.

“NeNe told him, ‘I made you . . . you will NOT disrespect me,'” according to the site. She then proceeded to hit the producer on the head with a bottle! The producer had his head cut open, and NeNe allegedly fled the scene before police could arrive!

Although MediaTakeOut often reports false or sensationalized stories, it seems like something did happen according to this stream of tweets that NeNe sent out:

Do you believe NeNe hit the producer on the head?! Are you looking forward to the drama with Marlo on season six?

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  • I’m a NeNe & Marlo fan because they are both funny, but they are also messy! Nene better not blink too quick bcuz that nut-case Kendra is comical too, w/ her messy crazy self! …. See, I had an opinion w/out calling anybody else out!!!! Everybody has a right to their opinions!

  • I would believe NeNe would do just about anything. She has definitely let fame go to her head. She thinks she is God’s gift to Atlanta and Hollywood.

  • I think all of this is ridiculous. You guys are talking about someone you really don’t know. Nene has come along ways, most of us can’t say that we have been on a real television show whether it has been cancelled or not. Nene has a big personality-SO WHAT! A little Big Head-So What! How would you act if you were blessed to make a tv check?? She is no longer on the pole. Kenya, Marlo, Sheree etc are the same way. These reality shows are a curse. People go on these shows to brag about what they have or pretend to. Friendships, marriages, etc have problems by being on the RHW shows. However, Nene and crazy Kim made the money and got something from this. Both hustled in different ways. Uplift folks when they have achieved not bash them if a show is cancelled. Her bank is probably bigger than the folks commenting. And it is wrong to call someone a nobody, everyone is somebody. That nobody has had and will probably have more opportunities than most folk. Ching-Ching Bloop!

  • I think NeNe lost much of her popularity because she became so damn condescending. Rolling her eyes whenever anyone else spoke, etc.

    Come back to earth, NeNe. You aren’t better than everyone else.

  • Marlo is now friends with Kenya . Marlo is helping Kenya to get Phaedra husband . And help Nene and kandi to dress better. And teacher them all how to sleep rich white men for money .

  • I enjoy NeNe on housewives and would be suprised it she assaulted a producer.As for
    Marlo, she’s trashy and so is Kenya, so they should buddy up. As far as them “taking over the show ” I can’t see that happening.Kenya and
    Marlo are hoodrats, and they don’t earn any the rest of the cast does.NeNe earned my respect the way she made up.with.Kim last year.l like the cast now.minus Kenya & Marlo. Kenya hired a love interest (Walter) who was not one bit interested in her and she stirred up trouble all last season for Porsha and Phaedra & Apollo. She thinks she’s a beauty queen because she was Miss USA 20 years ago ( never heard of her) and Marlo.a convicted felon for cutting up a woman’s face. They just don’t fit in witj the cast

  • I used to like NeNe, but her holier than thou attitude turned me off.

    She’s not an up and coming actress. Meryl Streep is an actress. NeNe’s a Bravolebrity who got lucky playing herself…and not that lucky, cause her acting career is starting to tank.

    I think there’s some truth to this story, mixed in with some hype. We know NeNe has a temper, she choked Kim, she goes from 0 to violent in a second, she’s got no self control and she thinks she’s above everyone. Just watch her when she’s loudmouthing in a conversation. Woman can’t keep her mouth or her temper in check.

    NeNe needs to get over her damn self. Bloop.

  • People who have money don’t go around saying they are rich. They keep quiet about their wealth. Anyone who would spend a million dollars for a second wedding, or even a first, is crazy! It’s their 2nd go around so they should go to the courthouse and tie the knot. If she has so much money to throw around she should give it to the food bank, or soup kitchen, and feed the hungry and do some good with the money. She could have built several homes for the homeless instead of blowing it on a wedding. A total waste of money!

  • NeNe having a hissy fit with a bottle over the producer’s head — RHONJ fight in Punta Cana. Bravo legal team pays everyone to STFU and destroy any footage.

    I think NeNe is very, very entertaining to watch. She comes out with stuff that cracks me up and that’s awesome. That said, all she is is a “reality TV” personality. No enduring talent and when “reality TV” becomes a thing of the past, so will she.

    • Nene is a bore IMO, so full of herself over nothing. She was not attractive before all the plastic surgery, fake teeth & fake hair & she is no better now, that uneducated meanie. I wish she and Marlo beat the crap out of each other and did the world a favor. How silly is she that she hired Phaedra or @ Fakedra” as she referred to her all the time? Time for a new cast on Atlanta. I do feel sorry for her younger son though. He seems lonely and ignored by his big-mouthed, self-absorbed mother. I hope he is alright as he seems like a nice young man, though sad.. Andy Cohen is responsible for HW shows decline. The hate campaign & bullying of Teresa Guidice is the last straw for me.

  • Marlo remind Nene of her pass charges . And she pulled out Nene weave . Greg ran to get the police . That what happen .

  • Marlo and the producer one of her Johns hit Nene . And Nene called the police . Her friends that was with her was scared and Dianne was crying . Nene is pressing charges and Phaedra is her lawyer . Nene is upset because she try to help Marlo .

  • Marlo wanted to remind Nene of her pass charges . And for her to keep her mouth shut . She said she didn’t want to have to shut her down the same way she shut down Kandi and Sheree . The producer is one of her Johns. That how she got back on the show . She has team up with Kenya so she can have someone to hangout with. On the show they promise to make her and Kenya the stars.Nene is very upset because she use her like one of her men .So now Nene has got Phaedra to be her lawyer . Because she pressing charges . Because her and her John ( producer) Push and smack her . That why she called the police . All of Nene friends was scared . Dianne was crying . Greg told Nene he handle it .

  • OK, so I am biased bc I love Nene. I think she makes great TV. I can’t imagine she would whack someone over the head with a bottle…. argh. I hope it is not true for her sake.

  • Tamara Tattles wrote about this yesterday. Apparently, it was an event hosted by Cynthia and there is a link to pictures. Maybe Funky Dineva will tell since he was there.

  • So they are STILL filming and the show is to air in 3 weeks and no advertising. Okay

    I don’t know what to believe. Nene did choke Kim in 09, but the rumor of her hitting production and hitting Kandi last year turned to be false. NeNe still needs to calm her ass down and her fall from fame will be harder and more brutal than any other housewive. I am starting to get over her, and I was a fan.

  • We know that she has gotten physical with Kim Z. Multiple times. Attempting to choke her and she flies off the handle on a moments notice.

  • I dont think Nene hit anyone.. like she said, someone always claims she hit someone every season, but its never the case. Marlo has a freaking record does she not? Assault, stabbings? Something went down, but I dont think its this exactly! And honestly, she did help Marlo get a chance in the public eye and 15 minutes. Everyone else hated her on the show- Nene was only one woman enough to sit down with her, then give her a chance. Nice friend she turned out to be….

  • I just wish Nene could speak English instead of the ghetto street talk. And she better be saving some of the money she is making because her 15 minutes will soon be over.

    • Mary T you are so right !!!! Those little pennies she making won’t last long. I seen big famous actors and actress fall… NeNe is not famous nor is she a celebrity more a cartoonishness ( clown ).. You can’t turn a hoodrat into a lady…

    • I can’t wait Mary.. I caNNOT wait.. Haha I was just watching old re-runs and OMG haha Nenes fashion sense.. Haha what am I even SAYING!!?? The woman has no sense.. In general, not just fashion

  • Ummm. Well we petty much know that bravo is not going to show the real footage, so the viewers are going to be left to decide what happened for ourselves. Kim has claimed that Nene choked the shit out of her, and Marlo has a criminal record for violent offenses. Who do y’all believe in this? Ya know Nene is “very rich bitch,” now and she’s “above all of this” and she can’t see “a reason to ever put her hand on anyone. Ever.” Yeah right. I think it was a brawl, and I think that Nene struck first, forgetting to check Marlo’s charges and all hell broke loose. But I also think that this is a garbage story made up for more hype for the new season.

    • HI Andrea,

      I agree with your post regarding we will never see the footage and was Lol with the “check her charges” comment. I remember when Marlo first came on the show and said that. haha
      I also posted earlier…but I must have typed my name or something wrong because my post went into moderation 🙁
      I don’t think we will see this though on Nene’s show as this charity baseball event where this supposedly went down was yesterday…unless they are going to edit it into RHOA. I am curious though as to if someone took a bottle to the head. Ouch!! I just find it hard to believe IMO that Nene would do that and ruin her image/career because that’s felony assault with a deadly weapon…and fact is, if it happened she would have been arrested and that doesn’t seem to be the case based on Nene’s tweets. Well like you said…we will probably never know cause I’m sure whoever was at this event, especially if Bravo was filming, signed their first born away in blood in that contract…Lol

      • This was during filming for season 6 of RHOA. This was an event that Cynthia Bailey put together. It was a fitness competition. They had a basketball game, and each of the Housewives had a “team.” Nene’s team consisted of ALL her bridesmaids with the exception of MARLO.

        Marlo has been hanging around Kenya Moore lately, and she chose to be on Kenya’s team which upset Nene, and a fight broke out during the basketball game. It got a little too rough, and then the police were called.

  • Uh-Oh!! Lol Say it isn’t so Nene!! I actually enjoy watching her show. Bling Bling Bling!! She just cracks me up especially in her TH’s.
    Wonder if this is just more fake drama to bring the ratings for her current show…meaning getting more people to tune in to see if her and Marlo’s friendship demise is building up on it.
    Pretty much everyone has cell phones today, so I’m sure someone’s got this footage recorded.
    On RHNJ during the brawl with the Greeks/Gorga’ you see this redheaded woman recording the confrontation on her cell phone…but I’m sure we will never see it due to the contract they make everyone sign before they walk in the door.
    Bloop!! ;p

  • They are STILL filming when the show is to air in like 3 weeks?

    Anyways, I don’t know about this. She did choke Kim in 09, but that rumor of her fighting Kandi and hitting production last year was false. Why would she hit production though, were they in her way? She is making her fall from fame harder and more brutal than any other housewife. I am definitely looking forward to Marlo this season. Nene is disappointing me more and more.

      • ‘Keep your ignorant comments to yourself’ – take your own advice, love.

        Nene is a nobody when comparing to how big she thinks she is.

        • Nene is the star of RHOA and is a paid up and coming Hollywood actress. That’s what she thinks she is and. . . Guess what: she is just that.


          • Nene isn’t the star anymore, a lot of people are turning on her. Oh, and check those ratings for her spinoff boo. They ain’t nothing special, Kim Z’s wedding spinoff faired far better – bloop!

            I hope you are using the term actress loosely, never once seen her play anything other than herself – a loud obnoxious fool. What has she been in? The New Normal? Cancelled, bloop! Glee? Lowest ratings ever and declining, bloop!

            Please, Nene thinks she has the popularity of JLo and the bank balance of Bill Gates – she’s nowhere near either.

            So you can bloop all the way back to the cabinet you crawled out of.

          • Nene’s sitcom was cancelled. She is not an up and coming actress, Ryan Murphy had a thing for her, and he did not cast her in his new sitcom. Case closed. Other than that She is a Housewife on a scripted reality show which makes her a Z lister like all of the rest of them.

          • Let’s be completely real here. VERY FEW reality tv stars make that transition to “BIG STAR”. Nene acts much bigger than she really is. Besides, please inform me of all her upcoming projects….

          • Go Rosie and Andrew!! She is a nobody.. Look at her in a bathtub full of “diamo.. Cubic zirconias” come on now.. Go back to wearing that fake paper DOLLAR dress girl haha!! That gave me a good laugh. She is so boogie talks about EVERYBODY like her SH- don’t stink.. Kim’s a “trashy hooker” yet Kim was an RN.. YOU were the stripper.. Makes fun of Sharee (sp?) for having a huge nose and having a nose job when she HERSELF had half her face altered .. Care to see Nenes giant potatoe nose? Haha just google it! Hypocrite with a capital H!!! And she married Greg (I’m sure for his good looks) and he didn’t ask her for a prenup, which he clearly SHOULD have.. Now that she’s a “Hollywood actress” she is demanding a prenup from him.. She’s just an awful human being.. And I actually used to like her.. I bet Greg only wants to marry her so he can get back what she took from him in the divorce and to make sure his retirement years are cushy

          • Rosie,
            I think the “ignorance” comes from ur comment stating that’s what happens when we get a lil money….not everyone from the same place is the same way…n how much of an authority on “all things ghetto” are you when you can’t even spell it right??

        • NeNe is nothing but a hoodrat..Only thing big about NeNe Leakes is her weight.. What
          270 lbs.. OMG that white lipstick she wears only thing I see on her face is those big lips of hers

          • I KNOW RIGHT?? Like someone stated above, cOMPLETE hypocrite!! She made fun of sherees nose when she herself had a nose job I mean the list goes on and on

          • If that, if that. No wonder all the women call her a moose, she is to big/fat and thinks she is 5 foot 1. Also I can believe that she hit the producer over the head, and here’s why. The producer probably got in the middle and when he put hands on her she probably said it would be better to hit the man and say he grabbed at me than the woman and she took her anger out on the male producer.

            You couldn’t pay me enough to be in that mess, no way.

        • I think she meant your comment about ghetto girls was ignorant. I’m almost certain everybody can agree that the fame has gone to Nene’s head.

          Although for some reason she thought she was the ish to begin with.

      • Nene is a nobody. Nothing ignorant about that statement. What is ignorant is a woman who rents her home, leases her car, has no furniture in her rented Hollywood home, and barely any in her Atlanta home… going around saying she is “rich” when she was missing teeth and carrying around a flip phone instead of a smart phone just a couple of years ago.

      • I don’t care where NeNe came from but I do see that she is not very talented as an actress and acts like her poop don’t stink. She uses ghetto language (“wit”, “Bride-Maids”, “Greg children”)and pretends like she’s better than everyone else. She is famous for being famous and for being on a reality show. Did anyone actually watch “The New Normal”? Her behavior is that of an uneducated woman who thinks that she’s more than she is. Her wedding show is awful and I stopped watching it. It’s all about an over-indulged grown up brat and her disgusting friends. It’s also staged and fake. It’s time for NeNe to go the way of Gretchen and others who have been fired from Andy Cohen’s circus.

    • I’m with you Rosie….NeNe is a nobody…only in her head….which sits under those awful helmets she wears….she is a reality show person….who got a part on another show because the script called for a loud mouth obnoxious person….she is not a star….

      But wait… an altercation with Marlo….not her dear friend Marlo….a bridesmaid….her sister in everything fly…(her words)….wow…

        • Nene thinks it’s uncool to speak/enunciate words properly. She doesn’t get that saying BRIDEMAID fifty f’ing times an f’ing episode makes her look and sound just like the uneducated hoodrat she is. I cannot wait til she’s knocked down a few notches. Her diva attitude is truly sickening to me.

        • Can we make a new rule that all bridesmaids should be under the age of forty? I mean, watching Vicky Gulvason being a brides”maid” at the age of 65 was a bit much. All old bags getting remarried should do so at the Courhouse or their backyards and leave the beautiful weddings to the young people. It’s stupid watching menopausal women have bridesmaids for their third and fourth weddings. Nene marrying Greg again? Phony and fake. And redic.

        • It’s BridESmaid!! There’s an S in it!! Stop correcting people when u are clearly an idiot!! Your correcting them wrong one!! And two, stop makeing fun of people if they misspell or don’t use proper grammer. I have a vast vocabulary and everyone makes mistakes and auto correct Is a pain THE END shut up.. Misspelling something makes one an idiot not

    • @Rosie you are not alone I agree with you NeNe is just a realty TV person, she cannot act and all she does is curse at people. You give some people a little air time and they think they are above every one. NeNe needs to go to jail for this there is to many people on TV that thinks they are above the law, I hope they show her she is not above the law.