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Kim G Hits A New Low, Tweets Harsh Prison Tips For Teresa Giudice!


Reality TV’s own piece of trash has come out of the wood work looking for her 15 minutes of Twitter fame after Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice were indicted for fraud on 39 counts.

Kim D had previously tweeted that she was happy that justice had prevailed and that Joe and Teresa were being charged. It was not enough because she followed with some tasteless and disgusting tips for Teresa if she were to go to jail. Kim G tweeted:

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 4.20.18 PM

Just revolting. How unfulfilled is this lady that at her age she acts like a five year old? And LOL at Kim G tagging all those people. Desperate for anyone to notice you, much?

Thoughts on Kim G’s tweets?

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  • The LORD says you will know them by their fruit, Kim G is rotten. Teresa GOD bless you and your entire family Kim G is not a factor!

  • Teresa must have really WRONGED Kim for to her to be coming for her to be coming for Teresa so hard! I mean she is not playing with Teresa. I really believed that either Teresa done lied or something because really, This woman is just about “FOAMING AT THE MOUTH” about this. I am no Giudice Fan AT ALL. But I don’t wish no bad on them at all!

  • She better watch herself. It doesn’t matter if it’s your worst enemy, no one should take too much joy from someone else’s misery. That’s just asking for your own karma. Bad attracts bad, good attracts good. She really needs to STFU!

  • Kim G is a classless bitch, but then again, Joe and Teresa Guidice are classless, stupid, pathological liars, con-artists and thieves. So, there you have it.

  • Goes to show you pick your friends carefully.
    Sounds to me like Kim G has had experience being in jail. What an ugly soul this woman has.

  • Everyone’s praying for you Teresa! What was that you said, ” Haters gonna hate”? Well there you go, ignore what’s her name and this too shall pass.

  • Kim G. it’s very sad that you find the situation humerous. It’s not. You are talking about people’s lives that will affect them and their families. (4 little girls) – Your compassion flew out the window all with your manners!! I can only hope that someday you are sitting in a similar situation and people make fun of you. You won’t enjoy the turnabout!

    • I saw that! she really has some brass ones doesn’t she? Im sure ” square tits” ( her words about D) is not texting her right up to hang out! Danielle may have been off at times, but I do not see her gloating about Teresa , and I hope I do not! She had her own plate full of troubles.

      • Hi!
        Update: Jacqueline and Danielle’s Twitter Responses to Kim G. if you didn’t already know 🙂

        Danielle’s twitter response to Kim G.
        “keep my name out of your filth”
        and Kim G. responded
        “at least I own not rent.”

        Jacqueline’s twitter response to Kim G.
        “I haven’t seen you in 2 years, U have been MIA,until now. U r very vocal. I know you never cared…” and attached a photo of a bible proverb: “Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble do not let your heart rejoice”
        and attached this quote also:
        “When something bad happens you have 3choices, you can either let it define you,let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” (Kim G. didn’t respond)
        …AND Jacqueline also tweeted this to the press “The press can stop coming 2my door & calling my husband 4us 2comment regarding recent news. We have no comment, we reached out 2castmembers directly.

        I’m guessing Kim G. thought she was gonna form an allegiance with Jacqueline and Danielle and it backfired. They both basically told her to take a long walk off a short pier.
        So I don’t see them two hanging out this summer at Kim’s pool or ever.

  • LOL talk about hate!!
    so, let me get this Kim is “nasty” and “hits a new low” just for typing words, while IT stealing money, lying to evreyone(fan,family,FBI) is not?

  • How did this fossil live to be 269 yrs old without developing and kindness and grace? The sickest thing is to see old bags acting like this. What possible benefit can haring these public feelings have for Kim Granny. Get your life!

  • You know, they say, What goes around comes around. Meaning you better hope all your closets are clean yourself. It’s very impolite to hit someone when they are down and your comments are very rude and childish!!
    Kim G. you need to get a life and leave the Gudices alone.

  • Kim G is obviously in need of attention – lets not give it to her – I could make some unkind comments but then I would be just as foolish as she!

  • KIM G officially get’s crowned F.C. of the century. Yup, I said the C word because this is real life and those are real children with feelings who didn’t ask for this. She just tweeted that she has no sympathy for Teresa’s children because there are 39 counts, not 1 or 2. WTF does that have to do with anything?? Innocent till proven guilty…hey may be all 39, but could be 3. Those poor little girls. I feel bad for her lol when Daddy gets wind she’s talking about his girls on twitter now. Actually, no I don’t lol.. she’s the one who’s gonna reap what she sow’s as she also just said. and..Wow is all I could say

  • Please do not respond or attack her on Twitter and please stop making news on what this old hag is saying! That’s what she wants publicity, let’s not giver her that!!

  • Kim G. really needs something better to do with her time. I mean, she hangs out with that lowlife Michael Lohan and has the nerve to just tweet such disgusting things about Teresa. Her good friend, Michael, has done his own prison time.

    Also, her BFF Jac Laurita is not exactly free and clear when it comes to the ongoing lawsuit regarding her and Chris’ OWN bankruptcy fraud/embezzlement (and corruption of justice with regard to those Signature Apparel computers) matter. Kim might not want to speak too soon considering THAT fact as well.

    I know decent people who have served time and managed to turn their lives around once they paid their debt to society. Kim G. lucked out and married a very wealthy man who’s given her tons of money in their divorce settlement. Instead of using that money and time to do positive things, she does THIS shit: play on Twitter like a teenager (No wonder she and Jac are such good friends. The two of them probably had a slumber/pizza party to celebrate the good news they heard about Teresa. I’m sure they read and laughed over and over reading the “slam books” they wrote about Teresa too. Then they probably did each other’s nails and braided each others hair before they got back on their devices to play on Twitter! MISERABLE CRAZY BITCHES!!).

    • Didnt she become overly obsessed with him at one point, especially waiting for him to get out of jail? I think she tweeted the balls off him! I agree with the rest of your comment also!

      • Yes, she did. She bragged about dating him — which just shows how DESPERATE Kim G. is. I mean, who in the hell would BRAG about dating a douchebag like Michael Lohan?!?!

        Michael Lohan,on the other hand, basically never acknowledged even dating her. I mean, how embarrassing would it be for him to be dating Kim G. of all people! He claimed they were “just friends.”

  • How would she feel if her daughter were reading this about her? Does she not know this may lead to Teresa’s daughters getting bullied at school?

    She’s still going strong this morning. How old is she? Shame on her!

    If she doesn’t have anything nice to say, she should raise her hand and kindly place it over her mouth. It’s scary that people like her are allowed to breed.

  • What a hag, is she a jail house blob,how come she know so many tips to give to her bud?

    The more she screeches…the more attention she gets from….IRS..

    fingers crossed…hopefully she did not lie on her taxes.

  • She’s such a nasty old jealous woman! She so desperately wanted to be a housewife, but Andy knew she was too much of a wild card and not mentally stable enough. And that’s saying a lot considering some of the women that have been on his housewives franchise! But no amount of jealous merits the venom this lady is spitting. I hope she doesn’t take her last breath soon, she’ll have a lot to answer for!

  • What a dirty rotten scumbag this woman is! She also tagged Jax in one of her disgusting tweets, wonder why, hmmm…

  • This old hag should lay off of the booze. She must have read Brandi’s book about drinking and tweeting. What a piece of shit this hag is.

  • ” And LOL at Kim G tagging all those people. Desperate for anyone to notice you, much?”

    But you reported it, right? So, mission accomplished, I guess.

  • What an ugly woman. Just a message to the wise, never wish this much hatred on someone, it may happen to you.

    • She better hope her own backyard is clean. She has opened herself up for people to go snooping in her life.

      • Kim G has been so desperate to be on the show for forever, and I think we all know that. Really befriending Danielle and bashing her every step of the way? I loved when Melissa was actually a decent woman and kicked her and Manica out of her party. Kim G is a nasty old woman who’s not happy in life, seriously how does she know so much about jail? And does anyone remember her old saggy ass on that pole? HAHAHAHA. Give it up Kim, you’re senile and washed up!

    • Thank you, didn’t she have a brain tumor, I am sick, & don’t wish bad on anyone except the truly evil. Reap what you sow, or Karma, it is not good to hurt or wish ill will unless they murdered your family or really really did something damaging. Cat fighting does not count as a serious injury.

    • Right @Mary… careful what you wish for….cause it just might come true for you as we’ll…she really wants to be famous..doesn’t care how…just wants you to know her name….

      What a way to live your life as a desperate old bitter woman….