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Mob Wives Recap: Too Much Of Love!

Mob Wives begins with Love going to a doctor. Honestly, I don’t really care to much for Love at this point and think her role in the show is unnecessary so I don’t care to recap about her appointment to the doctors. Sorry but I’m not sorry!

Moving along to Karen. She still is in Arizona and is finally getting ready to go back home. She isn’t looking forward to leaving her daughter Karina but who would be? Karen could make life so much easier if she just has her daughter live with her like most mothers do! In the end of the day, there’s no feeling then being with your mother and that’s the truth. Karen has gotten a lot accomplished being in Arizona. She an Dave are on good terms and they both agree on this. Dave even tells Karen he won’t keep anything from her from now on.

Back in Staten Island, Drita goes to her friend Carla’s home to talk to her about Love constantly bashing her. Drita reveals that Love has a problem with Carla and Carla is confused. Carla has yet to meet Love so she doesn’t understand how there can even be a problem. Drita says Love’s problem is Carla has been talking about her because she had dated Carla’s boyfriend before she did. Carla is taken back and thinks it’s ridiculous and know’s that the two only “banged” for a month before Carla got with him. Carla believes Drita should defend her and tell Love she doesn’t want to hear Love bashing Carla since they are friends. Drita just wants Carla to know that Love is not someone to be messed with.

Ramona gets ready for her wedding and gets her girls together to do wedding stuff! She says the wedding will be at home and will be around the same time Joe can get out of prison for a week. Is that even possible? Ramona plans on marrying him then spending the week together and after he will go back to prison. I just think this whole thing is ridiculous and such a bad example for her young children. Ramona points out that this is the quickest wedding to ever be planned but I’m still not sure what the rush in this is?

Carla is at her ex’s skin center getting a facial. Her ex Joe walks in and I can’t help but wish these two were together. They have a cute conversation and these two just have a connection. Who knows what’ll happen in the future?

Drita meets with Love as they get there nails done. While getting pampered, Drita tells Love she spoke to Carla about Love having a problem with her. Drita says Carla denied talking behind Love’s back. Love claims she heard tons of things Carla has said about her. Obviously it’s Love who keeps talking about Carla while we have yet to hear Carla say one thing about Love! Love then reveals that Carla stole a design and gave it to her ex for his business. I don’t get why Love is talking about this with Drita. Why can’t she pick up the phone and maturely speak to Carla? These are grown people! It’s not that difficult and to me Love doesn’t seem so scary since she only ever has bashed Carla behind her back. Drita wants Carla and Love to have a sit down but Love doesn’t think it will go well since Carla is “crazy.” Obviously the sit down isn’t going to go well if Love is expecting it to go bad!

It’s Love’s birthday party and all the girls minus Carla attend! Karen and Ramona seem to be getting annoyed with one another! Karen is opening up about her boyfriend who’s name is Storm and Ramona is mocking Storm referring to him as the ‘music man.’ Storm shows up and everyone seems to like him.

Carla later has a wine tasting party and Drita and Big Ang shows up. Drita decides to once again bring up Love and tells Carla she spoke to Love letting her in on what Love has said. Carla denies everything Love has claims and calls her nuts! Carla hopes that Drita believes her over Love and I do too considering the two are good friends. Drita keeps pushing them to speak but Carla says she will only talk, and not get physical. Why should these grown women even worry about things getting physical? This is all just ridiculous to me.

Renee did a lot of stuff this episode but all was just boring to me and not worth recapping. Thoughts on Sunday’s episodes? Do you believe Carla hasn’t bashed Love?

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  • Damn Love is one crazy obsessed trick. I think this leads to the story that love is positively jealous of carla. Or.. carla is just another two faced bitch that talks shit. Smh it gets better!

  • Love is a nut, how old is that fool? I loved the episode when Love is sitting on her dumpy porch of her dumpy house talking to her old boyfriend who lives in Arizona, and she says she can’t leave all she has in Staten Island?????? I would be on the next plane!!!!!!!

  • Can’t believe Karen was accepted back in this circle her father made history as the biggest rat! Yet the girls are always preaching honor this life this and that…BS!

  • Agree! This love thing reminded every minute of how she wants to hurt people and how crazy she is.. Please! Wanna be Italian love…Karen your dad murdered 19 people and were supposed to feel sorry for him you your brother then you reference mob things talk about burying people..I feel for the victims of your dad your moms brother included that ave to watch you make money off their blood! Drita you changed since lees a better friend you went to the other side.

  • It’s getting to be sickening listening to Love whine about Carla talking about her. Who are these people that she supposedly is hearing this from??? It seems like its always Love running her mouth about Carla! She seems like quite the headcase too! And Bravojunkie I totally agree with you about Drita.. ..Carla had her back the whole time last season and it sure doesn’t seem like Drita is going out of her way to stand up for her friend. Or at least say Listen i’m not going to sit here and listen to you bash my friend and leave. Maybe editing but if I were Carla I’d be pissed off if its not due to editing!

  • karen walking out the door and saying ‘I love you to the dog”. Is the dog actually left alone. She said last week the dog was depressed as it was left alone.
    Is this for real? the local animal welfare should be informed to find out for sure

  • Carla probably has bashed Love, but not as much as Love claims. This was an interesting episode, especially the drama surrounding Love and her issues with Carla. I was working late at DISH, and missed the past episode of Mob Wives when it aired. Luckily, the weekly timer on my DISH Hopper was there for me. It can record up to 2,000 hours of my favorite shows. Not only am I recording the full season, but also the full seasons of my other favorite shows. This has turned out to be the perfect way to watch this show after a long day of work.

    • Cool. I missed the episode too, but luckily i had Acme’s new and improved anal probe dvr. Just stick it up your butt and say what show you want taped, and it’ll take care of the rest. Acme, for the spammer on-the-go.

  • I love Drita but disappointed how she doesn’t have Carla’s back.

    Love is ok as long as she isn’t running her mouth about Carla. Woman talking all gangsta is just annoying…..

  • Joe and Carla are so cute together. I like Love, but at this point it seems that she keeps bringing up Carla just for a storyline. I’m surprised that Ramona went to the Coral House for her wedding. I would think she’d have connections to other places because of her “LIFESTYLE”. I guess she’s not as mobbed up as she claims to be.

    • I dont think she is, or has the money to especially since her father does not speak to her. I have to say though, her and Karen are keeping me laughing this season!! Its like the inappropriate Lavern & Shirley, LOL! My gosh it seems they are PMS-ing at each other lately!
      This whole lOve, Im over her repeating the Carla thing, but I think in SI, word keeps getting back and back and back to Love about Carla talking. With Carla’s “ways”, I do not believe her for one second anymore. Judging on Love’s past, i would say that carla is alittle lucky that Love did not just show up somewhere and woop her arse.

      • LOL Ramona and Karen the “inappropriate Lavern & Shirley” hahaha VH-1 could make a really funny spot around that!

        They need to stop with the Carla and another sit down, gah!

        The logo issue is so dumb. Why would she leap to the conclusion that she owned angel wings? No way do I believe Joe’s Dad would steal a logo, he’s a highly regarded doctor. And why didn’t Drita get that when Love brought it up? I sort of think Drita is afraid of Love, so she holds back a bit.

        • I like Drita, but I feel like she’s playing the drama up for the cameras. These housewives start off real, but eventually turn into the Stepford wives.

          • @NYgirl- you may be right! Its so hard to tell anymore, which to me, defeats the whole reality theme, LOL

        • Maru, I think it is just a bad coincidence with the logo, but under the circumstances, I can understand why Love would feel that way. She has had her Veritas company for quite some time, with that logo, long before Joe’s dad had his store I believe

    • NY: Ha, too funny! I love seeing Joe on the show and would like to see those two get back together. I would also love to see Lee.

      I might have to stop watching if the producers put Love and Carla in a situation that turns physical. It would be one thing if Carla wanted to humiliate herself by fighting, but clearly she has said thats not her thing.
      Drita needs to stand up and defend her friend.

      • Looks like next week you get your wish. Previews showed what looked like Love cold coking Carla. I know my opinion isn’t popular but Carla is a shit talker. She runs her mouth all over town and then plays done. I said before I used to live in Staten Island and Carla is notorious for talking sh&t. Love is a woman with a loud mouth and a lead fist. She can and will back up what she says and will shut you down if you are talking smack on her. Carla is about to get hurt. I live in the midwest now but my motto has always been talk shit get hit.
        I also DO NOT think Drita is a bad friend. She has tried repeatedly to warn Carla about Love and her temper. I think Drita knows that Carla has run her mouth and is trying to get her to stop before it blows up but all Carla can say is I don’t give a f@#k. Drita knows that Love would break Carla in half and is trying to stop it. I also think no matter how tough Drita is deep down she knows she is no match for hurricane Love. It is well documented that Love will hit, stab or shoot at someone who really pisses her off. Sometimes it is best to leave the crazy people alone….

        • As far as I’m concerned Love is a shit talking gutter mouth. In my experience when someone talks themselves up like somebad ass its because they are a pussy.She thinks people respect her because she some bad ass, what a joke.If shes on next season I will no longer watch this show.Karen and her disgusting friend Ramona are as much garbage as I can stand to watch.All these girls just run there fat mouths. I really wish they would consult their dictionaries before using words like loyalty,friendship and respect. It is painfully obvious they don’t know the meaning of these words. Furthermore I would be embarrased if this was my circle of friends,they make eachother look like garbage.

  • This show is going downhill so fast, used to love to watch it and now it almost feels like a chore. Love is pshyco, Drita a horrible friend, Ramona just plain ignorant, Karen, my dad killed people and I’m so proud of him, over it!

    • I hate how Karen always complains about the government getting her dad or ruining their family. Uhh, it’s not their fault your dad is a criminal. She really needs to STFU.

    • Yes, it is going downhill. “Someone’s talking about me Im gonna beat them up” crap is too much. She should thank Carla because its keeping her relevant!
      Now, I saw the previews for next week with Love acting like a silver-back gorilla, and lets just say I am embarrassed for her! Did you see the look on the other peoples faces. They weren’t scared of her, just puzzled by her bizarre behavior.

      I don’t condone violence, but Love is gonna try this act in front of the wrong people one time and she will really get hurt.

    • I dont think so, and that is crazy for me to admit because I did not like her last year, LOL
      I really think she is trying to get back to a better peace making image because of all the nastiness and fighting, her kids can see and hear all of it, and she is trying to build her brands. I think she is handling this with Carla maturely, telling her whats up and trying to get Carla to address it, squash it, move on, no fighting. I think the show is much better without all the fist fights at their ages.

  • I find Love exhausting and a poor choice to add to the show. She seems like she spends a whole lot of time making crap up. That whole scene with the doctor was the worst made for a storyline crap I have ever seen. She is uber-obsessed with Carla and Drita is very disappointing to me this season with her back and forth shit stirring. If she was a good friend to Carla she would shut down the bash Carla sessions that mostly seem to happen when she is there. I’m not saying fight her battles for her but people should not be comfortable bashing your friend right in front of your face.

    • I am not taking sides here, but before Love was on mob wives I was a witness to a huge twitter war between Love, Carla and Carlas bf (Love’s Ex) and Carla and her bf were saying pretty terrible things to Love. I remember it all too well because I was hooked on the whole drama that was going on. Don’t lie about saying you never said a bad thing about the girl. Just own up to it and say yeah I did, how can we get past this??

          • Thanks Denise. I follow both on Twitter but don’t remember that. Mostly I was wondering if it was before, during or after they shot this season. If it was during or after then it wouldn’t make her a liar for saying she never talked sh*t about her because it didn’t happen yet. Plus…it seems like Carla’s saying stuff in response to Love’s campaign to make everyone believe Carla can’t stop talking about her not the other way around.

        • It occurred last June/July. Carla sure knew who she was then Shen her and Derek engaged in twitter.

          • yes thats right. Carla took down the twitter posts but if you look at her bf’s twitter back in June 2012 you will see he tagged Carla in his tweets to Love because she was involved too. It was pretty gross the things they were all calling each other.

      • I didn’t know about the twitter thing. But if Carla said stuff directly to Love then what is the problem? Carla technically wasn’t talking about her behind her back.

        • @pandabear I understand that but don’t act like you NEVER said one bad thing about Love when it was obviously all over twitter that you did. Just say yeah I had beef with her in the past but let’s try to move forward because we are both grown ass women!

      • Denise, I thought I read about that also, and I know others have touched on that the past few months. Do I think Love was little much about talking about Carla again, yes. Do I think Carla did say those things, yes! Carla says alot of nasty things about peeps, then when she gets called out on camera, she acts innocent. Her handy man is one of Love’s exes- she talked about Love! Weeks ago she also said Love had an abortion on twitter, when Love talked about her horrible car accident.. she is a biznitch.

        • Michers I totally agree with you with Love coming on way too hard with Carla, and that they should just talk and squash everything. But I know that Carla will not meet up with Love because she knows it will end up in a fist fight. Too much nasty things were said and it seems like Love won’t let her get away with it. Do I think women in their 40’s should be putting hands on one another? Absolutely not. They should sit down and say what their problem is or was with one another and try to move on. So silly to be stuck on this HS DRAMA.

          • ITA about Love. She makes my skin crawl and how does she even get any guys. I think she is filling the void Drita left when she softened her attitude. All this talk about what she will do to somebody is getting old. She seems to want to wear the crazy crown.My interest in this show has dropped dramatically but wtf..Mego lived with Love at one point, now thats interesting.

    • So agree! And stop entertaining the nut jobs whacky bullshit!! The whole logo thing is just fucking rediculous. Joe has said on twitter ( I saw it with my own eyes,” that Carla has nothing to do with his dads business. It’s called ANGEL SKIN!!! Hence the wings , so sick of love trying to start trouble. I have to wonder if she doesn’t resent that Carla’s boyfriend dropped her…most like cause she’s a whack job

    • ITA! Drita wasnt being loyal last night and it annoyed me.

      And even Ramona tweeted this angel wings thing is old news, Love is just way too dramatic.

  • I liked Love up until she started really bashing Carla. Be a grown, mature woman. I believe Carla!

  • I’m sorry but Love works my last damn nerve..I think the woman is BOTZO!! Seriously call Carla up/ text her, make a meeting and get this stupid shit straightened out once and for all. BTW, I’m over her tough girl, stuck in a decade, gangster wanna be talk/ look/ actions..Grow Up!

    Drita, love ya, but stick up for your friend, she always always had your back. It’s time you have hers, period! Learn from Big Ang.

    Ramona is an Ass with this jackass marriage..Really? WTF? Come On? This is another Botzo Chick.. If I were Ramona I would try and repair whatever damage that has been done with her own family( her parents, etc) Whats up with all of that? Does she have brothers and sisters? From the way she speaks she has nothing to do with her family, her kids have nothing to do with their father, and what his family and her family too? What family do they have? Just her?? I’m curious.. Does anyone know whats what with all of this?

  • I don’t know, but I like love for some really weird reason. I think maybe because she’s a Polirican like me (half Polish half Puertorican). LOL!

    No, but seriously she embodies a real Mob chick to me. Always running her mouth, but will back her ish up in a second.

    Every season, someone has some major drama with Carla. Every season, someone has claimed that they were hearing that Carla was talking shit about them. I believe that Carla does do this. She just strikes me as the type to talk talk talk, and when confronted, deny deny deny. Oh and then pull the whole “these bitches are just jealous of me” card.

    • i agree with you. & carla has been a bitch this season & it just seems weird to me. honestly, i like all the girls here & love the show. i can’t wait for next week to see what is up with love & that fight. lol.

    • Pple pick on Carla cos she seems 2 be d only one who doesn’t eva wanna get physical. Nd wen pple want 2 bring up an excuse 2 be a street fighter, he or she will always luk 2 d most lame reason becos wen u always hear wat pple say all d time becos u gv dem a listening ear. Grow up Love nd come 2 terms with d fact dat d onli person u’ve decided 2 use 2 mk u worth shit on d show hs refused 2 even gv u d benefit of doubt.

        • LOL!!! I think its text lingo. People, d=the, eva=ever, Nd=and, luk=look, becos= because, wen=when, way, really, you could not put an “h” there? *give them*, dat=that, onli=only, mk= I’m guessing=make? Hope that helps, I tried!

    • why doesn’t love go jersey houswives, melissa used to live with her. also bulldog(mellissa’s ex) is a good friend of love’s imagine what love could tell us about mellissa,especially now,that her sisters wished bulldog dead and hoping his brain tumor comes back

  • Love is a nutcase. She is obsessed with Carla and needs a whole new storyline. Who is she going off on the preview for the next episode?

    • I believe it was just a group of women at the bar. It looked to me like the girls (not Carla) were out drinking and talking and getting loud about something and these other women were probably giving dirty looks/saying to be quiet and Love (being the dramatic one and having cameras right next to her) goes off. I think they’re waiting for the season finale to have a Love/Carla showdown.

  • My thoughts exactly on the entire show. The whole thing was exhausting.
    Love needs attention. Carla doesn’t care about her. Move on love and get mental help with Renee. You two are crazy and lonely for a reason.

    • Sounds like most of us are in agreement on this one. Every d*mn scene Love is running her mouth off about Carla. Who the heck knows if Carla said anything about Love, but she doesn’t seem to give two sh*ts about her so it seems unlikely. The thing that bugs the crap out of me with this show (because Ramona & karen did it last season) was when they say they “keep hearing” so and so is talking about them. It is such High School bullshit used when someone just wants to start sh*t with someone. Love is just looking for a fight and it’s a good thing she went back to get her head checked. Drita is my girl (and favorite) but it’s kind of irritating that she keeps trying to get Carla to talk to Love like she should be scared for her life or something. I’m glad Carla’s not intimidated by the nonsense even if Love is crazy as the day is long.