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Andy Cohen Talks Jac Laurita And Adrienne Maloof Not Showing Up To The Real Housewives Reunion!

Adrienne Maloof was a no show to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion this season. She is the second housewife to not show up to the anticipated reunion despite it being on her contract. Jacqueline Laurita was the first housewife not to be a no show but Andy never really addressed it. Andy did however say he wasn’t pleased with Adrienne Maloof for not showing up!

When asked by a viewer via twitter if he was pleased with Jacqueline Laurita not skipping out on the reunion, he told the viewer, “I wasn’t, but two different situations.”

The viewer responded, “Andy, would u at least agree that a precedent was set with Jac? Any HW can refuse reunion appearance following Jac Laurita’s lead. Right?”

Andy then said, “I can’t comment about contract stuff but it was addressed don’t worry about it.”

Thoughts on Andy commenting on the housewives skipping the reunions?

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  • * opps , should have left out the one Adrienne in my post^^… Also I didn’t meant to come at you @ JPG, it’s just that it seems that Andy is being a jerk with what he let Cracker Jac get away with, to me it was alot worse than Adrienne just not showing up for the BH reunion.

  • Teresa would never miss a reunion, she isn’t a freakin coward. Cracker Jac and Adrienne are cowards and should have been fired. Well Adrienne was fired Adrienne, but he kept the Whack Jac, after she freakin blew off the reunion, stayed her fat drunk ass home, drunk tweeted the whole season 4 pfs and alot of what happened on season 4. She made a freakin fool out of him and still kept her job for season 5. Explain that bullshit..

  • I wish Tre would have skipped the reunion. I bet Andy would have fired her. That would have been amaze balls.

    • are you kidding me? andy will never fire teresa. she’s the main star of the show and everyone uses her as their storyline. they all need her.

  • Hurricane Sandy and the so-so NY cast shake-up ratings saved the Laur-Manzo’s I think.

    Wonder if Andy will tell the $$BRAVO Honcho’s$$ “Don’t worry about it” when the ratings keep falling?

  • Okay so if the reason they didn’t fire Jacqueline at the time she missed the reunion was that they were already filming another season, why didn’t they fire her at the end of that season? She still should have been fired for the missed reunion. I don’t see that she has done anything to redeem herself.

  • i wonder what the different situations are although it might be pretty obvious. jac was extremely unstable and bravo probably was scared that she would be a loose cannon and reveal many bravo set ups and manipulations. adrienne didn’t show up because of her own personal reasons and bravo don’t like housewives making their own decisions. i think after jac skipping they became stricter with their contracts and made it mandatory. still pretty weird that they would allow jac to skip and not adrienne. i’m not complaining but i can see why people would feel there is a double standard.

  • In seasons 3 reunion if I remember correctly Andy asked CACAwhine why Jackaloon didn’t show up don’t remember anybody’s else response but Teresa’s. Teresa’s reply was she started something she couldn’t finish. Teresa’s response lead me to believe that Jacaloon was the mastermind of the setup or knew all along what was going on. Cacawhine’s and Jackaloon’s (a&$holes too) constant phone use that night was very odd.

    • She was not going to be able to defend herself without spilling the beans! She did it anyways but could have been far worse if she had showed up.

  • I think Jacqueline will be a 1-off. Bravo learned its lesson and I’m sure after the flak they got for it, they told every housewife that no one else will be allowed to skip a reunion and remain on the show. It’s not fair, but that’s how it is. I agree every housewife should come to every reunion, and I didn’t like that Jacqueline skipped out on it.

  • JAC got a pass because of his love afair with the Manzo’s AKA ALBIE

    Enough said

    And that stinks

  • I stand by my original belief:

    Andy financially gain’s like the rest of the cast mates of this franchise.

    The financially gains for Andy (movie/commercial/investment) from RHBH outnumber’ any type of gain financially from RHNJ.

    As RHBH is the hub of “you do me a favor…look at what you get!).

    That is why I feel Andy says RHNJ and RJNJ are two different situations.

  • I don’t know what it is about Caroline and Jacqueline that Andy adores so much and will make excuses for their behavior.
    Using the excuse about your child is just so sick to me. Then why was she so awful this past reunion or for that reason showed up.

  • Hi mich!

    Thats exactly what happened, there is no bullshit about it, no spinning nothing..Yes her cra cra mother got into too!
    That whack wasn’t isn’t fragile she knew exactly what she was/ is doing.. She got away with it, because she revealed that her child is autistic right before the season 4 reunion, and bravo does not want to look like the ” bad guy’ getting rid of a housewife with a special needs child. In my opinion.

    • Not just that, but I think Bravo doesn’t want to deal with firing “mental people”, i.e Jac, KellyB(after scary island), TackyTaylor,etc.

  • My guess is Andy answered this as a contractual business answer forgetting the fans are asking.

    I think he meant that he can’t go into details because attending the reunuions are probably in every contract and he, nor anyone is supposed to comment. When he said. ‘Don’t worry about it’ he probably meant it won’t be an issue, they will all be required to go or will be severely financially sanctioned. They probably made the financial obligation very steep going forward.

  • I think whether adrienne showed up to the reunion or not she was going to be fired. As for Jax like many said before me, they had already filmed the following season so that was that. I think MANY MANY people wanted Jacqueline out in terms of viewers and I think the primary reason Jax publically came out with the autism story the time that she did was to garner sypathy primarily and also to make sure she got on this season. Bravo would like like evil netwok if they fired her after coming out with autism story. Now Jacqueline has sympathaic story arc and I am sure a book is in the works about her journey thrugh autism etc. It sicken me that Jax is using yet another one of her children as a storyline.

  • F- Andy!

    Cracker Jac made a freakin fool out of you.

    She blew off the season 3 reunion drunk tweeted the whole season 4 PFS event( because they filmed backt oback seasons she let the viewing audience know what season 4 was all about) and just about all of season 4, then cried that she had a ‘break down’ Bullshit!! You never addressed it, you went along with her bullshit story at the season 4 reunion! Bravo should have fired her fat crazy ass, after the season 4 reunion, and you know it.

    You call out one( Adrienne) you should have called out called Cracker Jac. At least Adreinne didn’t do what Cracker Jac did.

    You fired Adrienne right? Why not Jacqueline?

    • Thanks Holy, thats what I remember also! And even her crazy mother got away with revealing things on twitter!!! Why does this nutso get away with EVERYTHING? And if they claim anymore she is fragile, blah blah, then take her ass off my tv and put her wherever she belongs! She is a lunatic. She deserves no more attention, money, media, etc. She broke more rules than any other housewife! Hoof probably sued Bravo, thats why she probably got canned.. But Looney Laurita and her mother broke some rule, not just one.

      • Jacqueline’s mother went above and beyond revealing storylines and she even went on harrassing Teresa on twitter as well. I can see where Jax gets her looney from. Notice the two biggest shit stirrers (jax and mego) mother’s are also the only mom’s of hw’s that get in the drama. Melissa and Jax mothers have a history of nasty retweets and comments bout Teresa…..while Caroline’s mom is the biggest sweetheart and peacemaker on twitter and TEresa’s mom isn’t even on twitter getting into this drama. Things that make u go mmmmh.

  • The situation with Jac was different. Bravo had to admit that they made HUGE mistake by filming 2 seasons back to back. Everybody was tired anf angry. And given Jac’s emotional state,she woudn’t be reliable during the reunion. She would be talking about S4,not S3. And they woud have to cut her words anyway.

    I also think that Bravo realized that the main reason for Jac’s breakdown was her son’s diagnosis she recieved around that time. The stress of the show and “stripper-gate” were just the last straw.
    That is why Bravo just let the whole situation with Jac go.

    Adrienne just didn’t want to face the consequences of her own behavior,she knew that she pissed of pretty much the whole cast,and that this time she would be the target. She wouldn’t face anyone,but I think it’s Ok for her to keep attacking people in the media. What a low life…

    • That does not excuse Waco from missing the reunion, she is an adult and the stress on the show really had nothing to do with her except what she chose to stick her nose into. Stripper-gate had nothing at all to do with her. Basically you are saying she was excused for being weak minded and unable to handle her obligations as a result,in my book that would mean she can’t handle her job and should be fired.

      • Yes,she was obligated to appear at the reunion. I am just saying that Bravo let the whole situation go because they realized she woudn’t be useful at the reunion. She would be talking about S4 only.

        They also realized that they pretty much messed up everything by filming 2 seasons together.

        • @Masha

          She stayed her fat ass drunk self at home and tweeted away the deets about the season 4 PFS AND deets about season 4 anyway!

          Cracker Jac made a fool out of Bravo/ Andy!

    • Oh please. Wacko Jacko didn’t have a breakdown. She’s mentally disturbed and an alcoholic. As awful as it is to say, I still believe that the Manzo/Laurita clan would never have addressed the fact that Nicholas had autism if they hadn’t gotten the backlash they did when S4 aired.
      Jacqueline should have been fired after Season 4 reunion was taped. I think the only reason they kept her was because they are afraid of changing too many castmembers after NYC. Hopefully with the introduction of some new ladies this season, we will see the extremely TIRED story of the Manzo/Laurita’s be phased out…

  • The situation with Jac was different. Bravo had to admit that they made HUGE mistake by filming 2 seasons back to back. Everybody was tired anf angry. And given Jac’s emotional state,she woudn’t be reliable during the reunion. She would be talking about S4,not S3. And they woud have to cut her words anyway.

    I also think that Bravo realized that the main reason for Jac’s breakdown was her son’s diagnosis she recieved around that time. The stress of the show and “stripper-gate” were just the last straw.
    That is why Bravo just let the whole situation with Jac go.

    Adrienne just didn’t want to face the consequences of her own behavior,she knew that she pissed of pretty much the whole cast,and that this time she would be the target. She wouldn’t face anyone,but I think it’s Ok for her to keep attacking people in the media. What a low life…

  • Had Jac shown up to the reunion, she would have been hating on Teresa, making no sense to viewers at the time, and she would have basically ruined the S3 reunion, along with spoiling S4 even more than she did up to that point. Imagine she had shown up and just went after Teresa like she did at the S4 reunion, it probably wouldn’t have been air-able (may have just made that word up lol), but it’s true. Andy had to bite the bullet and accept Jac not coming for the sake of the reunion, or the very least, the editors. Reunions aren’t taped that far in advance, so editing is limited and it would have been a nightmare to edit Jac to look like she likes Teresa, in all honesty, it would have probably been impossible.

    Jac not showing up basically comes down to saving the S3 reunion and S4 of RHONJ, and Jac being immature and unable to control herself. She should have been mature enough to sit and ignore Teresa, not attack, not defend, just ignore. She could have made a simple comment like “We are not on good terms right now and viewers will see why come S4.” Simple, mature and easy, but of course Jac was in attack mode so it was best for all she stayed away.

    As far as Adrienne goes, she could have came to the reunion, she should have came to the reunion, she is just cowardly and didn’t. Even if she didn’t want to discuss any of the issues from the show, she could have still shown up to say that! Jac didn’t show up because she would have exposed to much emotion and story lines, Adrienne just can’t own up to her own actions and so she didn’t go.

    It’s very clear to me both of these women are immature and not deserving of being HWs. Jac got lucky with S4 already being finished before the S3 reunion, otherwise I think she would have been fired too after S4. And TBH, I think the only reason she came back for S5 is Caroline said she’d leave too, and Bravo wasn’t ready to let her go, so they again, had to bite the bullet and keep Jac. But I do think the bringing back of Danielle will be a consequence for Jac of skipping the S3 reunion. And as for Adrienne, she’s rich, she was boring and now she’s gone, adios.

  • Jacqueline wasn’t allowed to come to the reunion because she was in a bad state of mind and wouldn’t stick to the current season stuff. It would have just confused viewers even more if Jac had gone off the charts crazy on Teresa like she was apparently going to.

    Also, since Jac was already taping and paid to be on the next season after the reunion show, she had an automatic in. Maybe if they had not been taping the next season while season 3 & the reunion happened, Jac would be canned too.

    • But, she tweeted all of season 4 during the reunion. It was all up on Twitter. There was no disguising it. She tweeted all of the season 4.

      Bravo wanted her to show. It is only a rumor they did not want her to show. Actually I have only heard this rumor on this site and no where else.

    • LoLo, did you not read the articles all over that she went to Kim G’s house and got drunk when she skipped reunion? Of course she acted like went nuts, so she did not have to go face Teresa. So conveniently while getting hammered, right after that a pic popped up form her friend Tom Murro that Joe was cheating on Teresa…

  • I think it was two different situations because we all know Jacqueline might have sincere mental issues and Adrienne just didn’t want to face up to her actions

  • I can’t believe he said “don’t worry about it”. I am sure that no one is ‘worried’ about it but if people stop caring about the franchises his dumb ass will be out of a job. He really has become an obnoxious twit.

    • LOL deb, I just commented about that above.. got my panties in a bunch with that. How snotty and arrogant!

    • Honestly, the fact that people get on twitter and constantly message these people over things that happen on the show definitely means people, to some degree, ‘worry’ about it…

      • By pure definition of the word …. I think people may be inquisitive but are not worrying about it but I get what you are saying, Sam

    • Right @ DebV….that was mean and catty…so we can’t ask him questions….

      He’s mad his cash cow franchises are falling apart….they have run their courses…

      • The sad thing is that they didn’t need to have run their course already. Bravo is killing these shows by their constant manipulation of the truth in order to have one victim and one villain in every franchise every season.

    • Most often the person who says don`t worry about it,is already losing sleep over the matter.Andy sure has been turned on by alot of housewives this year.Bet there is a crack in his armor and he is not sure how to fix it.

    • Hey guys!Hope I’m allowed 2post this here.Just wanted to show U a bit more of the convo w/Andy after he told me not to “worry about it.”

      ?@TeresaAmici 15 Mar
      @BravoAndy Alright then I won’t worry about it.Thanks4that.We’ll just all look the other way at the blatant partiality that IS @Bravotv

      ?@BravoAndy 15 Mar
      @TeresaAmici you don’t actually know what you’re talking about but you should continue to believe what you’d like

      ?@TeresaAmici 16 Mar
      @BravoAndy That’s rudeI wasn’t being rude to U.Ur very arrogant w/fans nowThat’s very unprofessionalU losefans the sameway Uget them 1at a X

      ?@BravoAndy 16 Mar
      @TeresaAmici it wasn’t rude I am explaining that you do not know everything about the situation If we ever meet I will tell you all!

      • Thanks for posting that, @TeresaAmici.

        I feel he was rude to you also. He could have explained himself, or said he will explain himself in an article/ interview. You know damn well he has been beaten up about this issue and really in my opinion should address this. He should come right out and explain the difference of Jacqueline blowing off the season 3 reunion staying home drunk tweeting all the deets to season 4 finale (PFS) and more deets for season 4. With nothing happening to her.
        But Adrienne blows off the BH reunion and he fires her on camera, big annoucement.

        They both should have been fired, period.

  • I thought Jac-Ass not showing up was because BRAVO didn’t want her there to spoil their season 4 “secrets”. I can totally understand Adrienne not showing up she had legal issues with Brandi and Paul and we all know Andie loves to talk about that!!!

    • Jac-Ass actually did it all on her own. The rumor was only ever a rumor on here. Bravo wanted her to show. Jac chose not to show. I think she thought it would garner her some sort of support as if she were above it all, but her insane tweets proved otherwise.

      • Just out of curiosity, how do you know she did that on her own? You don’t. Maybe she did choose not to show up. Maybe Bravo told her to stay away because she is a drunken fool?

        I just don’t get how you claim these things as facts just because you say so.

        • I think you got that right srt_3.That explains why Andy said the two where different.Even Bravo can not control Jac`s mouth.Why have her drunk ass there at all?

    • I Know!!! And what IS with the ” Don’t worry about it”… Really? Because without any of us, even if we don’t like Hoof, or Jax, or whomever, you have NOTHING without us watching or being fans, so yeah, we do worry about it and it is not different! Jax skipped to go get drunk after pretending to have a nervous breakdown while throwing shots back with Kim G and Tom Murro!!!! That should equate to ” YOUR FIRED”.

      • Michers,That wasn’t the end of our conversation.Trust me,I called him out on telling me to “not worry about it.” My whole point was that fair is fair. Good for one good for the other.

        • Oh, you had the twitter conversation with him? Good for you. I have tweeted him countless times and he hasn’t ever responded. Nothing. I find that obnoxious, to be honest. We the fans are the ones who are keeping the franchise alive….

          • Yes srt_3 we went back and forth quite a bit.Only part of the convo was posted.He’s answered me once or twice before and yea it is surprising when he engages with we peons!

    • Pretty much. He had to address it. It was the fly in the ointment. I do understand why he had to make a fake comparison because on Bravo site, FB and twitter he was getting killed.

    • Exactly. Andy knows he was bringing Adrienne to rip her apart and ask her questions about Paul she couldn’t answer. To put the cherry on top Brandi Trashville was going to lie her behind off with Andy’s blessing.

      That is why he is pissed, because he got robbed of his pinata do jour.

  • Jac not coming was totally different even tho everybody already knew what going on during season 4 but whatever. I’m glad her drunk ass stayed home that day.

      • Totally and completely agree. Jac is a hot mess and Adrienne just didn’t want to face the people she has screwed over.

        So glad she is gone.

        • But when the day comes that Jac is no longer a Housewives, I am dancing at someone’s wedding lol