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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Caroline Manzo And Teresa Giudice Have A Sit Down For Season 5!

As you all know, the cast is off filming season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. All the ladies are back, unfortunately. And there will be a few “friends of the wives.” Last season we saw a different side to Caroline Manzo who was previously a favorite. Caroline acted bitter, angry, and seemed very frustrated for absolutely no reason. Caroline has gone on to say that she regrets how she acted on season 4 and even recently reached out to Teresa Giudice to have a sit down and AllAboutTRH is the first to announce and have the EXCLUSIVE details!

An insider tells AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY, “Caroline didn’t like how last season played out and just wants to move on especially from all the backlash she received when pretty much attacking Teresa all season. Caroline reached out to Teresa and had a sit down just the two of them. Caroline pointed out how she wants to move forward and Teresa thought it was a good idea. Bravo filmed the whole thing and it will air on season 5. The two are in a better place now and very cordial when they see each other. I don’t think it’ll go back to what it is but they are friends again!”

I think Caroline only reached out to Teresa to redeem herself so viewers can see the “old” Caroline. Filming finishes in April and my insider confirms that Season 5 will air late April or early May. Caroline’s book comes out in March so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s trying to recover her image so that people buy her book! I am glad that Caroline was the bigger person in this situation and did contact Teresa to talk about things. I’m glad she is acknowledging she probably went a little too far! Are you surprised Caroline reached out?

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  • Caroline only reached out to Tre coz me all the negative backlash she received last season and is trying to redeem herself coz her book is coming out and wants it to be a best seller and prob hoping it sells more copies than Tre first book is she claims not to be competitive but she’s not only competitive but she’s a sneaky lying two faced bitch and I’ve finally seen her true colours the real Caroline has finally emerged. As for the same cast being bought in again i don’t mind except what is Bravo thinking me keeping Kathy on the show she’s sooo boring has no story line and that creepy ugly husband of hers if so offensive in every wayplz Bravo sack Kathy or just make her a friend so we don’t have to watch her and her husband and nut case sis

  • Caroline is evil; anything she did to make peace with T is all for her own good; she knows lots of people turned on her and her nasty kids; and she is trying to re-create her nice image; I AM NOT BUYING IT (Her words) NOR HER BOOK LOL

  • For me it’s too little too late. The only reason Caroline is talking to Teresa is she is contractibly obligated to. JPG / Estelle here’s a clue… Go stir shit somewhere else. You’re just as irrelevant as the Marco sisters. In my opinion your posts are irrelevant, and bring nothing new to the discussion. Get some new material…It’s real old. Lets discuss the facts in the Laurita BK..That sounds like fun Thanks for playing Rox…Can we have a button to block people?…That would be fab… Yes this was posted twice:)

  • Carowhine, Jacstabber and their perspective families relied too much on close association to producers! Those frequent private parties (& relationships?) with the crew and Manz0/Laurita clan did not pay off. Instead it help to ruin the opinion the public had of them. In the end, the edited version had too many juicy outbursts, contrived set-ups and snarky attacks against the Giudice fam to actually spin the show in their favor. And producers knew too much about them to deny the truth in the portrayal. The new production team may want to repeat the past but would be better served by cleaning up the Shiz storm their predecessors left them. Maybe that is why Carowhine is now capitulating. Teresa is a more positive person who does not get too downtrodden by bullshit. She will flip a lid when necessary but I do not see her ever acting like the other conniving ladies did at the vineyard hottub scene S4. Nor would she ever, corner another woman’s child and beret them until they shed tears S4. Carowhine will ultimately look more of a fake manipulator then a preferred source of womanly advice in S5, IMO.

    • I will never forget what Meatball Manzo and Cracker Jac did to Gia. If I were Teresa watching the episode ( this past season) and seeing exactly how that all went down.. I would have knocked both of those magpies into next week!

      • I think that this incident shows who these two women really are-they so very clearly took their hatred and obvious jealousy of Teresa out on a 10 year old kid-pathetic!

        • So agree @ Anacapri

          That is exactly what they did. Any mother watching what those 2 magpies did to Gia would have been furious!!

          I could not beleive that there were actual people supporting Cracker Jac and Meatball Manzo, no way could have have been mothers/ parents. If they were I feel sorry for their children.

          • I completely agree – who could defend these women? Particularly, after seeing Carowhine call her daughter an A$$hole for reacting to the systematic bullying at the hands of her siblings. She has favored her sons and is to blame for Lauren’s corroded self image, IMO. Then to see the timely released autism storyline (seeking sympathy re: the personal collusion within business bankruptcy)for Jacqueline. A tale that has no business being featured on a show that rejoiced in discarding the woman’s older dysfunctional child. It does seem as if many of these Tre-hatering commenter are duplicates, account shifters or have agendas. Reminds me of JillZarin who was suspected of paying folks to comment on the retired blog LynninChicago?

  • what is up with caroline’s hair in that photo? she looks like she came from an 80’s disco club.

  • Too little too late – although Caroline was smart enough mid-Season (as evidenced by how her Bitter Betty Blogs changed) to realize the plan she had was backfiring. Teresa should continue to tell this self-serving whack-ass to “Go Scratch!”

  • I call BS….. IMO, this is total ‘damage control’ on Caroline & Bravo’s behalf to draw back those viewers who turned on her……… Tiz’ all about ratings……

  • This is the set up of Tre. Caroline “TRIED” to make amends and then Tre tries to show Albertt cheating

  • I swear yal posters (both teams) act like yal know these women personally, and tey are thanking yal for defending them on a blog. This is a tv show people, only for entertainment, yal take it too seriously going back and forth for hours debating why one is talking to the other or what everyone’s motivesare. Digging up people’s pasts and getting upset if they were a stripper. This is too serious for some people, take this show with a grain of salt. Watch for the hour that its on, gossip on the show then leave italone. These personal attacks on each other, calling people idiots because they don’t like the person you like. Yal soundchildish. NONE of these women are better than the other one. They have ALL LIED at one point or another, talked shit about each other. Why are they doing this because they’re getting paid. This is a job for these women, don’t take anything on these shows to heart.

    • yet you still come in here to read the articles and post. by the way, i do agree with some of the things you written.

    • Really could not have put it better myself Sweetpea. All the back and forth bickering I’ve seen here is right on par with the housewives themselves. It would be amusing, if it weren’t sad in a way.

  • Exactly,there all after Teresa.
    There going to mess with Teresa marriage,again,and make Melissa perfect,so more people will buy her book.

  • First of all,the Gorgas,and Wakiles where the ones who started the family drama in season3.The Gorgas where the ones that campain to get on the show.The Gorgas would have been In season 2,but Danielle said no.The Gorgas/Marcos,had been bashing Teresa since the filming of season 1 in 2008,and of course it aired in May of 2009.
    See what some people need to relize is,that Teresa is the target and have been since season 3.Just like what happen to Danielle.There going to make Teresa the villian,to the point where no other network wants her,and she is hated by millions.
    Andy hates Teresa because of Gia jewish comment in season 2 and Joe gay slurs.

  • As you and many of the posters pointed out, Caroline has a book coming out. BRAVO gets a percentage of all the products the housewives sell and they want the book to sell. If Caroline was really trying to improve or better herself she would have reached out to Teresa after season four and before season five started filming and apologize without the cameras rolling. Her reaching out was for money!

  • Wow..the new season hasn’t even started yet and the excitement apparently is in abundance…wow you people are hard core fans…awesome…only been on this site for a while and lovin’ every minute of it!

    Again..can’t wait for season 5!!

    I know I am a geek!! oh well.

  • I looked up Teresa networth for 2013 and it doesn’t say she’s in the negative any more….don’t know if its true or not but hay it don’t say negative 11mill

  • Shut up already! The only issue that matters: WHERE DID THAT PICTURE COME FROM? It’s one of the reasons I watched originally, for the tacky way ALL the women dress, and clearly, the bad hair! Were they dressed up for a “stuck in the 80’s party”? Please help. I laughed my head off when I saw that! Maybe we are going back to the old RHONJ.

  • I miss the good ole days of RHONJ. They are the ones they got me into the whole housewife franchise. I have taken no sides between the Manzo’s & the Guidice’s (minus “Juicy Joe” lol). Both of these ladies have their faults. I agree that Caroline was different and moody last season, but can we at least give her some credit for admitting that on the reunion and saying she didn’t even like herself. I love Tre, but she should be a mob wife…admit nothing! LOL! I still love her though. The point I wanted to make was that I think ppl are being too hard on Caroline. I think she is menopausal and doesn’t want to admit it or is in denial about it. I speak from experience,my own mother has been very moody & mean (any many other symptoms) to me and she’s been going through the change for a couple years now and is finally accepting it. I have brothers and am the only girl and I have been getting the brunt of it…and I just take it…lol. She has no patience for bulshit and gets upset (mad/cry) very easily. Caroline did go to the doctor about this and he told her she was. I think people should take it easier on Caroline, especially after she admitted she was wrong multiple times way before this “sit down” in season 5. I just wish they could go back to the way it was before, but fame does change some people. I hope this season is not an even bigger tragedy then the past two have been.

  • Caroline is only doing this because she wants her book to sell. She didn’t realize last season that her behavior would make her so unpopular. I’ve heard Manzos are in big time damage control. I for one am not falling for it. Not buying the diarrhea water or the stupid book.

    • The more BS products they push, the more they have to do damage control. Any profits they make from their poo is probably going to PR for damage control! Do you think Jax is chipping in, LOL?

  • I am very happy they made up because i decided not watch the show because of the fighting so now i believe i can get my show back.I believe that Mellisa will try to make good too but i don’t think so on that one and her brother.Should be a interesting show,can’t wait.

  • I am done with this show. Playing Pattycake with Tre after the way she acted toward Teresa and her and family wont make up for what the viewers told her loud and clear.

    Boring hypocrite, this is just to save her snoozer book.

    Bravo should have fired Manzo’s and Laurita’s after last season, Jacueline is clearly disturbed. I am done with Bravo bashing Guidices with all others forgiven and supported. Perverse and disgusting, last season was too draining. Manzo’s are BORING, Dina being the exception.

    • I agree with your thinking in re to being the hypocrite that she has become EVERY season! It amazes me how many people overlook that! Doesn’t character and loyalty mean anything to some? UGH, Im sure I just opened the damn shit door with that comment from the Tre bashers…
      The things wrong I have witnessed on the show by Tre herself, is not enough to hang her, sorry 🙂 They are petty. The others.. major major flaws and are the last ones on Earth to be finger pointing and gossip feeding about Teresa!

  • Only the RHNJ can warrent this kind of feedback. Love her or hate her, Teresa is the star of the show and Caroline, if she wants to stay on the Bravo payroll better make “nice nice”. Team Teresa!

  • Oi, people, let’s stop baiting the beast(s). Sheesh!

    The Caroline we saw on Season 4 casts a totally different light on Caroline from seasons past. I’ve re-watched the old episodes and you absolutely see signs of Caroline being a total battle axe. She loved taking on the role of don-Caroline with the other housewives doing her bidding. A sit down with Danielle? Come on!

    Ah, but people may buy into her cleaning up her image, just like there are people buying into Lance Armstrong’s image makeover. It’s just called PR.

  • Here are some things Teresa has lied about:
    1) She lied to Bravo about not being paid by the tabloids,
    2) She lied to her father (and everybody else) about Melissa being a stripper,
    3) She lied about Chris having an affair,
    4) She lied about Jacqueline being a stripper (never gets old),
    5) She lied to the government by withholding knowledge of having received $250,000 in a book deal,
    6) She lied about her ex-friends and relatives to the tabloids,
    7) She then lied to her friends about being the one who planted the stories in the first place. (Ex: She told Joey that Jacqueline was probably the one who sold the story about Joey taking his parents money).

    That’s only a partial list, and it’s right off the top of my head, I swear. It really is quite a staggering list!

    • 8) She lied about not knowing that Melissa had joined the show until the first day of filming — she knew months in advance,
      9) She lied about writing her own blog,
      10) She lied about Joe giving her diamonds (with what?) for having called her a c*nt,
      11) She lied about Joe never calling her a c*nt “except for that one time.”

      • You are digging and grasping for air at this point. It’s actually quite comical.

        Get a life. Have you ever lied before?

        Want me to post everything Melissa, Jac, and Caroline have lied about? I don’t have enough time in the day!!! Maybe you can help me?

        Again, face it. Tre is the face of the franchise and is more successful now then any of these women will ever be combined!


        • LOL @ Josh

          Save yourself.. this one ^^^ is something eles.. Love Loves Loves Cracker Jac Laurita, that should tell you something..LOL!

        • Well if take a whole blog and website to list all of LOOKERS lies. Nobody will ever to able to top her.

          Just fyi
          Many of items on your joke of a list are actually lies about Teresa told by Lookers. If you look on fameworgas you will actually see the clips and copies of her interviews, articles and blogs where she has told one story in an interview and a completely different story at another time another. Lookers has by her own words and actions proven to be the biggest liar. Lookers, Man Manzo, Jac and Katfish all believe that if you say it often and loud enough there is always a FOOL that will believe it to be true. Too bad proven FACTS can’t lie.

    • This is a hoot!!! Thanks for your opinions, lol as they are not facts! This shit gets better then the show around here…

    • 12) She lied to everyone (except the tabloids) about the likelihood of her going to prison for perjury and fraud,
      13) She lied about Caroline telling her that Jacqueline was a stripper,
      14) She lied about leaving her baby UNATTENDED,
      15) She lied about not having the money to help Joey out in the support of their parents, when all the while she was spending money like a maniac.

    • 16) She lied about Kathy and Richie getting a divorce,
      17) She lied about about the Monica C incident, when her own husband admitted (on film) that Teresa had physically attacked her and “had to be pulled off.”
      18) She also lied to the government about not knowing about a website she was still receiving money from, as well as the contents of an unreported bank account,
      19) She lied about Kathy hating Rosie for being gay.
      20) She lied about “hearing rumors” that Melissa would leave Joey for a richer guy (nice), when the fact is it was nothing more than yet another attempt to destroy her brother’s marriage.

    • 21) She lied about the girls knowing nothing about Joe’s going to prison, when the fact is she’d allowed them to be interviewed in a magazine about that very thing,
      22) She lied about having no knowledge that her husband was a slumlord,
      23) She lied when she claimed to forgive Melissa for speaking to Danielle and yet has nevertheless continued to bitch about it ever since,
      24) She lied when she claimed to forgive Kathy for what SHE said and yet has nevertheless continued to bitch about it ever since,
      25) She lied when she claimed she didn’t allow Gia to watch the christening episode, yet according to Caroline Teresa continuously replayed it for her and coached her through the whole thing,
      26) She lied about ever having been close to Rosie. Rosie said she never called her once.
      27) She lied to Jacqueline about having no knowledge of Bald Guy, (“WHAT guy? I swear ON MY CHILDREN I never seen him before in my LIFE!”), until Jacqueline called her on it.
      28) She lied about her daughters not being coached by her to make fun of Melissa.

      (Don’t mind me, folks; at this point this is pretty much for my own amusement. And it’s a great way to kill time. 🙂 )

        • Really? We could make a list of lies that each and every NJ housewife has made…who should we start with next? How about Caroline?
          #1 – She lied about being the one who showed everyone in town “the book” about Danielle.
          #2 – She lied about the book “falling into her lap.”
          #3 – She lied about Teresa being “like family” (as she later pointed out they “were never friends”)
          #4 – She lied about telling Bravo that she wouldn’t come back unless Danielle was fired (later proven true by her deposition in Danielle’s lawsuit)
          #5 – She lied about hijacking her brother’s wedding for TV from Dina
          #6 – She lied about “Teresa not being able to influence her” (later saying on the S3 reunion she was mean to Kathy and Melissa at first because Teresa instilled it in her)
          #7 – She lied about the reason why her sister hates her and wants nothing to do with her, claiming it was all Teresa’s fault (which Dina has repeatedly, over and over and over said is untrue)
          #8 – She lied about how long her Dina had been on the outs
          #9 – She lied about being asked to do Celebrity Apprentice first (Donald Trump later revealed Teresa was the only person he considered)
          #10 – She lied about Jacqueline hitting her, at first laughing it off as if it was some silly, bad moment for the family and then later, when Teresa brought it up, changing it to this serious matter and suddenly Jacqueline was suffering from postpartum
          #11 – She and her husband lied about The Brownstone and his “apartment there”

          Who is next? Melissa? Jacqueline?

          • That’s fine. But I’m simply responding to the people who hilariously continue to pretend that Teresa isn’t an egregious liar of the first rank and keep demanding evidence that she is.

          • Plus a lot of the things you listed are impossible to substantiate and are nothing but pure speculation and gossip on your part.

            I’m trying my damnest to confine myself to what I’ve actually seen or heard on the show or read in a legitimate news source. It seems to me that you could try to do the same.

          • estelle while you’re at it please list all the lies of the manzos, lauritas, wakiles and of course the gorgas because there seems to be people that think they don’t lie either.

            here’s my take on things. everyone lies and everyone has lied on that show. if the gorgas and wakiles weren’t on the show then there would be alot more people hating on teresa but bcause of the way the gorgas, and wakiles got on the show and how they turned her friends caro and jac against her and how they attacked their own family memeber is what upsets alot of people and so many people turned into teresafans because of those facts.

          • “Plus a lot of the things you listed are impossible to substantiate and are nothing but pure speculation and gossip on your part.”

            R u joking? Read back through your list doll…the same can be said for you.

            P.S. – #’s 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 can be substantiated

      • “Plus a lot of the things you listed are impossible to substantiate and are nothing but pure speculation and gossip on your part.”

        I am going to just use your own words here because most of the things you have listed are based on the opinions of people involved and not actual facts. Much speculation, conjecture and gossip.

    • 29) She lied about her mother speaking exclusively Italian on the phone after Caroline said she’d heard her trash Melissa to her mother. In PC she spoke to both Teresa and Joey in English.
      30) She lied when she told Caroline and Jacqueline that she wanted to reconcile with her family, when she clearly can’t stand her family and has finally admitted as much.


    • Interesting that Estelle is replying to questions that were asked of JPG. Interesting. If you’re not one and the same, JPG you might want to copy/paste Estelle’s post.

    • 1.) Teresa did not lie about being paid/not being paid for tabloids. She said she was paid for the pictures she posed in FOR the tabloids.
      2.) How do you know she lied to her dad about Melissa being a stripper? Because Joey and Melissa, who are both notorious liars, said so? Teresa swore on her dad’s life that she never said anything to him about Melissa being a stripper. I’m going to go ahead and believe Teresa over Joey on that one.
      3.) She never said Chris had an affair. She said made an analogy about being cheated on, Jacqueline was the idiot who thought Teresa was saying Chris cheated on her.
      4.) She never lied about Jacqueline being a stripper. That was already out in the open BY DANIELLE. She also said that Caroline was the one who told her Jacqueline was a stripper and Caroline did not disagree.
      5.) Yes, she did lie about that.
      6.) She never lied about her friends or relatives. She never even said anything about them and everything that was printed about them came out directly from their mouths on the show. Fact.
      7.) Jacqueline has been caught multiple times selling stories and/or giving it out for free to bloggers. So that is a failed point.

  • Holy Shit..I leave the thread for a couple of hors and the shit explodes!!

    Teresas Bk done over, old freakin news!! They withdrew and are paying back their debts WTF? How many freakin times does that shit have to be brought up? Jesus Mary and Joseph

    Move on to the Lying Lauritas, google their shit that has been going on for years and they still haven’t settled shit..Those scum bags are in real ass trouble. Disgusting cheating a Charity out of money among so much other stuff.

    • Some people on here sure know how to beat a dead horse. Some have real hate for Teresa even though that supposedly don’t know her. If Teresa and Carowhine made up, then that is a good thing.

      • Hi socal

        Holy shit, you sure got that right, Damn!

        I agree( about Caroline and Teresa) if they really did have this sit down and let some shit go, then great..Enough with the nastines/ ugliness.

        • I would be nice if the show were like it was the first season. Carowhine could not stand all of the negativity she received. Plus, watching the episode in Napa when she went ape shit on Teresa must have been embarrassing.

      • I agree I honestly hope they do make up. No matter how much I couldn’t stand Caroline the last couple seasons I almost feel sorry for her. Her husband supposedly cheats on her, and it’s apparent he’s not that interested in her and would rather be at work or anywhere else. Her life is/was her children being a stay at home mom and now they have all left, leaving her without even a husband to give her attention. Not to mention her kids really didn’t turn out so well did they? I think she is beginning to realize partly from the viewers how obnoxious her family comes across. She was clearly embarrassed at the reunion when Lauren went off on Teresa and acted like a crazy person. Her kids were the only thing she has to show for a good portion of her life, and suddenly everyone sees how lazy and bratty they are. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think Caroline is great in any way she has certainly proven otherwise, but I think she is more tolerable than the rest and I actually used to like her and Teresa’s relationship. Eh, I hope she sees the last couple years as a way to improve herself.

    • I know!! Seriously, is that all you have against her? Something new pops up about the others way too frequently! We can point stuff out weekly about them to back up opinions/facts, etc..

      • Hi mich

        It’s funny though, ” they ” never ever address the stuff that comes out about the others, ever. Just dreg up old ass shit about Teresa,,SMH!

        • I know. Some things will never change. That is all they have, so T must be doing something right 😉

    • For me it’s too little too late. The only reason Caroline is talking to Teresa is she is contractibly obligated to. JPG / Estelle here’s a clue… Go stir shit somewhere else. You’re just as irrelevant as the Marco sisters. In my opinion your posts are irrelevant, and bring nothing new to the discussion. Get some new material…It’s real old. Thanks for playing 🙂 Rox…Can we have a button to block people?…That would be fab…

    • Do you think we’ll see Melissa and Kathy sitting around the kitchen table reading the newspaper articles about the Laurita’s legal problems? I really doubt it.

  • JPG, you sure do have a lot of time on your hands replying to EVERY Tre post on here. Face it, Tre is the face of the franchise. Sure, she may not articulate and may not say her words well, but she is already light years ahead of everyone on this show, and people like you are the ones that can’t face the truth. Everyone on this show has to ride Tre’s success to stay relevant. That fact is what eats everyone alive. Melissa knows it, Jac knows it, Kathy knows it… hahaha ….

    Keep doing you Tre^^ haters gonna keep on coming…

  • Honestly I could forgive Caroline’s terrible personality last season as long as this season things are switched up. This storyline is sooo old, its excruciating to watch. I mean good lord, if the rest of the cast doesn’t want attention on Teresa, or every conversation to revolve around her then they should move on to something else!

  • Wait!!

    Did Caroline seek Melissa’s approval to make nice with Teresa?

    Caroline believed every damn lie Melissa and Joe told her about Teresa.

    • I’m not convinced she bought Melissa’s lies. I think she knows exactly what Melissa is and has no great love for her. But Melissa served a purpose for Caroline; she provided her with a reason to go after Teresa. Now that it has backfired, it wouldn’t surprise me if she blames Melissa for everything. She said she was initially mean to Melissa and Kathy because she believed Teresa’s “lies”. I wouldn’t put it past her to say she was against Teresa because she believed Melissa’s lies. It would be a half hearted apology at best.

      • I. Agree. I do not believe that Caroline believed Melissa either but it gave her a reason to openly come out against Teresa.

        If you recall before the Italy trip Caroline was making little remarks, her and her children. That was season 2, when she would say things adding how much she loved Teresa. The crackss were there then this when Teresa started to soar as fan and endoser favorite. This also when cookbookgate started, caroline’s book was rejected Teresa’ was pulished

        • Reddvette, I remember that. That must have been around the time that Caro and Dina had fractures in relationship, and Teresa was beginning to get offers. I think Caro imagined things would be different and I think she was not comfortable anymore spending soooooo much time with T. I noticed when she babysat on the cruise, she was kind of bitchy to the girls!

      • Hanna- I though that last year. I never once believed Big Red liked Melissa, however I think she has a soft spot for JoeGo. She needed to align herself with Messy for the point of just simply being angry and T- I feel Caro believes there is strength in numbers! So yes, that worked for them to get all their panties in a bunch to unite in T Bashing! Now after all is said and done, friends again or not, there is a tiny part of me that thinks Caro actually does not like how she treated Teresa.

    • In my opinion,, I don’t think Caroline believed Melissa’s lies. It just worked well for her own agenda.

  • She was relentless in her evilness towards Teresa, I can’t even look at Caroline’s face knowing how low she will stoop to bring another human being down. At least she is not blaming it on menopause.

    The biggest thing with me now is Caroline’s integrity, I am sorry she picked Melissa & Catfish as her new besties over her former friend Teresa. Last season they tried to turn it into the Melissa show and called a jihad on Teresa. I am glad Teresa is big enough and generous enough to keep her head up. I think of Caroline very shittily.

    As for Caroline’s new compassion towards Teresa, I get it Caroline needs to sell books but re-friending Teresa is just so transparent it makes Caroline look even more like a clown.

    • @rahrah, once a clown, always a clown. Can you just imagine how pissed she is being taken in by Melissa and Kathy? Yeah, I would be apologizing/eating crow right about now if I were her too. T should never forgive either Caroline or Jax in my opinion.

  • Excuse me, but Caroline’s bashing of Tre behind her back started way before last season. That’s why I never understood the holier than thou attitude about the book, when she was bashing Tre left and right long before in that same season. Notice we never spoke about that part in that reunion. Andy is obsessed w/ those Manzos.

    Remember when Tre invited them to the family place? That’s when I started to despise anything Manzo including Jac. They never were called out for that behavior. She better start there, but I’m glad Tre is being gracious enough to say a truce b/c I hated seeing her so miserable. This show is all about Tre. The rest better start doing some boot licking just like Caroline. lol

    I just want them to bury Melissa on this show. When that begins, then we can all rejoice, as Ms. Perfect gets what she deserves, NOTHING.

    • Agree! I wonder if it will be this season or next season when Bravo starts to paint Melissa in a bad light. Hopefully with the production change it will start this season.
      They can start with her fake tears claim that she has to move because her kids can’t go to the same school as Teresa’s kids. When really she’s living in her “dream home” that was actually built for someone else and they moved into for the Bravo cameras.
      Then maybe they can go next on her claims that she was a “school teacher” when she met Poison. And maybe she can explain how one goes about becoming a school teacher when they have an active warrant.
      Then maybe she can explain why it’s ok for her to contact a total stranger to bash her sister-in-law, but it’s so horrible and horrendous for Teresa to bash her to her supposed “friends” Caroline and Jacqueline.

    • We will all rejoice when Meho gets what is coming to her.People are coming out of the woodwork to come on Bravo to out her but of course Andy wouldn’t allow the skank to get hers. I think Andy has a crush on Joe Gorga.

  • Caroline is a fake, and she is trying to do damage control now that season 5 is on and her book is coming out. I never liked her and never will be her fan.

    • Well, her book is partly about parenting. And there’s nothing she can do about the fact that her kids are undereducated brats. That’s damage you cannot control! 😉

      • I’m curious, do you know Caroline’s kids personally? If not, you can’t really make judgements like that about them.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of editing. They can surely edit this scene to take place at the beginning of the show, few episodes in make it seem as if Tre is still bashing Caro and ca’t keep her word. Caro looks like the “victim” and book sales sky-rocket.

    • Well at this point in the game, they’re all aware of “editing”

      I hope they make Tre’s stupidity, vindictiveness and pettiness even more apparent this season.

      • yeah i hope melissa’s stupidity, vindictivenss, pettiness, lets not forget gold digging way, spiteful, compulsive lying ass gets shown more. this time it’s melissa’s turn.

        • Gold digging how? She’s been with the man for 8 years and has 3 of his children – so if that qualifies as a “gold digger” then Tre is too. Too bad she married an idiot. 2 idiots trying to control finances…..well you see how that went.

          • Hey dumbass she cheated on him. Please read up before you post. Like I said you can’t fix stupid. I know people that have so much shit on your girl Melissa whore it would spin your head. I can’t say brains by the way you such bullshit!

          • IMO-Melissa Gorga would never have given Baby Joey the time of day, had he not had a nice big home and a little money. Melissa is a user. It’s Melissa and Joey’s finances you should really start to look into. They are trying to sell their home because they can’t afford it.

          • NYDeb, it’s so cute how you follow me around on here like the little Stage 5 Clinger you are. I know I’m awesome, thanks for showing me you think so too.

          • Being married for 8 years doesn’t mean you’re not a gold digger. You don’t stop digging once you get the gold. It’s an investment!

        • Me too Rukidding. most of us have seen it, we need more brought to light, people to finally be allowed to speak up about it on camera 😉 Im sure it may work this time considering how everyone saw the God awful acting she did on the reunion, LOL!!!! I think other cast members finally caught on as well.

  • Ah ok,Lets not forget caroline needs those books to be sold and they are not looking good judging by the reviews….

  • Oh please, she’s only doing it to make herself look better before her book comes out. She knows she painted herself in a very bad light last season and got alot of backlash for the way she treated Tre.

    Since I most likely won’t be watching the new season, I really hope Tre doesn’t trust that miserable hag along with the fat ass Manzo sycophants as far as she can throw them.

    • I agreee. Tre should accept the apology and tell Chuckie to get lost.Caro picked on Teresa husband, kids,business etc. Where was this “understanding” Caro at Jamies wedding,in cali at the caro screamfest,tell meho that tre wont be happy til the divorce, and deck ambush…Hey Caro, nice bag. Don’t buy this fakery..Caro, many fans will never forgive you.

  • This sounds a little strange Caroline knows what she is doing she can play nice all she wants but we all see her for what she is Liar, Fake, Coward, Satan, Demon.

  • Good Lord, I can’t get past that picture of the clown! I’ll wait until my stomach settles to read the article.

  • I’m glad they’re being cordial. It benefits them both. The show, regardless of which side you’re on, took a really dark turn. Many fans, on both sides, on many sites were not speaking positively or looking forward to the new season. Nobody on the cast or at Bravo wants the gravy train to end.

    I know their friendship will never be the same. Too many ugly things by both have been said that can’t be forgotten. I hope they can at least be cordial going forward.

  • At the end of the day, they all need the paycheck. Otherwise, they would not expose and humiliate themselves like that. Teresa and Joe filed for personal bankruptcy for millions of dollars. Believe you me, it is in their best interest to kiss and make up for the cameras so they can run to the bank.

    Personally, I think they are all nuts. And, last season was very unpleasant and so was the reunion.

  • Last season was so bad that it was hard to watch, so this makes me happy. Hopefully, Caroline watched the episodes. truly did not like how she behaved, and decided to change -which is all any of us can do when we are faced with an undesirable aspect of our character. Now if we can just get Jacqueline to pipe down…

  • I don’t care what it takes as long as it is not a dark season. No matter what she does I won’t buy her book.

  • I think this is Caroline’s last season and she does not want to end in a hateful light. Plus she needs to sell her book.

  • Caroline has a book to sell and awful reviews on Amazon. This producer-driven damage control and nothing more.

  • Wth was Caroline thinking when she got her hair done that day. Lmao holy poop I hope she fired her hair stylist.

  • I think the words, THEY ARE FRIENDS AGAIN is a stretch. Per Don Caro, they were never friends to begin with. At best they are back to being civil acquaintances again but based on reports from Kim D’s jewelry launch, all bets are off that, too if we believe what we read.

  • I wish Teresa was bright enough to realize that Caroline, Jacqueline and Melissa are toxic people in her life and want nothing but to bring her down. Caroline making peace with her isn’t because she genuinely wants to move forward, it’s because everyone turned on her and started hating her and she needs Teresa’s fans to buy her book.

  • IMO i really liked it when Caroline Jac and Tre were all good friends but it will never be the same hopefully Caroline see’s through MG’s phoniness…we shall see!!!

  • Finally something positive 🙂 I agree with someone else on here, if this is what it takes for less ugliness, so be it! Don’t care if it was fake or authentic, as long as there is SOME peace! Very smart strategy all the way around for both parties involved along with Bravo 😉
    Teresa still looks good and maybe, just maybe gets some vindication. Caroline has to be a good girl because she is too old to keep acting like she is in Middle School, her book comes out, major backlash after last 2 seasons, and still has shit to try and promote for her “fambly”

      • Hey girl 🙂
        I think so.. Only more damage , hurt , negativity can continue if they do not squash it. And since they were at one time, considered the Queens of the show, the”heads” of the table, LOL, then it only makes sense business wise and personally to find a resolution. I don’t care for Caro, but if I can see her be civil and part human on the show, Im all for it.

        • I think what also really forced Caroline’s hand is that outside the reunion, the last year Tre does not ever talk about the other housewives in the media, on Facebook and twitter at all while they kept going after her in all three mediums. The only 3 times she even mentioned the housewives the last six months was to congratulate them for various projects and to post a picture of the original group. Caroline knows with Tre continuing to take the high road while the others keep sniping, they look bad and Tre looks like the bigger, more successful, not bothered by their drama housewife. Caroline is smart enough to know she needed to reposition herself because Tre wasn’t playing into her hands anymore, thus the break the ice meeting.

          • I agree. Teresa was the only cast member to have any discipline and self control when it came to social media. It just made them all look more foolish after the reunion.

  • I’m more interested in the pic above. Why is Caroline sporting a hairdo a la “Flock of Seagulls?” Are they at a Rocky Horror Show spoof?

    Also, where have all the topics/posts gone that were between Jan.17 and today? Why were they removed?

    • Poor, poor Caroline. Her hair will never be styled in any way that can be considered fashionable. She should give in and just buy a wig, or possible shave her head.

    • I was here looking for the one person who would see that. Because otherwise I was going to say it. Seriously, the show hasnt been on THAT long. Whats with the 80s hair band do’s?

  • I really don’t understand some of the comments here. If you really want the drama to end you should be happy that they have come to an understanding. I would rather see a season that is not so dark.

    • I agree. It would just be nice to see them not fight ALL the damn time. Too much drama is just as boring as everyone getting along.

    • AMEN! I was just getting ready to post the exact same thing. I am so glad to see that Caroline realized she was in the wrong and apologized. There is so many comments on here that is just putting them down. Instead of saying nasty things and being quick to judge, just accept it and be happy that they are in a better place and I’m sure all of you have done and said nasty things to people at one time in your life, I know I have.

      So, Tre and Caro, kudos to you two for forgiving each other and being in a better place, I just hope the rest of the cast will follow suit. I loved watching Tre and Mel together when they got along, they are so fun to watch when they were not fighting 🙂

  • They all have to make nice with Tre, she brings a lot of the audience. It must kill them to have to do this. That goes for Jaq,Melissa and K. It’s all phony and self serving. I wonder if the brother has to make nice too, he’s another phony. Tre may not be an angel but at least she tells it like it is.

  • Melissa must be sooooo pissed that they are being cordial again ahahhahahah
    i dont care if caroline is being fake- as long as its bad for melissa and her plan of making Teresa look bad

      • meeehhh i dont know about bad given that shes the star of the show and everything and everyone revolves around her – ITS CAUSE SHES FABULOUS AND PPL CANT STAND IT SO THEY TRY TO BRING HER DOWN – THROUGH BANKRUPTCY – TURBULENT MARRIAGE ISSUES- SHE STILL STANDS TALL AND BEING FABULOUS THROUGH IT ALL-

        • There was no bankruptcy – cause she was caught hiding assets and almost got her “fabulous” ass thrown in prison.

          Her marriage? She’s a doormat, who lets a man emotionally and verbally abuse her and cheat on her left, right and sideways.

          Yeah, real jealous of a lying, dim witted, doormat.

          • she seems perfectly content in her marriage and thats her business between her and her husband …. personally i love juicy… profanities and all – hes the least sneakiest of the house-husbands

            secondly she did go through a public personally bankruptcy at some point that ALLL HER HATERS love bringing up but now they dont want to admit it happened.

            She survived 2 seasons of the whole cast ganging up on her and she still came out on top

            SAD BUT TRUE
            CASE CLOSED

          • She seems perfectly content in her marriage- and her marriage is no ones business what she tolerates and what she doesnt – at the end she has 4 kids with him and unless he beats her i see no reason to leave him if he still makes her happy

            SECONDLY – she didnt go through a public personal bankrupcty? she might have pulled out of one but she had to sit there through the humiliation of it being done and still come out being FABULOUS with her head held high


            she survived 2 seasons of the whole RHONJ cast ganging up on her having no one on her side other than her husband and 4 daughters- and she still came out on top being fabulous and not allowing them to knock her down

            SHE’S ADMIRABLE!

          • Joe’s profanities do not offend me. It’s the way he treats his wife that had 4 children of his that offends me.

            Their business? No, not once they signed their lives over to Bravo.

            She lived a lie and spent money she knew she didn’t have. What a stand up gal.

        • First, even as a Tre fan, that hiding of assets was disgusting to me.

          Second, while I have always credited her for stepping up and doing what she can to support her family and repay their debts, she and her family are simply doing what many other Americans are doing. Trying to keep up with their bills.

          Finally, I do admire Tre’s ability to hold her head up and move forward. I do NOT admire the way she behaved during the BK. I don’t think her actions were “admirable”. Sorry, still a Tre fan, but I can’t consider that admirable.

          • rhfan – I understand you are a Tre fan and that’s cool, but at least you are willing to admit she has done some messed up things.

      • JPG,

        I never respond to your comments but I just want to thank you for the HUGE laugh I have gotten watching you completely ignore a well thought out, hard to debate post by Old NJlady. I sincerely hope you are reading one of your 3-4 books because if not you simply look completely foolish addressing and insulting anyone but someone who calls you out on your complete and UTTER nonsense points. Continue using gutter language and no logic…makes it completely understandable why you champion the dregs of the NJ franchise.

          • When all he/she can reply is “swat” as if my coherent post (and all those post that take he/she to task) are annoying like an insect…when he/she swoops in and lands with the most trivial drivel ever…believe me I’ve never replied because he/she isn’t worth it but I did because seriously…he/she made me laugh out loud with the replies…so stupid..and crass. But thanks Socal..appreciate the reminder. 🙂

      • This is actually true, at least when she’s on camera. The woman is a walking contradiction. One moment she’s being all warm towards people, and the next she’s bad-mouthing them. (All the housewives have done this at one point or another.)

        And she’s not really the star of the show, none of them are. If you REALLY look at it with an unbiased eye, the real star is all the drama and contraversy that they cause on the show (and I do include Tereasa in that, she’s no more innocent than the rest of them).

        When RHONJ started out, it was a fun show but they’ve really crossed into a territory that now makes it painful, even embarrising to watch.

  • awww poor Caroline realized that she was WRONG. What a jolt it must have been to realize that no one thought she was doing the right thing by interfering in Tre’s family, and no one thought Caroline’s behavior was justified. She was shown to be a first class hypocrite and bully for two seasons-and that stain just doesn’t go away! I’m glad she is going to be civil, but it doesn’t change my opinion of her. She’s still a snake, but will now only hiss when she’s not on camera. FAKE, PHONY and MEAN.
    Further proof that Teresa is the bigger person, coming from a better place. Wonder what Andy will say??

  • I’m glad they’re being civil. But be careful Caroline, Tre is still the same person. A lying, fraudulent hateful person.

    • I think she is lying and hateful for a very good reason – she was deceived and is reacting like any average human being :)she cant trust anybody

      • When you spread a web of lies as Tre has done and has always done and try to take your own brother down, people are going to turn on you. The decent people anyway.

        • What about when her own brother actually did that to her along with his slithering wife? Who on that cast is decent that you refer to ? Just wondering..

          • JPG:This can go back and forth for years. You think that and I will continue to see what I see! I think Teresa is one of the smarter ones on the show- it was a game and she proved her staying power in this mess. You just don’t like Teresa, but a huge majority of people actually do , and have come to see how low the others could stoop out of bitterness and jealousy! Her brother proved what a POS he was right from first episode. How Teresa still tries to have any form of relationship with that fame chaser is beyond me.

          • I agree, we will both stick with the people we have chosen.

            However, Tre is not smart. At all.

            She stole her mother’s recipes. That’s the only thing saving her ass from living in the projects right now. That and her Bravo checks.

        • Excuse me? Bring your own brother down? Are we watching the same show? Last time I checked whorgas came on to make T look bad…I would also bad trip if that happened to me

          • No! There are 2-3 people Katherine that get different episodes then we do, LOL. Now watch- we are about to get insulted, comment bashed, and everything else.. OY! Hold on sista!

          • You obviously haven’t been paying attention. Imagine that.

            I don’t start insulting people, but I sure as hell react when they insult me.

          • Tre has always lied. Her lifestyle is a lie. Her marriage is a lie.

            When Joe and Mel tried to fix their issues, TRE was the one who always kept the shit going.

          • @ JPG: again, what lies? How is her life, marriage, etc a lie? Teresa has not spread anything, but you can blame her if you must…
            Funny thing is I heard lies on the show repeatedly and their blogs from rest of the cast. Her life has changed, but by no means a lie! And thankfully , it changed for the better: ) # Teamliplicker
            Please.. Joe and Mel? As long as there is a camera, they are golden… wait, you will see what happens to them the minute they are off the show and off blogs..

          • Michers – Yes, her life was a lie. She would rather try to screw people out of $11 million then live by her means.

            Her marriage is a joke. He doesn’t love her, as he constantly proves by his actions and words.

          • Jpg that’s not lying -it’s called not being responsible …get over it …I think T paid for it through all the public humiliation she went through

          • Katherine – Ummm yes it is a lie. When you accept products and services under the deception you will be paying for it, that is a LIE.

            Hiding assets is a LIE.

            What aren’t you getting about this?

          • Teresa didnt lie- this bankruptcy happened back in 2008 when the states was through their economic depression – she didnt know that things were going to go so bad and they were going to not be able to pay for the products they have purchased-

          • Oh okay I get it but by your logic JPG what does this make Jaq? They also lied then to a much bigger tune and cost ALOT of people their jobs too.

          • Katherine, you all claim how “smart” Tre is. If this is true, then she would have had a budget and been tracking her finances. She also would have had a safety net and noticed once the economy started heading south. It wasn’t overnight.

            Plus, her dumb ass trying to hide assets, shows me she knew exactly what she was doing. She thought she could spend all this money and get out of it by trying to claim bankruptcy.

            Sorry Tre, but the US government doesn’t f*ck around with stupid shits like you.

          • I never said Tre was the smartest person – I just say she is fabulous –
            thats why i said she not liar – just IRRESPONSIBLE WHICH I THINK SHE LEARNT FROM HER MISTKE

            she was finally not accused of hiding assets because of some technicality of the date of when her book came out – and im sure that was not her doing but rather her lawyers!
            JUST SAYING – I DONT EVEN REMEMBER HOW THIS THREAD STARTED – But i find it just drives everyone crazy how find and dandy she stands tall despite all the stone thrown at her –

          • She stands “fine and dandy” because the woman is dumber than a brick.

            It was not only the book advance that they tried to hide. They also tried to hide properties and other income.

            How you think some idiot out spending $11 million more than they have is “fabulous” is beyond me.

          • She didn’t crawl under a rock and die – thats why shes admirable. thats it thats all
            have yourself a good evening- thank you for entertaining my afternoon 🙂

          • @ Dianne- you are correct!!! No one that hates Teresa EVER answers those questions. Just keep beating the dead horse…. same old, same old. And actually, the rest of the cast , legally, was far worse than Teresa/finances!

          • Predictable, yawn, $11miliion but no mention of Cracker Jax theft….She stole recipes…SERIOUSLY, try some new material please… I’ve already explained how family recipes work… mothers pass things to their daughter… Families do that… Shocking I know!!! TRE IS THE STAR AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT and that does my heart good!!!


          • @ JPG- what kind of integrity does it take to not only have your siblings help scam a corporation, but also steal from a cancer society? Im bringing this up because you continue to say T is lie, her life, blah blah about bankruptcy.. Her one bankruptcy/ paying back, compared to the Lauritas alone is putting her ahead! And I am not even including the rest of the dreadful frauds !

          • I’m sorry but I can’t get over the whole “Teresa stole her mother’s recipies”. Her mother was involved and photographed for the books. Teresa has said they’re her mother’s recipies. Complain about what you want to, but that was just ridiculous.


          • If I’m boring the hell out of you, then ignore me. Doesn’t take a mental giant to figure that one out.

            And if that’s the case, then you all can shut the f*ck up about Mel “being” a stripper and her and Joey getting on the show. That was 3 years ago. Shut up about it.

    • I agree, and I’m actually worried for Caroline that she’ll get sucked back in. I’ve noticed that Teresa often makes the mistake of thinking that someone wanting to be “cordial” with her means they want to be her BFF. I don’t think that she gets that it’s also a polite and very common way of blowing someone off.

        • I know! Imagine all the fun she must be having with her fabulous NEW friends: Kim D., Lil Kim’s best friend (WOW!), and Endora the Party Lady — all of them among most elite members of New Jersey high society.

          And what a bunch of party animals! LOLOL

          • Talking about “friends”….how about Melissa’s “friend “Bulldog….or Greg and the Manzos “breakup”? The Lauritas are in Federal Bankruptcy proceedings, fraud, embezzlement and have already been proven as liars by their statements to the courts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but this toxic mess all began Season 3. It is no longer a fun show to watch.

        • Hey Laurie. You must be new or just stupid if you’ve been here for long. I have stated MULTIPLE times Roxy is free to check my IP address to confirm I am from Colorado and ONLY post under the name JPG.

          Sorry to break it to you champ, but MOST people DO NOT like Tre.

          So sad. Hahahahaha.

          • WHAT BULLSHIT
            shes making a living on the show –
            being cornored by everyone
            WHAT BULLSHIT?!?!?!?

          • U have no facts to back up y u say she’s a manipulator, a liar ….those are words u should use to describe Melissa

          • Not new CHUMP. Can you prove your general statistic that ‘MOST people DO NOT like Tre’? Would love to see your metrics on that.

            Colorado is long way away to be so far up someone’s ass. You must have really long neck. We’ll just call you Giraffe from now on.

          • Oh yeah, where are your facts Katherine? About Mel? Hmmmmmm?

            Her Bankruptcy fraud alone proves all points on Tre.

          • Well Dumb Ass Laurie, you’re acting like your new.

            Get your head out of your own ass and pay attention. Quit saying the same stupid f*cking thing over and over and over. “You’re Mel!, You’re Kim!, You’re Lisa”.

            So effing dumb.

          • melissa being a manipulator


          • If Bravo didn’t want her, she wouldn’t be on. No manipulation needed.

            “allegedly” – NOT A FACT.

            JUST SAYING

          • They have never been able to prove shit about “the pole”.

            And let’s say it is true. She would have been a 22-23 year old kid. Stripping doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s not like she defrauded people out of $11 million or anything.

            Also, get rid of the CAPS lock. It’s rude.

            its not even theres!!!



          • I don’t know you’re age Katherine. If I had to guess, I’d put you right around 17 or 18.

            So you probably don’t understand this yet, but people change.

            I am not the same person I was at 22. I’m not even the same person I was a year ago.

            If she stripped good for her!

          • Im 25 years old and its only a natural process of life that we change and we grow as ppl – doesnt mask the fact that Mel could potentially continuously lying that she was not a stripper and masking the whole thing

            ppl change granted- still dont know what that has to do with Mel allegdly lying about her past-

          • Just curious JPG why won’t you respond to the Laurita legal mess? You keep bringing up Teresa’s but never respond about the Laurita’s? Plus 11 million is chump change compared to 55 million.

            No offense just curious why you gloss it over?

    • A lying, fraudulent hateful person could describe any member of any cast of any of the HW shows. Lol they are all liars in some way or another.

    • JPG
      Normally I skip over your garbage posts but I do have a question for you.
      You are all the time talking about Teresa and Juicy’s bankruptcy that was withdrawn and that was mostly business related. The bulk of the debt was in mortgages for the buildings that they owned and rented which have now been sold. All personal debt has been paid with the exception of their mortgages on the personal homes which they are paying as they agreed to when they got they mortgage years ago. Juicy and Teresa biggest problem was that they used their personal credit for their business instead of separating personal and business. I know VERY few people in the real estate, building and mortgage business that did not suffer horrible losses in the past few years due to the downfall of the housing market. I know that some 5 to 9 hourly wage, punch a time clock workers can’t understand that these type of financial problems are common with that used to make more than 6 figures every year until 2008 when the markets crashed. I assume since you are having such a hard time with understand that you must fall into that category.
      Back to my question:
      If you hate Teresa so much becasue of her bankruptcy how do you feel about Jac when she and Chris allegedly STOLE $55 Million in the final 2 years of Signature? As a women how do you feel that Susan G Komen contracted with Chris to sell shirts as a fundraiser and did not receive the $11 Million that was raised for the charity? You, as a women may get breast cancer one day and that $11 Million could have gone in research to save your life.
      I would assume that you are out of your mind angry at Jac and Chris with their $55 Million bankruptcy. Before you start quoted Jac favorite line that it is “all business” please read all about their FEDERAL case as most of the money was for car payments, private jets, vacations, meals at fancy restaurants, HUGE American Express bills for anything they wanted, salaries for Chris and even Jac who never worked a day at Signature. $55 was just 2 years worth of debt. No telling what the actual debt was over the course of all the years Signature was in business. The FEDERAL courts are going after Jac and Chris PERSONALLY with charges that range from lying to a federal court to stealing and misuse of funds.

      • PREACH!!!!Very well said! Shockingly, no answer from the person you posted the ? to. The response will be laden with insults to you and about Tre but won’t address any of the extremely valid ??’s/points you made!

      • Thank you oldnj!!! I did not have anymore energy to put further thought into that question! I mentioned alittle upthread, and have no reply :)!!!

      • Nicely said Old NJ, she won’t answer you because, she is reading one of her “three to four books a week.” I’m assuming they are all self help books.

        • You are so pathetic Socal. It’d be nice if you would read even 1-2 books a year. It might (probably not) do your poor little tiny brain a world of good.

          • You are so pathetic and boring. Please, please tell us more about Teresa’s bankruptcy. Any more news on the subject? You are clearly obsessed with Teresa; pretty creepy. BTW, yesterday, we all had a good laugh about you on twitter. Go back to your self help books, you will need them.

          • And please tell me more about Mel “being” a stripper. And Joey and Mel joining the show.

            I’m not obsessed with Tre, but I sure do enjoy pointing out what a f*cking moron she is. Which would explain why you love her so much. From your posts, I can tell you are just as stupid as Tre and probably as ugly.

            I don’t have Twitter, but apparently this isn’t the only website you stalk.

            Have fun in your mom’s basement with your 5 cats.

          • I’m not obsessed with her, I don’t even post that often. You say you don’t know her, so why so much hate for Teresa? I have never mentioned Mel as a stripper. I could care less what she does. You really need some anger management classes. As far as cats, I don’t have any and hopefully you don’t either because you would probably beat them. You say you live in Colorado, so maybe if we are all lucky, you will ski right off of a mountain.

          • Socal – prove your stupidity yet again. “you live in Colorado! You must ski!”

            Hahaha. Please tell me all about other states that you’ve never been to. Your childish imaginings of how they are, are quite amusing.

      • The Tre Haters will never respond to the crime and fraud committed by Jac, the shoplifting by Melissa and the other Jersey housewives crap because then they would have to admit their favorites are big frauds and they bought into it. It is like the five year old who puts their fingers in their ears when you ask them a question they don’t like. They dig their head in the sand and say, Jac is not a true, blue crook, Jac is not a true, blue crook. They obviously think it is proper behavior to call a sister garbage, join a show to destroy your own family and to hurl and scream insults at elderly parents- most of us know that is morally disgusting behavior from Joe Gorga so why debate it.

        These Tre haters never post on any other stories here and they “reappear” back on the Rox’s site all miraculously at the same time. They are obviously the same posters, Jac’s mom or family member because they will not even address any questions about Jac’s fraud and the poor people who lost their jobs due to Laurita’s deceits. When people can not see basic right from wrong it is best to let them live in their fantasy land. Let them hate Tre, repeat the same thing over and over, and support the cancer charity thief if that is the side they obviously choose.

        • Happy day, very well stated 🙂
          The same recycled crap on any RHONJ thread. Then they get aggressive and really believe they never initiate insults/attacks while dancing around answering any legit questions. Even if I hated Teresa, I still have enough sense to NOT support what The Lauritas have done. They have done far worse than T and her husband ever have. What really bothers me is that a whole entire cast of a show has legal issues, lawsuits, liens!!!!


    • I will repeat what I wrote to another poster that applies to you JPG you are as dumb as they come and YOU CAN”T FIX STUPID!

  • Caroline did nothing to apologize for, nor did she “attack” Teresa all season long, which only proves that this story came from Teresa’s camp. Nobody else would depict Caroline’s behavior in such a ridiculous way, especially Caroline.

    Teresa was the sole attacker, instigator and the bully for the past three seasons. I’m guessing the only truth here is that Caroline and Teresa met for a sit down for purposes of the show.

    • Also, this sounds more like Teresa’s idea than anyone else’s. Maybe she’s finally figured out that the doofuses who’ve been assigned to be her “friends” are every bit as tacky and as she is and she’s desperate to get back into the main fold.

      Good luck with that, Tre lol.

      Thanks, JPG. 🙂

      • Hey Estelle, don’t you think Caroline is being nice because her book is coming out? She knows the fans got her number. No one is perfect, but it’s the “holier than thou” ones you got to watch out for. Caroline is nothing but a bald face liar who, if she was sincere, would have met with Teresa off camera. Or was that only for Teresa to do and not Caroline? Either was, karma will catch up to Caroline.

        • If her book is coming out in March and this doesn’t air til April/May how does that help book sales?

          And going by your line of logic, Tre would not have agreed to meet Joey at a restaurant in Season 3 with cameras to discuss coming together as a family again.

          • She has been doing Pre-sales.Why does that not help her public image JPG? Trust me, there will be more than enough books left for her to garner some fans back for purchasing with this maneuver!

          • Again Michers, if this doesn’t air til April May June, whatever, how does that help book sales? Makes no sense.

          • JPG,

            Because books can sell even after their release date! Once they’re released, you can buy them. So like, the book is released in March, you see the show in May, you can still buy her book. You see how that works? 😉

          • What do you think a book only sells the week it comes out? Anything Caroline does can help her book sales…pre-order sales, debut sales, how it sells when the season is airing.
            I think it’s unimportant anyway…Caroline’s book will go the same route as Vicki’s, Jill’s, Kyle’s…we will hear about it all over Bravo and during the season and then never again. No one wants to take advice on life, love and relationships from a woman who is constantly angry and bitter.
            Ever the title “Let Me Tell You Something”…so typically condescending Caroline

          • Oh Shit. It’s BM Barbie. Yes, I purchase and read 3-4 books a week. I know how the process works, darling. Her being cordial to Tre is not going to affect her book sales, because besides you obsessive, Stage 5 clingers on here, NO ONE LIKES Tre.

            Now run along.

          • Maybe it will help book sales because the ‘exclusive’ that is leaked online JPG.
            Things that make you go hmmmm….

          • Valerie – I honestly believe that people who want to buy the book will and the people who don’t – won’t.

            I don’t think however this season goes is going to affect that.

          • Yes, it’s me.

            I really don’t give two shits about any of these NJ housewives, and I especially don’t care about their books. But you seemed confused up the chain that people continue to promote and try to sell their books even weeks after their release date. I wasn’t the only one on here who noticed you were…ahem, not getting it.

            Your words:

            “If her book is coming out in March and this doesn’t air til April/May how does that help book sales?”

            “Again Michers, if this doesn’t air til April May June, whatever, how does that help book sales? Makes no sense.”

            I was just trying to help you understand book sales.

            Hahaha, not really. I just like fucking with you because you think you know everything (must be all those books you’re reading!)

            And no one on here is going to “run along” because you typed that out.

          • Did anyone notice certain posters ONLY come on NJ blogs to post? Good God. I never see these people on any other board. That obsessed w/ hating on Teresa who you don’t even know?

          • @ BM- I took it.. haha! I accidentally picked Mo’s side on the one answer..UGH I love how they explain the correct answers!

          • HAHA! Ok I have been lurking lately as I am just beyond irritated with Bravo lately and those that know; know I love Tre but getting a kick out of “Stage 5 clinger” JPG. Jersey shore lol I’ve used that one myself.

        • The truth is that if Caroline allows herself to get manipulated into anything more than a working relationship with Teresa, it will make me LESS inclined to buy her book.

          I think it’s more than possible for Caroline to be amicable to Teresa while at the same time holding her in complete contempt. Which is probably the intention of everybody (cast AND crew) on the show.

      • I highly doubt that Estelle… And even if it were T’s idea 1) would Big Red go for it and 2) Teresa is the better businesswoman 😉
        I think that is reach to say she wants back into that fraud fold!

    • Completely agree. I think it’s nice for Caroline to try to keep the peace but totally unnecessary. You know Teresa left that sit down and called her a c-u-next-tuesday the second her mic was off.

    • Excuse me? what show were you watching? Caroline attacked Teresa relentesly all season long for absolute no other reason that Teresa’s products were selling and then the Manzo got their BLK water, enough said.

      • Mad Manzo along with both her boys and her snotty daughter and Greggy attacked Teresa in EVERY episode from Season 3 forward. At first they laughed at her and called her names then if became all out UGLY.

        Mad Manzo as no life outside of this show and her kids. She clings to her boys all the time and hangs with her snotty brat. She has nothing else going on in her life. Her book is not even out yet and the reviews are horrible. Very few people are interested in what she has to say anymore as her wisdom failed her own children.

        Jac has nothing except a date with the FEDERAL courts for helping her husband STEAL $55 MILLION from the investor of Signature. She and Chris will need to make an appointment with the tailor to get measured for the orange PRISON jumpsuits.
        Oh Yeah, Jac abusing her 3 year old son by airing all his problems on international TV. I am sure that he will love Jac for that when he gets older and wants to have a normal private life.

        Lookers and Fredo are scum of the earth and not even worth mentioning.

        Kathy Who?

    • Estelle have you been living under a rock or something? You got your facts all wrong and if you think Teresa Giudice has been bullying them for the last 3 season your also delusional!!!

    • Estelle no disrespect but what show were you watching? Caroline even admitted she didn’t like herself this season because of the way she was acting! Maybe you need to rewatch?

    • What show are you watching? Drink much or perhaps drugs? You you post makes no sense what so ever. Hell do you even know what planet you are on?

      You just can’t fix stupid!

    • Whaaaaaattt??? Caroline didn’t have to apologize for sticking her fat nose into Teresa’s family. Caroline was fanning the flames. Caroline berated an 11 year old with Jac for the cameras. Please…

  • I am a fan of…two classy women live their lives in a respectful way and good for both to have it recorded..Caroline always said she is what she is and having a reaction is what happens with normal people.
    I wish the best for all the people in RHONJ…can’t wait to read the interpretations of millions of fans watching the same show..can’t wait for the series to start..when does it air?

      • The photo of melissa on her knees (faking a bj) with her meathead husband and Caroline laughing in the background dressed like a jailbird just popped in my head. Caroline is not classy anymore because Melissa brought out the worst in her and it’s to late to fully recover from that.


    • Sam,

      I have to disagree. Caroline in Napa was hideous to Teresa. Caroline took every opportunity to take a swipe at her.

  • Mrs. Manzo didn’t like the backlash…saw which way the wind was blowing, went to the producers and said…let’s do this. Teresa accepted and I’m just hoping she is cordial but not overly friendly because this woman was really out to “murder” her character and would be FINE with it being the way it was left if she didn’t have $$$ riding on her making up with Teresa. It’s sad.

    • Damn! Just read the article, and I’m not surprised by her bullshit. Caroline bugs. The same “attacking Tre” storyline is happening again. It bad enough they did it for Seasons 3 & 4, but to continue bashing her when the Manzos, Lauritas, Wakile, and especially the Lookers Whore herself… Oy vey! Andy’s still tryin’ to milk in all of their endeavors, and the fact that he still despises Teresa SHOWS just in this one article. Bravo and Andy could change the storylines, but he just loves kissing the Manzos asses too much.

      • I meant to say IT’S bad enough, and The Lookers Whore herself have a lot more dirt that needs to come out.

        • I did notice on WWHL when Drita from Mobwives was on that Teresa’s sparkling wine was sitting perfectly in the background. It made me want to have some! So atleast her wine sales went up and she made a little extra $$ off bravo for all the crap they put her through.


  • I thought Caroline’s book was coming out in March? Regardless of when the book hits the market, I agree that if it was filmed by Bravo, it was orchestrated by Bravo.

  • Caroline did it because of the backlash she received after S3 reunion and S4. If Teresa didn’t have such a huge fan base Caroline wouldn’t have bothered. That’s all.

    • Exactly Bino. Andy even said it at the last reunion that Teresa has a very very big fan base.

      How many times has he heard us Bino LOL.

  • Not surprised. Just like you said, Caroline didn’t like all the backlash she received. This is all BS and a ploy to get viewers to buy her book.
    With the exception of Teresa, I’ll never buy ANYTHING this cast peddles…
    RHONJ used to be a favorite of mine and now I can’t bear to watch.

  • I wonder how Jackass feels about it. She will either hate it and continue to be the fool that she is, or she will do the same to save face. Either way, to us the viewers, it is a very transparent move. It just goes to show you that in the end,they finally realize that Teresa is the show otherwise they would continue to ruin their image and be the nasty bitches they were last season. The story I am witing for though is if Melissa will follow suit. That should be interesting. I don’t know if she will have a “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” side. She seems like she would fight to the death to prove something that isn’t really there, then to give in to the reality of it. Kathy will just blend because that is what she does best.

  • Whatever the reason I hope it ends the Manzo bashing of Teresa, also I hope the H Caroline’s kids aren’t on!

  • If Caroliar was sincere she would’ve did this when the camera’s weren’t rolling. But NO , she wanted it on camera to try and gain back some of the fans she lost. If I were T , I would’ve said ” no thx , i’m fine with us never speaking again”. Who needs fake friends like Caroliar and Drunk Jac in their life.

      • She didnt need them last yr boo. I think its quite the opposite now. Caro and jaq dont have the same fan base as they used to. The only ones that need that paper is caro and jaq…zzZZzzZzzZ no one cares for them!

        • Yea, it’s true. Teresa stayed riding high in the majority of the fans’ eyes, she definitely didn’t need those two. If so, it would have been Teresa going to Caroline, not the other way around like it was. Too bad Teresa didn’t tell Caroline that she didn’t feel it was sincere enough.

          • Teresa knows she doesn’t need them but they DEF need her! Their reputations were ruined when they started the Tre hatefest! Caroliar is just trying to make peace because she has a book to sell!

          • JPG that $11 million dollar horse you’ve been riding on all the RHONJ blogs is getting lame, I think it’s time you put it down

          • Why? It is what it is. She owes it and will owe it for YEARS. Does my heart good. That’s what you get for living a lie. LMAO.

          • High doubt that is still the amount owed or that the debt is still outstanding. She’s had several books and you get advace $$ for them. Also, all of the endorsement deals.

          • Well she’s still spending like she has money. Still has the ridiculous house, ridiculous cars and wearing the same ridiculous clothes.

            So I imagine she isn’t paying it down as fast as you may imagine.

          • JPG, most of the $11 million was collateralized debt on properties they eventually sold. So if there is any debt left to be paid off, it’s not $11 million anymore.

          • Oh, as compared to the Laurita 55 million dollar scam. Give it a rest JPG or in Milania’s words blah blah blah

          • They all need the $ thats why they’re on a reality show!!!! Geesh .. so predictable…..ONCE AGAIN(since some people only have 2 or 3 redundant things to post) Tre’s been working her tail off to pay that back, so it can’t still be $11 million… YAWN…
            So I guess many hearts are happy that Meho and Cracker Jax have been living a lie too!!! LMBO, thanks for the laugh!!! Lets talk about Cracker Jax and the millions ripped off by the Lauritas including SGK cancer charity…. plus multiple creditors = many many millions… ZZZZZZZZZ So predictable… NEXT…..

          • @ Lola, last I checked it was $ 55 mil, not 17, and Im not sure if that includes their other thievery.

          • @ JPG- how do you know what T spends? When she spends it? After this 11 mil thing, she was telling others where she was getting her deals from and how she become better on a budget. I think she also endorsed quite a few places that were not your typical Neiman Marcus.

          • Holy balls it is $55M debt by Jac and whatever apparel company. OMG! I need to find the filing. Chris and Jac were always shady.

        • THAT’S for sure , I can’t stand them as well as that Mego & that husband of hers ,Kathy really needs to walk off, lol

        • Say What, agree! Caroline really needs Teresa so she’ll make nice as much as possible so people may think she’s changed. I HOPE no one buys her pathetic book. Teresa knows not to get close to them. Better watch your back, Tre!

      • You’re wrong. Caroline did this because she needs Teresa to be involved in her storyline. Caroline is smart enough to realize that she is boring and has nothing to offer the viewers on her own. After her vitriol last season, there is no doubt that the sit-down to work things out with Teresa is in no way sincere. She is doing it simply to remain relevant. Teresa is the much bigger person for agreeing to the meeting.

        • There was no agreeing. There was no invitation. They are both playing their parts so they can both get their checks.

          • To a certain extent that’s true. But if you’re honest, you will admit that there isn’t a chance in h-ll that Caroline would have done this if there wasn’t such viewer backlash against her. She sure didn’t care about making up with Danielle – because viewers supported Caroline and the Manzo’s in that situation. I believe she would have taken the same route with Teresa if she wasn’t the biggest part of the show. Caroline is not stupid. She has a huge stake in at least being able to be cordial with Teresa. Her reputation and relationship with the fans depends on it.

          • It must be fun to live in lalaland JPG. You make no sense at all but you never did. So keep up with what you do best Bullshit. Hey at least you’re good at something right!

          • Probably the only time I will agree with you JPG, they are doing it to earn their checks, otherwise Teresa would not be bothered with Carowhine, she was never really her friend, Dina and Tre were friends, Caro has no friends, she hangs with her kids and her dog and that is pretty much it! LOL

          • @NYDeb – Said the rabid Tre fan. Shows what kind of person you are that you think she’s a good person.

            Good luck with being a douchebag the rest of your life.

        • @ Cat can I couldn’t said it better myself! Caroline knows she needs T & she screwed herself last season with her fans and she needs to sell that book she not stupid!!!

    • I don’t think Teresa should have given her the time of day, show or no show. There is no excuse for caros behavior and anger last year. I f these 2 make up and get friendly the whole show stinks.

    • Mad Manzo just did actually what she accused Teresa of doing last season. Mad Manzo apoligized on camera and not with a personal call, sit down or email. Mad Manzo and her lazy, snotty daughter screamed from the rooftops for the last 2 years that Teresa was not sincere because she did it for the cameras. How many times did we hear them crucify Teresa for this only to turn around and do the same.

      Do I believe that Mad Manzo regrets her actions last year? Yes, but only because of the backlash. Do I think she is really sorry what she did to Teresa? Hell NO! But I do think that Mad Mazo has figured out the she was used by Lookers and that most of what Lookers had to tell her about Teresa was a flat out lie or blown out of proportion

      • Hypocrisy 101 Bravo Style:

        – Caroline will not accept Teresa’s apology last year because Caroline said Teresa did it only for the camera. Now Caroline waits an entire year to contact Teresa, even after she falsely accused Tre of causing her broken relationship with Dina, which was a big, fat lie, and now wants Teresa to forgive her yes – on camera.

        – Everyone repeatedly attacked Tre for being in the tabloids last year like it was the worst thing in the world. Since then we have Lauren and her US cover, Jac and her People cover, Caroline and Melissa featured talking smack at least every other issue of Us Magazine and In Touch. I bet a million dollars the Horror of being in the tabloids will not even be covered this season by Bravo because it is fine when everyone else does it times ten. Tre should kick off the season by bringing a wheel barrel of all the tabloids they were all in the last year and drop it at their feet- or maybe fill a whole wall with the articles and see their reaction.

        – Jac attacked Teresa for not discussing all of Teresa’s legal and financial problems on camera with her. Teresa should bring a big poster board listing all the various lawsuits and financial problems affecting Jac, Carolyn and Melissa and tell them she is there to discuss all their issues as they insisted Tre do on camera. Tre should tell Jac how awful it must be to have to deal with the consequences of stealing from a charity. But we know Bravo will cover for all of them but Tre.

  • It will be interesting to see it play out. Its good they can be cordial but T is not stupid and sees this for what it truly is.

    • I agree. Caroline was never a favorite of mine. After hearing her go on and on about “the mask” Teresa had on, it’s good to know what “mask” Caroline is putting on this season. She’s a hypocrite.

    • I hope ur right, and T isn’t falling for it. Cowline is just trying to damage control to sell her stuffs, whatever they are.

    • Will never believe another word that comes out of caroline’s mouth, her PR people must have forced her to do this being that the book has already been discounted twice and it isn’t even available yet.

    • Yes you are so right. The producers and all the editing. They seem to be doing that with all the Housewive shows this past year. The reunion for Miami was awful. You couldn’t even follow what the hell was going on, it was so choppy and one part they suddenly went from Anna and Lea’s discusion to asking I think it was Joanna something totaly off the subject and bizarre. That whole thing was bizarre. I just really hope they get along better this season or I won’t be watching. Sad really. They were the first Housewife show I watched and it was Season 2. Before I had never even heard of Bravo or Andy. From Jersey I quickly got hooked on all of the Housewife franchise. I may quit Atlanta as it is boring as hell. Jersey just got so mean last season that I hated it. I think they need to drop Teresa’s family members that were added. Kathy and her sister, Joe and Melissa Gorga they can all go. Seems like it just kept growing all that resentment and hatred. It was painful to watch. Teresa’s husband can go too. What an asshat he is! Caroline really only loves her family members and got pretty ugly toward Teresa that last season. I am not a big Teresa fan but that was pretty brutal how Carolyn acted toward her. I hope her and Teresa can at least be civil and respectful of one another or I won’t be able to watch another hatefest between them and the Gorgas. Just my opinion not trying to offend anyone. This is a comment sight after all!

  • I just can’t wait and who really cares why she did it. Just end the maddness. the show wasnt even fun last season. I miss the only RHONJ. I really don’t think they should be friends but this whole situation was taken way too far.

      • Caroline is far from the “bigger” person. She did this for completely selfish reasons. As you said, I’m sure it’s to get people on her side for her book release. I’m disgusted this cast is still the same, even if there are additional “friends”. They better turn the tables on those other bitches and give them a taste of their own medicine or I will have no interest this season.

        • Couldn’t have said it better myself…. I’m figuring it’s just going to be another repeat of last season (trying to make T the devil..) and have pretty much decided to check out this upcoming season……unless (onecanhope 😉 )

        • I completely agree with AnnapolisErin. I don’t think I can ever watch Caroline and Jacqueline again. I will switch the channel when they are on. It really would be fair for them to receive some kind of comeuppance. That would also redeem Bravo somewhat. I love Teresa and will also support her but she too learned what Danielle went through when she Teresa blindly supported Caroline. I was not a fan of Danielle but anyone could see she had a lot of emotional issues and was desperate.

        • I couldn’t agree more Anna. It’s about time and long overdo that the truth about Melissa finally comes out. I believe it’s time her karma hits her but good.

          DO YOU HEAR US BRAVO???? Make season 5 a season we all have been waiting for!

        • Yes I so agree with you all the way that’s for dam sure, Caroline is a very selfish woman I believe its all for her BOOK for the most part . I personally would not get to too closes to that itch if I was Teresa , Maybe Teresa will for give her but I hope she would never ever forget what all of them Really try to do to her ,all of those ITCHES wanted her to be fired off the show as well of other things that went down , I love Teresa and for what she has been through with all of those women just wasn’t right for what they all did to her an her family…..

        • I totally agree Caroline only reached out to Tre coz me the negative backlash she received last season she showed her true colour and now regrets it coz she’s lost so many fans inc me she a hypocrite and only reached out to Tre coz she has a book coming out and wants it to do well maybe even compete with Tre and be a best seller there’s no way I’ll buy her book now she’s full me shit she’s deceitful and a user not to mention a total bitch and i wonder if wacko Jacko will do the same personally i don’t think so she’s in her own little world or should i pay planet

        • I totally agree Caroline only reached out to Tre coz me the negative backlash she received last season she showed her true colour and now regrets it coz she’s lost so many fans inc me she a hypocrite and only reached out to Tre coz she has a book coming out and wants it to do well maybe even compete with Tre and be a best seller there’s no way I’ll buy her book now she’s full me shit she’s deceitful and a user not to mention a total bitch and i wonder if wacko Jacko will do the same personally i don’t think so she’s in her own little world or should i say planet lol but i must admit i do feel for her it breaks my heart that she and so many other families have the heart ache of having an unwell child. Yeah Caroline only reached out to Tre coz her book is coming out and wants it to be a best seller and she hopes she’ll beat Tre in sales lying manipulative bitch the real Caroline has finally emerged i thought i could read ppl well but she fooled me. As the the same cast to be on again i was really hoping Bravo would get she me Kathy she’s sooo boring brings moving to the show and her catch phrase “

          • I totally agree Caroline only reached out to Tre coz of the negive backlash she received last season she showed her true colour and now regrets it coz she’s lost so many fans inc me she a hypocrite and only reached out to Tre coz she has a book coming out and wants it to do well maybe even compete with Tre and be a best seller there’s no way I’ll buy her book now she’s full me shit she’s deceitful and a user not to mention a total bitch and i wonder if wacko Jacko will do the same personally i don’t think so she’s in her own little world or should i say planet lol but i must admit i do feel for her it breaks my heart that she and so many other families have the heart ache of having an unwell child. Yeah Caroline only reached out to Tre coz her book is coming out and wants it to be a best seller and she hopes she’ll beat Tre in sales lying manipulative bitch the real Caroline has finally emerged i thought i could read ppl well but she fooled me. As for the showsame cast to be on again i was really hoping Bravo would get rid of Kathy she’s sooo boring brings wats her catch phrase “we’re old school we believe in respect please respect me and all the other ppl i no who can’t stand you and leave the show” now that’s respect plz Bravo get rid of Kathy and her Dolly

      • How can ANYONE think for a minute that Teresa is not the big problem in this show. Of course, the rest of the cast were hard on Teresa last season, especially Caroline, but she and her nitwit husband deserved every thing that was said about them. She is the biggest phony on RHONJ….and such a liar!

    • Agreed. They may never be the way they were but to admit you didn’t like how things turned out & to talk it out & come to terms with the whole situation. Now whether it be for show or f real. That is between them. Kudos for trying & keep it to in a positive way.

    • Not sure I even want to watch next season. Last season was soooo bad. Can’t stand all the fighting. How bad is Jersey that I’d rather watch Mob Wives?!? And, I live in Jersey and grew up going to weddings at the Brownstown!!!

    • I would never be friends with Caroline just look at her hair it is a disaster. The Lap Band Lauritas need to be muzzled.

    • Everyone in that show has lied. The hw are losing my interest. They used to be my guilty pleasure lol. Seems like Andy/bravo are getting lazy. I like teresa (her hair products are actually really good I was pleasantly surprised!!) , jac used to be my fav but now she’s………quite the crazy ! Lol i can just imagine her reading out loud her tweets and screaming like she did at the reunion “whhhhhaaaatttt?!?!? omg!!!!” when someone tells her something she doesnt like lmao. never really cared for Caroline since season 1. Kathy is boring and Teresa’s sis in law is annoying. I don’t watch her scenes lol. Before someone says something mean remember this is my opinion 🙂