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Did Kim Zolciak Lie About Building Her New Dream Home? UPDATE: Kim Clarifies!

Ever since getting evicted from her PREVIOUS “dream home” [rental] and having to cram back into her townhouse, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak has been boasting about how she and Kroy are “building” their fabulous “new” dream house.

Kim even took to Twitter recently to post a photo of the new digs. The photo of the exterior said, “Giving u a sneak peek of Our work in progress.” But how much work is really being made?

Kim has been talking all over Twitter about the new house she is building. She is making it seem like it’s a brand spanking new house but now she has been exposed as a liar – yet again.

TVFishBowl has received legal documentation that exposes Kim as the liar she has become recently in her attempt to appear pristine and wealthy. The documents prove that Kim’s new house is NOT a new construction home, but was actually bought very cheap at $880,000 (originally listed at $3,750,000 before developer went bankrupt) because it’s a foreclosure that simply needed to be upgraded! Check out the documents here.

So while Kim tries to compensate by saying she is building a brand new house, they really are just building up on an already built foreclosure home.

Kim obviously went on the defense on Twitter, and said, “People need to get the facts straight before they write BUT u will see soon enough! #dumbasses”

She also replied to someone, “@6ft2andTatted lmao! How do u figure! Didn’t have walls, toilets, nothing but half a structure! Now that’s funny!! People and the sh*t they say!”


Wow! Okay so she got a fixer-upper at a good price? Why lie about building a lavish new house?! What’s worse is she is doing exactly what she hated on Kandi for. I can’t with the dumb lies. Like, you’re going to get exposed! Hello.

Thoughts on this news about Kim’s house? Is she a liar? Is it just a technicality and she really is “building” a new house?

UPDATE: Kim was obviously upset about this matter, so she has clarified and it looks like she has publicly owned up to the facts! Kim tweets, “@tracypelota partially built home structure 70% NOT completed foreclosed, we purchased it and will be finishing it out BRAND NEW! Doesn’t even have a driveway yet!”

That sounds a bit more honest than ‘building a new dream home!’ 😛

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  • Kim needs to start saving because a NBA career is only about 8 years more or less…She will have to go back to reality TV to keep up her lifestyle.
    On another note her natural hair looked really good-Why the need to wear a wig?

  • This is to “Say What??” If you are not Kim’s mom or her dad or her toyboy hubby, then you must be on Kim’s payroll as you are the only one who seem to think lying is just a mistake or misunderstanding. So lets see….. Who might you be ?????? S w e e t i e yes? I can see where you are coming from. You are becoming worst than you mrs, enjoying every minute of Kim so called dream life ( and home) and no work…..? You should da have your lazy ass fired long time.
    I guess you have some use, = defending your bosses lies, or maybe she is worried that you might spill the beans. Oh well, Kim must have rubbed some of her luck on you. Enjoy it while it last !!!!!

  • Ok so Kim lied about her home, again!!! Obviously Kim is obsess with wealth, getting it? Trying to get it? or wanting to get it so bad? Either way making a habit of lying is just not cool especially if you are on TV. We pay to watch these people so it is not so wrong to demand some credibility with the image they portray. My message to Kim is ‘ you are a LUCK GIRL! with four lovely children (2 girls & 2 boys) and a nice young husband who clearly is in love with you and cares immensely for your other children. That is a lot of wealth, that which cash can not buy! Consider their future and spend a little less so as to protect their future). Oh by the way, getting wealth is fab but constantly showing off is kind of boring and that is why I lost interest in watching Kim. Her babies are gorgeous though …

  • I agree with her lack of having a Registered Nurse degree. I’m a RN, BSN and I searched… just go to the State’s Board of Nursing website where she stated she received a degree and you will see a history of a non-active Licensed Practical Nurse.(A step above a Nurse’s transferrable college credits)…poor Kim it’s so easy to verify. To check on the website you only need a first and last name..public information. Too Bad So Sad!…No one read the papers on the HWOA.

  • I have read a lot of the comments on here and I think its very interesting but I really don’t think its about the house its about her criticism on everybody. else and next thing you know she turns around and does what everyone else is doing. She’s a very negative person when it comes to someone else’s happiness; she wasn’t. like that when the show first came out now she’s. terrifying to even listen to. Its embarrassing but she’s not the only one that’s embarrassing herself on national television SAD.

  • Oh good lord… Who here is emotionally invested in any of these HW’s, whatever series? She bought a home 30% complete, added an addition and is finishing off the rest. New home, no interior, etc., Oh and at a steal for the community. Smart move from my point of view.

    Who cares what she said about Kandi, what Nene says about Kim, Porsha about Kendra and on and on. This is simple entertainment, trash TV like so many other shows and a diversion at the end of the day. Yes, I watch, but they are nothing like my life.

    They all lie and create their drama to remain relevant to watchers. Unless Kim or any of the others in the syndicated series are relevant to your lives then simply who gives a… When one series finishes another begins and the players change. Sit back and watch the show, have a glass of wine, a coke, whatever, then laugh at the stupidity of these people who will eventually disappear when their time runs out.

  • Karma is not doing its job when it comes to her. Screwed up a marriage & lies all day & night & she still gets what ever she wants……

  • For those who do not know why many viewers do not like Kim Z, here it is in a nut shell:
    The REAL issue is that Kim dumped her friends who helped got her on the HWATL show(Nene) from the beginning!!!!otherwise , she would be still on her back. She never pursued her nursing degree where she could have been a great role model for her daughters.Once she met Troy,( through Sheree), she found fault in all of her colleagues and dumped them all.It all about integrity and being real.No one is hating. This is the root of the resentment.

    • i’ve always wondered about the nursing degree. after she got her so called nursing degree did she ever actually work as a nurse in a hospital? i don’t think i remember anyone saying she did or what hospital or past employees coming forward.

      • Yes, I wondered if she ever worked as one also!! I have heard her do many “things” but that- not sure.

      • Nope. she never did. And this is another lie to add to the list. I’m a Nurse, a Registered nurse with a 4 year nursing degree (BSN) from a University. Kim wants everyone to believe that she is an RN. However the truth is that She is a LPN (the 1 year program that you take at at technical school). This is a licensed vocational/practical nurse, and you often end up working in nursing homes and medical offices. Hospitals have been phasing out LPNs from the hospital setting for the last decade. She is not legally licensed in any state to work. She completed a program (per her ‘degree’ that she flaunted in Season 2), but every nurse in the USA can be found in the Board of Nursing database just by using their name. There is no Kim Zolciak actively registered (even past licenses show up). Do the search yourself, you won’t find her anywhere.

        • Not true! She is an RN.. Phadrea already confronted her on that LPN shit and Kim hand delivered her friggin degree to Phadrea and Phadrea told everyone she was wrong! this was all covered on the show.

    • She is an LPN( Licensed Practical Nurse) Not an RN, but a step above a Nurse’s Aide. When Phaedra confronted her, she pulled out papers and said Im a Nurse, Im an LPN. Not knocking that , but there are different degrees, licensing and schooling, so Kim needs to say it correctly!! And this is if she even finished LPN school….

      • Seriously? How do you guys not remember Phadra already called her out on this? Kim proved she was an RN! LOL

        • but did she actually work in a hospital? i remember phaedra confronting her but forgot the outcome of it. i guess i’m gonna have to go back and see that episode. vixen said she’s not even in the database so that is interesting in itself. if she is an RN why isn’t she registered? something to think about.

        • Girl, that chain smoking monkey in a wig is not an RN. She did not go to school for 4-5 years and pass state testing. Phadra did not confirm she was and RN and LVN (licenced vocational nurse) can still be considered a nurse. But, not a degreed RN. Dranking that Kim coolaid.

  • Well how finished was it in the inside, sit is a custom built home just never sold by the builder. If there is no buyer back in the day the didnt finish until there was a definite buyer or if the buyers back out so that when a new buyer comes along they finish it with their choices making it like their custom built home. Now i dont know if this is the situation but that is how the new buyers still refer to it as their custom built home. But yes kim has been caught up in many lies since season one, for instance big papa, period. So lies yes so we never know full truth.

  • I can’t stand Kim any more. But it’s probably the smartest thing she’s done money wise. She should be shouting it to the rafters. Of course she got the idea from Kandi but hey, she’s not exactly an original thinker.

  • Silly non-issue. So they house was foreclosed on before completion and Kim and Kroy got a deal on it? they are finishing it and in terms of really getting your dream home, it’s those finishing touches that make it the dream.

  • And enters Mego saying “Congrats on your Redone Home”…. Now I am no Fan of Kim. But this is a non issue to me. I agree with a poster above. If she is gutting it then she IS basically rebuilding. Tre did it. I am all about calling Kim out but this article went in a bit hard on her. What was she supposed to do? Post “Look at me redone foreclosure?”. Come on.

    • i know what she shouldn’t have done. she shouldn’t be implying that she’s building a brand new home. she never once corrected herself or gave more info about it. she made fun of kandi for something she is doing as well. that is why people are annoyed with her. the house isn’t brand new and people need to stop saying well she’s fixing the interior so it is brand new. no that’s called fixing up or repairing. brand new means NEW, CUSTOM BUILT, FRESH, RECENTLY MADE.

      she could’ve used many words like “we’re repairing our dream home”. “i’m redecorating it”,” the inside needs alot of repairs but it’s coming along”. anything but saying they’re “building their home” and” it’s a work in progress”.she never gives the full story and half embellishes.

      • SO you wanted her to lie?? She bought a home that was started by a custom builder who went bankrupt.. she has to finish the construction and will be putting up walls, fixtures, toilets, alrams, etc etc.. yet you expected her to tell the world im redoing this home that only had a structure.. DIDNT EVEN HAVE WINDOWS! SO ya, she is BUILDING her home!

        • so i wanted her to lie? where in my post did i say i wanted her to lie? she’s been lying and pretending to be rich. she’s not building her home. she’s renovating it!! yeah why not be honest and say i bought a home in foreclosure and i’m repairing it. when people flips homes are they building a new home or repairing it?? same thing. she purposely mixes up her words and embellishes. then when she is caught she wants to claim that everyone misunderstood and getting the facts wrong. well, everyone is getting the facts wrong because she lies!!

          • She is not renovating it. Renovating a home is implying the home was already finished and you need to fix it up.. This home was not built. The home was started by a custom builder. It had the NEW brick structure and thats ALL. She has to finish building it, put in walls that were never there.. windows that were never there.. garage doors wiring, plumbing, garage doors etc.. do you not see how thats very different from renovating? What Candi did is renovating…she bouht a home that was finished and ready to move into.. she went in and had renovating done to suit her style and taste.

            That is NOT what Kim did. Nothing wrong with what either one of them did with either house… I just dont see it as Kim “Lying”

          • home is already built just didn’t have everything finished inside. so she isn’t building her home and more like renovanting means, fixing, repair, making new, restoring etc. that is what it sounds like she is doing. we can go back and forth all day. we can go on and on about what she meant by “building her dream home”. you’re gonna believe your angelic nurse is honest and i’m gonna believe she embellishes to make herself look good. really why everyone is annoyed with her because she always exaggerates and because she slammed kandi about her home and talking crap about how it looks when she’s in the same position. she’s basically being a hypocrite.

          • So she’s a hypocrite! Whom on these shows isn’t at this point? She exaggerates. Whom on this show doesn’t? My point here (once again, not a Kim fan) is that we hold these peoples feet to the fire over the lamest things. A tweet only leaves so much room for explanation. In my opinion, lying to Bravo to get a spot…introducing a relationship that is not real, attempting to destroy relationships and then inducing fake drama for the sake of creating a reality persona (Like Kenya or Melissa)is a hell of a lot more concerning than exaggerating your financial status or standing. ALL of these women try and appear above the fray. Lets just try and keep an even perspective and not hold one to rules that we don’t hold for others. They all do it. Kim just does it with a wig on.. My biggest beef with Kim was her relationship with Big Poppa. It was shady. I like that she ended that. Frankly I dont care for her or her show. But I dont think this is riveting or ground breaking damaging evidence against her character.

          • no they don’t all do the same thing. they all don’t exaggerate how much they’re worth. kandi for instance is truly rich and she doesn’t exaggerate anything. for a rich person she is very down to earth. there are many rich women in the other houswives franchise but i do agree that many of the women lie about their lifestyle. this is kim we’re talking about and her mixed up words of “building” her home. i feel like out of all the women on the atlanta show she is the worse.

          • wait i forgot about kenya. so kim is second worst because kenya is number one bat shit crazy. kenya is taking her title.

  • She stole Kandi’s money, her baby’s name, and now her real estate secret. Kim would have never thought of this if Kandi would not have done it. She is a big spender and would have just built a new 3 million $ home. Kim, have a seat.

    • Her real estate secret? Lol Is it a secret that there are foreclosures popping up everywhere for great prices?

      • Well Kim is too stuck in her uppity ways to even have been open to purchasing a foreclosure until Kandi did it!!! Cuz, she could have done that before dumping all that money on rent and decorating and $40,000 worth of artifical flowers for someone else’s home. Girl, she may have you fooled, but not most of us on this site…..check Kim’s back ground…can we say “Honey Boo Boo”. She just started having money the last few years of being on her back with the married “Big Poppa”. Kim is not a smart business women that comes from wealth and knows how to make excellent business decisions and real estate deals. She basically got lucky by meeting the last babies daddy that had money, Big Poppa, NeNe and then Kroy. Kim has not made any money on her own. As her kids say, she sits around on her ass all day waiting bossing everyone around waiting for her agent to call with the next deal to make some change. If it were not for NeNe, Kim would still be with Big Poppa, I promise you that.

  • It is a nice home but yes she deliberately misled about the house.WhyKroy wants her is beyond me.He seems like a decent guy but face it Kim is all about Kim.

  • Sorry – not being a hater – but – i do not like the outside of the new used/forclosed house. She has been sayin now she doesn’t wear her wigs, no time to style them. Well, the pic of here in her size “4” workout stuff, sorry, still wearing a (shorter) WIG (ugly at that) and she said in TFTP that she would have lipo/tummy tuck. She forgets her lies – but that’s on film – she ain’t NO SIZE 4!!! So sick of her!

    • She plays word games. People like that are hard to trust, especially because they will lie for no good reason. She has no credibility.

  • I dont get why everyone hates Kim so much… She bought property from a developer that went bankrupt while building a home.. how does that make her a liar? I think it makes her smart

    • Maybe you don’t know all the details of this fiasco. No one is questioning it is a good deal. The fiasco is about Kim leading the public on to think she built this house from the ground up. It’s puzzling she felt the need to lie or embellish the truth.

  • This chick has done nothing but lie! Lie on her back, lie out of her mouth… Was it not just a little while back, she tweeted that they are moving in soon? Then last week, we get construction pics, now this? The season was filmed how long ago and still in the townhouse, LOL? Knocks Kandi but pretty much did same thing and then lied on top of it. Anyway, if you are so over the drama of the show supposedly and have to talk about how great and rich you are, then why feel the need to keep proving things with pics and stories? I really do not believe that many people care to know! The only people who act like they really like her, are people on her payroll that always seem to turn out to be the new best friend of the week!

  • I don’t know why she would lie, she actually did something right in the real estate world and just imagine the equity they will have in the house. Kim just doesn’t know how to just live without telling a lie. It is most likely because she talked about Kandi purchasing a foreclosed home and then months later she does the same. If she would just shut up and just live her life she would not get all flack…

  • OMG, I just can’t with this woman. She rather looks like a liar and a fool for building a new house at full price instead of admitting that she got an excellent deal on a fixer upper? why?
    Why does Kim has this strange need to appear wealthy beyond her means?
    Ladies like Bethenny or Kandi who have more money that she will ever dream of, made no apologies of buying bargains or never paying full price.

    Does Kim think that because she “insinuates” that the house is brand spanking new she would look better? I would think that she would look smarter by buying something that was foreclose and paying less that half the price.

    Whatever Kim…

  • I can understand her being upset. To her it is her new dream home. Sad about being a foreclosure but to her she see’s it as a dream home, remember when meho called Teresa’s home her redone home that was offensive so i can see why Kim would be offended as well.

    • Some of us would have respected, like her or not, if she said from jump, I got a great deal like Kandi! I got a beautiful dream home that just needs some add-ons! Instead of- how many months it has been taking to build our dream home from the ground up, everyone is so jealous, blah blah blah..just to find out that she lied , again.

  • Has anyone ever lived in the house?? NO. Has it ever been a “new” house to anyone else?? NO. So it’s new. Why try to pick her apart?? It’s just petty…get over it people!

    • The thing is this: she boasted about having a custom built house, she put Kandi down on TV about buying a foreclosed house, and she flat out tried to make things appear to be what they aren’t. It has nothing to do with the house at the end of the day. It’s that she put others down for doing what she ended up doing, and also embellished what is really going on with some half-truths.

      I like Kim but stuff like this is not cool in my opinion.

  • I would be singing to the high heavens on twitter if I got, even the shell of the home on the property, location I wanted for 3 million less, especially if able to afford to complete the constructions and choose the finishes. Wow! Lol. I would. Of only be proud, I would document the changes, and post when it was completed, or sell story to a magazine. That is quite a find!!!! Flippers, realtors, designers, developers do it all the time. Nothing to be ashamed or lie about!!!!

  • Kim and kroy are really go to be surprised to find out how the money will not go far! Kroy has a limited career one injury could be the end of a career. So they need to be very careful with his money. Kim spends a lot of money.

    • ITA…I have a cousin who was in the NFL and he busted his knee. Now his chiropractor wife is the bread winner. Kim better slow down before she has to go back to “nursing” Ha!

  • I don’t think this is such a big deal. Sounds like the house was partially built and they are getting a fab deal. Now they can finish building it to suit their needs and since no one ever lived in this house, in my opinion it is a new house.

    I suppose if you hate Kim anything she says is suspect though.

    To me most of the housewives embellish and unless it’s over something serious, I really could care less how she describes her home, new or half new or whatever.

      • Yah I’m w/ you guys. I personally don’t feel she lied about this and I would have said the same thing if I was in Kim’s place. She’s not my favorite but I just think this is getting blown out. This so petty. Unless she stated “Were building from the ground up.” which she didn’t then I don’t feel duped! I honestly believe they’re building their dream home!

    • There are blogs specifically dedicated to covering the housewives, the good bad and ugly. I don’t think anyone is hating and/or hating on Kim.

  • I’m starting to think Kim is a little off up there. Who lies about dumb stuff that can be easily proven?! She wants to be rich so bad. That’s a sign something ain’t right on the inside.

  • The lying is not new with Kim. She has been a habitual liar from the start… Remember her mysterious disease, and paying Kandi when she hadn’t etc..she lies with ease..

    I’d notice this about her long ago, but her crazy antics still made her enjoyable to watch for me…but her “stability” has taken the fun out of her personality and all you are left with is a lying, hating, crude, hypocritical woman – who I have no desire to see on TV any further..

  • Ok, so its not a ground up construction home, but if you go the website link above to tvfishbowl it clearly does state in the MLS listing that the house is perfect for any builder/buyer to create a one of a kind masterpiece, which means it probably had nothing done in the interior except have rooms and bathroom areas framed and drywalled but nothing inside. What does it matter if it isn’t from the ground up….Technically she is building/creating the home as she wants to, and not buying a house that was desgined a certain way and already had everything installed. I would say I was building my dream house if I was in this situation too.

    • Your questions about why it matters should be directed to Kim! There was no reason for her to lie and mislead people with tweeting a photo of the exterior when that part was already done. Anyone else could get a pass but not her with her lying history.

      • The question of why it matters can be directed at the people calling her out because they took it a certain way. If I bought that home in its current state, I would be going around saying the same thing, “I’m building my dream house”. Because she technically is building her dream house. The home was a shell that she bought, and all inside work is to be custom to what she wants, thus making it her dream house.

        • Anytime you have to use the word “technically” to defend someone, that’s usually not a good

      • I agree, the exterior was already done and the interior needed to be completed, Kim has been tweeting about his house as if she was picking the lot, pouring the concrete for the basement and such.
        If I was Kim I would had been so proud that I was lucky enough to find such a great deal, but Kim is a compulsive liar, so even when it makes her look stupid she lies anyway.

    • I agree I do not even know why this is an issue. This is just the Kim haters thowing a fit for no reason.

  • As a person who works in the construction industry, the term “building” can be interpreted in many different ways and is a term that is used loosely. This scenario is extremely common now-a-days. Many home-builders go out of business while building entire sub-divisions. Sometimes they’ve only got the framing & drywall up. Sometimes they’ve built the entire home. If indeed, there were no walls up, technically say she is building the home.
    Sorry to correct you Rox, but that would NOT mean this home is a fixer-upper. A fixer upper is a home that is completely built and needs to be renovated.
    Unfortunately we don’t know the entire story so I can’t take a side on this one. I can just offer my educated opinion!

    • EJJ, you are right. It is a loose term. But Kim knows this and being true to what we’ve come to expect from her, she is using semantics to her advantage and hoping we believe she built from scratch. Kim was never going to be honest about this. Kudos to those who found out and reported thw truth.

  • What don’t come out in the wash, will come out in the rinse. You can’t lie about things like this. C’mon Kim, who really cares. My home was just destroyed due to hurricane Sandy, and Me, my fiance and my son plus our friend are living back at my mom’s house. I’m not afraid to tell it. Just be true to yourself. It doesn’t matter how much money your home is worth, or how much money you make. All that matters is that you HAVE a home, to keep your children and family sheltered, and safe :))

    • Amen Teresa ! I wish you guys the best of luck ! Are you going to rebuild? Prayers and hugs to ya!

  • It shouldn’t matter if it was a $800,000 home or a $3.7 million dollor home…how cares?…how many of us could afford to purchase either one?

    My real thought is: Isn’t her husband a
    professional football player in the NFL? I would think they can quite readily afford to purchase just about what ever they want.

    • Not saying Kim and hubby are rich, because I have an entirely different definition of what rich is than many people. But, my point is, how do you think wealthy stay wealthy? Not necessarily by blowing their money on anything and everything. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to.
      Remember Kandi’s new house is a foreclosure that she only paid in the $500,000 range. Why not make a half way intelligent decision and get a good deal on a home when you can?

      • I think seeing kandi’s house is what gave Kim the idea to look at foreclosures. She probably never would of considered such a thing before. Sad at all the money wasted on her previous dream home.

      • That was my point exactly…they can afford to purchase just about what ever they want… And they did!

    • Who cares? Kim does…she’s the one going around bragging and lying. And yes omitting information is lying. Kim plays word games. You can’t trust people like that.

  • Relax Kim haters! When you buy a used car, do you say “come see my used car” or “my new used car” lol
    No….you simply state “come see my new car”
    So when you gut and completely renovate a structure that just may be considered new to some people ijs

    • False. Kim is a liar and she got busted. Now she wants to say she has haters. I actually used to be a fan but all her elitist behavior and bragging is off putting.

      • I used to like her too but when she screwed Kandi that’s when I knew what a POS she really was. I saw a rerun of WWHL yesterday and her eldest daughter called her out for sitting on the couch everyday. She’s so friggin lazy. I can’t stand her.

        • Agree, like Nene says “Kim don’t work”. She is take care of by men. Her youngest daughers father paid a lot of child support and them big poppa, and they Andy of Bravo, and now Kroy.

          • WRONG! Might want to check your facts. Kim made more than Kroy the last 3 years with RHOA and her spin off.. Kroy is just NOW making the big money in the NFL but that money is spread over a 5 year contract so Kim is still making more than him.. It is about haters.. because people refuse to accept whats real instead choosing to believe whatever NeeNee spews out.

          • Girl, Kim does not work. Lying on your back making babies (the 2nd for big child support checks, the last two for potential child support checks and with Big Poppa for that black card, caddy, and to shop like the bill will never come “Thank you Big Poppaaaaa”, using your friends, and having an agent to negotiate deal off your reality TV popularity is not working. Like NeNe said, “Kim don’t work”. I never said she did not make money, I said she don’t work. There are a lot of rich investors that don’t work. Kim don’t work now that’s for real, boo.

    • i could care less if her house is new or not. from the looks of the pic it looks like it will be beautiful. the fact of the matter is, kim tends to lie alot and i wouldn’t be surprised that she would lie about her dream house. she always tries to act like she is living large and lapping in luxury. she claimed kroy and she were building their dream home and that simply implies they are building from the ground up and new. maybe she didn’t mean it that way but that is the way it sounded.

      • I dont know how that implys they are building from the ground up. She also said her previous house was her dream home and we all know that was rented.. The truth is a custom builder started the home and went bankrupt before he could finish it. Kim bought it and is finishing it.. I bouht my dream home 10 years ago….. I didnt have much to chose from. I had 5 model homes to chose my floor plan from…. does that mean its not my dream home? I think people just look for anything to nail kim on..

        Like… all the reports that shes been turned into the IRS for not reporting on the money that big poppa was spending on her? bit much dont you think? Wonder if anyone bothered to turn NeeNee in for the sugar daddy gifts she was recieving from her gross sugar daddy last season… what? no one even mentioned that!

        • now because she uses the term “dream home” that means she wasn’t lying? a dream home can mean anything. a house doesn’t necessary have to be custom built from the ground up to be a dream home. seems like she is fixing up this house of hers to how she likes and that is a dream home to her. the point is. she did make it seem like every inch of the house is being made. when in fact the house is already built.

          lol really gonna compare nene getting two gifts from a man trying to date her from kim actually making a living off of a married man for 5 years? it’s not illegal to accept gifts but it is illegal acting like an escort.

    • I dont get your logic. The fact is she bought a foreclosed property, which in my opinion is smart. Its a nice house. So why 1) lie about it being a custom built home and 2) Make condescending remarks about Kandi’s home being a foreclosed property.

      • Kim just can’t seem to help herself. Kim lies for no reason. I personally don’t think she can help herself. Kim lies so much and often she doesn’t even know herself when she is lying. Poor lil’little child. Bless her heart.

        Kim also things that she is better than the others, for some reason. This why she is always putting others down even when they are better off than she is such as Kandi.

        Kim was taking a dig at Kandi who has millions,thanks to her recording career, for buying a “used” house.

        • she didn’t custom built it! someone else did and she’s claiming she’s building it! how ignorant that you can’t get that.

          • Not true.. the home was started by a custom builder who builds custom homes… he went bankrupt. No walls etc… all he had was the land and a stucture.. Kim is in fact BUILDING the home!

        • I agree rukidding. I liked her most of season 1- the end.
          The lying, the childish games, changing story after story- enough! Says one thing in episodes, then tweets another with this house! After talking smack about other people of course.

        • Did you.see her how.she made her own mother use the porter potty or when they send the baby a card with very little money in it she didnt appreciate it .She treats her.parents.badly she the she a hot wiggy mess. Things don’t work out for you when you mistreat your parents.

  • Kim has been proven to sit on a throne of lies since the first season of RHOA. This should not be a shock to anyone. She loves to twist words and situations to make herself look better off than she actually is.

    • Roxy, why does this suprise you or anyone else for that matter? If you lie once what would that make you? ” A Lier”! We all know that a lot of these people lie and they are caught in their lies yet we still esteem them and give them the time of day. I am so sick of hearing about Kim. What would really be funny is if all the blogs and media outlets just started calling people out on their lies and then stop reporting anything about them, period! Without publicity they become irrelevant and bravo won’t recast them.

      • I second your motion. I know that this bitch spin off will flopp, then hopefully they won’t let her back on Atlanta and then we will be done with her trashy cheap whoring ass. She never wants to pay for anything.

      • What’s wrong with that? That’s the difference between real rich people, and wanna be rich people who end up in bankruptcy.

          • Agreed. And the income stream they are spending will dry up soon. So stupid the way people live. Thinking they deserve the world and not seeing what’s really important.

        • What’s wrong is that Kim is a lier. She dogged Kandi out for buying a foreclosure and then fixing it up. She is doing the same thing! She is just going to decorate lavishly before she moves in. Kandi is moving in a doing it slowly. I just can not with Kim. I need her to be off TV and my Computer asap!!!

          • When did Kim dog Kandi out for buying a foreclosed home? Kim does enough shit.. no need to make up stories. I saw her trying to give decorating tips and asking about the neighborhood because some other dumb ass told her it was the ghetto… editing cut out anythin nice she might have said.. im sure!

            Kim knows how to manage her money and for some reason that really pisses people off. She makes plenty of money off of RHOA and her spin off shows.. more than Kroy is making in the NFL not to mention she was probably storing money when she was with Big poppa…

            Kim is being treated exactly like Tedresa Giudice… Havent you all noticed there is ONE lady from every series thats treated this way?

            If Kim was caught on camera saving babies from a burning house , somehow people would blame her for setting the fire just so she could save the babies on camera..

          • are you kidding me say what?? why on earth did everyone think how kim and sweetie treated kandi at her foreclosed home was rude and even kandi thought so but you think kim was just being helpful? oh c’mon now. you have to be really brainwashed to not see how stupid kim was acting. she wasn’t being helpful. she was the one hating on kandi’s house, making rude comments and one racist one and judging her neighborhood just because her sidekick sweetie said it was bad. how is a neighborhood with mansions and a mayor is considered bad?

            now kim is being judged on her forclosed dream home and i do not feel sorry for her at all. that’s what you call karma.

            oh stop trying to portray kim as a victim because she isn’t. kim gets back what she puts out. i was a fan of hers until she started acting like a diva just because she had a song and got involved with a football player. her so called money managing skills isn’t why people are pissed off. it’s her obnoxious, shit don’t stink, greedy, lazy, hating, lying, i’m all that attitude that pisses everyone off.

          • Are you watching the same show everyone else is? She clearly dogged Kandi and turned her nose down to her for purchasing a foreclosed home….because she was building her “dream home”. Yeah right. She even acted like the house stunk as she walked thru. Good with money, really? You just spent hundreds of thousands on a rental house after finding out that it was not worth the asking price, on rent, decor, movers, $40,000 in artifical flowers, ect, only to be evicted a year later…..if that ain’t throwing away money, I don’t know what it…..Girl, that aint smart, that is dumb!!!!! It really does not get any dumber than that. Do you thing Warren Buff or Donald Trump would have done some bull crap like that….lmao. Kim is far from smart with her money.

    • Give her break…she’s still building on the property and it’s still her dream house so who cares if it’s ground up or foreclosure. How petty.

      • Exactly– it is obviously this is a house that is being built- it has beautiful views and it is a new house to them. I think they got a great deal on the house. that is smart thinking. Alll of this who is richer than who is just stupid. Who cares. This is petty BS. I like Kim and like her show- she is entertaining. I also like Kandy’s show– why does everyone have to be such jerks.