Is Teresa Giudice The Highest Paid Housewife Of All Franchises?! Plus, Who Follows Behind Her?

December 19, 2012 | By Continue Reading

It seems that every year we get a new article that claims to know the salaries of the Real Housewives on the various franchises of the hit show by Bravo. This new article from Star Magazine is reporting that fan favorite Teresa Giudice of RHONJ is the highest paid Housewife of all time! Following Teresa are Luann de Lesseps and Ramona Singer of RHONY, Vicki Gunvalson from RHOC and NeNe Leakes from RHOA!

How much does the insider claim they make per season? Star says Teresa rakes in a whopping $600,000 per season making her the highest paid Housewife! Ramona and Luann reportedly make $500,000 per season, whereas Housewife O.G. Vicki makes $450,000. In fourth place, allegedly is NeNe Leakes who makes $350,000. (Radar reported earlier this year that NeNe made the most at $750,000 per season!)

I really just don’t believe this. While I believe Teresa is definitely a top-earner, I don’t think she makes more than NeNe simply because RHOA is the highest rated franchise and NeNe is a bigger breakout star than Teresa! Jacqueline also tweeted earlier this year that they all get paid the same amount, but that could also be untrue.

What do you think? Do you believe this article’s claims?



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Comments (51)

  1. AO says:

    I hope Tre gets a big piece of the pie because lord knows she needs it to buy additional designer shoes, handbags, self tanning lotion, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, viagra for Joe, etc. I would doubt she would use it to pay back the $11m she and Joe owe to various creditors. Who else would go out days after filing bankruptcy and blow $60k on furnishings for a house they can’t afford.

  2. Alyssa says:

    Like Teresa, but Nene is the highest paid… I heard last year that she makes $750,000.00 per season…

  3. Jessica says:

    Whether Teres is or isn’t the highest paid, I feel that she should be! She’s lost so much for participating in this serious, and to a certain extent it has to do with editing of the show!

  4. JPG says:

    I hope so. She has a lot of money to pay back.

  5. Kevin says:

    If you bring the drama you get paid big I guess

  6. IRiSHMaFIA says:

    I wonder who the source is for the Star article?

  7. Laram says:

    Just Happy that the controversy is between NeNe and Teresa! Happy for them both, and for keeping true to themselves. Viewers respond to truth and hardworking women from these shows!!’

  8. jewishevileye says:

    Clearly I’m as addicted to this site as everyone else….ok….Jose, sorry I interpreted your explanation wrong. I really like your contribution to this site and apologize for the tantrum. I do blame it on my dear jewish mother who did not even notice I was on my phone reading this blog while she went on and on about my living in sin (unmarried shacking up) and that 31 was far too old to be unmarried. Our usual conversing. Anyway I was a brat. Sorry won’t happen again. Happy Holidays.

  9. Msthangn2 says:

    If teresa isn’t the highest she should be she makes RHONJ! But this isn’t true NeNe is the highest ATL ratings are higher & NeNe brought the drama but I feel teresa should make just as much cuz the jersey franchise is right under ATL

  10. Maru the Cat fka Sharon Lea says:

    It is hard to know, but I assume Nene is the highest paid. How else could they get her to come back when she has a NBC show too? Next highest paid has to be Teresa.

    Although, maybe as some are saying this is taking into account the % Bravo makes off of their ventures and Teresa has a lot of irons in the fire. Maybe this is Teresa’s salary, plus money made off of cookbooks, wines, appearances?

  11. Amanda says:

    I wouldn’t doubt Teresa is the highest paid housewife. I mean, really, how would Jacqueline know what each member makes? I’m sure NeNe makes quite a bit, too, but I just don’t see her in the headlines like I see Teresa. T sells stories; I don’t watch RHOA because I have no interest in it, but it SEEMS like everybody watches RHONJ.

  12. jewishevileye says:

    Thanks for the math problem jose. I don’t appreciate your pretentious explanation though. I am entitled to my own opinion as well. I’ve been reading Roxanne since day 1 but honestly lately there is an ugly vibe here. I’ll still read but going to seek out fun from more than just here.

    • Jose says:

      I wasn’t trying to be pretentious at all. You asked how RHOA was higher rated than RHONJ and I answered with facts. You said that what I had written was not factual and just my own opinion, when that was not the case. I don’t like to “argue” with readers because it seems tacky to me (also why I deleted the comment) and I am open to others’ opinions, but I had to reply to this one because I felt that you were doubting how reliable I was as part of AllAboutTRH. No hard feelings though. 🙂

  13. DLO says:

    I do think NENE is the highest paid HW…..but Teresa is next in line she deserves it!!!

  14. real Real Housewife says:

    I think Teresa could and should demand the most. If NeNe leaves Atlanta they still have a show. If Teresa leaves NJ they don’t. Plus they must make a fortune on Teresa’s ssuccessful side ventures. She is worth the most $$$ from a return on investment point of view.

    • Harper says:

      They don’t. Nene is RHOA. She’s the only original cast member left.

    • Free Kroy says:

      Its kind of harder for Tre to negotiate because she Needs this gig. Nene wanted to leave to focus on her Hollywood adventures but, Bravo needs her so, she can negotiate a higher pay. Plus she is gay friendly so Andy loves her. They don’t like Tre as much because Joe makes anti gay comments. Even though he means no harm, it makes things slightly worst for Tre.

  15. Anna says:

    Her sneaky sister in law is loosing her mind right now. Wonder what she wil come with to revenge Teresa

  16. CallingOutHousewives says:

    Nene is the highest Paid Bravo but only wants her but they need her..who would Watch Rhoa without her lol

    • CallingOutHousewives says:

      Not.. I mean..Not but lol

    • laur says:

      A lot of us barely watch it anyways, but that is why they, rhwa, now brought zitty, cratter face, greasy Kenya to the show….so we watch. Maybe she, Kenya used to be an acne man…just kept the acne…and now becoming a liar acne woman

  17. P. Long says:

    I don’t think nobody really knows this!!!

  18. Hell on Heels says:

    I do think that NENE is the highest paid but I think Teresa is 2nd for sure!!! I can hear melissa throwing a fit in NJ all the way from Texas! lol

  19. jewishevileye says:

    How is rhoa higher rated than rhonj? They had 6 million people watch the rhonj reunion part 1 and rhoa has never had ratings that high. I love Nene but she is not as much of a household name and I also think Teresa has a bigger fan base than Nene. Everything you wrote is purely your opinion not factual.

    • Team NeNe says:

      @jewishevileye …..Do your research…it’s all about NeNe and the RHoA….their numbers beat RHoNJ. It’s just not the’s the entire season.

      NeNe’s fan based is bigger than Teresa…NeNe is on a television show on a MAJOR network. Granted, I LOVE Teresa, but Sunshine do your homework. It an opinion based on FACTS!

    • Adaptation says:

      It’s pretty common knowledge that RHOA is the highest rated show of the entire Real Housewives franchise. I think quick internet search will confirm that for you.

      Also, I think more people know Nene than Teresa for sure. One, because Nene’s show has more viewers and two, because Nene really has been the breakout star. She’s even on other TV shows now.

      Teresa hasn’t had that sort of widespread success or that sort of view numbers to back her up.

      And Nene’s funny as hell. Just saying. :0)

    • laur says:

      I agree with all you have said, thank u!!!

  20. TeamLilKim says:

    The housewife who makes the least amount of money is KATHY Wakile

  21. TeamLilKim says:

    Well definitely Nene and Teresa Makes big bucks for RHW franchise both ladies are well known to the public and media and also for being part of Donald trump show and other networks and appearances (mags. Etc) both bread winners for BRAVO so I think Nene and Teresa both are getting paid the same amount $$$$

  22. Krystal says:

    There was already an article saying nene was the highest paid

  23. MAREHOOP says:

    It changes every year…Last year, it was reported that Kim Z made $600,000.00 and NeNe made $$750,000.00..hmmm did she get a paycut? LOL LOL

  24. yungmulababy says:

    I agree Jose. I def think Nene is the highest paid also.

    • Bridget says:

      Interestingly, Vicki G will remains the highest paid for the fact that she has seniority over everyone. I believe the others do, however, fluctuate.

      • yungmulababy says:

        Even though she is the OG of the OC, I have a hard time believing that she is the highest paid housewife of all the franchises. I don’t think the OC franchise is nearly as popular as RHOA or RHONJ.

    • Rebecca says:

      Maybe Teresa is now the highest paid because her kids are also heavily involved in the show and cannot be compensated. Nene’s sons are really featured like Teresa’s girls so maybe thats why Teresa is making more these days?

      • cr says:

        i don’t watch RHOA so i don’t know what Nene does to earn extra cash, however Teresa has A LOT of successful ventures outside the show i.e. cook books, fabellini, hair care etc. Does Bravo not get some kind of cut out of this?
        What has Nene got/done?
        Teresa is definately a cash cow and has been successful at many other ventures that potentially brings in a greater audience to the show and cash to the station. Without Teresa RHONJ would be bland as hell. Because the other ladies continually bitch about her on camera they have inadvertantly made her the star of the show.

        • dan says:

          Nene was on the Celebrity Apprentice where she famously put Star Jones in her place then left the show. After that, she was (is?) on the show Glee and now has a regular spot on the show The New Normal. She also designed a high heel with a company that Kim Kardashian is a coowns (slipping my mind). It also seems like she has some other ventures in the works.

          Clearly I love her

        • Dayna says:

          NeNe has character rolls on GLEE and a new sitcom called New Normal.

        • laur says:

          I normally dont watch Atlanta housewives, so I was shocked to hear NeNe Leaks, I heard make one million a season now. She is the highest paid on the real housewives shows. Probably why she acts like a a hole and works for her and now all the housewives r doing it too. However, before NeNe’s show there were others and those women should be paid more than NeNe bravo…what happened to seniority?????

    • Isabella Patricia says:

      Yes, Nene gets paid the most. $1,000,000 plus all her appearances, and she got paid the most just by attending the reunion. No one believed it when I mentioned it, but many reports came put which confirmed that Nene makes a whopping 1 million. It sucks how Teresa doesn’t make as much as Nene. She should be getting 1 million while Jac and the other clowns should get only 100,000-200,000 only because they don’t really bring much to the table except being bitter and attacking the star of the show.


      • Sue says:

        Nene is great. Love her. Unfortunately met Teresa and she was not warm. I was a big fan of Tre but sometimes its better not to meet these people cause they arent as nice as u think ;(

        • Dayna says:

          I met Teresa at an event and she was exactly the opposite. Very warm and loving. I had a chance to speak to her one on one twice and she was nothing but wonderful.

      • laur says:

        Teresa should be paid way more than NeNE

    • Javinia Anderson says:

      Teresa Giudice now makes $775,000 per season. You are all wrong.

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