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PHOTOS: RHOM Star Lisa Hochstein Before The Plastic Surgery!

RHOM star Lisa Hochstein has easily become my favorite of the Real Housewives and at age 29 has gone through some major procedures! Check out how Lisa looked prior to the plastic surgery below!

Personally, I don’t think Lisa needed the lips. I think she’d look a lot more beautiful without them. She was stunning! Do you think Lisa looks better then or now?

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  • She looks so much older than her age. I thought the surgery was supposed to make her “remain youthful forever”. All it’s done is age her 10 years.

  • What are you talking about she looked better before? She has been cosmetically enhanced in all of these pics! Find an actual before pic, and then maybe we will talk.

  • @LJ and CaT: I applaude your honesty and your willingness to share your challenges here. You are the “real” housewives.
    Having lived with an alcoholic for years it is hard to turn the trust on and off. I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe not fair but I’m human too. That may be part of Kyle’s problem. But I find her unlikable in general and Kim does need to seperate herself from Kyle until she is stronger in her sobriety. IMO

  • Is there a book or something they get to pick a nose out of?No pun intended.It just seems like everyone is going for the same nose.Call me crazy but I would not pay to have a nose job just so I can look like everyone else.I place my faith in makeup.I have seen artists do the most amazing things with that alone.

  • She’s a beautiful girl. She’s pretty now but has the fake plastic look. I think she looks so much better before the surgeries.

  • I don’t see much of a difference! Whatever procedures her hubby did are very well done! I think he just enhanced her beauty! She doesn’t look like that Heidi girl from the hills.

  • I think she looked like Nikki Cox in that first picture. She was a cutie pie. Idk why these girls do this. We see this a lot out here in LA too. So sad.

    • Nail on the head on her looking like Nikki Cox (who ironically butchered herself with plastic surgery).

  • She looked way better before the plastic surgery. That is one things about this series I have learned, plastic surgery isn’t really that great.

  • She’s beautiful and really seems to be a sincerely good person with a good heart. Pity someone that young feels the need to alter their appearance so much.

  • she was stunning before and she is now too… I see no reason for any of her procedures she was beautiful… but, as long as she’s happy I suppose

  • Holy shit, she’s only 29?? She looks sooo much older.

    She looked so much better before, damn!!

    Oh cool it Lisa, stop the procedures, you are going to end up looking like Jacqueline Laurita Ugh, YIKES!!!

    • Exactly what I was thinking! Her lips looked bigger before the surgeries.

      In comparison to some of the other housewives on other series, she looks pretty much the same as she did when she was younger. There wasnt a drastic change.

  • Wow. I think she had a very cute nose “before surgery”. I don’t understand why she did that. To each his own I guess. Whatever she had done to her face has aged her. I seriously thought she was around 38-40 (that she was closer in age to her husband who is 45 I believe). She does not look 29 or 30 to me. It’s my opinion but that nose job took away her youthful appearance.

  • She looks like Chritina Applegate (from her Married With Children years) in that first picture. She had a very cute look about her. Very young having fun almost cheerleaderesque vibe. The surgery aged her. She’s still pretty,in her earlier pics you can see her personality shining through.

    • I was going to say she looked a lot like Christina too. So much better before, now she looks just a little too plastic to me :/

  • She was so much prettier then. Her lips look much better then as well. Are those her natural lips? I asked because they look more natural when she was younger. Well at least for me because my lips are naturally like that and my 3 year old has Angelina Jolie lips. They are to die for.

    • I think the younger pictures are her natural lips. The new lips don’t look right, like the top lip is too big for the bottom. I’ve noticed with the women go do this to their lips it usually turns out looking disproportionate. I have the same lips as her too, I used to be made fun of when I was younger for my huge eyes and lips, but now I have grown to love them.

      • I have those lips too, and used to get made fun of too! Guess we’re the ones laughing now 😉

        I agree, her lips looked better before. I was disappointed in the scene in the first episode when she said she had a whisper of a wrinkle and told her husband he needed to botox it. When their faces are perfectly smooth with not even a crease it looks unnatural and takes away the “fresh faced” look that actually makes you look young.

        • It’s funny how sometimes the things we hate or get made fun of when younger (also had a bigger butt, not huge just a “donkey booty like Phaedras, and now turns out that is considered sexy) can turn out to be beautiful as we get older. See those kids were just jealous or mean. I’m sure they are the ones trying to plump up their own lips now lol. I agree with you also on the excessive use of botox with these women. A little goes a long way, especially if you are only 29! It really does seem sad that these gorgeous woman feel the need to change so much either due to self-esteem or man pleasing. I can’t get over how much of a knock-out Lisa was. She’s still good looking just wish she was more natural like you said.

          • I have a booty too! LOL

            I know, right? She was stunning! I think once they start they get addicted and don’t realize how they start looking different. And then when you’re husband’s the one botoxing- so it’s right at your disposal AND you don’t have to pay- I’d imagine it’s easy to go overboard. 🙁

          • Yeah I could definitely see the temptation having a plastic surgeon as your husband lol. I love Lisa so far so only hope she eases up a little. Cheers to sexy curvy beautiful ladies like us! 🙂

          • Lol Cat and Barbie! In Jr High I was teased for having small boobs relentlessly .I didn’t go to school for a week because of it. Well over the summer I went from 5goot and 32A to 5’4 and 34D w/ all hips and curves. I was no longer the “board” they called me. The boys regretted their words and wanted to be BFs while now the girls were saying smarmy remarks! Ironic but I learned no matter what people are going to talk. I had my nose broke twice so I’d thought about having surgery done for a while but I opted not to after a consultation. I really wish Lisa hadn’t! She’s beautiful regardless but there was absolutely nothing wrong w/ her appearance before! In fact I prefer it! The only thing I’d consider at this point is a breast lift cause these cannons aren’t what they were after 2 kids and breast feeding lol! Im a 36 DD and im only 25 so I feel like Im entitled to some perk lol? I wonder if being married to a surgeon has anything to do w/ all Lisa’s work?

          • LJ,

            Everyone I know who has had a lift is thrilled with it. Noses build character and make you look like you! But if I had a nose I wasn’t happy with, I would get a consultation in a heartbeat.

            Now, have you read Kim’s blog yet? It’s good…

          • Barbie Im really debating it. Im not happy w/ my nose at all. But Im really afraid of not looking like me when Im done. my husband and friends all say its fine. And theyre the brutally honet types. As for the boobs Im planning on it lol. But we want to have one more baby so I plan on waiting til afterwords!

            Yes I read Kim’s blog!!! I LOVED it! I really see the difference in her and Im so proud even though I dont know her personally lol! Im dissaointed in Kyle though. My sister and I shared a similar relationship where I would relate to Kim and her Kyle. She went thru some issues and it humbled her a bit. I just feel like Kyle wants to have that control over Kim and she’ll pressure and push Kim to get what she wants. I truly see a new Kim an Im hoping Kyle will embrace her and start over again building a new foundation for them and their relationship. I liked Kyle a lot until the Vila Blanca party. Now Im a bit disgusted. I think Kyle has a lot of self- discovery and changes to do herself!

          • So I may as well be honest, even though none of oyu truly know me. My family has alcoholics and addicts from both sides. My Mom has been clean 20 years. Her sister is active in her alcoholisim and so are a few of my cousins. Im a recovering alcoholic/addict. I’m 14 months clean. So thats why I take Kim’s situation to heart. I dont usually share about myslef because im still working w/ the shame over it. But basically thats why I get so upset when people crack jokes about Kim’s sobriety.

          • @ LJ congrats on 14 months sober! I too am a recovering addict/alcoholic who has been clean for 2 years now. I can relate to Kim in the same way as you. It is hard for other members of your family to really understand what we go through unless they have been there as well. I feel like Kyle is kind of like that. She sees her sister as a “failure” because of her addictions or so it seems like to me. It hits home for me because I went through a similar thing with my brother. I was sort of banned from him by his wife because of my problems, I wasn’t even invited to their wedding. That hurt more than anything to feel like my own family could not accept me even a year after sobriety. It is truly a hard road to go down, and even harder to recover. Anyway, I’m kind of off topic and rambling in all kinds of different directions lol. Don’t even know if I’m making sense, but wanted you to know you have me as a fellow addict 🙂

          • Congrats CaTface!!! 2 years is a lot of time under your belt and I aplaud you! You made complete sense and I’d like to thank you for sharing. It meant a lot. Its definitly not as easy as my family liked to think it was. My sister is a normie so she doesnt understand whatsoever. To her she couldnt understand why I wouldnt just quit. She was very ashamed and disgusted w/ me. But me and her have always had that relationship long before my addiction started. I think Kyle is like my sister where she likes to be the one in charge and running things. A sense of superiority and control. I also missed important events w/ my sister and family and always felt like I was on the outside looking in.I think now that Kim’s sober she’s no longer so easily controled and even worse Kyle cant blame Kim’s alcoholisim for their issues now!Kyle has her own issues she needs to address and work on just like we all do. Nobodys perfect. But CaT you and I are working towards those goals like Kim! And it’ll always be an everyday battle. This isnt something that will go away! We’re trying to better ourselves and fix our flawed behaviors,thinking, and issue and we know what they are and own them! To me thats more then some normies (My sister and Kyle) can say. I’d rather own my problems and try and move forward then be trapped in cycle where I think Im prefect but still so unhappy,blaming others, and never being able to become the better person I have the potential to be. Wouldnt you agree that the one thing good about being an addict is the humility that comes w/ it? It has made me more compassionate and caring and made me aware of my flaws and motivated me to do something about them! And your brother and SIL are the ones losing out CaT. They dont know what their missing. Clearly they have their own issues at hand also.

          • You go girls! 🙂

            I guess I’m a “normie” LOL I’ve never heard that term before! But I have a sister who was an addict, and my former roommate as well, so I have some experience on the other side.

            It is so hard because neither side can understand (at the time) what the other one is going through so it’s almost like a constant stream of misunderstanding. Then both sides put up their defense mechanisms and it gets even harder.

            I defended Kim all over the place on Roxy’s post on her blog. LJ and I, we connected on another topic, and LJ, I was thinking about you when reading people’s responses to Kim. I couldn’t believe how many people (even after reading her blog) felt she should go to Kyle’s party. People who have not been through it don’t understand you do whatever it is you feel is right for you to help you stay sober. Kim needs to be doing what is best for her, not for Kyle.

            I agree that Kyle is going to have to come to terms with that fact that they have issues separate from the alcoholism. If she accepts that, she has to accept some of the responsibility for their tumoltuous relationship, and I don’t think that’s easy for her. SHe does seem to need to control situations. I said in another post, I find it interesting that Kim feels so much closer to Kathy. I think she’s felt judged by Kyle for a long time. There are definitely some unresolved issues there.

            Anyway, now I’m rambling :). But congrats on both of your sobriety, and Cat, I’m with LJ. It’s your family members who are losing out by not embracing you, your courage, and your strength. My sister was much older so I only knew her as an addict for the first 15 years of my life. So for a long time I felt like I didn’t even know her because my parents wouldn’t let her come around hardly ever. It took a while for me (probably 10 years!) to truly accept her as my sister after taking the time to get to know her sober. For some it just takes a while to push down that wall they built up. They’ll come around, I know it. XO

          • LJ Thank you for sharing as well, and for your kind words. I know it is sometimes hard to openly admit these things, especially to people who do not know you. There is such a stigma attached to the words “addict” or “alcoholic” that can change a person’s view of you in an instant. A lot of the time I want people to meet me and know the person I really am, and sometimes that still doesn’t matter. I’m sure you know what I mean. I always say that some of the most intelligent, caring people are reformed addicts. Sure we may be pretty shitty when we are using, but most of us are extremely sensitive and sometimes that is what leads us to drugs and alcohol in the first place. That was part of why I started at least. Humility, as you said is an amazing thing. Once you have been on the very bottom everything else seems a little brighter and easier to appreciate. About a month ago my mother and I had a conversation about all of this (I was lucky in that I had supportive people mostly around me who took me to rehab and all that) and she asked me a question. She wanted to know if I could go back if I would want to never try drugs or drink. I told her no. The only things I would ever want to truly change are the ways in which I hurt people who I cared about. Other than that the things I have been through in my life have shaped the person I am today and made me better for it. I wouldn’t trade the world for the compassion and wisdom I have today. So many things have happened in my short 26 years of life, but I feel like I am a better person for it. You are right it will be a constant struggle our entire lives and I may make mistakes but who doesn’t make mistakes? 🙂 Congrats again on making the decision to better your life, and thanks for sharing with me, I love to hear success stories.

          • @BM Barbie. It is awesome to hear from people like you who have been on the other side of things. Watching my mom and dad go through this with me has been heartbreaking. It is so hard for the people around us, and you sound like a compassionate sister. I agree with you about Kim. It is very hard to be around parties and things like that where alcohol is everywhere. I am glad she did not go, if that is what she needs to do to be sober so be it. I understand it hurts Kyle, but maybe they could have a private family celebration so Kim is not tempted? I don’t know, but just wanted to say thank you for being understanding and your sister is lucky to have you! 🙂

          • @LJ, get a consult on your nose. I saw Paul Nassif doing it on RHBH and they have this sweet computer program where they can show you what it would look like. I’m pretty sure they can do slight correction without it looking obvious now. My co-worker had hers done just to shave a bump and she looks 100% like herself, you wouldn’t notice the change unless she pointed it out, but she’s much happier with it. I say do what makes you happy!

  • Wow, she looked SO much younger before. She was gorgeous prior to the work she’s had done. I don’t understand why girls get face fillers so early, it completely ages them. I could not believe she is only one year older than me when I read she’s only 29. She’s still beautiful, I just don’t understand having that amount of work doen so young when you looked like that before.

    • UGH! Why do all these naturally pretty women get surgery? She is still pretty, but I think she looked better pre- surgery.

      • Wow- completely agree with you! There is hope… (!) All these women, no matter how good the surgeon is always seem to make them look like a character of their former selves. And, they all look the same. It is really a sad thing for American women, because men do not really look for that asthetic, but it is pushed on them through porn and shows like the ones we all are glued to. Women think this is the standard. I prefer to look like a European beauty, or at least an American natural… I am raising my daughter the same way-NO plastic, unless it looks real!

    • I agree. She was gorgeous before. It makes me sad when naturally bueatiful women get all this surgery and it ruins their looks. Why did she do that to her lips??? She had the perfect shaped lips before. She’s my fave Miami lady too 🙁

  • Her lips in the very first photo scare me a bit. I think she’d be beautiful without all the extra things she does to her face but I don’t blame her for doing it. Thats how everyone looks in Miami. It’s like normal to them

    • wow what a knock out before. I mean she looks good now too but she was just way prettier before. Im not going to hate its her body and i don’t think she looks horrible but her face (espcially nose) were so cute before.

      • I agree. She was naturally beautiful before, but now her nose and lips are a bit much. Her lips are too plumped, and her nose looks wayy too pronounced like a drag’s shaped nose. Lisa is still beautiful, but I can’t believe she’s only 29. Whoa! I thought she was in her mid 30’s… Still beautiful, but I hope she lays off the botox.

      • What was she thinking! She was unique looking, and beautiful! Now she looks like an older, not so pretty girl, trying to look young. When will these ladies learn, getting botox too early, makes you look old I hope she doesn’t get “Elsaitis”.