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Alexis Bellino Was Almost Replaced By The Wife Of A Baseball Player; Demanded A Raise!

RHOC star Alexis Bellino announced earlier that she wouldn’t be returning to the hit show but it looks like she has changed her mind! Alexis was this close to not coming back on RHOC and was going to be replaced by the wife of a pro baseball star and the reason she wasn’t going to return is because she demanded a raise!

Sources tell RumorFix that when Alexis decided to quit, producers had Jim Edmonds, a former Major League Baseball center fielder wife Allison set to start taping the new season with the girls but Allison changed her mind last minute resulting to Alexis returning and the other housewives aren’t to happy about this either! They also don’t want to film with her.

Are you surprised Alexis is returning even after saying she quit?

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  • Alexis hair looks great! I have no opinion about her one way or the other. BUT,if she is a dumb as Tamra and Heather maintain then why would they attack a “low functioning” castmate? They things that they say annoy them about Alexis are mirror images of their behaviors as well. They all flaunt in their own ways.
    I used to really like Heather but she is becoming a little bit too smug for my taste.
    Never liked Tamra. She is not only a very angry person but she is also cruel.

  • WoW! Alexis is coming back, I see a good side to her but I think the other HW bring the worst out in her. This is going to be sad if it’s another bullying season. No one can compare Teresa to Alexis in my book. NOTHING ALIKE!

    My words are speechless im sick of seeing fighting they need to come up with a better series with better partys and more getting along. I do not know what to think about her returning. Blah..

  • Alexis is one of my faves , I hope her & Heather become friends , I also hope Lex comes back swinging when it comes to Trash box Tamra & Turn coat Gretchen.

      • I like her simply in a superficial way lol , She’s Beautiful and always is on point style wise. Besides I naturally root for the underdog which she became when Tamra and Gretchen made an effort to alienate her.

  • Great, another season of princess puppy party about her, not the children. I think they took her back because it was impossible to find another Dingbat as dingy as her. She fills the role of town idiot.

  • Nope, if Bravo wanted to replace Alexis, they would have. It’s obvious that the producers are finding it difficult to find new people who are willing to put up with the likes of Toxic Tamra and Her Royal Highness Heather. And the fact that they didn’t have a back-up for Allison tells me that they probably gave Alexis what she wanted in order to come back. Plus, who doesn’t do the show for money? ( well, I guess Heather doesn’t need it, but she does want the celeb status) Plus, it’s pretty clear that Tamra is the most cash-strapped. It’s all common sense people…

    • PBS – I agree with your points, this can’t be an easy cast to join. True, they all like the 6 digit salary as well.

      I’ve asked it before, but the bigger story is why did Allison pull out last minute?

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if Allison and her husband got talked out of it from her friends. Bravo doesn’t have the best reputation and they’re not obligated to portray people in the best light.

    • Your wrong and right at the same time. You see I agree that they are having difficulty finding people, but it’s more like QUALITY PEOPLE for the show. There are people lined up around the corner trying to get on the show but do they fit the bravo bill. In regard to Quagmire and his wife Dubrow’s, I think she wanted on the show because she hopes to push her restaurant in the future like Lisa Vander. That Winchester woman (who isn’t related) wanted on the show, she would have did it for even less. But they didn’t take her because they checked her out and things didn’t fit.

      In a nutshell they could get someone but they want a quality person.

      • Personally, I would like to see more people like Lauri and Jeanna added to the cast. Unfortunately, I suspect that Bravo’s definition of “quality” differs from the mainstream. It’s easy enough to find people who like to mix drama with their booze. The problem they have is to find someone who’s also willing to sign away any right to fair editing. Anyone with an ounce of “quality” would be smart to stay far far away from Bravo’s grasp.

  • Alexis needs the money. Her husband isn’t capable to taking care of his family – he’s always scheming to make a buck. His limited filming backfired = thinking it will make him look mysterious and people would demand more of him but no-one likes him. And she loves being on tv. She will never take a journalism class to be a tv show host just like Melissa will never take singing lessons. Once the show is gone so will they.

    • They gambled and it failed miserably. The problem with Alexis is that Bravo can plug and play any vapid blond stepford wife into her place. They had her and was using her and when her husband and her wanted to manipulate for more money (they have no money, he was in a high end store trying to get them to loan her a purse) they said okay quit then. She came running back and now they are going to give her the bad edit just you wait and see.

  • She bet not pull that bullying excuse no more this time she choose to come back bravo didn’t make her…Alexis better make like Teresa and fight with not giving a f*ck or shut up and quit….. And Btw i actually like Tamra Heather and Gretchen….unlike Mellisa puppet king Caroline and jack the joker !!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, I am surprised because she kept tweeting and tweeting and tweeting that she was not, she was bullied, etc…Must not have been all that bad if she came on back huh? And, demands a raise???? Gee, wonder what kind of stipulations she signed her name to upon coming back?

  • I won’t watch it this season because it’s completely negative. Recast it and I’ll tune back in.