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Gia Giudice Gets Harassed On Twitter!

For those of you who watched this past weeks Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gia was the main focus. Gia was upset that her uncle won the competition by cheating. Others took her sadness for being a sore loser but she made it clear she didn’t agree with the cheating. Something most 10 year old are learned not to do. After the episode aired Gia got tons of support but was also being harassed by one specific person who wouldn’t stop. That persons name is Collette and she is followed by Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita’s mother Bonnie.

Gia’s twitter account is monitored by her manager Maria. Collette continued to harass Gia all day on twitter. The viewer tweeted things like “Yay, Caroline!! Why should she and Jacqueline have been expected to cater to a BRAT? It is what it is!” following tweets like this

“Gia is hardly a child. She is 11 going on 40. The Giudice kids are disgraceful, all 4 r spoilt silly!”

“@TrueGia Gia, Do you always act like that when you don’t win a competition. Maybe sports and competition isn’t for you? #beagoodsport”

“Gia is awful. And all of Teresa’s fans are defending her like crazy. #blindfollowers”

“@TrueGia who is coaching you? No way do I believe you are in the least bit sorry for your actions. U r a very disrespectful young woman.”

After the episode, Gia tweeted, “I know that I was put of line by my actions this episode but you all need to understand that I was hearing a lot like my aunt kathy said!”

I think its sad that an 11 year old is getting harassed by someone who is followed by her aunt. Maybe RHONJ focuses on the children more than they should..thoughts?

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  • If someone is harassing her, turn off her account. Easily done, problem solved.

  • While I agree that no child should be bullied…… my question is….. Why in the world would a 10 year old have a Twitter account, most especially Gia knowing that people are hateful to her mom. A child should not even own an iPhone not to mention have a Twitter account. I would never allow my child to be on Twitter or even Facebook at such a young age. I think Teresa needs to re evaluate this whole Twitter thing.

  • He sure doesn’t, JanShe. You can see he and Melissa think of Gia as a pest, an unwanted intrusion. And as for his other nieces, forget it. He probably forgets their names! He refers to Melissa’s sisters as his own sisters. And Kathy, too. He has no need any longer for Teresa. He has moved on! Maybe Tre and Gia should move on too! Maybe they should get close to the Guidice side of the family. It just seems like they cannot be a family. And since Joey has a new family now and has completely moved on, so should Tre! Spending holidays with the Giudice family might be less stressful than the constant fighting and tension of trying to be around the Gorgas. Juicy said the same thing.

    • Sorry but Joe Guidice is a punk for treating his wife the way he does. I truly beleive that Teresa is jealous of his brother’s marriage. She loves her brother and wants him to pay more attention to her than his own wife. Joey Gorga that we know of yells or is verbally abusive to his wife. I feel sorry for Teresa, she does not seem to think she can live without this so called man, I beleive she can. Joe Guidice is mad because he did a stupid thing and can’t own up to it. Teresa needs to face the fact that her husband may end up in JAIL…. yea I said it…. jail. and maybe it is a good thing. Hopefully her and her brother can make up while he is “away”…

  • Jennifer, get off of Rox’s back already! At 32,000 hits a day do you actually expect Rox to police every single post?? Your computer has a scroll button you know?

    And Joey Gorga doesn’t give a crap about Gia. Gia and Teresa are nothing to him these days. Can’t you see that?? Teresa means nothing to him and Gia is just an annoyance to the Gorgas. What’s all this that he would fight strangers for Gia? Puhleeze. There WAS a time when Joey was all that and more to Gia. But these days he wouldn’t help them if they were dying or something.

    So please quit putting Joey Gorga on a pedestal. He has Melissa on the brain and apparently nothing else!

  • Rox,

    I am sorry, but how in the world is Samantha on this site. I do not like to even think of censuring anyone, but come on Rox those comments about a little girl’s body parts is just sick. I am very uncomfortable that you, me and all other readers are subjected to her/his debauchery. I am truly disgusted.

    Sam, FYI Joey Gorga would definitely be disgusted and if he met you in a dark alley you would not be coming out in one piece. You are talking about his niece and goddaughter by blood. You are not doing any favors for the Gorgas with those comments.

  • The girl is a child, f’chrissakes! Whether or not her mother signed her up for being on TV is of no consequence. Adults should NOT be bullying or harrassing her. PERIOD.

    • Agreed…… The ole saying goes you can’t take the heat ,get out of the kitchen ( OR keep your under age kids off a whacked out , money means more than my dignity show!). Other than that Honnie I’m witcha on zero tolerance of bullying of any age.

  • .

    Wouldn’t it be wild if they traced the ip address and ended up being a cast member or a relative of a jersey hw cast member?


    • I wouldn’t put it past them, and really hope that Roxi
      (this sites owner) does just that. If it is a cast member/family member Roxi should let us all know. Start a thread remarking on the vile idiot’s posts.

  • I cannot sleep tonight. I have been re-reading all the comments. I agree with the readers who say we should not feed into these implanted trolls. I sadly fell into their trap. I use to see people disagree respectfully.
    People can have different opinions but certain names like Samantha and Kate are trying to make people act like some of the immature housewives. Ignore them, if we don’t react they will go away.
    I want to keep this site clean and classy like our gorgeous Rox.

  • I cannot sleep tonight. I have been re-reading all the comments. I agree with the readers who say we should not feed into these implanted trolls. I sadly fell into their trap. I use to see people disagree respectfully.
    People can have different opinions but certain names like Samantha and Kate are trying to make people act like some of the immature housewives. Ignore them, if we don’t react they will go away.
    I want to keep this site clean and classy like our gorgeous Rox.

    • This was one of my favorite sites. I do not want to come on here with all that disgusting stuff whoever that was writing about threesomes with a 11 year old. Also something about her boobs. I have a daughter and that made me sick. Now you come on here and have to scroll through the numerous no point comments just to read good ones.

        • These people are poor excuses for human beings.
          Do not engage them, as soon as you do, they will keep going and going.

          “Silence is the greatest insult of all”


  • We are talking about a child who did not do anything wrong and this is caro and jacs fault for starting this whole thing because they decided to focus on Teresa’s child to try and make her look bad so they could get filmed. Someone needed to take over Ashley’s role.

  • Another hateful adult heard from! What is wrong with you people. This is a child. She did absolutely nothing wrong except get frustrated and go to the basement with a friend to calm down. The rest was the fault of stupid adults and animals like this poster above, who blame the victim for their abuse! You’re a sick individual! I feel sorry for you and pray you grow up before you have children!

  • .

    This was filmed last year…so Gia was either 9 or 10 at the time.

    People need to lighten up…Gia was being a kid.

    Jac’ mom admitted on twitter that BravoTV has has Jac to do things to put Teresa in a bad light…anyone think Teresa & her family have bulls eye on their back?

    • Does anyone think that others on this show had also been asked to do things that would put Teresa in a bad light?

      Do you think they only asked Jac or do u think a bunch of them were asked to do this?

      Bonnie, thx for putting the truth on ur Twitter…tsk tsk Bravo, shame on you….but we already had figured it out, Bonnie just did us all a little favor by blasting it on twitter…u gotta love the old lady and her twitter thumb, I betcha bravo does….lol

      • Perhaps, BGrippe has a few before tweeting.
        I’m just saying, like Mother, like Daughter, right Jac.

        @ – Pixel Dust, I wouldn’t put it past Bravo, I’m sure that others were asked as well.
        However, I do not think that any of the Manzo’s had to be asked. Caro’s hatred for Tre is quite obvious, as is her total domination over her Adult children. They wouldn’t dare to go against Caro.

        • JanShe, nice post! I think ur right about Caro & her clan.

          Also, on my above post I meant to type: “Jac’s mom admitted on twitter that BravoTV had asked* Jac to do things to put Teresa in a bad light”…Does anyone think that Teresa & her family have a bulls eye on their backs?

          edited: left asked off my post, I so wish blogs had an edit button to correct my typos…I need it bad!

    • Note – I understand some of you reasonable (reasonable being the operative word) people getting upset with the foul language. But, I say what I think and call ’em as I see ’em. Cuntoline and Jac-ass are awful, disgusting, shit balls. Fuck them, and the horse they rode in on. Which reminds me, they both look like they’ve been rode hard and put away wet, The Whore Mel too.

  • I think questioning whether Gia has a twitter account is diverting from the real issue at hand. An adult bullied her online & Jac’s mother and Melissa condone that behavior by following her.

    Just like I think it was wrong for Jac & Caroline to discipline Gia, since they are not her parent, it is not my place to determine whether Gia should have a twitter account or not.

    She is not my child and I am not her parent. That’s for Teresa to decide.

    My choices may be different than Teresa at times, but I respect her as a parent to make her own decisions about the raising of her child.

  • So Gia is so offended by cheating that she will throw a Juicy-Joe-Style fit, but it’s okay to cheat when pressing a dunk tank button with your hand??? She’s a terror in the making.

    • OMG i missed that part!!! Please do tell me more on how she was cursing and sucker punching anyone and everything that got in her way. What I saw was a 10 yr old having a moment just like everyone else in the world. i must admit i do have days where i stomp my feet just because.

      • not cursing and punching, but shes extremely rude and disrespectful, and i get it — kids act like that sometimes. However, her mannerisms are just like Juicy’s…. watch it again if you don’t see it.

        • Well, I say, good for Gia. She will not let anyone step all over her. Please, the reference to her Father is ridiculous. I will assume that you were 10 years old once upon a time. Are you the same person as you were when you were 10? A child’s personality changes as they mature. Gia was 10 when this was filmed, and behaved like a 10 year old.
          Calling a child a terror makes you look like an immature person yourself.

  • Holy cow! When I was growing up (as I said on the other thread) I was empowered to speak my mind – respectfully – to others. However, adults were not camera crazy and trying to stay relevant. In fact, none of my friends would dare misbehave because we knew our parents would be called and told. No other parent would approach us, tell us they love us (eye-fn-roll) or read a book in an attempt to teach us a lesson. Rather, they called our parents. When I got home, my parents would deal with me. Across the street my friend(s) were having the same experience. That’s how it was done by intelligent people who didn’t have cameras in their faces.
    By the same token, if an adult acted inappropriately my parents empowered me to speak my mind. I had a vague memory that my brother reminded me about. I was at a friends house after school. We were about 8. My friends mother chastised me for wearing jeans and asked me to change into those stretchy pants with the seam down the middle (anyone remember those horrid things)? Mrs. E. was not a nice lady. She often made mean comments about my mother working outside the home, etc. when she asked me to change I told her that my mother had approved the outfit and I’d rather not change. She told me I wouldn’t be able to eat at her table. Rather she would …wait for it… Feed me on the floor like a dog. I stifled a laugh and said, “ma’am I’d like to go home now”. I lived around the corner and was permitted to walk that block alone. I won’t bore u with the ensuing verbal abuse this “adult” spouted. Suffice to say, my friend and i were both crying as she walked me to the door. My friend must have been so embarrassed. I knew if I’d given her mother lip, my friend would pay the price. So I simply asked to leave. I never told my mother. Instead i told her my friend and I had an argument over barbies.
    Instead my brother told my mother (but only about the clothing) and my mom called Mrs. E and explained that I was allowed to wear jeans. She asked if it was ok for me to continue playing with her daughter in light of that fact. I guess Mrs. E had calmed down by then and she said I was welcome there anytime (major fn eye roll).
    That was that. No fight, no hyperbole.
    I never did tell my mom about the ugly things Mrs E said. There was nothing to be gained by lowering myself to that level. Did I want to? O yes! Did I quietly exact my revenge….. Wellllll….. Lets just say I always wore the rattiest pair of jeans with patches all over. With a sweet smile on my face I would greet her and jut as sweetly as good bye when I’d leave.
    We moved a year later. I never saw my friend or her family ever again. But she left me with my biggest life lesson to date: adults aren’t always right (or even sane). But when they’re wrong there are many was to deal with it. Quietly showing this woman how little she mattered to me or my mom was an important lesson for me. Because it became reality – her opinion of me and my family didn’t matter.
    O it also taught me that… U can’t hide stupid.

    So I applaud Gia. She now knows how foolish Caro and Jac are. And that lesson will stay Ith her for the rest of her life.

  • Well at least ONE of the repeated Twitter Harassers of @truegia Gia Giudice had their account suspended by Twitter. People filed reports with the tweets and Twitter got a clue. It was an 11 yr old people an it is against the laws of CA to bully a minor. Plus Twitter’s privacy policy says no harassment. This is a testament to the fact that People can see when a wrong is committed. I am so very proud, that our society is not so jaded.

  • I would like to say that whether Gia is 10 years old or 80 years old, nobody should be bullied. To bully though a child is absolutely horrendous and there is no excuse for that ever. Yes I feel Gia is spoiled but I would never bully the child. I wouldn’t bully her if she were an adult. I think it’s awful that anyone is bullying this child on Twitter. Personally I would not allow my child or even my teenager to have a Twitter account. I know it is difficult with teens because so many have accounts but if the teen was at least 16 and mature enough for her age that I think she or he could handle it then maybe I would allow them to have a Twitter account but it would still be monitored. I would never allow a child though as young as Gia to have a Twitter account and to be honest it doesn’t matter if someone is monitoring it or not, once a child has seen what has been written it’s too late and that’s the problem even if someone is monitoring the child Twitter account.

  • I agree she is 11 and harassing her is wrong. But seriously I was shocked at her behavior, there is a.difference from spoiled sport to being rude. I agree 10’s will take losing.seriously but the way she was speaking to jacqueline and Caroline was rude and disrespectful. Any parent would have disciplined.her on spot but she was cut major slack. Would hate for little girls watching her thinking that was ok. I was put off by that. If Teresa and her weirdo husband think it is too much, pull her. She is 11 not in her twenties like ashley or the other kids. An 11 year old should not be concerned with problems of women in their 30s, 40s or 50s or speaking to them like they are equals.

  • The site is so lame. Whoever runs it has trouble spelling, trouble dicphering the facts and also kisses Theresa’s butt. Follow the true facts on

  • I agree 100% w/you Sharon & many others do as well but are afraid to speak up because of Teresa’s rabid group of bloodsucking fans. Gia is a BRAT! Milania is a mess as well. Why does Gia even have a twitter account? If she is old enough to have one then she is old enough to deal w/the consequences. There is no discipline in the Giudice house & Teresa proved it again on Sunday’s episode. Also who cares if Melissa follows Collette’s account?! She doesn’t see every tweet!

    • Are you a Mother Annabelle??? It certainly doesnt seem like it! All kids are awnry and disruptive and childish. Why? Ding ding ding ding- Because they’re kids! To talk poorly of children and call 5 year old Millania a “mess” and 10 year old Gia a brat is foul. Shame on you!!! Maybe they behave badly at times but what kid doesnt? As a mother and an Auntie numerous times I know this!! If you can show me a child who has NEVER had a tantrum do it. But Im 100% sure there is no child like that. Your out of your mind if you think so. And if you think the other cast members kids dont misbehave… The Giudice children get the most air time. And the Manzo “kids” and Ashlee are quite the brats and messes themselves! Funny part is they’re adults now! But I have to say Kathy Walkile has wonderful children! I love her kids!

    • I think that is a little much. Twitter has rules against Cyberbullying minors on their site. Most States have rules about Cyberbullying minors, so let us all play according to the rules of the site owner and the State. No Cyberbullying of minors and let us not Cyberbully adults either.

    • Well Bonnie knew Collette’s account. She tweeted to it. Collette was followed by Bonnie and they shared tweets. Bonnie should have known better. Collette was suspended.

  • Omg this is heartbreaking! Who would this to a child? I can’t believe how caught up in this I am, one day I sat down to watch an episode with my wife and I couldn’t believe what these women were doing to their family and friend Teresa. Now her child is being abused. How is this ok? I had no idea there were cold hearted women like this in the world. This is so sad, I’m so disturbed by all of this. Poor Teresa and poor Gia this is beyond abuse, I hope Caroline, Melissa and Jac are pleased with themselves. 🙁

  • There is nothing wrong with a child having a
    social network account. My brother is 11 and have a facebook, and i will NOT be asking him to delete it. This is a tech world, and children need to be exposed to it (positively). However i do have issues with grown ass folks bullying an 11 year old…just DON’T…It is NOT right….Gia’s twitter should stay up, it’s been there for a year and no one had issue with it until NOW….BACKOFF all CHILDREN

  • These people are idiots. Several days ago I saw a nasty tweet that was sent to Gia and I tweeted asking what the hell was wrong with them sending a tweet like that to a child… Their response? “STFU C***”

    Really classy people we are dealing with here… being mean to a kid on twitter. I guess Jac & Caroline going after her is not going to help the situation.

    • Some of the women on twitter are total bullies, there’s a little group that love to give anyone a hard time, guess that now includes kids 2. Hint SweetBea’s friends

  • Can you imagine if it were Milania and not Gia that Caroline and Jacqueline were bullying (YES, THEY WERE BULLYING HER). I wish it were Milania, because we would all be laughing our butts off at what she would say. To Jacqueline, Milania would have probably said “YOU’RE NOT A READER, YOU’RE A HOOKER!!” and to Caroline “SHUDDUP, YOU TROLL” hahaha

  • It blows me away that the focus is on how a 10 yr old child handled a situation that she has been taught was wrong- cheating. Whether the field day was meant to be fun and games or not, Joe and Melissa clearly cheated. Though things could have been handled differently by ALL involved, it really is disgusting to gang up on a child. How about reprimanding the adults setting a bad example?

  • I’m having a moment here.. This posted above when i meant for it to post here.. :X

    All this fighting over twitter accounts is ridiculous. I have 5 kids each one is in at least two activies.. Every team or activity they are involved in has a twitter to keep everyone updated on events, practices etc.. not only that.. the schools have one! They announce snow delays, special events, school news. In addition to that all their Teachers and school principles have one.. by sons old principle also had an xbox account and would play different xbox games with the kids. The wold is computerized now. There are good arguments on both sides. The parent has to be the one to base their choice on whats best for THEIR child based on their values, views, beliefs.. whatever.

    I will not pass judgement on Teresa for her choice. Some of my children are on twitter some arent for different reasons and needs.

  • I am offended that Bravo TV aired this debacle. It’s clear that the producers have had it out for Teresa since she pushed Andy and wounded his pride, but they have taken Andy’s drive to destroy Teresa a step too far by going after her children in this way. Yes, Gia’s reaction was immature. She is immature. She is only 10 years old, so why should we expect her to display the maturity of an adult. Clearly outrageous screaming tantrums are acceptable, look at Joe Gorga at the christening. I guess that is acceptable. Look at Lauren’t tantrum in the kitchen. Look at Jacqui’s meltdown at the restaurant. That’s acceptable. So a 10 year old meltdown – acceptable.

    As to her having a twitter, please not that it is a monitored twitter. She is not allowed unfettered twitter access.

    • Hey claire! Well she can’t block anyone now because she has no Twitter, lol. Here’s one major victory for:

      #teamteresa !

  • Although I don’t agree with harassing a child, I also don’t agree with parents who parade their children around on tv shows and continue to get them involved in adult issues. Teresa does NOT have to have her children on the show. It’s her choice to do so. If she’s going to act like a spoiled brat, she should be prepared to be questioned about it in the real world. We are all responsible for our actions. I hope this is a life lesson for her since I know it’s too late for her Mother.

    • OMG !! I couldnt have said it better, if your”old school Italian ” a mother would never pimp her kids out on clearly a DYSFUNCTIONAL,embarrassing show & magazines for money(downsize,it works) I feel for your children. NOTE TO TRE: Is the money worth your children’s well being, cause it looks pretty bad now. Can’t imagine what goes on in school? take your little ones off the show, please !


    • Lisa these TROLLS are really getting me angry… in the world they can say what Jacko and Caro did is ok is UNREAL!!

    • Wow! Your posting privileges should be suspended w/that foul language toward someone giving her opinion. Disgraceful. Why can’t you have a reasonable discussion? This is an adult forum. I happen to agree w/Sharon. Also Teresa should be held accountable. She let her daughter in twitter. Gia should not be on twitter w/all the creeps out there.

      • Well Samantha needs her posting priviledges suspended as well. Have you read what she wrote?

        I think we should all just play nice.

        People like Teresa and people who do not like Teresa.

          • Samantha,

            You are the biggest troll anyone has ever encountered on any blog. You spout vile statements about children. You are very sick. You have the audacity to say anything to anyone on this blog after those pedophilic comments is beyond me.

            No one can condone your actions. Your POV is meaningless when tempered by your actions.

        • Lisaying does not get a pass for being disruptive on this blog when ppl are trying to have a fair discussion. Lisalying is a bully & make Teresa’s fans look bad. I come on here to read other’s opinions & give my own in a nice way.


  • She is a minor child. Have we all sunk so low that we do not recognize when to have empathy? This is pure and simple cyber bullying. We need to put our foot down and say NO!

  • Up till now the show showed all the children in a good way. They didnt exploit them for ratings. Teresa did not go into this knowning they hated her so much they would ause her child on national TV. She gets a pass from me this season. Next season if Gia is on this show around the othr cast i will hold Teresa 100% responsible. That being said.. NOTHING excuses what ac and Caroline did. They were not coming from a place of love, but a place of “i hate your mother” and it was obvious on their nasty faces. Gia could feel their hatred and im sure she has SEEN and heard it personally. I understand her being upset at even being forced to be around those fools.

    • THAT is the main point, and you are totally correct.
      Now, the other points: yes, IF they want young children on the show, they must be protected and show nothing like Bravo did this episode.
      Second: All of us who have children have had to talk to them about being respectful to adults and being good sports — MORE THAN ONCE, I am sure. Kids learn as they go, and are going to act out – poor Gia just got caught on tv.
      No excuses, Gia, but you really were bullied this particular time by a couple of morons: now you know if it happens again: just say excuse me please and walk away!

  • Update: We got Collette’s twitter removed!! Yay TeamGia!! We said we would and we did!! NEVER underestimate the power of #teamteresa fans! NEVER.

  • I’m adult and make comments (nice mean bad or good) about other adults. I don’t care how wrong a child is regardless of their age (8th grade&up is NOT a child but not grown either) you should never bash a kid. Not even close to being a fair fight! I don’t see how these so called adults could just bully a lil kid that breaks my heart. I have a 1 year old and I feel bad whn she get her feeling hurt. I may not have been a mother from long but I have grown to have a softer side for kids. (I didn’t really like kids before I had my own. But I didn’t dislike them either)

    Putting your kid on TV is a big deal because they have to go through the bullying and bashing but the parents must go through it to. Its hard to say I don’t want my kids on camera. When the show is about your family (kids and husband and your household)


    • Agreed. But I wish Teresa would have noticed what a teachable moment this is. Instead she told her it was ok to lash out because she had her feelings hurt.


  • Unfortunately, when these types of acts happen & get aired/exploited is only because the parent signed on the dotted line agreeing to allow their minor child to appear on a reality television show…….. It’s the parent’s decision & imagine in the fine print or otherwise, there’s a clause that Bravo has the sole right & final say to air what they want… The networks first & only concern is ratings. They knew this scene would bring controversy & in turn media attention; blogs; etc which end in amped up ratings. They did the same thing to Ashley/Ashlee & aired her in a negative light as well….. Makes one wonder IF parents of minor children should indeed give their approval for the child to appear & be filmed for it always appears to come with alot of backlash for the child which follows them through their life indefinately…….To each their own, however, I do respect the hubbys, (love or hate them), of a couple of other housewives who refused to sign on the dotted line for their kids, knowing that they would indeed be fair game…..

    BTW, I AM a Teresa fan, however, perhaps she & her hubby should re-think this issue prior to signing further contractual agreements…… JMO

    • Heidi, you hit the same points that I sent along to Paul Peterson. Until there’s protection for children who appear on Reality TV, or unless the parents have a legal voice in what’s aired of their minor children, networks will exploit at will. Because…they can. It says a lot about Bravo for flipping the script on Gia and I’m sure Teresa and Joe were shocked and miserable that Gia should be focused in such a negative light.

      Bravo showed their hand. Too bad they bit the tiny hand that’s fed them WELL these last few years.

      • Shouldn’t more negative attention be placed on the parent who put their child in this situation (for fame) instead of Bravo? It isn’t Gia’s fault and it isn’t Bravo’s fault. She was put in that situation by her Mother and she acted like a brat (which ALL kids do from time to time).

        • Suri, I don’t think that Teresa would have agreed to have Gia shown on air in such a negative way. Gia’s never been portrayed as she was in the last episode. If Teresa stays on, I think she now has a valid reason to be concerned for the way all of her girls are filmed and hopefully, she can address that when it’s time to negotiate a new contract.

    • “BTW, I AM a Teresa fan, however, perhaps she & her hubby should re-think this issue prior to signing further contractual agreements…… JMO”

      I agree 100%

  • Like I said minor children are off limits. Even Kathy’s daughter who is 18, emotional they cannot handle the teasing and bullying they will experience at school. I think the RHONJ did not help Jaquline’s daughter Ashlee at all. Boycott this show the fun and magic do not exist anymore.

  • Geez. She is taught as a child not to cheat. She saw cheating and got upset. Big deal. She is 11. So she has a twitter account. So what. So she is on TV, so what. The problem IMO is that some asshole adult felt it was ok to harrass an 11 year old. That is the problem. Not the kid having a twitter account or the kid being on tv. None of these women should call out any of the others for any parenting skills. Asslee has shown what a disrespectful loser she in countless situations. Pulling an adult’s hair; or anyone’s hair…really? What getto land is that ok? Caroline’s kids are all rude and disrespectful tit suckers. When it comes to each others kids they should all just STFU. Jacqueline’s mother is a complete and total lunatic. Seriously, all joking aside, that crazy bitter hag needs to get off of twitter. I would be so embarrassed if that was my mother.

  • SHARON!! If you child was harrased by an adult and she had no control over it you would not be saying that……wether on TV or off some grown ups just dont understand children and how a simple thing as cheating could bring up a stir of emotions. I pray your child doesnt get bullied like this when they act like spoiled brats because trust me at one point or another for one reason or another ALL CHILDREN DO!

  • It’s time for T to put her foot down and say no more…no more twitter, no more facebook, no more. And, if there’s a season 5 and she’s on it. Those girls should not be filmed at all. There are kids in this world who are victims of vicious and relentless bullying similar to what Gia is getting and when the pressures mount and they have no where to turn they end up committing suicide. I don’t want to see this happen to one more child. Gia has a LOAD of pressure on her constantly from this stupid show and it’s just getting worse. It’s time to get her out of the line of fire.

    • Actually it’s time for Teresa to go after Bravo. They are the ones filming and editing the story lines. Andy Cohen’s hatred for Teresa runs so deep that he’s clearly lost any moral sensibility.

      If Bravo hadn’t put the spot light on Gia’s tantrum NONE of this would be an issue. I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Bravo executives.

      • And that’s my other question….was there nothing else they could have used during filming that day except this 10 year old BABY? And yes, she may be 10 but she is a baby…Unlike other “mommas babies” on the show that can stick up for themselves..And a third question…anyone else notice the number of trolls on this blog since last week? Some of them are vile and disgusting in their responses. Civil disagreement and conversation is OK but really, some of the comments come right from Tom’s Riv…I mean the gutter.

      • I can’t even imagine the betrayal that Teresa (and by extension, Joe) feel as it regards Bravo. Andy Cohen used to hold Gia in high esteem and I can’t imagine that Teresa thought Andy and Bravo would ever show Gia in a bad light or make her the focus of an episode just to drum up controversey driven ratings and further the agenda against her mother.

        I’m contacting Paul Peterson and A Minor Consideration and if anyone else cares to do so, here’s the URL:

        • I will be for sure contacting well as should those who are complaining about Teresa keeping Gia from being shown. What we all saw on TV was Bravo’s doing. In Teresa’s blog she states that in Andy Cohen’s book he writes that they tape 85 hours of footage and edit for about 2 minutes for the show. They put it all out there for everyone to see..they exploited that child…Teresa does not get to see the footage.

          • Good, donnalee! I don’t expect Bravo to listen to angry viewers but Paul Peterson surely will!

        • I just got an email from Paul Peterson — he shares our concerns and outrage. Just wanted to pass this info along. 🙂

        • From one of Paul’s articles ( June 29, 2010)

          “Bravo said it worked to ensure that children’s hours of participation were monitored and that they didn’t miss school. “All children participate only with parental consent and involvement,” the network said. “With respect to ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise, the children are peripheral as definitionally the series focuses on the ‘housewives’ and their interaction with each other, and not their kids.””

          Bravo put the interaction with Gia front and center and she is no longer peripheral. Someone throw the book at the producers!!!

          • jerseygirl, Paul Peterson told me the problem with Bravo is that they won’t even admit the kids are working. They’re showing how low they’ll go, aren’t they?

            Bravo added Gia to the “derail Teresa” story arc — and I can only hope that it rightfully bites the whole network in their collective, vindictive, greedy arse.

        • If Teresa chooses to stay on Bravo after this season and allow her children to be filmed, then she is putting fame above her children like her brother and SIL. Anyone with morals should boycott this network.

  • Teresa loves her girls very much and I’m sure sensitive issues are discussed with Gia before filming. To think Teresa would blatantly disregard Gia’s feelings regarding topics like first bras or tampons is just ridiculous.
    Give this woman some credit…Please!

  • So she has no choice? So Bravo has the power to make them be on the show. I’m pretty s ure it’s by choice..her mother.
    Come on now who is the idiot?

    • @sharon……Bravo wants families on the show, that includes the kids. And the families have no say in the editing of their kids. So STFU you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. You’re just another slime ball bully of minor children. Why, because you hate Tre, so pick on her little girl. You make me want to vomit.

      • No Samantha you own the psycho title on this board and it is one that you will lose anytime soon.

      • bbmac12,

        I totally agree on both Jac and Caroline. But, what sickens me even more is the treatment of a minor child by people who do not even know her. It is disgusting.

      • I can’t believe what I’m reading. People going after a child and people cheering them on. What the F is going on? T should sue that bitch on Twitter. I don’t give a damn if she has an account at 10, that doesn’t give anyone the right to harass her. This is so out of hand and it’s all Car and Jaqu fault. If they had left her alone in the basement, none of this would have happened. Those bitches are after T big time and they’ll stop at nothing to bring her down!

    • Sharon,

      It doesn’t matter whether her mom let her on TV or not, the real issue is that she is just a kid!! Both of these adult women had absolutely no right to handle the situation as they did. When Gia told Jaq to get out, Jaq responded correctly by stating this was her home, but that is where it should have ended. Why did Scaroline ever open her big mouth? It had nothing to do with her. When a child asks for her parent, she should only have to ask once. These grown ass women are hypocrites and quick to criticize. I am team Tre, but will admit that she has said and done things that have aggravated an already volatile situation, but never to the extent that these GROWN adults have taken to excuse their disgusting behavior. For those who went after a 10 yr old on a public forum the way they did, shame on them. If there was a problem, take it up with the mother, as it is her place to handle it.

    • If Caroline and Jac were really worried about her, they would NEVER, NEVER talked with her in front of the camera. Don’t twisted, they came where she was, she was trying to hide her frustration…

      • I thought I would vomit when Caro told Gia she loves her. Why then didn’t she tell the camera man to shut down and stop filming. Then go get T to handle her own child. Bravo should be hung for this, they are stepping way over the line.

  • So I let my daughter watch the part with the tug if war and the basement scene..she is the same age as Gia..she was so upset that they were cheating and taunting the other team..she also said that “those ladies should have left her alone and got her mom” i guess they forgot what it is like to have a tween
    Also if someone was talking shit and harassing my niece on twitter,you better believe that i would never follow them whether she should or shouldn’t be on it…

    Please leave this show Teresa…you deserve better

    • Well then, that should settle any debate…. If your kids can see that what went down is wrong, there is absolutely nothing left to be said in defense of Joe, Mel, Jac or Caroline. Shame on them!

      And what sort of bottom feeding scum would jump on a child’s twitter board and write such horrific comments?!?!?

  • I do think it is sad that anyone feels the need to tweet rude things to a child. Especially someone who is friends with that child’s family member…very telling.
    On the other hand, if Gia’s twitter account is truly monitored by her manager and her mother, then wouldn’t these tweets NOT make it to be seen by Gia? Maybe I am not understanding the function of monitoring a twitter page for a child…it sounds like it is a good idea, but if it doesn’t do anything to keep tweets like this away from the child’s eyes, then I don’t understand it’s purpose.
    For your next question, I do think that RHONJ focuses on the kids more than it should, but I also think that is only because the viewers love watching these children. This is really the first time we have seen something about a child on the show that is so overwhelmingly negative and disturbing. Just watching parents interact with their children at home or events is completely fine. Watching children being baby sat by their relatives and causing frustration and chaos is great. Even watching parents discuss “serious” topics with their children like becoming a woman or sex can be okay, endearing, and even entertaining – if handled correctly. Unfortunately, we are now seeing the backlash from Bravo not handling this “storyline” about Gia correctly. They managed to insert other adults where it wasn’t necessary. They managed to make a child cry on camera. They managed to publically embarrass and humiliate a 10 year old child that did not sign up for that kind of exposure (unlike the grown Manzo children who each have their own contract) and nor did her mother. I personally love seeing the Giudice children as well as the other children on RHONJ (not including the Manzo “children” here for obvious reasons), unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the children are being treated respectfully by the network and because of that I would have to say that it is time to take them off the air. Bravo, if you can’t treat ALL of the children with the “kid-gloves” and respect that is due to them, then just don’t show them at all. We, the viewers, obviously can’t trust to make the right decision on this topic.

  • Bravotv was the one to include Gia’s twitter account in the poll. Teresa has disclosed this twitter to her followers…Why is Gia’s account not private?

    • Gia’s twitter account is monitored by an adult who blocks those who are inappropriate. Gia isn’t seeing the disgusting things some people are trying to say to her

  • My question for some of the not so bright posters here is…Why haven’t your mothers taken away your twitter accounts and put you in time out? Again, your attempt to discredit a 10 yr old speaks volumes about who YOU really are!
    So very sad!!

  • It doesn’t give people the right to pick on a kid just because they’re on TV. Don’t forget, Gia didn’t want the cameras on her, that is why she went to the basement to be alone. Caroline and Jacquelyn SOUGHT her out dragging camera men with them.

      • EXACTLY! Kids are off limits. I love G to the IA and my mom was wrong for screaming at her. How do you think i’ve felt my entire life with this woman?

    • Has anyone else noticed how much Jac. loves the camera? Every time she is on camera, she is either very dramatic, or, trying to be funny, (she is very unfunny) Reading that book to Gia was ridiculous. She is a very strange person.

  • This is just wrong. It doesn’t matter if Gia is on TV or has a Twitter account. This is an adult (who is supposed to set a good example) slamming a child. We know this lady is a nut, but children don’t have the experience or cognitive ability to understand that some people will say anything to get attention. And her Uncle and Aunt are giving their tacit approval by ignoring what they so obviously saw. Just wrong.

  • I’ve seen twitter take down full grown adults and reduce them to tears. I’ve seen stalking, harrassment, privacy invasion beyond belief! I believe twitter is no place for young girls and boys.

  • Why do you guys continue to respond to these trolls? They are obviously trying to get a rise out of people and you guys feed into it every single time.

    • Exactly, its become so bad i dont know who are trolls and who are voicing real opinions. Its silly lol But it proves the point that people are seeing the cast for who they are and they arent handeling it well. they cant withstand the heat as well as Teresa has.

      • oh good I’m glad I’m not the only one who is getting confused…sorry if I fed any trolls guys. If I don’t recognize the name as a regular I just assume it’s a real person with a real point. I’m starting to get afraid to reply!

      • No, people can post different opinions and shouldnt be attacked for it. a troll is just posting to negative things and trying to start fights. 😉

        • To say what? A troll is someone who posts negative things & starts fights? That would be many Teresa fans, so are you saying they are trolls? I’m not saying it but it sounds like you are. Just saying.

        • Omg Samantha you are on here 24 hours a day! GET A LIFE! Jesus Christ you’re fucking crazy.Leave people alone!

    • Some of the comments on here are getting of hand – it used to be commonly thought that if you couldn’t express your opinion in a mature manner without attacking and using foul language, it was a sign you were incapable of simple polite interaction… well as a sign of poor upbringing and intelligence. Do you speak to your loved ones that way??? PLEASE consider just not responding to those who attack and use foul language as sit only encourages them – they hate being ignored because they need attention. The majority express well thought out and well expressed comments………..okay, now I am ready and braced for the STFU comments, etc……and then let’s ALL try and act like mature adults.

      • You’re right. I would like to take this time to apologize to everyone i’ve offended. I know i called everyone horrible names and i’m sorry for it.

      • I agree. This is one of the few sites that is not anti-Teresa so they are trying to disrupt it. People need to ignore the trolls (but not the people who can disagree intelligently). Replying or trying to reason with them only encourages them to continue.

        • I’ve yet to find a fan of Teresa’s who can argue intelligently. Maybe you can let us know who they are? Because I’m just not seeing any.

          I think that many of you folks don’t really know what a troll is but you’ve latched onto the word because it sounds cool and you just don’t know any better.

          It’s confusing to people who visit this site because most of the people who are doing the ACTUAL ATTACKING are Teresa’s fans, and just to make it even more confusing, they then refer to the people they’re ATTACKING as trolls.

          If you’ve redefined what a troll is, could you please let us know. I do so like to be kept up to speed on these things.

        • Dear Sammy, This is the last time I am responding to you. I take great offense when you say Teresa fans are not intelligent. I guess you haven’t read the eloquent posts by our Helen Wheels. Child, unpaid intern, sister, daughter, whoever you are, if you want a career in social media read Helen’s comments.

          • I’m familiar with the writings of Mrs. Wheels. She’s a tad too loquacious for my tastes.

        • Lisa, I love Helen too! She’s so intellegent and has the best ways of wording! Like oyu saId our Helen Wheels has an elequent wordings! Id love to follow a blog by Helen! This was actually one of the only intellegent blos I’ve ever followed until recently. We had people who disagreed but stated their opinions and feelings politely and in a civil manner.Now all the sudden we got foul mouthed creepers coming out the woodwork!

  • Sharon apparently you were never held as a infant or maybe just dropped a few dozen times on your head! Gia is 11 her family is on a reality tv show that does not give anyone the right to harass her, esp. if this collette is an adult. This women and you should be very ashamed, but more so this Collette should be brought up on charges.

    • I don’t agree with harassing a child, but the reality is children are harassed daily on the internet. Most of them are not on a tv show . Its our job as parents to decide weather or not twitter, Facebook,MySpace are appropriate for them. My son is 9 begging for one of those accounts but I do not believe he is ready to handle it. If the harassment is too much for Gia get her off. Maybe in a few more years she will be ready.

      • That is perfectly acceptable as a parent it is your decision. However, countless children are on social media and growing. We need controls similar to what we have on other Internet related sites where people do not stalk and bully minors.

        I agree that parents should be the first line of defense. However, we as a society need to stand-up and say abusive of this magnitude cannot stand.

  • Get something straight: Gia was not complaining about being on TV nor was she, herself, even complaining about the mean tweets she’s getting from people old enough to be her mother. Is she crying for sympathy? No. Is she crying for people to feel sorry for her? No.

    She, unlike majority of the women and men filmed on the show, actually acknowledged where she was wrong and addressed that she knew she was out of line. She’s shown more maturity at 11 years old than Caroline, Jacqueline, Melissa, Kathy, and Teresa combined.

    • Gia acknowledged where she was wrong and addressed that she knew she was out of line? When did she do that, and what for?

      • Listen whoever you are definately an unpaid intern, sister, or daughter. Gia was not out of line. God help your kids if you have any, your motherly instincts stink. I told you before stop with the name calling. Go to rt or lnc they like people without common sense

      • Check her twitter timeline, she def apologized. I know that Tre manges her acct, but Gia does write on it as well. It really does make a difference if you know WHAT THE FUCK YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!! SAMANTHA=DOUCHE BAG IDIOT! …………..that is all!

        • Okay, now, is THIS PERSON a troll? Because at any other site, the answer would be yes. But since he’s a fan of Teresa’s…


  • With all the family issues, I think it is horrible that the Guidices pimp out the kids to magazines for profits and raise their notoriety that way. I also think that kids at age 10 are very concrete thinkers – it is common to be over focused on fairness or not understanding adults monkeying around.

    No one should be bashing Gia on twitter. How about a word with Theresa?

    • As long as her mother is monitoring her twitter account, I don’t see a problem with it. And no one here knows for sure whether or not Teresa is. But I’m willing to bet my next pay check that she is…

      • It is being monitored by her Manager. She posted this last night “Gia Giudice ?@TrueGia

        Gia IS NOT reading ANY of the negative Tweets, the haters are being blocked. Those tweeting insults are wasting their time – Maria (Manager)”

  • Poor Gia! She may be 11 but that is still a child!! Shame on Uncle Joe for cheating and allowing that fiasco to unfold. He should have taken responsibility for Gia being upset since it was his cheating that caused it. Maybe an apology would’ve made the difference. Anyone that sends mean tweets to a child whether the child is acting bad or not is a bully, plain and simple.

  • @Sharon on………You’re a moron, shut you’re fuckin’ pie hole. You’re just another bully. Easy to pick on a kid huh? Disgusting piece of shit you are.

  • Give me a break! Gia was not upset she wasn’t winning. She was upset because she felt like some of the adults were playing dirty and it wasn’t fair. Don’t we teach our children not to lie, cheat or steal? Adults can see it was all fun and games but from the eyes of a child it’s different. She’s 11 and emotional. Last time I checked that is normal. Cut this little girl some slack and shame on any grown adult harassing a minor.

      • I don’t think it’s right for Teresa to put Gia in a position where Gia has to apologize for her mother’s mistakes.

        • I like what I have to say. I’m the smartest troll in the universe! 😀 I’m a horny troll too

    • right cause God forbid anyone say anything that doesn’t agree with you all. They must be Jac, Mel or Car’s people. LMAO

      • Anytime someone thinks it’s ok to go after a kid, they should how trashy they are. Bash the mom if you want, but be grown up enough to leave the kid alone.

        • Just like Jac and Caro went after a little kid without her mom knowing. Teresa still wasn’t aware of their hatred for her at this point last year when this was filmed. She thought she was among friends and trusted them. Bravo followed Jac and Caro to the basement where Gia was trying to escape the cameras, and they cornered her and bullied her. She wanted to be off camera and left alone. They wanted her on camera and defensive so they could take out their frustration with Teresa on her 10-year old child. Look back at the nasty attitude Jac and Caro had in the kitchen talking about Tre before this happened.


    • I sent Melissa a tweet once and she followed me…not because we’re close just to be nice I’m guessing. She had like 6000 people she follows…I doubt she knows the motives of every person. By the way Teresa follows about 34,000 people…I sure hope none of them does anything wrong because Teresa should have known better than to be following them.

  • I have sent Mel DMs about this person following her and to unfollow them immediately or I will block her.. and she isnt even responding. Ex Marco sisters fan said that when someone is mean tweeting or harrassing Teresa, she takes pleasure in it. I.E her hairdresser, sisters..etc. NOW when Marco sisters fan tweeted something in defense to Teresa to Jacqueline, Marco Fan was told immediately Dm’d to take it down!! Now she is sitting quiet on this attack too. I have seen NUMEROUS fans tweet Joe Gorga about this too and instead was only retweeted people only saying wonderful things about him. JUST SHOWS exactly what is the story there. They will probably say well Teresa should not let her on Twitter..its 2012 and kids start using the internet/ipads at 4 years old!! ATLEAST Teresa has it monitored. GROW A PAIR Joe Gorga and be a real brother and uncle again, AND be there for your wife and kids..ITS NOT THAT HARD to be a family member to everyone. Everyone can say all they want Teresa is the naive one in the gorga family but her brother cant even figure that out and she is doing great things so please ok..

    • Gia should not be on twitter, especially at this time. Poor judgment. It’s teresa’s and Joe’s responsbility.

      • Your wrong. DO you even have a kid no I can freaking tell you dont obviously so dont comment on what you dont know..


      • Gia has every right to be on twitter. It’s not her fault people are assholes. All of Gia’s friends are on twitter so of course she wants to be too. Why should she suffer just because there are shitty people in the world?

  • Teresa needs to put her foot down an get Gia off twitter if it’s even for a short while. Right now might not be the best time for her to be there. IMO it’s useless to say that it’s being monitored. Gia can read her twitter for anywhere, whatever person are tweeting to Gia can’t be controlled for the most part…so I can’t quite understand this monitoring thing.

    Teresa needs to recongnise that she’s the mother and she’s in charge…Gia is not an adult. I really love Teresa…but she needs to practice some firm parenting…she is going to have some hard times with those girls when they get a little older.

    • Wow. A factual statement concerning Teresa. Now please address your readers. Again, some people r turned off by the vulgar comments. U can make.a.statement without the nasty language. Other blogs have made a conscious decision to not allow it. Calling people names. I have never made a comment where I address certain commenters and say such nasty things. U need to make a stand now before they make your blog trashier. Not because of u but the language

      • I don’t think the poster is Roxie the blogger. But exactly what blogs have made a conscious effort not to allow vulgarity and attacking posters? There are hundreds of posters who get attacked vulgarly and people say extremely trashy things to others who don’t agree with their opinions especially on Reality Tea and that Lynn blog.

        • i don’t think its Roxie either, but someone trying to pretend to be her. Roxy is more diplomatic about issues.

          • LMAO you can’t be serious. why would I intimate the blogger of this site. I an avid Teresa followers love her to death…but I still have my opinion about this twitter thing. Isn’t it possible for more than one to to be named roxie? and the the blogger’s name is Roxane FYI

      • The poster “Roxie” is definitely not the blog host. Her comments look completely different than yours or mine.

      • The other Roxy has been around for a while. We all know she’s not the blog owner and shes never pretended to be. Everyone is so sensitive lately.

        • Yep! I’ve seen her on here for months and never was under the impression it was Roxanne!

    • Sorry Roxie, i don’t know why i assumed you were trying to be the owner of the site. My bad..Just seems like something Melissa’s sister would do. They would stoop to any low to make the Guidice look bad.

      • that’s OK 🙂 but again I love Tre to death…but that doesn’t mean that wont keep me from saying what I feel about certain situations.

  • So when people harass the President’s kids – they deserve it because their parents put them in the limelight. When children get molested by their teachers – they deserve it because their parents sent them to school.

    You are seriously whack. Children have no say whether they like it or not.

    • You may be right Jelly, but does not make it ok to insult or harass a minor. Don’t you think its sad and pathetic for adults to pick on someone who is not even 18? If the show stayed the way it was supposed to by Bravo, no one would be bullied, targeted or harassed, especially children.There is no excuse for any adult to berate a child

      • I did not say it was alright, read down below at my comments about this whole situation. I just think that parents should protect their children, and I am very irked that no one tried to keep Gia from being on the camera during her meltdown (even though she WAS disrespectful.) It looks bad for Gia, and that could haunt her when she gets older.

        Just like I didn’t like how Joe belittled Gia in that episode as well, the only good part of that episode is when they showed Joe and Teresa the dance they were working on.

    • Jelly, almost all the wives have their children on tv. Not all of them are getting this kind of disgraceful treatment from adults. You don’t sound like you have children or else you would know better.

      • *eye roll* Read my other comments would you? I don’t think children should be on the show, especially if they are having a huge meltdown. Sorry that I actually want to protect children from certain things.

      • Did you not read what she just wrote??? What’s disgraceful that she’s basically telling the truth? GIA is a brat and should be embarrassed of her behavior on national TV. It’s not her fault it’s mommies fault our children are a reflection of us! Hopefully she will see that episode and be embarrassed enough to check herself since her mother won’t do it! What is this little girl doing with a twitter account anyway? She is to immature to deal with this!

      • Mrs. Poole,

        So let a total stranger chastise a child who she doesn’t know because she feels like it. Great and do it on twitter. It is disgraceful and ugly. Any person over the age of 18 who goes after a minor child is terrible.

    • But she doesn’t have a choice in how Bravo edits the shows. Teresa has no control over the producers turning her child’s pain into drama for ratings.

      • It doesn’t surprise me that BonnieGrippe follows this bitch. She is a total psycho and a bad person.

      • Say what you all want bottom line; JAC and Caroline cornered that child and let the cameras roll and never got her mother; but JAC got a book to teach a 10year old lesson ENOUGH said. Even if she is a sore loser a brat which I don’t believe she is THE TWO ADULTS HER WERE OUT OF HAND; THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH TERESA AND TAKE IT OUT ON A CHILD THAT IS THE REAL ISSUE HERE!!!

    • You are right that Teresa should have protected her, but are we so low as a society to go after an 11 year old? I agree parents should protect, but there is a larger question about our society. Nothing is sacred.

      • Jennifer, I have to agree that Teresa should’ve protected her more. First thing first, in my opinion, no twitter for an eleven year old, I don’t care if the Pope himself is monitoring it. NO. My mama always says, that all the stuff that’s out here now will be here in five or ten years. Enjoy the age that you’re at now.

        But you cannot right a wrong with another wrong. It was wrong for Gia to be speaking to adults the way that she was, but I found it wrong for Caroline to speak to Gia the way that she did. Its obvious that Caroline is fed it with Teresa and she was letting it show with the tone she took with Gia. I honestly didn’t see much that teresa was doing wring because she was telling Gia to mind her manners and be respectful. But this could’ve all been avoided with no Twitter, or at least a private account. JUST MY OPINION.

      • Here’s what I’m wondering. How long is it going to take you to take this story and somehow turn it into a conversation about how Caroline and Jaq bullied Gia? I can see it coming down Main Street.

        I can’t wait to see how you pull this off. 😀

    • Apologies Jelly! I meant I thought you were right in re to comment above about “parents have a choice..”

      • Alright Sam that is purely disgusting. I do not care, if it is said in jest. That is sick. You want people to think of you as a pedophile? Because that is the kind of statement that gets people talking. Sick. It can NEVER be funny.

        I know you are not a mother. No mother jokes like that EVER. Please crawl under your rock before you are on ABC’s To Catch A Predator.

        Sick an revolting humor.

      • Duuuuuuuuude ~ You are one fucked up little fucker. A relative of Teresa’s? Or is this Psycho Joe?

    • I keep listening to Melissa’s song on repeat 😀 Melissa looked hot in her short shorts 😀 Almost as hot as Gia when she was trying on little boobie bras. Yummy

      • I take it back. I don’t think you’re unpaid interns. I think your some of Teresa’s deadbeat relatives.

      • It’s 2am in Jersey you sick fuck “samantha” Teresas family are fucking sleeping and it is Joes birthday. You are so disgusting I am sick to my stomach. This blog used to be fun and nice. thanks for ruining what used to be my favorite blog you sick fuck. Don’t you dare blame this shit on teresas family. Sick fuck. Joe Giudice would ring your neck for talking about his baby like that! Disgusting.

      • Samantha,

        On any website at this point and with those words that scream of pedophilia you would be blocked and IP reported to the FBI’s online task force for Internet predators.

        Your jokes are not funny. No one jokes like that. I hope you are censured.

        Rox please do something because we do not need to be subject to this sort of depravation.

        • Don’t you worry about a thing. The person who has been using my name to make these remarks (with your assistance, it seems), has been reported.

        • And do you know what else? Even if you (Jennifer) and the OTHER Samantha continue to harass me like this, Gia STILL can’t act worth a damn. (I’m sorry, but that “I’m Becoming a Woman Now” scene was pretty awful LOL!)

        • Samantha the only person continually harrassing people on this site is you. You are on here night and day. And now because you don’t want to get in trouble you are saying there is another Samantha? I guess another mystery Samantha was up at 2 in the morning writing comments the same time as you. I don’t think so . I really hope everyone has learned their lesson responding to you in any way. There is something very wrong with you, get help. And please for the love of God go away.

        • Samantha your obsession with ridiculing Gia (an 11 year old child) is extremely disturbing. I pray you do not have children.

        • Is Teresa aware of this, too? That you’re posting sick shit about her own daughter?

        • Samantha,

          I have not harassed you at all. You have called me names. You have said unspeakable things about children. You are not a mother. No mother would say what you said.

          Rox you need to find this pedophile’s IP which should be attached to her post and report it to FBI online source for abuse of children.

          Go to Cyber Crimes for the FBI and place the posts plus the IP address.

          I do not know who you are Samantha, but you are sick. You are depraved and in need of help.

        • Samantha,

          You seem to be shacking in your boots. IP addresses do not lie. And, I know mine is clean. Are you worried because you said disgusting things about a child? You should be.

          I hope Rox reported it to the FBI. Samantha you are sick. You need help.

  • Get the hell out with that shit…fricken wahhh yourself back to the rock you crawled out from or the shore house bed you just rolled out of.

  • Why does Gia, an 11 year old have a twitter? Am I the only one that see’s this as problematic? She should a) not have a twitter b) if she has a twitter put it on private so no one can harass her cuase I can’t read tweets from people who i do not follow, i don’t see them.

    I don’t think it’s appropriate for people to say hurtful things to an 11 year old, even though I believe she was extremely disrespectful. I would never bully a child online, on twitter. It’s very childish.

    I personally think the kids shouldn’t be on this show.

      • Agree she needs her account deleted. I don’t care i a child is on TV by her “own choice” or her parents- MINORS ARE OFF LIMITS. Hope Teresa pulls that account.
        And nice job Jac and Bgrippe on your followers…..after you continually shut down/blast those ‘crazy pro teresa’s”

    • Are you kidding?! ITS 2012 my 4 year old knows how to work my Ipad better than my mother ok, atleast Teresa monitors it. Lots of young girls on internet with Mothers to busy working etc..

        • I’m 100% team teresa, but I’m not going to let that hinder my judgment on what’s right and wrong. Gia’s twitter account should be shut down. even if it’s temporary.

          • I am Team Teresa as well, I think Gia’s account should be shut down until she’s 13. Where they generally say “you have to be such and such age to have an account”, I know there is an age limit.

      • AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        My 7 year old helps me with online stuff because I’m a dork and he is brilliant. They learn this stuff in school.

        • There’s a difference between helping someone with the computer than having a social networking account. My mom would never tolerate it.

          • My 7 year old has a FB acct – that is fully monitored by me and my ex-husband since I can’t do it 24/7.

            We are all different in how we parent, no single approach is the “right one. We do what is right for our child as an individual. My son is autistic and FB is helping him expand his social skills – which is one area he needs lots of help in.

            Bottom line here is that people are responsible for their own actions. It isn’t Teresa’s fault that some asshole is attacking Gia – it is the asshole’s fault. Hopefully, the person in charge of monitoring the acct has blocked the person.

            I wonder if Bravo requires them to have Twitter/FB accts as part of their contracts?

          • I have an ASD as well, and I agree that sometimes getting social skills from that is a good idea, but I want to protect children from the big bad world and I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. Especially after reading some of the stuff teenagers have gone through due to cyberbullying.

            I think that there is a difference between a child who is under the spotlight (like Gia) and a child who does not have a million people watching them to comment and bully them. I don’t think Gia should have a twitter because she’s under a microscope. And people get really intense and feel the need to say hateful things.

          • You’re ASD? Your communications skills are excellent and I’m not being flip…I mean it. I look forward to a day when my son will articulate so well. 🙂

            For me I simply think that her celebrity is partly the reason she kinda has to have a Twitter but we know it is monitored.

            “Gia Giudice ?@TrueGia

            Gia IS NOT reading ANY of the negative Tweets, the haters are being blocked. Those tweeting insults are wasting their time – Maria (Manager)”

          • Yes, thanks 🙂 It comes with time, I’m what people consider “on the higher end of the spectrum” though I don’t really believe in ‘functioning levels’ i’m sure you know what i’m talking about.

            I think that twitter could be good for celebrities, but there are child actresses who do not have a twitter, or really famous people who don’t have one. Like Dakota and Elle Fanning (I remember reading that they do not have a twitter so they can have a private life somewhat) and Jennifer Lawrence from HG. I think it’s smart for celebrities to not have them at times, so that way they get some privacy.

      • IT DOESN’T MATTER. I don’t care if a 4 year old knows how to use an ipad, or an iphone. I knew how to use a computer when i was 2! does that automatically mean that I should have been allowed to have a facebook, twitter account at age 2? Is that what you are saying?

        I don’t care if it’s monitored, I don’t care if I sound super old school, children under the age of 13 should NOT be on twitter. Gia should NOT have a twitter account.

        • And thats your opinon!!!!!! I have read where Teresa said it is monitored and therefore I think its ok 🙂 But then again your not her mother and I am not her mother are we?????

        • Jelly, your points are excellent here on this article’s blog! I enjoy reading your comments & you are so respectful! Breath of fresh air!

    • My 11 year old son has a Twitter account, as do most of his friends. Then again I’m not famous, so the only people that follow him are his friends and me (for monitoring purposes).

      I think that Gia’s Twitter account should be private.

    • You know this is such an interesting topic because of the age we live in. Social networking sites have become such a societal norm that it has reached across all ages. My 8 yr old niece has a facebook acct. and I was not too keen on the idea but it becomes a very sensitive topic. I think as long as the accounts are monitored by an adult it should be ok. But I do agree that Gia’s Twitter should be shut down, even if only temporarily as a result of this.

      • Even though we’re in such a technical world now, children shouldn’t be allowed to have an account until they are at least 18. It’s a shame that people are speaking that way to a 10 year old. I mean how big a boy do you think you are!? (Roy d mercer reference) children should not be allowed unless monitored 24/7. Especially with all the sicko’s there are out in this world. I would take great offense if someone ever talked to my daughter that way, and she’s only 2 1/2 at the moment.

    • Gia’s twitter account is monitored by a manager. Gia didn’t see any of those harassing tweets because the adult monitor didn’t let her. Teresa isn’t an idiot. She knows she can’t trust the public to be nice to her child and she knows that not everyone is going to take into consideration that Gia is only 11 years old. So all those people who felt good about themselves for being mean to an 11 year old can now go scratch

      • All this fighting over twitter accounts is ridiculous. I have 5 kids each one is in at least two activies.. Every team or activity they are involved in has a twitter to keep everyone updated on events, practices etc.. not only that.. the schools have one! They announce snow delays, special events, school news. In addition to that all their Teachers and school principles have one.. by sons old principle also had an xbox account and would play different xbox games with the kids. The wold is computerized now. There are good arguments on both sides. The parent has to be the one to base their choice on whats best for THEIR child based on their values, views, beliefs.. whatever.

        I will not pass judgement on Teresa for her choice. Some of my children are on twitter some arent for different reasons and needs.

      • I agree with most of what you said except the part about Teresa not being an idiot.

    • I think Teresa made it clear that Gia’s tweets are monitored when Gia joined twitter. They probably have a full-time cyber assistant. I mean, they’re aware that a lot of sick loons get obsessed with the housewife shows and wouldn’t be above harassing little kids.

    • How was Gia disrespectful? She was upset, went into the BASEMENT away from everyone including the camera and wanted to vent to her friend. Caroline and Jacquelyn SOUGHT her out with camera men in tow to ‘discipline’ her. She wanted to be alone and they weren’t having it. I would never approach a child that was upset and handling it herself, like she should be, and then try to expose her on the camera as well. I don’t blame Gia for being upset with them. An adult wouldn’t have tolerated this, why would we expect a child to. I think Gia knew that Jacquelyn and Caroline were not coming from a place of love. If Gia ran into the kitchen where Caroline was and started screaming and throwing a fit then Caroline would be in a position to have to deal with Gia, but the fact is, Gia was off on her own and didn’t approach Caroline with her problem, she didn’t want Caroline’s advice and Caroline had no right to seek her out to ‘fix’ anything.

      • She told Jacqueline to leave, when in fact she was not at her house at all. You do not tell an adult to “Go away” or whatever tone of word she used, that’s disrespectful, saying you don’t want to be there is rude as well. That is what I was taught, and I do not understand certain social rules unless they are explained to me and those two social rules were explained early on.

        I think Jacqueline had good intentions, but Caroline did not.

        • Well, to me Jacquelyn was being immature. When you stoop to acting like a child, kids tend to not have as much respect for you. Gia was upset and told Jacquelyn that her team was cheating…. Jacquelyn laughed in her face and that’s when Gia said if you think its funny then why don’t you just go outside. In other words… ‘if you aren’t here to talk to me about what is upsetting me than why are you here?’ Those women went to Gia because she was upset, but not to make her feel better but to make fun of her or at least put her in a bad light for being a ‘poor sport’. Gia didn’t go to them. When someone is upset and you invade their privacy, not to talk it over and make them feel better, but to put them on camera and make them look foolish how would one expect them to react. I don’t know, I just picture being in Gia’s shoes and I know how I would feel and react.

          • Why didn’t Teresa do something about it when they were outside???? She was on the other team and didn’t care too much. If Teresa had any common sense, she would have seen how upset Gia was and made sure she talked to her until she was alright.

      • Exactly! I bet Gia felt ganged up on like her mom does. I don’t know why DonCaro or Jac thought it appropriate to talk to her that way. They should have just went and got Teresa and let her take care of her own child. Even though I’m not a fan of Kathy, she was able to speak nicely and calmly to Gia and diffuse the situation. She’s 10 years old! Almost every kid is competitive at that age (I was and still am) and she did see her uncle cheat. But since it was Joe Gorga, it was ok with everyone. If it was Juicy Joe, there probably would have been a huge fight!

      • @annah, I basically said the same thing in another blog. Gia made her own time out, and those two bullies followed her and antagonized her into yelling (not screaming). The poor child was begging for her Mom. How superior Cuntoline and Jac-ass must have felt trapping that little girl in a corner, than destroying her, with their fuckin’ learning lessons. Fuck them.

  • I think it’s terrible that someone is harrassing a 10 yr old on twitter , BUT i’m also going to add that a 10 yr old should not be on twitter or anywhere else on the web , monitored or not. I’m TeamTeresa all the way , but I have to speak how I really feel. Keep these young kids off the web.

      • True, but that still does not make it ok which Im sure you agree with? And its not her twitter’s fault she is harassed- even though it gives an open door for jerkoffs to do so

      • Nor should she be shopping for bras and talking about tampons on tv also. She is too young

        • *LOL* well then I am must be the worst Grandmom ever because I got my 5 year old granddaughter the smallest bra out there because she sees the dancers on Dance Moms with them and she wanted to be like them and her mom wears one so she wanted to be like her. She loved that Gia was getting a bra like her. To my granddaughter, her bra is no different than a bikin bathing suit top. SHEEESH!!!

        • Thank you. I could not believe Teresa agreed to have the bra shopping on TV, that was in poor taste.
          Some pedophile was probably watching it and having a good time. Shame on Teresa.

          • It’s sad but what you’re saying is true. I work with sex offender inmates, and about 65 to 70% of the time they’re not somewhere lurking trying to steal your kid. They are usually let in from the front door. I do not believe in children having Twitter, Facebook, or cellphones before the age of at least 15. If you allow your kid to experise e drugging right when they want to experience it, theyll have nothing to look forward to. I might sound a bit dated or whatever, but from working with sex offenders, I am adamantly opposed to to helping some victimize me or my child, and unfortunately social networks arenone of the easiest ways to do so.

      • I agree, I think 13 is more acceptable to be on twitter communicating with the world or at least, set-up the account to block all incoming tweets. Just use it as a marketing tool to post apperances or endorse products or whatever is needed to satisfy her contractual obligations to Bravo, so that the money train continues. And her parents or management team should be the only one’s posting not Gia. Some people are cruel, bitter, and out right hurtful with their comments.

      • Why? It’s funny monitored by her manager, and it’s mainly to advertise her dance productions.

        There is no reason a kid shouldn’t be allowed to be on the internet, as long as there is acquit supervision/monitoring of use.

    • It is the mediatised society we live in. I for one don’t agree with it, but lots of children are online. My partner’s younger brother is 10 and has Facebook.

      I don’t think it is right, but I didn’t have a computer until I was about 12, the Internet was relatively new, broadband didn’t exist and neither did Facebook or twitter (I just realised how this makes me sound old but I am 28).
      Would I have has these things if they did exist? Who knows – if my friends did then probably, we all got mobile phones around the age of 13/14 when they were relatively new too. It is just one of those things that happen with each new generation.

      • Although I think it is disgraceful the way this lady has tweeted to/about Gia. I think it is disgraceful that her own Aunt did not speak out and stop this person. It just shows her character though.

        • Its disgusting! And for Bonnie to be complaining about how unfair and bullied her daughter and granddaughter are how can she even communicate with a disgusting person that taunts and bullies a 10 year old….HYPOCRITE!!! You granddaughter and daughter are GROWN!!!

          • This is true. Bonnie is hyprocrisy at its best. She doesn’t like people even discussing something with her daughter or granddaughter that might be remotely unflattering. However, going after an 11 year old girl is fair game. Bonnie will not only follow that person, but also converse with her. Whatever!

          • Sam,
            I know what a specious agrument is. However, here we have a perfect example of one when we say that Bonnie is a hypocrite that is where you fail in your notion and adherence to precepts of rhetoric. Bonnie states that Ashlee has been harassed by people on Twitter because of her appearance and antics on show. She says Teresa fans are the reason (questionable at best), but let us say that is true. However, when a minor child has been repeatedly taunted and BULLIED and two twitter accounts were suspended on that exact notion your argument false. Bonnie is a hypocrite. The argument is specious in your opinion solely due to the fact you believe it to be so. Perspection does not an should not color reasoning when using rhetoric, that is where you fail. You need a philosophy class my dear. Did you fail Rhetoric in College because with your lack of understanding on how to use a Sophism is apparent. You need to read some Plato.

          • Sam,

            Bonnie’s argument against haters was specious because Ashlee is an adult. Ashlee’s behavior on and off the show was horrid. Bonnie doesn’t even like comments about her or her daughter even if not negative, but only neutral.

            Bonnie is a hypocrite when it is patently obvious even to Twitter (henced suspended accounts) that adults were verbally harassing a minor, that Bonnie did not step-up and defend the child or admonish the haters which were people she followed and conversed with on the same day.

            Bonnie being a hypocrite is not specious. The agrument does not fail because it is not false. It is there for all to see, even a neutral 3rd party like Twitter. Sorry. Please go back to College because you failed Freshman Philosophy.

            Both my posts are correct and you need to understand Sophism. Again, read some Plato.

          • How about a straw man argument? And if you don’t know what THAT is you really should: It’s your (and a lot of other Teresa fans’) second language.

          • Sam,
            My dear a “Straw Man Argument” is when one misrepresents their opponents position. No straw man argument exists here in regards to Bonnie who is a true hypocrite. She detested how Ashlee and to a lesser extend Jac were treated. She stated that Ashlee was being harassed. She stated that Ashlee was repleatedly taunted. Therefore Bonnie dislikes haters. However, when it came to Gia there were repeated taunts to a minor child on Twitter. Bonnie not only allowed those accounts to follow her and followed them in return, but also tweeted them. Through Bonnie’s actions we see her hypocrisy. Bonnie is fine when it is Teresa’s family being taunted even when she has been told repeatedly what was transpiring. She could careless which was demonstrated through her response tweet to at least one of the suspended accounts.

            There is no straw man argument here you need to really take a Philosophy course on in Rhetoric and another in Logical Reasoning because you failed both classes in College and/or HS. Sorry you are wrong. Again.

            Further, there were so many tweets that even Twitter suspended TWO accounts. It is right on twitter if you click tweet strings that have the suspended accts it will read “Account Suspended.” Those accounts were suspended because they harassed a minor child. They bullied Gia. Even Twitter a neutral 3rd party recognized this.

          • Seriously, Jennifer. Don’t you feel just a little bit foolish being so emotionally invested in this? It’s Teresa Giudice, for Christ’s sake. Wouldn’t your energy be put to better use defending someone (or something) worthwhile?

      • Yup! Where were all the complaints with him having one? Its ok with the boobie pics though, because they monitored it? And talked about it on camera? He is no adult either! I remember months ago people were complaining about Joseph Wakile being disrespectful on twitter, and I do not recall anyone saying anything about it.

      • Also Kathy was up in arms a few months back about what was said to her son and she was right. Do not tweet mean things to minors and especially an 11 year old. This isn’t even a teenager. Come on! Some sanity should be a requirement to have an account on twitter and this NOT going after minors.

  • Gia is only doing what her mother has taught her to do. If Teresa keeps rewarding Gia for her bad behavior, it’s going to be a rough road for the both of them.

      • I guess you are stupid enough to have emotionally invested in these people. If you don’t understand how opinions work, maybe you should just keep your fucking dick-taster shut until you learn to play nice.

        • must be related to Melissa with a mouth like that. Her whole family if full of whores, with dirty mouths.

        • @lemon…….I understand opinions, so have at yours. Doesn’t change the fact you’re still an ignorant ass whipe. By the way I am playing nice. Try pissing me off and see what you get.

          • If this is you playing nice; what do you do in your spare time? Torture small animals perhaps? These are rhetorical questions. Take some time to look that up, as I am sure you are oblivious to the meaning.

          • Rhetorical questions – because you have no better things to do with your time? To jump from comparing a comment on this blog to small animal torture takes some real Mensa thinking.

        • Melissa need to go back to the Donkey Show she started in….Washed up stripper do not belong on the Housewives

          • I used to work as a cocktail server in Elizabeth…. and Melissa Marco wasn’t a dancer, stripper or entertainer. She was a bartender.

    • what exactly is that? She taught her that NO matter what she always has her MOM to go to and protect her. Like any child should feel. All children need that security that is what will make them a strong independent adult.

      • HEAR HEAR!!!! Damn right, and when a little girl is crying and begging for you to get her mother, YOU GET HER FUCKING MOM!!! You DON’T mock her, tease her, laugh at her, while pretending to teach her a ‘lesson’, by reading her a children’s book.

    • I have to disagree with you. Although she got emotional since she was only 10 at the time, I was proud of her for standing up for herself against the 2 bitter betty’s. At 10 she knew she was not being treated properly and voiced that. I would prefer my child to protest over bad treatment than to just sit there and take it. Just as much as kids should respect their elders they should also know not all elders have good intentions for them. Not all adults are harmless, etc…………… that moment I secretly wished Milania was there.

    • I am not sure I understand this. I do not believe it is appropriate for adults to tweet nasty comments to a child. I understand she is in the limelight, but she is still a child. We should have a rule of conduct where we as a society understand that.

      • No sharon we should agree w/ you and say so f*ck it lets just abuse children like its a sport. YOU ARE DISGUSTING!!!

          • This is about a grown women harassing a child on Twitter. The headline didn’t say what kind of child is Gia, or please list the reasons why you think it’s right for her to get those mean messages.

            I have a little girl in elementary school. Most of the 4th 5th grades or younger have facebooks and twitters. I see them all walk out the door grabbing their cell phones. That’s the youth of today. Gia having a twitter is a non-point. Some adults should not have access to social media outlets. See Jac and her mothers twitters while sipping the booze.

            Just leave the little girl alone. If they thought Gia had attitude I would hate for them to try that on my little girl. I’m raising a strong minded young girl who will not let anyone talk down to her.

        • I didn’t say agree with me. I never bullied her..I said I didn’t feel sorry for her. And you all flipped your crazy lid. When someone puts their opinion on here and it’s not in favor of T..people on her lose thier minds. That’s all I’m saying. Freedom of Speech is wonderful.

          • Sharon- So I totally respect that you have your own opinion. But whats not clear is if your condoning the adults on twitter saying crude things to her. I’ve heard some pretty awful things. Im not tryin to argue. I just want to know where you stand on the issue of adults bashing 10 year old Gia on Twitter?

        • Jen you wacko..I never said abuse all are the crazzzzzzzzzzie ones, it’s amazing how you twist things around. I said I didn’t feel sorry for her…show me where I said I agreed with abusing her..y’all need some meds to calm yourselves

      • How can you agree? I guess you agree with child abusers as well…Sorry but this is just wrong. It is a minor child.

        Do you people kick puppies too?

  • Yes I was on twitter while this happening, I sent tweets to Joe Gorga because his wife follows her, in fact several people let them know, last I looked Meho is still following her!! What a great bunch they are!!! They need to go!!!

      • Why in the hell is Jacqueline’s mother following an eleven year old that is of no relationship to her? She has said repeatly that Teresa is everything but a child of God and now she’s following “Satan’s spawn?” Why? That bitch aint up to no good. I wish she’d follow something off a cliff. Leave the child alone.

    • They all follow that troll! Caroline, Jac and the PRODUCTION team too! How disgusting is that crap.

      • i hate it how the production team is in on making the Guidice’s look bad. I hope they get the last laugh in the end

        • The Purveyors of Pop are on everyone’s twitter except T’s! They are producers form the show I believe.

        • Sorry but the production team is not making the Giudice’s look bad Juicy Joe is. Also Teresa’s denial & defensiveness doesn’t help. What you see is what you get w/the Giudice family.

        • Okay, so the cast is in on it, the producers are in on it. How about the crew? Are they in on it, too? How about the camera people?

          • But, Sam you were the one that said it was scripted in another article. So by your previous posts then you would believe everyone is in on it.

          • Samantha shut ur fuckingmouth you no good bitch! You obviously have no kids and no life! You think it’s ok for jac to pull out a book and attack this girl! Jac knows zero about parenting! She ships her kids off! Caroline tells all of America that Lauren is fat and ugly! Your a complete moron that you agree with these two parents! This whole conversation is getting me so angry! You have no right to attack this poor ten year old! Jac is a terrible parent! Her daughter got kicked out of depaul for fightingfailing and a lot more! You agree with these two your a shit head! You need serious help you crazy bitch!

        • I SO AGREE! Let’s start a petition to get Teresa off this show NOW! (For her own good, of course LOL!)

    • I did the same thing! I was chatting with favAuntJulie and Johnny the Greek, when it was happening, and I follow Joe Gorga for laughs, so I was tweeting him, demanding to know why he wasn’t doing anything to stop the woman who was picking on his niece and goddaughter he claimed to love and care about. He just kept flirting back with the whores who tweet about how hot and sexy he is. Sick bastard.

      • He is a sick son of a *itch! He’s such a douchebag! Creepy rapist at his finest! Gia is 11, and she doesn’t have a choice about being exposed to all this crap. Bravo airs this crap, and they LOVE how they destroy families! JoeHo is a dirty piece of shit, and his whore of a wife is the biggest SLUT! She’s so ugly and DIRTY! It’s her appearance that just gives that DIRTY/TAKE A DAMN SHOWER look! They ENJOY the fact that Gia is hurting and getting harrassed because the drama revolves around them, and they are happy with getting any attention!

        Bozo CLOWN and WHACK-O Jack-O should never try to parent Gia, and tell her what to do! Pointing their fingers, and reading that book is effin messed up! She’s only 11! Jacqueline can’t even handle her own damn daughter. Neglecting her, putting her problems on out there to stay relevant, and puts the dumb Manzo Family above her daughter. She never defends her daughter, and always allows anyone to talk crap about her. Puke! Horrible mother at its finest! Caroline’s kids are FAR WORSE than the rest of the kids. Albie is too sensitive, but talks like a little bitch. Christopher makes jokes which I enjoy, but he disses Tre, and butts in when he shouldn’t be commenting on anything. Lauren is disgusting, insecure, and yes, FAT! She should shut her mouth, and quit commenting on Tre and her family when she and her family all act and LOOK like DOO-DOO CACA!

        • Maybe you’re right…Bravo shouldn’t air any of this. Teresa should just take her family off of the show & the show would probably go away. Of course Tre would no longer be on TV any more so her deluded “fans” wouldn’t be able to love love love her anymore. But I’m sure another network would sign Teresa up in a second…oh wait she has no real talent. But alas this will never happen because Teresa LOVES the attention…no matter at what cost to her family. Very sad.

        • Youre sooo right!
          Jaqueline isnt in any position when her daughter the past seasons has done nothing but disrespect her in front of millions of people!
          caroline is raising 2 punks/parasites to society! and im damn sick of lauren and her weight obsession! she looks like a damn globe and I dont feel sorry for her,she makes snide evil remarks!
          and this dumb heffa wants to say that her guy wants a tall(manly) boyish anorexic, no bish!
          MEN WANT MEAT,DOGS LIKE BONES. Most women in the? world are below 5’7″! models arent known for beauty! they look like 7 foot tall teenage boys.Look up marilyn monroe,vida guerra,kim kardashain,shakira,Marika fruscio,mulher melao,mayra veronica,coco austin,Sarah lime,Monica santiago,Arab,latina,italian,armen­ian,etc women! all these women are not tall I listed either!! actually, shorter women have more estrogen which explains ?curves!
          small waist,wide hips,butt,breasts,thighs! thats what men prefer! not some anorexic and lauren knows that shit!
          she just sounds stupid standing there like an infection on every show!! talking about her damn weight
          SHUT UP LAUREN!

      • Samantha (Marco washed up sisters), get a life, and QUIT bashing everyone all the time! You’re on this site all day and night! Go get an education, cook, clean, anything but continue to be bitter just because our opinions bug you! Gia is a CHILD, and Bozo & Whack-O was out of line! Your hooker sister MeHo is DIRTY AND WASHED UP just like you! GTFOOH, puttana!

        • Oh, Yay, it’s Lisa! Maybe YOU can help me! 🙂

          Earlier some of were having a discussion regarding what constitutes an internet troll at this site. One of Teresa’s fans (I think “Say What?”) was kind enough to oblige us.

          The problem, however, was that his definition of troll-like behavior pretty much describes the, well, pretty reprehensible behavior of many of Teresa’s fans.

          Your above post is a pretty good example of this. I mean, I’ve seen WORSE (I mean, the MOUTHS on some of you guys), but it was still pretty antagonistic.

          Maybe you could go over the rules with me again? 🙂

          • STOP ENGAGING SAMANTHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            She is like the energizer bunny.
            She keeps going, and going, and going.
            Silly Wabbit……………………………………..