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Photos: Briana Culberson’s Wedding!

Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana Culberson celebrated her wedding with 75 family members and closest friends this past week! Both Brooks and Donn attended while Donn and Vicki walked Briana down the isle! Aw! Donn brought his girlfriend. I just love Donn. I wish he could still be on the show even though he isn’t with Vicki. Tamra Barney recently told AllAboutTRH that Briana is expecting! Check out the photos below! Source: RealityTea

Congrats to Briana and Ryan! Briana has always been my favorite daughter of the housewives! How do you feel about Briana being pregnant?

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  • Nona

    I can understand why they eloped. Vicki is overbearing. Even when she was taking her daughter to the hospital, she was gaging instead of supporting her daughter. Everything is about Vicki. Bri now has a beautiful life. I wish her much happiness and drama free.

  • Lisa

    Lauren Manzo could learn from Briana, get a real education, move out and do not depend on mommy for money.

  • Rhoclvr

    Congrats to beautiful Briana and her very handsome hubby Ryan!! Not all quick marriages end in disaster. When you have found the love of your life, you don’t have to date for years on end. Wish you both the best with the marriage and new life with baby!! How sad to have mother and daughter dating at the same time and the daughter finds the love of her life while Vickie is a sugar momma to a low life scuzz bag. Don’t worry Vickie.. he will empty your love tank and bank before long! Wake up!!

  • I love Briana’s dress. I really hope that she and her hubby have a lifetime of happiness. As Andy would say, “Mazel!”

  • lolale3

    Both Vicks and Bri look beautiful. Wonderful to include Donn! He looks great too. Love the military uniform! Happiness for all, I wish!

  • bratman

    Congrats! Wish then nothing but happiness. So glad to see Donn there walking her down the aisle!

  • sharon

    So happy for Briana and her new hubby. Great looking couple and she seems to have a great head on her shoulder even though Vicki is her mother.

  • pinkie

    I like Brianna also, I love Donn and really hated how Vicki spread her discontent with him all over the air. I really know none of the details of his claim for spousal support, however if she has continuous streams of income based on her activities during their marriage he would be entitled to make the claim for support.

    He gave up alot of his self esteem to be married to Vicki, its a wonder he has his “twig and berries” in tact at all after Vicki trashed their sex life for many seasons. And the ironic thing is that if Vicki isn’t the man in the family, she isn’t happy. And she continues in the same wrong path, Brooks is letting her buy him clothes, what’s up with that? He is either broke, which makes her a sugar momma or he is a con man or maybe both.

    Like Brianna said, she had an emotional relationship with Brooks long before she and Donn split. Vicki,,,you are human, but a lot of times not a very nice one.

    • kelly

      what does that have to do with Briana’s wedding? Seriously, get a life!

  • happybrenda

    She looks beautiful. I love her dress and Vickys also. She is Happy thats all that matters health and happiness. Good for her. Donn looks great and I too miss seeing him. I liked him alot and he took alot of abuse from Vicky and now she says all the time about spousal support I am sure there is more to this story than what she is saying. Like she doesnt want to give him a share of the bussiness when they were married whild building up this bussiness on person dont take care of kids. house, and a new business

    • pattigirl

      No one noticed how similiar Brianna & Vicky’s dresses were. Always trying to steal the show

      • Sassygrl72

        That’s the first thing I noticed.

  • Julie

    Beautiful I love her such a normal level headed girl. I’m glad she included Donn. 🙂

    • Anacapri

      She is beautiful-inside and out, and it is great to see Donn again. He looks happy-good for him.

    • db


  • Obvious

    Aww, she looked beautiful at her wedding! Glowing!

  • s

    so happy for her!!

  • Amelia

    She looks beautiful.

    • Isabella Patricia

      She truly is so beautiful! Congrats to Briana & Ryan! They both look really good! Briana has always been my favorite daughter of the housewives, and she’sattuned out to be such a straight up, wonderful woman! My kind of woman! Lol.

      • Isabella Patricia

        I meant to say *she has turned out to be…

  • pearl

    It’s not a wedding if you are already married. It’s a vow renewal. I was in the same boat as briana ( overbearing mom) and I eloped yet my parents still pushed for a “wedding”. Like briana, I am also low key but relented to a big family dinner at the least to make everyone happy.I think its silly to wear a white dress and walk down the aisle while pregnant and already married and call it a wedding.

    • Sassygrl72

      The dress is off white.

      • Rhoclvr

        Kinda sad that you can’t show happiness for them. Maybe you need to work through the resentments from your own life situation before you dump on the happiness of others.



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