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My name is Roxanne Jajo. In December, 2011, I started this website, AllAboutTRH, to keep fans up to date with all their TRH news. I am very grateful to all of you who have continued to read my daily blogs and help make the site into the success that it is today! Here is a little bit about myself…I work full time in the HR department as well as working on AllAboutTRH on a daily basis in order to bring you guys the most exciting and captivating stories about all of your favorite (and not so favorite) reality TV stars. I am currently planning on expanding the site to cover even more hot new shows. For now, stay tuned because I plan to continue attending many exclusive events to get the scoop on what truly is going on in The Housewives’ lives.

On a more personal note, I just want to say thanks again to all the readers and especially those of you who comment. Nothing inspires me more than hearing your opinions and ideas, whether they agree with mine or not. You all make this site what it is and for that, I really thank you. I hope you all enjoy ALLAboutTRH!

Roxanne Jajo

Rox has been interviewed by the largest weekly journal as well as being on the DePauli newspaper in Chicago and by Chicago’s Fashion Blogger! Check them out to know more about the creator of AllAboutTRH.  

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Photoed Above: Roxanne Jajo; Creator And Writer Of AllAboutTRH

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ChristineChristine began writing for AllAboutTRH in April 2014. She is a graduate from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a former internet marketing manager. Christine is a true jersey girl and currently lives in central NJ.  She loves going to the beach and spending her time with friends and her adorable dog Zoe!Follow Christine on Twitter @Christine
kristenKristen began writing for AllAboutTRH in July 2014. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Cleveland State University and currently works as a staff reporter for a local newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio. When she’s not busy writing, Kristen enjoys baking, sipping cocktails with friends, attending concerts and taking care of her lovable Maltese puppy, Bailey. Follow Kristen on Twitter @kmott09


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