RHONJ Recap: Jennifer Aydin Pushes Danielle Cabral and Danielle Throws Her Drink In Retaliation – Who’s Wrong?


On Sunday’s RHONJ, Danielle Cabral threw a drink on Jennifer Aydin after being shoved by her at a Tulum-themed party. Let’s dive into the drama.

Danielle Cabral tossed a drink on Jennifer Aydin after being shoved by the mom of five on Sunday’s episode of RHONJ, aptly titled Trouble in Tulum.

The drama between the New Jersey Housewives took an ugly turn at Teresa Giudice‘s Tulum-themed backyard party.

Before the party, Jennifer told her husband, Bill Aydin, she was experiencing “disappointment” and “frustration” with Danielle before questioning her character.

“I don’t agree with that type of behavior. I think that Danielle is tacky and selfish. And I have no idea why Teresa would wanna bring her into this group, let alone be friends with me,” Jennifer Aydin said in her RHONJ confessional.

At the party, Jennifer told Danielle she did “something that turned me off.” She was reluctant to talk about it on camera until Danielle pushed her to say it.

RHONJ cast at Teresa Giudice's Tipsy in Tulum party
RHONJ cast at Teresa’s Tipsy in Tulum party

Jennifer then recalled how Danielle’s hairstylist, Marissa, asked her to model for what she believed to be a master class. She then claims Danielle called her and the rest of the RHONJ cast, saying that none of them were getting paid, noting that the gig was to model for Marissa’s website – free of charge.

“But, like, I was turned off that you wanted to make money on somebody that I would think you considered a friend,” Jennifer said.

“You f***ing piece of s***,” Danielle fired back.

“You said that. You said that,” Jennifer insisted.

“Motherf***er,” Danielle said. “That’s what you are. A piece of s*** motherf***er. That’s what you are.”

“I am stunned that she’s trying to switch such an innocent conversation between her and I against me. Marissa’s my hairdresser. She also does Dolores’ hair as well. Marissa had come out with a new hair line. So we were gonna go do this photo shoot for her, and I knew she had asked Jen to do the photo shoot. The phone call had nothing to do with getting paid,'” Danielle continued in her confessional.

After being shoved by Jennifer Aydin, Danielle Cabral threw a drink on her
After being shoved by Jennifer Aydin, Danielle Cabral threw a drink on her

“Being Jen’s friend, I wanted to tell her, just an FYI, this is what you’re gonna be doing. Your hair girls might be offended by this. You’re gonna be promoting someone else’s line, ’cause I know my hair girls would be offended. And she says to me, “Oh, my God. I had no idea. Wow. I don’t wanna do this. You’re a great friend. Thank you, baby, for telling me.” And now you’re twisting it to make me feel like I’m the worst friend,” she added.

Back at the party, Jennifer alleged, “You dogged your friend.”

“I did not dog my girl, you f***ing piece of s***,” Danielle said.

In her confessional, Jennifer said she couldn’t be friends with someone who sabotages people in their lives.

“My people are my people. I f***ing ride with my people,” Danielle said.

The two RHONJ stars yelled back and forth about what was said while getting in each other’s faces.

“That’s a behavior trait I would never do to my hair girl,” Jennifer screamed.

“You’re doing it to me right now!” Danielle yelled.

“Because of bad behavior!” Jennifer fired back.

This is when Danielle and Jennifer’s showdown went from an intense argument to a full-blown altercation.

Danielle told Jennifer that she was “dirty” and a “piece of s–t.” She then said that everyone in the RHONJ cast “was right about you.”

On Sunday's RHONJ, Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin yelled back and forth and got in each other's face.
On Sunday’s RHONJ, Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin yelled back and forth and got in each other’s face.

While Jennifer attempted to calm Danielle down, there was no shutting down the enraged 38-year-old. The two then called each other “dirtbags” before Jennifer shoved Danielle.

Danielle immediately retaliated by tossing her drink in Jennifer’s face. RHONJ security and Danielle’s husband, Nate Cabral, rushed in to separate them as everyone looked on in horror.

“Tastes good, baby doll,” Jennifer said to Danielle. “I see your true colors. I just f***ing outed you.”

“That’s f***ed up, Jen. You guys are supposed to be friends. That’s f***ed up,” Nate told Jennifer as Danielle once again called Jennifer a dirtbag.

On the way out of the party, Danielle saw Bill and told him, “Your wife’s a b****. Your wife’s a dirty f***ing dumb b****. Just so you know, when you go to bed at night, you’re sleeping with the f***ing devil.”

“Ah, s***. That’s a f***ing problem bro. That’s not good,” Nate added.

Bill checked on Jennifer, who insisted she was okay but didn’t know if she had pushed Danielle. In the car, Danielle told Nate that Jennifer had pushed her over the edge.

Rachel Fuda admitted that Jennifer could have pushed Danielle, saying, “I think if someone pushed me, I would throw my drink, too. Would you?”

“Oh, hell f***ing yeah,” Teresa said in agreement.

Jennifer then claimed that Danielle getting in her face was an “act of aggression” while Danielle said she thinks Jennifer is “miserable in life.”

“She’s just mad. I get it. I would be mad, too, if I was her,” Jennifer said.

After the altercation between the two RHONJ stars, Bravo immediately launched an investigation.

At the time, sources told AllAboutTRH that Danielle and Jennifer were cleared to resume filming less than a week after their altercation.

“The footage was reviewed by production and Bravo. The ladies were suspended from filming for a couple of days but will resume shortly.”

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