RHONJ’s Jackie Goldschneider Talks S13 Pre-Reunion Meeting, S14 Reunion Cancellation Plus Calls Out Melissa’s Hypocrisy & More


RHONJ star Jackie Goldschneider is spilling the tea on everything from the season 14 reunion cancellation to her friendship fallout with Melissa Gorga and more!

Jackie Goldschneider appeared on Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, revealing that John Fuda didn’t have enough dirt in his manila envelope at the RHONJ season 13 reunion to bring down Louie Ruelas.

She also discussed her leaked text message about Dolores Catania and her new friendship with Teresa Giudice. The RHONJ friend addressed the canceled RHONJ season 14 reunion and accused former BFF Margaret Josephs of asking her to quit the show. She then called Melissa Gorga hypocritical and answered questions about Margaret and Melissa’s plan to take Louie down at last year’s reunion.

“There’s always a plan,” Jackie said on the June 16 episode of WWHL. “It was a manila envelope there and it was filled with like, nothing exciting. So yeah, the plan was to try to make Luis look bad, but I don’t think there was enough in the envelope to really execute.”

When asked about Margaret exposing her shady text message about Dolores on Sunday’s episode of RHONJ, Jackie said she wasn’t concerned about the word “slob” triggering Dolores.

“It was a private text that was sent before the season even started. I never worry that a private text message would be outed,” she shared.

When asked what happened between her, Margaret, and Melissa and if that led to her making amends with Teresa, Jackie said, “Nothing happened with Melissa. I don‘t know how we’re not friends right now, but my fight with Margaret had nothing to do with my friendship with Teresa. Teresa and I wanted to reconcile.”

However, Jackie admitted that since her friendship fall out with Marge, she has been reevaluating their relationship and questions whether Marge was involved in the rumors that her husband, Evan Goldschneider, cheated on her.

“Without proof, I don’t know anything but I also don’t really care. I’m so over it that I don’t care,” Jackie stated.

Jackie then shared that she “was pretty happy” to hear that the RHONJ season 14 reunion had been canceled, noting that the reunions have gotten “so dark” and “so toxic.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Jackie insisted that Margaret asked both her and Jennifer Fessler to quit RHONJ following last year’s drama with Louie Ruelas.

“She asked me. She said she was very upset about Luis allegedly calling her son and said if Luis comes back to the show, we all have to leave,” Jackie alleged.

Jennifer Fessler, who also appeared on Sunday’s WWHL, denied the claim. “That is not what she said to me, maybe to Jackie, but what I had volunteered, because she was so upset and it was her son and I said to her — do not look at me like that [Jackie] that is exactly how it went down. It’s 100 percent true. She never asked me to not do the show.”

Jackie then addressed her reconciliation with Teresa and questioned why everyone had an issue with it when other ladies in the group had made amends after feuding for years.

“He’s over it also. I asked him before I made up with Teresa, I said, ‘How do you feel about it?’ And he was like, ‘I’m so over it. Do what makes you feel good. I want you to be around people that make you happy.’ And he actually really likes Luis,” she shared when asked how Evan feels about her friendship with the RHONJ OG.

“Everyone made up with [Danielle Cabral], and everyone makes up with [Jennifer Aydin]. But the minute I make up with Teresa, it’s like the world falls apart,” she noted before adding that she and Teresa have no ulterior motives for becoming friends with each other.

Andy Cohen then warned that Jackie may be shocked by what Teresa says about her in an upcoming episode of RHONJ.

“I think you may be surprised with some things that are said coming up,” the WWHL host warned.

“I’m thrown by what you just said. Uh oh, um, but I stand behind every decision I made so no matter what’s said, I’m fine with it … But now I need to know,” Jackie replied.

Jackie then clarified what led to her wanting to build a friendship with Teresa.

“She was very warm to me. She wanted to be a friend. It was during a time when my friends were being very mean and toxic to me and I like moving forward. I think that’s what these shows are about,” Jackie explained. “When my son was injured, my son had a horrible injury this year, and Teresa sent a huge care package, called me all the time, checked in on me and none of my other friends did that.” 

In conclusion, Jackie reacted to hearing Melissa say she was sick of hearing the RHONJ friend of complain about not being invited to certain events.

“Listen, I’m gonna be really authentic. I get annoyed when I’m, like, the only one not invited. And, like, if that’s messy, then, like, I’m messy. Like, I don’t like being the only one not invited, and I’m going to admit that,” Jackie said.

RHONJ airs on Sundays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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