Jenn Fessler Says RHONJ Cast Knows Changes Are Coming Amid Reboot Rumors


Jenn Fessler hints that she and the RHONJ cast know major changes are coming amid the recent reboot rumors.

“I am not privy to what goes on at Bravo and in the inner workings of the Bravo brains, but definitely, like every other person who’s a viewer, I think, things are changing,” Jenn Fessler told Us Weekly. “I’m very well aware of the fact that things in Jersey are changing, things are shifting. The how’s of it, the whens the whys? I don’t know.”

She noted that “everyone is thinking about all the possibilities,” joking that “it’s become like a hobby.”

She added, “I think anything is possible at this point.”

In Jenn’s opinion, the RHONJ cast cannot continue with all the ongoing feuds.

“Not like this, certainly,” Jenn said. “There’s no more fun. I felt so good last season about being in it and being funny and being silly and goofy and a mess, and there’s just not that much of it, at least so far this season.”

Danielle Cabral, Jennifer Aydin, Melissa Gorga, Teresa Giudice, Margaret Josephs, Dolores Catania, Rachel Fuda and Jenn Fessler pose for RHONJ season 13 promo
RHONJ season 14 cast

When asked if filming the RHONJ season 14 finale felt “final,” Jenn said, “Let’s hope so.”

She added: “I mean, final in a way that the finale’s over, I would never want to relive that again.”

As AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY reported on Saturday, June 1, Bravo has canceled the RHONJ season 14 reunion.

The cancelation comes as the hit Bravo show has drastically declined in ratings in the last four episodes. Our inside sources reveal why this decision was made, saying, “The reunion is all about resolution, and there is so much divide amongst the cast that Bravo feels like they would be wasting everyone’s time filming a reunion that would mirror season 13’s reunion.”

“Sadly, the cast have been so divided with many refusing to film with each other that Bravo thinks it best to take a long pause on Jersey,” our inside source admits.

The reunion was set for June 27th, but production notified each RHONJ cast member that it had been canceled.

Our sources reveal that all of the ladies are in complete shock and are worried that they will be fired.

Days later, on Monday, June 3, Andy Cohen called into SiriusXM’s Reality Checked with Kiki Monique to confirm that the RHONJ cast would not have a traditional reunion for season 14.

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Andy said: 

“I do want to give some context to the announcement over the weekend that there was gonna be no Jersey reunion because I feel like there are a lot of theories about what this could mean. I think that the main thing is this will all make sense once you see the finale. It is one of those classic Jersey finales that people will be talking about for a long time to come. And when all of us producers saw the last cut of the finale, we all came to the decision separately, and then we talked. We all had the same thought, which is the finale is kind of the finale and the reunion all in one.”

He continued: “It’s in the great tradition of absolute shocking, dramatic Jersey finales and they have this final epic group encounter, which is like, it feels like the Last Supper and is just so Jersey.  And it’s shocking, and it’s dramatic, and it’s amazing TV. I’m telling you, when you see it, I think that you’ll feel complete. I really do. And there will be something that Bravo is cooking up in place of a reunion, and so that is to be announced.”

“This season, it is really catching fire. There’s stuff happening with everyone. I feel like this announcement about the reunion came without much context, and so I just wanted to fill in some of the blanks for you. The reason that you guys heard about it. If you think about the timing of when we tape reunions, typically, we tape them about six weeks before the end of the season, which means that we would’ve been taping this one in a couple [of] weeks, which means you have to let the cast know, okay, what date are we taping it and what kind of clothes and whatever. We were letting the cast know. And, of course, it leaked as things do,” Andy added. 

He also addressed the possibility of rebooting the RHONJ cast for season 15 and the highly publicized leaks surrounding the show.

The Watch What Happens Live host explained, “Yeah. There was a lot of play with that one and I think the answer is, I was talking to a cast member about this today. We are gonna cross next season as that comes. Right now, we’re just kind of focusing on, ‘Okay, well, if we’re not doing a conventional reunion, what are we doing, and what is something different that we could do?’”

Jackie Goldschneider alongside RHONJ co-stars
Real Housewives of New Jersey season 14 cast!

“And also, look, I think that you saw, I think Atlanta was a really good example of, we came out of that last season, and we knew, ‘Okay, we want to do extensive casting, and we want to just give this some time,’ and I will say, we gave it time and a lot of people were saying, ‘Well, where’s Atlanta? What’s happening? There hasn’t been any announcements,’ whatever. I’m so happy with what’s going on down in Atlanta right now. Some things take time, and we want to take a minute to figure things out. You know, there’s no point in rushing into something just to rush into something,” he continued.

The conversation then shifted to the leaks surrounding RHONJ.

“Right. I hate leaks as you can imagine because it just, I mean that’s what was so fun about that Reality Von Tease thing. It was like no one knew about it and it was just so fun as a viewer, so I hope that we can get into a vibe of not leaking. I think that the cast on Jersey is so fed up with each other. There are teams of people against each other and I think you would probably agree that one of the things that didn’t work about the last season of Potomac was that the group, it was kind of no coming together for this group,” Andy said.

“It was like unheard of, so that’s our thing to solve for next season of Jersey, and we can do it, and we will figure it out, but in terms of the leaks, I hate leaks. I just think that there’s a supreme level of kind of distrust amongst the cast with each other and that’s never healthy in terms of trying to make a great television show,” he added.

Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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