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During Sunday’s RHONJ, Rachel called Teresa a stupid bitch during a heated exchange. Danielle accuses Jen and Teresa of a “setup.” Plus, Jackie defends friendship with Teresa.

On this week’s episode of RHONJ, a bougie brunch goes off the rails when Rachel Fuda attacks Teresa Giudice. The drama within the RHONJ cast begins to boil over as alliances shift.

Remember…anything can happen in Jersey.

The episode kicks off with Dolores Catania having a family dinner with her ex-husband, Frank Catania, and their two kids, Gabby and Frankie. Dolores opens up about where she’d like to settle down with Paulie O’Connell and when and if he ever finalizes his divorce. Speaking of tying the knot, Frank shows off the 11-carat ring he purchased for his girlfriend, Brittany. Frank practices his proposal plan with Dolores, which may not have been the best idea because now everyone in the restaurant thinks they are newly engaged.

Then Melissa Gorga, Rachel Fuda, and Danielle Cabral get together for a mother-and-son outing. During the outing, Danielle invites them to her Boujue Kids fashion show at NYFW since Melissa has been such a supporter of her brand.

Since everyone in the RHONJ cast can’t come to the fashion show, Danielle is thinking about hosting a boujie brunch for all the ladies and is hopeful they can get along. Melissa reveals that she is going to lunch with Jennifer Aydin in hopes of figuring out their issues once and for all. Melissa then claims that while she knows Jennifer is loyal to Teresa, she hopes they can still have a relationship. She notes that despite her beef with Teresa, she encourages her kids to have a connection with their aunt. This causes Danielle to get emotional about her own family drama, noting that it is hard for her to see her dad always taking her brother’s side. Melissa can sympathize, admitting that she wishes her dad was still around.

Jennifer Fessler, Melissa Gorga, Margaret Josephs, Rachel Fuda, Danielle Carbral, and Brittany Mattessich host RHONJ cast "family dinner."
Jennifer Fessler, Melissa Gorga, Margaret Josephs, Rachel Fuda, Danielle Carbral, and Brittany Mattessich host RHONJ cast “family dinner.”

Sticking with the family drama theme, Jennifer needs some pampering and relaxation after her husband, Bill Aydin, disrespected her by being nice to Joe Gorga at Dolores’ charity softball game. Teresa joins Jennifer for a facial where they dish on Jackie Goldschneider, finally seeing Margaret for who she truly is. They give Jackie a call to check up on her after her not-so-nice run-in with Marge at the softball game. Jackie tells them that she doesn’t feel like a priority for Marge and is ready to stand on her own two feet. She also feels more empowered, knowing that her friendships with Teresa and Jennifer are blossoming. Afterward, Teresa re-follows Jackie on Instagram.

Elsewhere in the episode, we learn that Marge Sr. has achalasia and is recovering at Margaret’s house. Margaret is still stewing over her drama with Jackie. She feels like she always defends Jackie, but Jackie doesn’t do the same in return. Margaret is also still upset that Jackie didn’t remember the one-year anniversary of Jan’s passing and questions if Jackie is a true friend.

Meanwhile, Teresa shows up at Danielle’s house with tequila in hand and learns that she’s been left in the dark about Danielle’s NYFW show. Danielle shows off some of the clothes from her Boujie Kids line and is shocked when Teresa calls one outfit “basic.” Danielle doesn’t think Teresa needs to know she invited Melissa to the fashion show and keeps quiet about it while inviting Teresa and all the ladies of RHONJ to her boujie brunch.

Danielle also takes the opportunity to ask Teresa about Jennifer “impersonating” her. She explains that she’s over Jennifer’s BS, especially after she was set up by Jennifer regarding the Melissa cheating rumors.

Later, Melissa and Jennifer have their sit-down in an attempt to clear the air. Melissa questions why Jennifer feels the need to stir the pot and bring up old rumors. Jennifer insists Danielle “pressured” her to talk about the gossip on camera but points out that she didn’t go around spreading the gossip. Melissa admits that she feels like Jennifer wants to embarrass her. However, Jennifer confesses that Melissa was just collateral damage in her attempt to expose Margaret.

Jackie Goldschneider alongside RHONJ co-stars
RHONJ season 14 cast!

Melissa then tells Jennifer that she has a “hard-on” for Joe, which Jennifer denies. She does see how she and Joe extending an olive branch to Bill and inviting him to their party would hurt Jennifer. Jennifer apologizes to Melissa for their drama last season and admits that she can see herself moving on with Melissa despite Teresa being one of her best friends.

Back at Marge’s house, Melissa and Jenn Fessler visit her. Margaret admits she’s been “fragile” since Jan died and that her marriage hasn’t been the same because Joe Benigno doesn’t know how to handle her grieving.

The conversation shifts to Jackie and Marge’s drama. Jenn claims it is important for Jackie to be included with everyone, which is why she’s friendly with Teresa and Jennifer. Melissa dishes on her lunch with Jennifer and reveals that Margaret was Jennifer’s true target last season.

It’s the day of Danielle’s boujie brunch. Everyone gets a “boujie mama set” to take home with them. Thrilling. Dolores dishes on Frank’s plans to propose to Brittany and admits that she would accept a proposal from Paulie. She adds that she’s not pushing him to do anything and would like to see him divorced.

Danielle then addresses the drama with her hairstylist, Lina. She questions why Teresa, Jennifer, and the rest of the ladies allowed Lina to talk shit about her at Jennifer’s dog party. Danielle doesn’t stop there. She also points out that Jenn said Jennifer was mocking her. Jennifer admits she was “mimicking” Danielle, who then outright asks Teresa and Jennifer if they set her up last season. Teresa is shocked by the accusation and feels like Danielle has people like Margaret in her ear.

Danielle Cabral celebrates Boujie Kidz with her friends and RHONJ co-stars.
Danielle Cabral celebrates Boujie Kidz with her friends and RHONJ co-stars. Credit: Danielle Cabral/Instagram

Teresa is triggered and comes out guns blazing, telling Jackie that Marge doesn’t care about her. Melissa tells Jackie not to believe the RHONJ OG.

Danielle decides to stir the pot some more by asking Teresa if she and Rachel have squashed their beef. Teresa clarified that she never meant John Fuda was currently the biggest drug dealer in Bergen County. Rachel doesn’t like Teresa trying to make her husband look bad.

Danielle Cabral, Jennifer Aydin, Melissa Gorga, Teresa Giudice, Margaret Josephs, Dolores Catania, Rachel Fuda pose for RHONJ season 13 promo
RHONJ season 14 cast

Rachel then goes after Louie Ruelas, saying that he’s the one with numerous exes talking shit about him. Teresa calls John a “parking attendant” and jokes that maybe he should be a drug dealer because he’d make more money. This sets Rachel off; she says that Teresa is a woman who has done nothing since getting out of prison. She then calls the RHONJ OG an old, stupid has been, who also happens to a bully. Rachel then calls out Teresa for trying to hurt Jackie’s marriage.

While Jackie insists she is no longer mad at Teresa, Melissa points out how upset Jackie was at the time. Danielle calls Jackie’s reaction comical, which causes Jackie to freak out. She claims that she isn’t holding on to any past drama with Teresa. After Teresa leaves the party, Dolores warns Rachel that this drama with Teresa is going to “fester,” but Rachel isn’t phased and calls the RHONJ OG stupid.

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