RHONJ Recap: A League of Their Own Worst Enemy


The drama intensifies on this week’s episode of RHONJ as grudges and alliances shift within the cast. Let’s break down everything that went down in this week’s episode.

The episode starts with Margaret Josephs and her hubby, Joe Benigno, going on a motorcycle ride. Afterward, Marge tells Joe that everyone in the RHONJ group is off their rocker at the moment. While Margaret is still upset with Jenn Fessler about her continuing friendship with Teresa Giudice, she’s also pissed off at Jackie Goldschneider. Margaret can’t believe that Jackie didn’t give her an advanced copy of her book but gave Melissa Gorga and Jenn F copies. She’s also pissed at what a shitty friend Jackie has been to her lately, noting that Jackie didn’t even check on her when it was the first anniversary of her ex-husband, Jan’s death.

Rachel Fuda also continues to be upset with Jenn Fessler and is shocked that she hasn’t heard from her following their blowout down the shore. So, Rachel asks Jenn to meet up so they can discuss where their friendship goes from here. The 32-year-old gets emotional when discussing how hurt she is by Jenn. As for Jenn, she is confused as to why a grown woman is this upset over her having a conversation with another woman, especially one that runs in the same circle as them. Jenn tells Rachel that her conversation with Teresa was initally NOT about her or her husband, John Fuda. However, when the conversation did turn to the Fudas, she advocated for the RHONJ couple and defended them.

Still, Rachel is disappointed in Jenn’s behavior and says she’s “mourning the loss of what their friendship used to be.” On the other hand, Jenn makes it clear that she’s not going to be fighting other people’s battles with blind loyalty like Margaret and is unsure why Rachel is so upset. She ends the conversation by telling Rachel: “you know where my heart is.”

The conversation shifts to Jennifer Aydin‘s upcoming dog birthday party. Rachel says she’s not ready to attend a party with that part of the RHONJ cast, which is music to Jenn’s ears as she’s happy she can just be herself around “the enemies.”

It’s time for Jennifer’s dog party. The guest list includes Dolores Catania, Teresa, her daughter Gia Giudice, Jackie, and a new face named Lina. After a dog fashion show, the ladies sit around and chat, which is when Gia insists she’s not engaged but does reveal that her boyfriend works for her stepdad, Louie Ruelas.

As the party continues, the conversation shifts to a recent “incident” Lina, a hairdresser for some of the ladies in the RHONJ cast, had with Danielle Cabral at a charity event. Lina, who did Danielle’s hair for the charity event, was asked to leave the VIP area of the charity event, and Danielle did nothing to stop it from happening. Jennifer reveals that some shady shit has been brewing between Danielle and some people, which most members of the RHONJ cast are unaware of, and Jen is LOVING the fact that it is all coming to light.

Jennifer then reveals that she invited Margaret to the party, which results in Teresa making a not-so-funny joke about Joe B being Margaret’s only dog. Jenn F then reveals that Rachel didn’t come to the party because of Teresa and reveals that Rachel felt betrayed when she hugged Teresa at Nate’s party. Dolores is shocked by this and is freaked out by the shifting friendship among the RHONJ cast.

Despite Rachel telling Jenn to stay out of her and John’s drama with Louie and Teresa, Jenn tells the group that she’s hopeful Louie and John can talk and work things out. Dolores suggests they talk at her upcoming charity baseball game.

Meanwhile, Melissa and Joe Gorga are busy moving their daughter, Antonia Gorga, into her dorm at the University of Delaware. Antonia will be rooming with one of her good friends for her freshman year of college. Joe and Melissa get emotional saying goodbye to their daughter as she embarks on a new journey of her life.

Later on in the episode, Danielle talks about her upcoming New York Fashion Week show. The moment is bittersweet for the RHONJ star as no one in her family will be attending the event due to their ongoing drama. Danielle wishes that she could share this major achievement with her family but notes that she is happy to share it with her new family, which brings her happiness and joy.

It’s time for Dolores’ annual charity softball game. While Dolores admits she’s putting the RHONJ cast into a “pressure cooker,” she also knows they can suck it up for a good cause. Dolores may be excited to host another successful charity softball game, but Melissa is still pissed at Jennifer for spreading rumors about her marriage on camera last season. She still feels like Jennifer is finding reasons to stay mad at her for no reason.

Naturally, drama erupts in the locker room.  Danielle asks Jackie, “Who invited you to Jen’s puppy party?” and in return, Jackie tells Danielle that she is the only one in the RHONJ cast who doesn’t like her. She also points out that she’s been friends with Jennifer since 2018, so why wouldn’t she be invited to the party? The mom of four then questions why she was the only one left out of Danielle’s party for Nate and why Margaret didn’t stand up for her in that instance.

Margaret then questions what she ever did to Jackie and why Jackie has been a shit friend to her lately. Jackie makes it clear that she’s done being a part of Margaret’s posse, so that is why she didn’t give her an advanced copy of her book. As Jackie storms off, Margaret calls her “self-centered” and a  “disgrace.”

The tension only intensifies when the Gorgas and the Giudices/Ruelas arrive at the event simultaneously. However, they all manage to push their drama to the side for the sake of a good cause.

Jackie then tells Teresa, Dolores, Jennifer, and Jenn about her drama with Marge while declaring that she can be friends with whomever she chooses. This puts Jenn in an awkward position yet again, and Margaret is pissed when she sees her bestie engrossed in a conversation with Jackie and Teresa. Margaret goes off on Jenn for associating with those people. Jenn fires back that she is nice to people who treat her kindly, but Marge isn’t having any of it, saying that she “can’t connect with people” who flip-flop like Jenn.

As the charity event winds down, Melissa approaches Jennifer and invites her to have a one-on-one sit down in hopes of clearing the air between them. Jenn agrees.

The RHONJ cast wins the charity softball game by 1 and raise over $200,000.

RHONJ airs on Sundays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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