RHONJ Recap: Shore-ing Up Sides


On this week’s episode of RHONJ, Margaret confronts Jen Fessler over her sit-down with Teresa and accuses her of talking poorly about Louie while Rachel questions her loyalty. Plus, Joe Gorga celebrates his birthday. 

Rachel Fuda is questioning her friendship with Jen Fessler after she was spotted “cozying up” with Teresa Giudice at the end of last week’s episode of RHONJ. 

The drama down at the Jersey Shore continues on this week’s episode of RHONJ. However, Teresa Giudice is out of mix as she is at home preparing to send her daughter Gabriella Giudiceoff to the University of Michigan for her first year of college. 

The dynamics among the RHONJ cast remain divided minus a few cast members who are able ride the fence. 

Sunday’s episode of RHONJ kicks off at the Fuda house with John and Rachel tossing their houseguests a few measly muffins for breakfast. Yet not much gets eaten after John begins to question Jen Fessler’s loyalty. 

John is confused about why Jen would entertain talking to Teresa especially since she’s seen how poorly the RHONJ OG has treated Rachel and her family. Jen attempts to explain her motive for chatting with Teresa. According to Jen, she wanted to clear the air about the allegation that she said the group did “not execute the plan” they had in place at the RHONJ season 13 reunion. 

She further justifies the sit-down by stating has no beef with Teresa and Louie however Rachel reminds her that no too long ago Jen didn’t want to be in the same room as Teresa and Louie. 

Jen then says she tells John and Rachel that she got Teresa to clarify the drug dealer comment about John but the RHONJ couple are less than impressed. Rachel is irritated, stating that she thought she could count on Jen to be an ally against Teresa. 

It’s the day of Joe Gorga’s Italian themed 49th birthday party. Margaret Josephs tells Joe and Melissa Gorga that Dolores Catania is staying at Jennifer Aydin’s house and that she feels a bit awkward coming to Joe’s party since Jennifer will be left out. Melissa doesn’t seem bothered, noting that Jennifer instigates drama and is crazy loyal to Teresa. 

At Jennifer’s shore house, the group discuss Nate’s celebration of life party over a Turkish breakfast. Jennifer mentions that Melissa is avoiding her and Dolores suggests she talk to Melissa about it. Jennifer notes that she’s always the one apologizing and is getting tired of it. 

In an odd move, Joe calls Bill Aydin and invites him – but not Jennifer – to his party. Bill politely declines and Jennifer finally feels like Bill has her back. 

At Teresa’s house, we learn that Gabriella is heading to college in three days. We learn that Joe Giudice is not helping Teresa pay for Grabriella’s college but there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood about it as Juicy Joe talks with Teresa, Louie and his daughters on FaceTime. 

After the moving trucks come and pack up all of Gabriella’sthings, Teresa and Louie debrief about the night before at Nate’s party. Teresa is shocked that John Fuda is made at her because he thought she said he was the biggest drug dealer now. The RHONJ OG laughs about John thinking he’s the God Father or something. Louie chimes in, calling John one “ugly mother f—ker.” 

Later on in the episode, it’s time for Joe’s party. John arrives at the party with a blow up doll for Joe which repulses Melissa. Frank Catania, Marge Sr, Kayla and Jamie Giovinazzo, and Jackie Goldschneider along with the rest of the cast minus Teresa and Louie are in attendance. 

At the party, the men sit around talking and drinking. John claims he’s being attacked over baseless rumors. Thankfully, Frank breaks the ice by bringing up the double-headed dildo rumor which causes the men to break out into laughter. 

Rachel then learns from Margaret that Joe invited bill to the party but he declined due the tension between Melissa and Jennifer. Rachel also vocalizes her frustration with Jennifer Fessler and Margaret can’t help but agree. Marge doesn’t like that Jen and Teresa were cozying up at Nate’s party but she’s willing to talk with Jen and figure out what’s going on before she jumps to conclusions. 

Back in Franklin Lakes, Teresa hosts a farewell party for Gabriella. Meanwhile, Jennifer A and daughter have fun on the boardwalk as the rest of the RHONJ cast are doing shots at Melissa and Joe’s party. 

As the party goes on, Frank tells Dolores and Paul about his plans to propose to Brittany in Costa Rica. Dolores gives Frank her blessing, noting that she thinks Frank will be a better husband now than he was years ago. 

Margaret and Rachel confront Jennifer Fessler about her sit down with Teresa. 

Margaret says, “I’m dying to hear about your chit chat” with Teresa. Once again, Jennifer tries to explain that she wanted to clear the air with Teresa over the comment from the season 13 reunion. Rachel and Margaret tell Jennifer she doesn’t owe the RHONJ OG any explanation. As the conversation continues, Jennifer refuses to admit she speaks “poorly about Louie incessantly.” 

Jackie G inserts herself into the conversation and wonders why Marge is getting so worked up about Louie. Marge says she’s not expecting Jen to fight with Teresa but adds that she also doesn’t need to try and be Teresa’s friend. 

The conversation then erupts into a screaming match between Jen and Margaret. Rachel interjects that she thought Jen was a ride or die. 

However, Jen lets both Marge and Rachel know, “I ain’t your solider,” which shocks both ladies. She adds “I’ve got you, but I’m not gonna be you.” This statement gets Rachel emotional as she questions why Jen would befriend someone who is trying to hurt her family. 

Before storming off, Margaret tells Jen, “It’s weird [that you’rechoosing to be friends with Teresa] because you knew us first and f—king just met this girl.” 

Jennifer stands her ground and insists she’s been nothing but a good friend to both Margaret and Rachel. 

Afterwards, Margaret and Rachel fill in Danielle Cabral on the drama. Rachel can’t believe that Jen has befriended Teresa and feels like she’s being attacked by her best friend. She also says she doesn’t want to tell Jen not to be friends with Teresa when in fact that’s exactly what she is saying. 

Rachel notes that Danielle seems cool about everything she is saying about Teresa while Danielle points out that Jen is being disloyal to Rachel. 

RHONJ airs on Sundays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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