RHONJ: Margaret Josephs Admits She Was In Contact With Louie Ruelas’ Ex But Lies About Timeline


RHONJ star Margaret Josephs admits she spoke to Louie’s ex and says “Teresa is a sociopath.”

Margaret Josephs recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live to promote season 14 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

During the interview, Margaret Josephs discussed her drama with Teresa Giudice and the RHONJ OG saying the world will soon “see what a liar” Marge is.

“Teresa said, and I quote, “I can’t wait for the world to see what a liar she is,” and she was referring to you, Margaret Josephs,” Jeff Lewis said before asking, “What is she talking about?”

“I love it. Let me take the wind out of her sails. This is her big bomb. Margaret Josephs spoke to Luis’ ex, Vanessa. Big deal,” Margaret declared.

Jeff followed up by asking, “Okay. How did that happen? How did you speak to Vanessa? Did you find her?”

Margaret insists that she never reached out to Vanessa on Instagram. Instead she insists that it was Vanessa [Reiser] who DM’ed her.

“No, no, I didn’t find her. It’s so ridiculous. I spoke to her. Big deal. It was nothing major. She thinks I was the one putting things out there from the beginning. I never spoke to Vanessa before I met Luis. I never spoke to him the first year he was on the show, nothing like that. After they spoke to Laura, I spoke to her maybe once or twice. That was no big deal, but after the Bo Dietl stuff, oh, I spoke to her for sure,” the RHONJ star explained.

She continued, “That’s what it was. She had DM’ed, you know, at that point with all the lawsuits and this going on, she had reached out to, you know, all of us. At this point, everybody was in contact with the Bo Dietl stuff because we were all like, “What’s going on here?” because at that point, she already had the restraining order and everything, but prior to that, I will say with the Laura stuff, after the Laura season, I had, you know, DM’ed with her and that was it, but nothing before that. So, that’s her big bomb by the way. Her big bomb. Margaret spoke to Vanessa.”

However, RHONJ fans in the know are already aware that Margaret has been in contact with Louie’s ex since his very first season on the show. She even followed Vanessa on Instagram long before the drama during season 13 of RHONJ.

And it is important to note that this isn’t Margaret’s first time reaching out to an ex of one of her RHONJ co-stars. She also contacted Siggy Flicker’s husband’s ex-wife to dig up dirt on the former New Jersey Housewife.

In October, Louie scored legal victory as his “obsessed” ex-fiancée was denied restraining order after “stalking” him.

“The court not only dismissed Ms. Reiser’s complaint and denied her application for a permanent restraining order, but also found that she was ‘obsessed’ with Mr. Ruelas, continuously bothering he and his family,” Louie’s attorney said at the time.

Meanwhile, Margaret and her husband, Joe Benigno, who also appeared on Jeff Lewis Live, doubled down on their allegations that Louie called Margaret’s son at work, a claim Teresa Giudice and Louie have both denied.

“It wasn’t allegedly. He actually called my son, but I don’t want to really hyperfocus on that, but he did. It’s not even allegedly and they’re like, I lied about it. Whatever. It’s not true. Bravo knows it’s true. Everybody knows it’s true. They would’ve never let me speak about it,” Marge said.

She continued, “They’re denying it. They said it was a spoof call. It’s not a spoof call. There was a police report. They acknowledged that it was a spoof call. They said it was a spoof call.”

Joe interjected: “Well, neither did a police think it was.”

“First of all, there was a conversation that was had. There was a conversation that was had. No one, and the whole point is, I made it go away to the fact is I don’t want to acknowledge it. I don’t want to talk about it. I brought it up at the reunion just to say, ‘This is what you did. This is why I want nothing to do with you people,’ and they’re sociopaths. Teresa’s a sociopath. To say to Jenn Fessler, in her face, ‘I swear my four daughters this is not true.’ It is true,” Margaret explained.

When asked if there’s a chance Teresa doesn’t know Louie made the alleged phone call to Margaret’s son, the RHONJ star said:

“Is there a chance she didn’t know? There could be. You know what? I’m not even gonna give her the benefit of the doubt anymore. At the time, I was like, “Maybe she didn’t know.” Maybe they didn’t tell her at the time that she could say that, but now I am watching her lie incessantly about other things that are happening. She is lying nonstop in people’s faces. I’m watching her do interviews and lie about things that are happening. Just admit that you hire people. You dig up stuff.”

RHONJ airs on Sundays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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Thoughts on this all? Why do you think Margaret is lying about the timeline?

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