RHONJ Recap: The Icing on the Brain Cake


The drama between Teresa Giudice and Rachel and John Fuda threatens to ruin a fun trip for the entire RHONJ cast. Plus, Joe and Melissa host an 18th birthday party for their daughter and more.

This Sunday’s episode of RHONJ was all about celebrating life and shifting alliances.

Danielle Cabral is throwing her husband, Nate, a party to celebrate six years since his brain surgery. However, having all of the women of the RHONJ cast and their husbands at the same place at the same time could be a recipe for disaster.

Danielle Cabral Throws Drink Upside Jennifer Aydin's Head Resulting In Blood, Bruising And An Investigation - EXCLUSIVE!
The Real Housewives of New Jersey film for season 14

This is especially so considering that Jennifer Fessler’s birthday party ended with Teresa Giudice and John Fuda getting into a heated argument over recent rumors being spread about Rachel Fuda’s husband by his ex.

Back to Danielle, it’s not surprising to hear that she wants to be a stage mom. Danielle is set on making her daughter Valentina a star so she gets her some new headshots. Haven’t we seen this storyline before?

The 38-year-old also reveals that her children’s clothing company, Boujie Kidz, has taken off so much so that she’s been invited to New York Fashion Week.

While Nate celebrates Danielle’s success, she is cheering him on for much more emotional reasons. The RHONJ couple reveals that six years ago, Nate underwent brain surgery to remove a cyst. To celebrate this milestone, Danielle is set on throwing a party at the Jersey Shore.

However, Danielle is worried about the party as the RHONJ cast is currently divided.

It seems that Danielle will be leaning on her friendships within the RHONJ cast more than ever as she reveals that her relationship with her dad is on rocky ground. Danielle is frustrated that her dad never stands up for her when it comes the ongoing issues between her and her brother. Because of this Danielle has decided to protect herself and instead focus solely on her and her family.  

Elsewhere in the episode we learn that Dolores Catania is working her butt off to get back into real estate as she still is an independent woman despite living in with boyfriend, Paul Connell, last year.

Paul isn’t happy to learn that Danielle will be hosting a party down the shore. Turns out on top of hating Italian food, Paul also hates the shore. Blasphemy in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas are excited to celebrate Louie Sr.’s party to celebrate being sober for eight years. The conversation shifts to Gabriella Giudice leaving for college which gets Teresa choked up since she is the rock of the family.

Later on Teresa declares she has nothing to say to Margaret Josephs at the moment but will have plenty to say once certain legal issues are concluded.

This episode is all about celebrating which includes Antonia Gorga turning 18! Joe and Melissa Gorga plan a birthday brunch for Antonia as they get sentimental over how time has flown by.

Melissa Gorga Antonia Gorga and Joe Gorga pose for family photo at restaurant in New York City after attending red carpet event
RHONJ’s Melissa and Joe Gorga take photo with oldest daughter Antonia Gorga

At the brunch, Melissa makes a speech about how much she will miss Antonia but is excited for her to “explore” and sow her “wild oats.”

The topic of family comes up, which is when we learn that Joe will be officiating the wedding of Melissa’s cousin. Joe gets emotional over how Melissa’s family embraced him from the start and how his own family is missing out on milestones in the lives of his kids.

Then later on in the episode, Teresa preps for a spa day with Danielle Cabral and Jennifer Aydin, while chatting with Gia Giudice about taking the LSATs. Tre is proud of Gia for being so focused on her legal studies.

While Danielle and Jennifer get some Emsulpt done, Rachel Fuda, Margaret Josephs, and Melissa get some exercise in by playing pickleball.

After pickleball, Rachel opens up about being in pain from a Rheumatoid Arthritis flare-up. Melissa then details some health issues her mom has been battling. During the conversation, Melissa invites Rach and Marge to Joe’s birthday party which will be held down the shore the same weekend as Danielle’s party for Nate.

Back in Teresa’s neck of the woods, Danielle reveals she will be staying at Fuda’s shore house. This news shocks Teresa but she gives Danielle her blessing to build a friendship with Rachel.

We then learn that the recent gossip that John Fuda was once the biggest drug dealer in Bergen County isn’t all that juicy after all. Rachel says that when John was 17 he got arrested for selling pot. She questions why Teresa of all people would condemn John for a crime he committed as a teen considering her past issues with the law.

The RHONJ cast finally heads to the shore. Teresa, Louie, Dolores, and Paul all arrive at Jennifer’s condo, which is when Dolores reveals she hasn’t been to the beach in two years because Paul isn’t a fan of the vibes down the Jersey Shore.

At the Fuda’s shore house, they host the Fesslers and discuss how great Jennifer’s birthday party was minus the drama at the end between John and Teresa. Jennifer F makes it clear that she’s good with Teresa and that everyone in the RHONJ cast says shitty things at times.  However, John makes it clear that he doesn’t like when people play both sides which is quite funny considering he has both the Fesslers and Cabrals staying at his shore house.

Danielle admits she feels stuck in the middle and pleads with everyone to be cool at Nate’s party but John can’t make any promises. He says he will do his best as long as no one pushes his buttons.

Everyone, minus Jackie Goldschneider, who wasn’t invited to the party due to past drama with Danielle, heads to Nate’s celebration of life party.

Before the party starts Marge and gang chat with some new ladies about the drama among their group. When Teresa arrives at the party, Danielle is worried some drama is going to get stirred up. However, John lets it be known he won’t be starting any trouble at the party.

Jen F and Teresa sneak off to chat during the performance by a gospel choir. This confuses Rachel who thought Jen F was her ride or die not Teresa’s friend.

While chatting, Teresa asks Jen F why several members of the RHONJ cast got together at Margaret’s before the season 13 reunion. Jen F confirms that the get together was prep for whatever information Louie may have obtained from his private investigator. She then reveals that Marge was planning on playing a recording of Louie threatening her son, which never came to fruition at the reunion.

Jen also tells Teresa that Marge was hysterical after the threats to her son. Teresa swears on her daughters that it was Louie. Jen also denies that she said, “You guys didn’t execute the plan correctly” at the RHONJ season 13 reunion. She also makes Teresa clarify that she didn’t mean John Fuda is the biggest drug dealer now but in the past. The two work through whatever little issues they had and hug it out.

This shocks Rachel who is disgusted to see Jen F hugging Teresa and questions if Jen is truly her friend.

RHONJ airs on Sundays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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