Explosive Fuda Family Drama: Alleged ‘Nasty’ Employee Treatment


Some crazy information about RHONJ‘s Rachel Fuda and her husband, John Fuda, is coming to light! Get all the scoop on their crazy family drama and how they allegedly treat their employees “nasty.”

Someone in Rachel and John Fuda‘s camp seems to have a major bone to pick with them! Following part two of the RHONJ season 13 reunion, a letter exposing their family’s dirty laundry popped up on social media.

Guess this letter is Louie Ruelas‘ fault too? Sure, Jan.

The letter, which was shared by the Twitter account @MelissasOldNose, details the Fuda’s very scandalous family drama. It also alleges that Rachel and John don’t treat their employees very well at all. Yikes.

John Fuda and Rachel Fuda smiling for a photo on date night
RHONJ’s John Fuda and Rachel Fuda (Instagram/RachelFuda)

The unidentified source claims that John “does come from money” but is happy to “screw over” the “illegal immigrants” he hires when it comes to their paychecks.

The source adds, “John likes to f–k people over, and he doesn’t care.” John also is allegedly “rude” and “treats most employees like dog shit on his heal.”

While John’s wife, Rachel, “started out nice,” she has since “turned into her husband.” Rachel is reportedly “nasty” and “not caring,” just like John.

John Fuda and Rachel Fuda posing with son for family photo outside
RHONJ’s John Fuda and Rachel Fuda

The letter then breaks down some juicy allegations about Rachel’s mom. The source claims that Rachel’s mom has been engaged in numerous affairs over the years. Her current and most longstanding affair allegedly involves a man her family refers to as Uncle Frank.

Allegedlly, Rachel’s mom, Lisa Delvelscovo, has been having an affair for 20 years with a man named Frank Frato. The two reportedly met at a bar, and she then introduced him to her husband so they could become friends. When Lisa’s husband, Artie, would go to bed, she and Frank would allegedly “f–k around.”

The source says that if Rachel’s family finds out the truth about her mother’s alleged affair with Frank, “shit will hit the fan.”

Said source notes that Rachel’s family drama is some “Jerry Springer show” type stuff.

Check out the full letter below!

Letter revealing family secrets of RHONJ star's Rachel and John Fuda
Letter revealing family secrets of RHONJ stars Rachel and John Fuda.

Part three of the RHONJ season 13 reunion airs on Tuesday, June 13, at 8 pm, on Bravo.

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