Pump Rules EP Warns Cast Not To Sign S11 Contract Until After Seeing Reunion Finale; Talks Evolution of Scandoval


Pump Rules Executive Producer Alex Baskin is spilling all the tea on part three of the season ten reunion. He also wants the Pump Rules cast NOT to sign their contracts for season 11 until they see the reunion finale.

Bravo fans need to buckle up for the Pump Rules reunion finale episode. I highly suggest pouring yourself the biggest drink ever to help you process all the drama to come.

Pump Rules EP Alex Baskin is teasing the “bombshell” new information about Scandoval that is set to be revealed during part three of the season ten reunion.

Baskin chatted with The Hollywood Reporter, where he dished on Scandoval and season 13 of Pump Rules.

He also teased the reunion finale twist that will leave the Pump Rules cast and its fanbase shocked.

The EP said: “There are revelations and developments that left even our heads spinning. We wind down the day of [filming the reunion], and then a few days later, there’s yet another development. It isn’t something the group witnessed at the time. So I think they’re going to have to respond to it when they see it.”

Vanderpump Rules: Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss meet up after Scandoval is exposed.
Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss meet up after Scandoval is exposed.

What can fans expect from Part Three of the reunion?

You can expect to learn a lot. What made this reunion different than any other was that we, as a production, had no idea what was going to happen. Usually, we have some sense. There’s great anticipation for Raquel to come out [in Part 3]. I will say that whatever anyone thinks of what she did this past season, it was brave of her to face the music, knowing everyone is at full tilt.

And there is, as we’ve been teasing, a twist at the end of the reunion. So I think it’s the perfect capper to a season unlike any other. We wind down the day of [filming the reunion], and then a few days later, there’s yet another development. I’ll just say this isn’t a garden-variety getting-the-group-together-to-recap show or, in this case, just Raquel speaking her piece of apologies to Ariana. There are revelations and developments that left even our heads spinning.

Baskin Clarifies his Comments that the Pump Rules cast Should Watch Part Three of the Reunion Before Signing on for S11

It’s so funny because I’ve gotten all sorts of really aggressive messages from people, including that I will be “crucified” if there’s disappointment in what happened compared to what I built it up to be. What I would say is, by any reunion standpoint, it is a super-explosive event and it is a big twist. Raquel is not pregnant. There’s no story that involves aliens or dragons! But what I had said was that it’s a twist at the end of reunion that, if we were in production, the cast would have responded to. And it’s one of the many reasons that we wanted to take a moment between the reunion airing and going back into production.

I just think that it would have been very difficult for the group to then continue to move forward, because this development happened after the reunion was shot. We’re in a tenuous place at the end of the reunion. We did not know going into the day whether we would have a breakthrough or not, and I just will say that things are unsettled by the end. There’s no great spoiler in saying that. And then there’s a further development a few days after the reunion that we cover; it isn’t like it’s something the group witnessed at the time. So I think they’re going to have to respond to it when they see it, and I think it’s better they’re responding when we aren’t shooting so that we have space between this past season and their interactions with each other and the group dynamic going forward.

Does the much-hyped twist involve Scandoval?

The twist post-reunion does involve Scandoval. And it is a wrinkle to what was said at the reunion. So it is a coda, or in addition to what was said at the reunion.

One TikTok Theory involves a shift in the timeline of Scandoval

I would say that the timeline evolves. (Laughing.)

Lisa Vanderpump and Tom Sandoval at Pump Rules reunion
Lisa Vanderpump and Tom Sandoval

Is Lisa Vanderpump moving the show’s setting from SUR to Schwartz and Sandys?

I love that theory. It’s really inventive and creative, and it’s not true. This morning I watched the reunion again; I’ve seen it a thousand times. And the end impacted me again, even knowing everything I do. I think everything is so sensationalized and so extreme at this point that the theories are really fun, but this is a twist. It’s a further development. And to me, what it means is, this is hardly over. And that we’re discovering new information.

The group ended in one way, unsettled, but having hashed all this out. And then they will come to find out, or in some cases have already found out, that there’s even more to the story. It’s not some earth-shattering development about the direction of the show or someone else involved in this whole situation. It’s clarity and further diving in on what really happened versus what we thought happened, and centers around the things revealed in the reunion.

Is production already preparing for season 11 of Pump Rules?

The truth is, we’re on our typical production timeline. We’re just not on an accelerated timeline. There was some thought that we would head right into the next season after the reunion, and then it became clear to us that we needed to slow down a minute. So that’s what we did. We’re making preparations for the next season, but we didn’t just go continuously from the reunion into the next season.

Will production give in to any filming ultimatums from cast members for season 11?

The cast knows that those conditional demands never work. So I don’t think it’s a matter of that. It’s a matter of dialing in what is organic for the group to be together, what makes sense. And knowing we want to see where they go from here. It can’t be a show with separate islands. That doesn’t work and it’s not exciting if we have groups who agree with each other but never interact.

But the cast does have the full expectation that we intend to make another season of Vanderpump Rules. Not that we want to make a show that doesn’t resemble one we’ve made for all these years. It’s a show that has followed this group through everything they’ve been through to date, and we’ll see them as they continue to move forward. There still are a ton of ties between people who have incredibly strained relations right now; Tom and Ariana still live together. So even seeing how that resolves is of interest. It isn’t like all of a sudden they have gone to their respective ends of the universe and that’s it. So there’s a lot for us to cover and genuinely we have no idea how it’s going to play out, just like we wouldn’t have been able to predict any of this.

When will the cameras start rolling for season 11?

Our hope and plan is in the not-too-distant future this summer. So, in the next few weeks.

Are any former Pump Rules cast members in talks to return for season 11?

It is a distinct possibility that some past castmembers might make appearances on this upcoming season.

Will Raquel Leviss be back for another season?

We have ongoing conversations with her team and we’re supposed to speak to her as well soon. And, we’re going to see. We want to make sure she is in a place where it makes sense for her to tell her story in a public setting. We think it’s interesting to see what is going on with her life right now and what she plans to do from here, but our first order of business is making sure that it makes sense for her to be on television.

Part three of Pump Rules season ten reunion airs Wednesday at 9 pm on Bravo.

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The Season 10 Reunion Finale of Pump Rules is scheduled to air on [insert date and time].

The Season 10 Reunion Finale promises shocking revelations and intense confrontations among the cast members. Secrets will be unveiled, and unresolved issues will come to the forefront, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

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