RHONJ Season 13 Reunion Recap Part 2!


RHONJ reunion 2022 part 2 picks up right after Teresa Giudice announces that Joe and Melissa Gorga played a role in her and her ex-husband Joe Giudice going to prison.

Teresa Giudice vs. Melissa Gorga

Teresa quickly clarifies her comment, saying that Joe and Melissa were hanging out with Joe Giudice’s ex-business partner, who ratted them out to the FBI and ultimately sent them to prison. She explains that Joe Gorga never meant to hurt her but wanted to get back at her ex-husband.

Of course, Melissa denies the accusations and says she doesn’t even know the person Teresa is referring to. Margaret Josephs then encourages Melissa to read a text message that Jacqueline Laurita sent to Jackie Goldschnieder long before her November 2022 reconciliation with Teresa Giudice.

Melissa Gorga wipes her lips at RHONJ reunion
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga

Melissa reads the text message aloud:

“I know I shouldn’t care, but her arrogance, her voice, and the fact that she gets away with way too much after being a nasty ass**** bothers me. She is a lowlife trash bucket; she’s stupid, but also very calculating. Even with her two facelifts and eye lifts, new boobs, she’s still so ugly, and she thinks she’s a goddess.” 

Despite the shocking text message, Teresa seems unfazed by it all. It’s important to note that this text message from Jacqueline was sent to Jackie years before Teresa and Jacqueline’s reconciliation in late 2022. Jackie and Jacqueline were in communication in 2020 when the cheating allegations against Evan Goldschneider came to light on RHONJ.

Teresa appeared to be unscathed by the text message but warned Melissa that Jacqueline was going to come after her for this.

Dolores Catania agreed and encouraged Melissa to be prepared for Jacqueline’s wrath.

Dolores Catania calls out Melissa Gorga out at the RHONJ reunion
Dolores Catania and Melissa Gorga go head-to-head at the RHONJ reunion

The 52-year-old exclaimed:

“Sleep with one eye open. This is bad for you, Melissa, you’re going down.” 

Rachel Fuda in the Spotlight

Andy Cohen sets his sights on Rachel Fuda and peppers her with questions about her marriage and children. Rachel reveals that her husband, John Fuda, got liposuction – but she clarifies that he did it before RHONJ began to air.

The RHONJ newbie then addresses Jennifer Aydin’s comments about her “terrible” nose job. Jennifer chimes in that she only ever made fun of Rachel’s nose after she tried to cause drama between her and Dolores.

Jennifer and Rachel start to get into it, which is when Jennifer reveals that her real issue with Rachel stems from her lying about ever watching RHONJ and being a fan of the show before joining it this season. Jennifer explains that Rachel used to have a Bravo fan page on Instagram and went by the user name Bravo1234.

Rachel then accuses Jennifer of going to her nose doctor after making fun of her nose job. Jennifer denies this but admits that Rachel’s doctor did remove her chin implant.

Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin confront the drama.
Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin.

Andy pivots the conversation to Jennifer adopting her stepson, Jaiden. He then brings up Jaiden’s birth mom, who has recently spoken out to blogs, claiming that Rachel only adopted Jaiden for a storyline.

Dolores interjects and defends Rachel, saying that Rachel talked about adopting Jaiden years ago. Since when have Dolores and Rachel known each other for years? Why was this never addressed during the season? Never once this season did they act as if they knew each other.

Then Andy asks about the claims that John is preventing Jaiden from seeing his mother. This is when Rachel claims that Louie Ruelas had someone search for Jaiden’s birth mother and contact her to bring all these unfounded allegations out. Whatever. Such lies.

Clearly, Rachel, Margaret, and Melissa planned out their storyline and allegations for the reunion.

Melissa Defends Her Drunken Comments

Melissa is quick to defend her drunk comment about texting her ex. Teresa says that comment was out of line and that she’s surprised her brother was okay with it. Melissa says it was just fun and not a big deal, but Teresa disagrees since Melissa is a married woman.

The 44-year-old continues to take her sister-in-law’s infamous lines and act as if they are her own. She says, “Haha, laugh, funny,” which is one of Teresa’s well-known lines from RHONJ.

AllAboutTRH Podcast: RHONJ Reunion Part One - Lies Exposed
Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice at season 13 RHONJ reunion

Jennifer Aydin Reveals She Told Melissa Gorga About the Cheating Rumor

The cheating rumor drama comes up, which is when Jennifer drops a bombshell. Jennifer reveals that she told Melissa Gorga about the cheating rumor, which is when she learned that Melissa was already aware of the rumor because Teresa told Joe Gorga about it. Melissa slammed Teresa for even mentioning the rumor to Joe since there was no truth to it.

Jennifer says she didn’t want to tell Danielle Cabral about the rumor, especially because she knew Melissa was already aware of the gossip.

Danielle doesn’t feel set up despite not knowing that Jennifer already told Melissa about the rumor. She asks Teresa and Jennifer if they set her up. Jennifer apologizes if she came across that way but insists that wasn’t her intention. Rachel, Melissa, and Margaret believe that Danielle was manipulated and used as a pawn.

No one in the cast believes that the cheating rumor is true. However, Jennifer believes that Margaret spoke about the rumor to her former BFF, Laura Lee Jensen.

As for who Melissa blames for the rumor, she obviously points the finger at Teresa. According to Melissa, Teresa shouldn’t have talked to Joe about the rumor without her present. Yet, let’s not forget Teresa isn’t the one who talked to Joe Gorga about the rumor – Louie did. Melissa also blames Jennifer for repeating it on camera and putting it in Danielle’s ear, which ultimately led to the rumor becoming a major storyline on the show.

Melissa and Teresa then engage in a back-and-forth squabble while hurling insults at each other to near exhaustion. Andy is really growing frustrated at this point.

The Husbands Prepare to Take the Stage

Backstage, the husbands have arrived and are getting ready to take the reunion stage.

Frank Catania makes it clear that he’s not keeping his mouth shut at this reunion. He claims that Louie f–ked him this year when all he did was try to help him. Joe Benigno then brings up Little Frankie, which is when unseen footage between Joe Gorga and Frank Catania begins to play.

Frank claims that Louie’s company shut down, so Frankie lost his job, but no one told him. He says that Louie ghosted Frankie about the job and never answered any of his calls. This caused some beef between Frank and Louie while Joe Gorga questions Louie’s “agenda.”

FACT CHECK: These claims about Louie and Little Frankie’s work relationship aren’t true at all. AllAboutTRH spoke to Frankie directly, and he told us:

“I never complained about Lou to Joe. Like I said before, (I) had a great experience working at his RE firm and it allowed me to pivot in a great position. I really like Lou and Joe. I really don’t even know why I would be brought up either. But understand lots of bad blood there so tempers flaring.”

Margaret Josephs Makes a Wild Accusation Against Louie

Margaret claims that she flipped a switch on Teresa on the After Show and in her confessional because her son was contacted and threatened by Louie Ruelas.

Joe Gorga, Frank Catania, and John Fuda also seem to take issue with Louie’s claim he hired a private investigator and had a file on everyone in the cast. Louie denies that this is true, claiming that he just threw it out there during the finale episode.

Teresa denies Margaret’s claims are true, but Margaret gives Andy proof of the call. Teresa and Jennifer point out that there are spoof calls that all the Housewives are getting. Andy confirms this. Teresa doubles down that Louie did NOT call Margaret’s son.

Dolores chimes in and says she hopes these allegations aren’t true but admits that Margaret did call her upset the day the alleged phone call happened. Teresa questions why Dolores didn’t call her to tell her about it, to which Dolores replies she thought Teresa already knew about it and didn’t want to involve herself.

Teresa shows Andy her phone, which shows multiple missed calls from Magaret and Dolores as they are sitting on the reunion stage. She then accuses Margaret of calling people from Louie’s past.

The men of Jersey Arrive

Andy has a pep talk with Louie, saying that tensions are high and he’s worried. He makes it clear he doesn’t want things to get physical, and Louie agrees.

Frank bad-mouths Teresa to Melissa, saying that she’s not being zen at all.

To be continued…

Part three of the RHONJ reunion airs on June 13th at 8 pm on Bravo.

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As of now, the air date for the RHONJ Reunion 2022 Part 2 of Season 13 has not been officially announced. However, you can stay tuned to our website, allabouttrh.com, for updates on the latest air date and any schedule changes.

Yes, you can catch the RHONJ Reunion 2022 Part 2 online if you miss the live broadcast. Most likely, the episode will be available for streaming on the network’s official website or app shortly after its original airing. Additionally, popular streaming platforms might offer on-demand access to the show for their subscribers.

RHONJ Reunion 2022 Part 2 promises to be an explosive conclusion to Season 13, bringing unresolved issues and dramatic confrontations to the forefront. Expect intense discussions, emotional moments, and possibly some surprises as the cast members reflect on the events of the season and delve deeper into their relationships and conflicts.

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