Lenny Hochstein Claims Wife Lisa Hochstein Is Bleeding Him

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Lenny Hochstein is at it again! Lenny has now claimed that his estranged wife Lisa Hochstein is ‘bleeding him out’ financially revealing that she abused her access to his grocery app.

According to a new urgent court petition, Lenny, 56, complains that Lisa has ‘has embarked on a course of conduct aimed at bleeding out’ [Lenny Hochstein] from a financial standpoint’ and has ‘charged in excess of $10,000 to [Lenny’s account].’

In the urgent filing, Lenny Hochstein alleges that the Real Housewives of Miami star “shockingly” spent $4,000 over the course of a week and a half.

Lenny is complaining that Lisa’s excessive grocery shopping “constitutes marital waste,” and he is requesting the court sanction her for her ‘cash grab.’

Lisa Hochstein responded in a separate filing the next day that Lenny has turned off her access to Instacart, Uber and Uber eats, which she says is a violation of a previous order.

Lisa also says that Lenny has made her feel ‘threatened’ by making ‘unannounced visits’ to their former marital home. Lisa even revealed that he once showed up with his mother and called her a ‘felon,’ verbally berating her in front of their children.

Lisa Hochstein on estranged marriage

Lisa and Lenny share two children. Lisa says that Lenny would soon be going to jail and that their children “would soon be having a better mother.”

Lenny Hochstein Claims Wife Lisa Hochstein Is Bleeding Him Out Financially; Lisa Says He Called Her A ‘Felon’ In Front Of Children

Earlier this week Lisa Hochstein blasted her estranged husband for trying to humiliate her on Mothers Day weekend when Lenny accused her of planting a listening device in his car.

Are you surprised by the Lenny Hochsteins latest filing?

Lenny Hochstein claims that his wife Lisa Hochstein is “bleeding him,” suggesting that she is causing significant financial strain or draining his resources in some way.

The specific context behind Lenny Hochstein’s claim is not mentioned in the title provided. It’s possible that there could be ongoing legal disputes, financial issues, or personal conflicts between the couple, leading to his assertion.

As of now, there is no information provided about the public’s reaction to Lenny Hochstein’s claim. Public responses may vary, and it would require further research to gauge the general sentiment surrounding this matter.

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