Filming For Season 4 of RHOSLC Turns ‘Explosive’ Amid Feud Between Whitney Rose and Lisa Barlow

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Filming for season 4 of RHOSLC has turned “explosive.”

Buckle up, Bravo fans, and prepare for a showdown between Whitney Rose and Lisa Barlow during season 4 of RHOSLC.

According to Page Six, Lisa and Whitney’s longtime beef reached a fever pitch during the ongoing season 4 cast trip to Bermuda.

A source reveals:

“Producers have been preparing for an explosive situation in Bermuda. Tensions have flared in Whitney and Lisa’s relationship while filming Season 4. The women recently got into it with each other, and their conflict is expected to bleed into the Bermuda trip.”

Lisa and Whitney’s “discord is layered,” according to the insider; however, Lisa feels that Whitney “hasn’t been completely honest with her this season.”

Turns out Lisa mending fences with Heather Gay has only fueled her and Whitney’s issues.

However, there is some reconciliation happening among the RHOSLC cast. A second source explains that Lisa and former BFF Meredith Marks are in a much “better” place than in past seasons of the show.

“Lisa and Meredith are in a better place,” the second source says. “Their friendship will never be what it was, but they’ve settled into a cordial relationship. The new dynamic between Lisa and Meredith could be creating space for Lisa to reevaluate her relationship with Whitney.”

“Lisa is also getting along more with Heather, which might be to blame for some of the tension with Whitney,” the second insider adds.

The RHOSLC cast arrived in Bermuda on Saturday for their first-ever international cast trip. This season the cast also visited Palm Springs, California.

RHOSLC is expected to return for season 4 in late 2023 or early 2024.

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 As of the latest episodes, the drama between Whitney Rose and Lisa Barlow on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) revolves around allegations of gossip spreading and trust issues within their friendship. The situation has escalated, leading to heated arguments and strained relationships among the cast.

 The feud between Whitney and Lisa is rooted in rumors about Lisa’s business dealings and personal life. Whitney has been accused of spreading gossip about Lisa, leading to a breakdown in trust between them. The tensions between the two have intensified as they confront each other and their co-stars about the underlying issues.

The drama between Whitney and Lisa has not only affected their own relationship but also had ripple effects on the other cast members. Some have taken sides, while others are trying to mediate and find a resolution to the conflict. The situation has added significant tension and drama to the show, impacting the dynamics of the group as a whole.

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