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Margaret Josephs Meets Jennifer Fessler’s Mom and Her Identical Sister in RHONJ Recap

It turns out Jen F’s mom and sister are childhood friends of Barbara Streisand. Jen F has quite the Hollywood connections…first James Gandolfini, now Babs.

Marge and Jen F mock Danielle Cabral‘s family drama with her brother during lunch. They claim that Danielle makes it all about her and was a downer on the trip to Ireland. Marge and Jen F then have a pity party over Melissa Gorga being left out of Teresa Giudice‘s bridal shower; they hint that they aren’t sure Melissa will go to Teresa’s wedding.

Frank Catania Is Beyond Surprised to Learn Paulie Connely Has an Engagement Ring

While celebrating Frankie Jr’s new job at dinner, the group discusses Paulie and Frank Sr.’s rough start at the beginning of his relationship with Dolores Catania.

Paulie opens up to Frank Sr about his life and moving to the United States at 23. Frank seems to have a newfound respect for Paulie. They decided to throw an Irish party at Paulie’s new house, where Dolores lives full-time. He’s taken aback when he learns that Paulie already has a ring to propose to Dolores.

It seems that Frank is no longer worried about his family’s new dynamic. He now sees that his family with Dolores isn’t falling apart. Instead, it’s just getting bigger.

Teresa Giudice Says There’s No Comparing Luis Ruelas’s Family and Her Own

Teresa and Louie are finalizing the seating arrangements for the wedding. Teresa isn’t stressed at all about the wedding, and she just loves Louie’s family so much. She notes how different Louie’s family is from hers, pointing out that they are there to support and help them all the time, unlike her family.

Louie reads a text from Melissa Gorga, saying that she and Joe are not coming to rehearsal dinner or brunch the day after the wedding. Neither Teresa nor Louie understands Melissa and Joe’s behavior, especially when it comes to the wedding festivities. But they both make it clear that they are done trying.

During their conversation, Louie reveals that Joe Giudice called him and told him not to let Joe Gorga ruin his relationship with Teresa. Turns out Joe Giudice caught wind of the Gorgas issues with Louie and Teresa from his daughter Gia Giudice and made a point to give his ex-wife’s soon-to-be husband some advice on dealing with his in-laws.

Teresa reveals that she’s done with Joe and is sick of getting hurt by trying to hold on to a relationship with him.

Danielle Cabral Discusses Her Family Drama

Danielle and her mom discuss their family drama. Danielle says she doesn’t understand how her brother could just drop her after they were so close growing up; she notes that their issues began when her brother refused ever to have her back. It seems that Danielle’s brother also ended his relationship with their mom when she began sticking up for Danielle. It’s so ugly that Danielle and her mom have never met her brother’s baby. They hope that, eventually, their family can reconcile and be whole once again.

Jennifer Aydin Gets Apartment for Her Brother and Sister-in-Law

Jennifer has such a big heart. Her brother, Michael, his wife, and their baby are moving back to America from Turkey. Jennifer got them an apartment and got it all furnished for them as a surprise. They are so overwhelmed by Jennifer’s kindness. It’s a beautiful sight to see. Jennifer explains that helping family is what it is all about, as Bill’s family helped them when he was a resident, and they struggled financially.

Rachel Fuda’s Stepson Is Excited for Her to Adopt Him

Rachel and her husband, John, continue the process of Rachel legally adopting their son, Jayden. They tell Jayden about their plans, and he wants Rachel to adopt him but is curious about how the process will go. According to John and Rachel, they have to reach out to Jayden’s birth mom so she can waive her parental rights.

They all agree that even if the adoption can’t or doesn’t go through, Rachel is still Jayden’s mom in every way that matters.

Paulie and Dolores host an Irish/1920s-themed Party

The cast gets ready for Paulie and Dolores’ Irish/1920s Prohibition-themed party. The group pulled out all the stops with their flapper-style outfits. Melissa and Joe Gorga wonder if Paulie plans to propose to Dolores tonight. Meanwhile, Dolores and Paulie are worried about the drama that might pop up between Melissa/Joe and Teresa/Louie.

At the Fuda’s house, John tells Rachel how he called out Nate Cabral during guys’ night about his wife calling Rachel a rat. Rachel said she was justified in going to Margaret about what Danielle said since someone, whether it be Jennifer A or Teresa, was feeding Danielle that info about Margaret.

Speaking of feeding information, Jennifer A reveals that she reached out to Margaret’s ex-BFF, Laura Lee Jensen, again after she leaked text messages between her and Margaret to the blogs. Jennifer says she thinks Margaret is nervous because she doesn’t know just how much Laurea divulged to her and Teresa. She once again insists that Laura didn’t want to repeat the rumors about Melissa cheating on Joe. This cheating secret seems to be the reason why Melissa condemn Margaret last season for going after Louie.

Teresa says she reached out to her brother, who hasn’t gotten back to her. Louie says he feels so bad for Teresa and is pissed at Joe for claiming Teresa is miserable. He thinks Joe is projecting his own issues onto Teresa and is calculating. While Teresa wants peace, Louie doesn’t want anything to do with the Gorgas at all after he tried so hard to have a good relationship with them.

Then the episode ends.

Next week is the season 13 finale episode of RHONJ.

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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