Andy Cohen Shuts Down Rumors Bravo Is Working on New ‘Real Housewives’ Installments As Reports of Real Housewives of Chicago, Las Vegas, and New Orleans Emerge

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Andy Cohen is shutting down the Real Housewives rumor mill!

The Big Daddy of Bravo has made it clear that NO new Real Housewives installments are in the works despite rumors of several new Real Housewives franchises coming to Bravo.

For months now, rumors of several new Real Housewives installments have been buzzing around social media and the blogs. However, Andy is now busting everyone’s bubble by revealing that the rumors are not true.

“I mean, I think we’re good,” the WWHL host said on his SiriusXM radio show, Andy Cohen Live, Thursday. “We’re not developing any.”

Many fans believed that Bravo would be announcing the Real Housewives of Las Vegas at BravoCon this year since the convention is taking place in Sin City for the first time.

“People are really excited about BravoCon in Vegas, getting so many questions about it. And I just wanna nip something in the bud right now because there is a rumor that is building online that I need to address so that we can move on,” said Andy. “There is a train of thought that, of thinking we will be announcing at BravoCon in Vegas, the Real Housewives of Las Vegas. And I am here to tell you, we are not, no, just we are not.”

“There is no Housewives of Vegas. We are not announcing a Housewives of Vegas. So just stand down,” he continued. “That’s not happening.”

Andy also made it clear that The Real Housewives of New Orleans and The Real Housewives of Scottsdale aren’t happening either.

“There was just a rumor about Real Housewives of New Orleans, and I happen to know that there is a production company who we work with all the time, who was just casting women in New Orleans to see if there was a show to be done in New Orleans,” the 54-year-old explained. “I think they are pitching it to Bravo. This wasn’t Bravo seeking out.”

“A lot of times there will be, a lot of times someone will, people will start DMing me saying, ‘I know you’re doing Scottsdale. I want to be on the casting’, whatever,” he continued. “Sometimes there are production companies that are just fishing around, not even at the behest of Bravo, but just because they are looking for women and they’re gonna bring them to Bravo and try to pitch Bravo on the idea. So that’s my rumor debunk today.”

So far, there have been 11 Real Housewives franchises just in the United States. All of them except two, RHOD and RHODC, continue to air new episodes.

Is Andy Cohen shutting down the Real Housewives rumor mill?

Source: PEOPLE

No, there are no new Real Housewives installments currently being developed.

No, there will be no announcement of the Real Housewives of Las Vegas at BravoCon.

No, there are no plans for The Real Housewives of New Orleans or The Real Housewives of Scottsdale at the moment.

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