AllAboutTRH Debuts New Feature: Bravo Blinds

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Because we get so many messages on all our social media outlets with tons of tips – we thought we would bring it back to the old days with Bravo Blinds!.

If you’ve been here from the beginning – you remember when AllAboutTRH would post tea from anonymous sources.

We would share the tea making it clear that it was from an email we received that wasn’t fact checked as the user wanted to remain private and didn’t want to have follow up conversations.

After getting so many tea from our Instagram/Twitter account – we thought it was necessary to bring it back to AllAboutTRH under AllAboutTRH: Bravo Blinds.

Click HERE to check out the form used if you have some tea you want to share that is directly on AllAboutTRH’s home page

It’s important to note that this will be the only portion of AllAboutTRH that is not fact checked and simply shared from anonymous sources 

Disclaimer: Bravo Blinds portion of AllAboutTRH posts rumors shared by those giving AllAboutTRH a tip. We publish this as a conjecture and consider it fiction. There may be inaccuracies regarding people and the story shared from our sources.  

Anything published through Bravo Blinds portion of AllAboutTRH that are sent directly from sources are not the responsibility of AllAboutTRH. AllAboutTRH proprietor does not make warranty regarding the correctness or reliability of AllAboutTRH’s content. 

 AllAboutTRH: Bravo Blinds is a section of AllAboutTRH, a platform that shares tea and rumors from anonymous sources. It is a space where users can submit their tips and stories anonymously, without the need for fact-checking or follow-up conversations. Please note that the content shared in this section is considered fiction and may contain inaccuracies.

 If you have some tea or information you want to share, you can do so by using the form provided on AllAboutTRH’s home page. Simply click on the provided link and fill out the form with your anonymous tip. Please remember that anything shared through Bravo Blinds is not fact-checked and will be published as conjecture.

 No, AllAboutTRH is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the content shared through Bravo Blinds. The proprietor of AllAboutTRH does not provide any warranty regarding the correctness of the content. It is important to understand that the rumors and stories shared through this section are solely the responsibility of the sources who submit them.

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