Teddi Mellencamp Says She’s Been Asked to Film for Season 13 of RHOBH and Teases Possible Move to Orange County Plus, Tamra Encourages Teddi to Join RHOC Cast


Teddi Mellencamp may be back on Bravo very soon whether it’s in Beverly Hills or Orange County.

The former Beverly Hills Housewife reveals that she’s been asked to film for season 13 of RHOBH but also teases that she may be moving to the OC very soon! Interesting!

On the March 30 episode of Teddi and Tamra Judge‘s Two T’s in a Pod podcast, the 41-year-old revealed that producers asked her to film for season however she was unavailable at the time.

“Will you be filming on the show this season?” Tamra asked Teddi who replied, “I was asked, that’s all I can say about that. I was unavailable at that particular time.”

As for whether she will film for RHOBH later this season, Teddi said, “I guess we’ll just have to see.”

The All-In accountability coach then admitted that her husband, Edwin Arroyave, is trying to convince her to move down to Orange County.

“My husband does keep sending me pictures because he really does wanna move [to] Orange County. So, it really just depends,” Teddi explained, adding that they are interested in a “really pretty” house in Dana Point. This news surprised Tamra, who quickly encouraged Teddi to move to Orange County ASAP.

Teddi elaborates saying that they are trying to make a decision on where to live as Edwin’s daughter Bella is about to enter high school soon so they want to settle on either living in Orange County or Los Angeles very soon. Yet, Teddi is unsure about the move as “all of my friends are [in Los Angeles] minus Tamra.”

Despite Teddi’s concerns, Tamra encouraged her to move to Orange County, noting that “We can hang out more and you can join the [RHOC] cast.”

“I was thinking about that,” Teddi admitted before adding, “I’m worried I would eat some of the ladies alive and you and I would claw each other’s faces off.”

Tamra quipped, “That’s all right. We’d get over it. I think that you fit in better in Orange County than the Beverly Hills Show. We’d be partners in crime. Me, you and Emily [Simpson] would be the new Tres Amigos.”

Meanwhile, Teddi might want to rethink any plans to return to the Real Housewives as she recently revealed that her and Edwin almost divorced during her first season on RHOBH.

Teddi joined the hit Bravo show in 2017 during season 8. She and Edwin married in 2011 and share children Slate, 10, and Dove, 3, and son Cruz, 7. The RHOBH alum is also step-mother to Edwin’s daughter Bella, 13, from a previous marriage.

“When we first started, I remember my first day honestly it was like ‘F–ck, at what point do I tell everybody that I’m getting a divorce? Like when do I do this?’” Teddi revealed on the March 27 episode of her Two T’s in a Pod podcast.

“We are at our worst absolute phase, because truthfully, for us, it was really about a power struggle,” she elaborated. “We were always kind of equals when we were together. I rode horses, I was competitive and I was all these things. Then I couldn’t get pregnant naturally, I did all these IVFs. All of a sudden, he was in charge of our finances, and I had never been that. I never not had my own money, I had been working since I was 17. Then I just started hating him.”

However, Teddi said that after she began working on herself and loving herself more her resentment towards Edwin began to disappear.

“Once I started loving myself again, we could start loving each other because when I don’t love myself we don’t love each other,” she explained.

As for Edwin, he admitted that reality TV actually brought him and Teddi closer instead of tearing their marriage a part like so many other couples.

“Everybody said the show is going to divide you, instead it actually united us,” he confessed. “It’s the importance of when you actually work on your marriage you’ll remember how much you love it. For a long time, you’ll start to dislike it … I didn’t work on my marriage for a while so I was starting to dislike it and the show made me work on it.”

RHOBH is expected to return for season 13 in late 2023 or early 2024.

Thoughts on this all? Do you think Teddi would be a good fit for RHOC? Sound off below!

Yes, Teddi Mellencamp reveals that she has been asked to film for season 13 of RHOBH.

: Teddi Mellencamp was unavailable to film for the show at a particular time, but the reason is not specified in the given content.

 Yes, Teddi Mellencamp’s husband is trying to convince her to move to Orange County, and they are interested in a house in Dana Point. However, Teddi is unsure about the move as most of her friends are in Los Angeles.

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