RHONJ’s Dolores Catania Slams Jackie Goldschneider for Questioning Danielle Cabral’s Story About Brother Plus, Jackie Calls Danielle Out for her ‘Childish Temper Tantrum’


The claws are out among the RHONJ cast, especially when it comes to Dolores Catania!

On the March 21st episode of the RHONJ: After Show, the NJ Housewives discuss Jackie Goldschneider peppering Danielle Cabral about her and her brother’s fallout.

Jackie and a few of the other Housewives aren’t buying that Danielle and her brother had a falling out over Instagram – they believe there must be more to the story that Danielle is leaving out because it will make her look bad. According to Danielle, her brother started making fun of her posts on Instagram which is when she blocked him. This pissed off her brother who then uninvited her to his wedding. The two have been on the outs ever since. Turns out Danielle’s brother is also on the outs with their mother as well.

As we saw on a recent episode of RHONJ, Jackie, Margaret Josephs, Rachel Fuda, and Jen Fessler believes there must be more to Danielle’s fallout with her brother. They believe Danielle is leaving out parts of the story because it will make her look bad. Yet, Danielle insists that isn’t the case.

On the RHONJ: After Show, Dolores Catania slams Jackie for questioning Danielle’s story when she’s never elaborated on her own fallout with her sister.

“She should mind her own business. Worry about her own sister,” Dolores quipped as Teresa Giudice nodded her head in agreement.

“Do we know her whole story about her sister? Do we? Do we even know a fucking quarter of it?” Dolores questioned.

“I have questions about that now. Maybe Danielle should ask her about her whole story with her sister,” Dolores continued.

Yet, Jackie says her own experience with sibling drama allows her to see that there are holes in Danielle’s story. She also slammed Danielle’s “childish temper tantrum” and wondered why Danielle doesn’t “wanna tell the truth.”

“That doesn’t happen like that. Maybe it’s the lawyer in me, but I see gaping holes,” Jackie notes, adding that it’s “not nice” to see Danielle call her sister-in-law a “mega b–ch.”

“Like there’s, there’s more to the story and you know, the fact that she got so mad was very telling,” Jackie says of Danielle getting angry and storming out of Joe and Melissa Gorga‘s Luau party.

She continues, “Didn’t know what to say. She never thought that would happen. She thought everyone would take her out, her word, and that she would get to tell the story about how she’s the victim and her brothers the bad guy, and then she got questioned and all hell broke loose.”

“That’s what happens when you don’t wanna tell the truth. You don’t wanna tell the truth. You huff out. Margaret calls it to huff out. Danielle, huffs out. That’s childish. If you can’t face your group of friends that you wanna be friends with and no one’s allowed to go, you’re, you’re a baby. I’m sorry. It’s very, very childish. It’s, it’s a temper tantrum. You can’t be questioned. Well, maybe this is the issue your family had with you. So, uh, time for a little self-reflection,” Jackie adds.

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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The RHONJ: After Show episode features the NJ Housewives discussing Jackie Goldschneider questioning Danielle Cabral about her fallout with her brother.

 Some of the Housewives believe that Danielle is leaving out parts of the story because it will make her look bad. They think there must be more to the situation than just her brother making fun of her Instagram posts.

 Jackie Goldschneider sees Danielle’s behavior as a “childish temper tantrum” and questions why she doesn’t want to tell the truth. She believes there are holes in Danielle’s story and thinks her angry reaction at the Luau party was revealing.

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