Brandi Glanville Reveals Why Vicki Gunvalson Will Never Return Officially to RHOC; Talks Kyle Richards Getting ‘Hate’ from RHOBH Fans; Says Sutton Stracke is ‘Delusional’ and that Dorit Kemsley ‘Needs to Go’


Brandi Glanville is spilling some tea about the RHOBH cast and the OG of the OC, Vicki Gunvalson.

During an interview with the Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast, the Bravo alum dished on Vicki Gunvalson‘s lawsuit against Bravo and discussed the current “teams” on RHOBH. She then addressed the “hate” Kyle Richards has been receiving from fans while also revealing if she’d rather work with Lisa Vanderpump or Denise Richards.

Let’s dive into Brandi’s very telling interview!

To start,Brandi revealed why she believes Bravo chose to bring Tamra Judge back to RHOC instead of Vicki.

“Tamra never really got to get out of Vicki’s shadow. She always had to deal with Vicki and taking care of her. So I think it’s time for the audience to get to see Tamra on her own … and see what she does without Vicki. I think that Vicki kind of felt like her and Tamra were a package deal,” Brandi alleged.

“But you know, Vicki did a lawsuit against Bravo before. Vicki’s pulled some s–t and Tamra hasn’t. When you sue Bravo, they’re not super excited about you ever again. I think Vicki’s story’s been told … I want her to go on and find love and be happy without a camera in her face,” she explained.

When questioned why Vicki sued Bravo, Brandi hinted, “Do you remember there was like some anonymous lawsuit and they had her on, they brought her out into the reunion late, like as a ‘friend of’ as some sort of punishment or something, but she tried to do it under an anonymous name … I always say this: You don’t s**t where you eat.”

The Unfiltered podcast host then moved on to discuss the recent happenings among the RHOBH cast.

According to Brandi, she totally believes there are two “teams” on the RHOBH cast following season 12. She also addressed the “hate” that Kyle is getting from fans for simply doing her job.

“It does seem like [there are] two teams. It seems like Sutton [Stracke] and Garcelle [Beauvais] are going to ride hard for each other. And then Kyle’s kind of in the middle, making sure that there’s a story. She’s getting a lot of f–king hate for it, but she’s doing her job,” the RHOBH alum explained.

Brandi continued, “She’s gotten so much hate. I know what she’s doing because I watch it with a different perspective. She’s getting the conversation started and then she’s letting them do what they have to do. So I say, thank God for Kyle.”

She added that Kyle told her: “‘I can’t look at social media. It’s, it really breaks my heart. I like, I’m getting more hate than I’ve ever got.’”

As for which RHOBH cast members need to exit the franchise, Brandi said Dorit [Kemsley] … and Diana [Jenkins].” Well, Brandi got half her wish for season 13 of RHOBH.

Despite wanting Dorit gone from RHOBH, Brandi admits she enjoys “seeing [Paul “PK” Kemsley] be like a mangina. Like he’s so wrong. He’s so ridiculous. I still wonder how he got Dorit.”

While fans love Sutton, Brandi thinks the fashionista is “slightly delusional and very much drinking [her] own Kool-Aid. It’s cause she just doubles down on everything. I’m not a fan. I knew her before the show and she always wanted to be on the show. And so she would invite like me and [Lisa] Rinna to everything but also like the second she got on the show — our mutual friend — she quit them and it was just very bizarre. Like she had a plan and she put it into action. There’s a little evilness that’s there.”

To conclude, Brandi admitted that she’d rather work with Denise over LVP any day of the week.

“Denise in a heartbeat. Cause we have unresolved issues and unfinished business,” she confessed, referencing her past claim that she and Denise hooked up.

RHOBH is expected to return for season 13 in late 2023 or early 2024.

Thoughts on this all? Do you agree or disagree with Brandi’s takes?

Source: Reality Blurb

Brandi Glanville believes that Bravo chose to bring Tamra Judge back to RHOC instead of Vicki Gunvalson because Tamra never really got to step out of Vicki’s shadow. Vicki and Tamra were seen as a package deal, and it was time for the audience to see Tamra on her own without having to deal with Vicki. Additionally, Vicki had previously sued Bravo, which may have affected their decision to bring her back.

Brandi Glanville hinted that Vicki Gunvalson sued Bravo because of an anonymous lawsuit. Vicki was brought out as a “friend of” during the reunion as some sort of punishment, and she tried to file the lawsuit under an anonymous name. However, Brandi suggests that suing Bravo is not a wise move as it can negatively impact future opportunities with the network.

According to Brandi Glanville, there seem to be two teams among the RHOBH cast following season 12. Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais are aligned and support each other, while Kyle Richards is in the middle, ensuring there is a story. Kyle has been receiving a lot of hate from fans, but Brandi believes she is simply doing her job.

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