Melissa Gorga: Unveiling the Truth Behind Her Relationship with Joe Gorga and Her Personal Struggles


The Gorgas are being exposed – yet again!

It’s time to expose the truth about some of Joe and Melissa Gorga’s claims from the most recent episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

To start we are going to discuss the Gorgas insisting they’re still upset over Teresa Giudice for agreeing with Jennifer Aydin declaration that Joe acts like a “bitch” at the season 12 reunion.

“This is your blood and Jennifer made fun of him. And you chimed in,” Melissa quipped during the March 28 episode of RHONJ.

At the season 12 reunion, Jennifer told Joe, “Your behavior that night was a little bitch girl” to which Joe replied, “Oh I’m a bitch, now.”

Teresa added: “And Bitch boy, I’m sorry, Joe you’re kind of like a housewife. Sorry!”


To this day the Gorgas still insist that they are heartbroken over Teresa backing up Jennifer’s “bitch” comment however the truth is not on their side.

First off, Teresa did defend Joe when Jennifer first called him a “bitch” during their fight at the Jersey shore last season. Teresa said her brother was just defending his wife and that Jennifer should try to make peace with the Gorgas.

More importantly we have to point out that this isn’t the first, or the last time, Joe was called a “bitch” on the show.

Melissa called Joe a “bitch” during season 3 of RHONJ. So, if Joe is so upset with Jennifer calling him a “bitch” then he better be as equally as pissed off at his wife since she also made the comment on national TV.

“Omg you’re such a bitch, like is he on his period or something,” Melissa said of Joe in her confessional interview.

As for Melissa, you condemn Teresa and Jennifer for their comment about Joe being a “bitch” when you have said the exact same thing on the show.

Yet that isn’t the end of it. A photo of Joe recently popped up on social media that shows him holding a shirt that reads: “Bitch Boy.” In the photo Joe has a huge grin on his face and seems to be enjoying the joke and the attention.

To further drive the point home that Joe and Melissa are hypocrites, said photo was taken at their luau party which was the night before Joe and Melissa got into a blowout with Teresa and Louie Ruelas at Rachel Fuda‘s BBQ.

Odd, that the “bitch boy” comment didn’t bother Joe just 24 hours prior but it only upsets the Gorgas when it can make Teresa look like a piece of crap.


We aren’t stopping there though. Now, it’s time to deep dive into why it’s BS that Teresa is getting backlash for her comment that Melissa has “daddy issues.”

“My brother needs to get therapy because he keeps blaming me for everything. It’s not just me, she has daddy issues she needs to go get help,” the RHONJ OG told co-stars Margaret Josephs and Jackie Goldschneider on Tuesday’s episode of the show.

Jackie took issue with Teresa’s comment telling her, “That’s not nice.” As fans know, Melissa’s dad died in a car accident when she was 17 years old.

However, Teresa disagrees.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” Teresa replied. “She’s attached to my brother like, yeah, there’s issues.”

“Melissa always talked about that she had daddy issues, how her father would go out all the time and he was cheating on the mom. He was never home, so that’s why she always had a leash on my brother,” Teresa explained in her confessional.

RHONJ Source, on Instagram, located and shared clips from season 5 of RHONJ where Melissa talks about her relationship with her father and how his infidelities impacted her life and relationships.

In the clips, Melissa discusses how much of her life she wants to share in her book.

Melissa explained that her dad was a “great provider” but that he was disappear for days because of this Melissa says she “grew up having trust issues with men because where did my dad go.”

The 43-year-old acknowledged that was hesitant on “how deep to go” in the book but notes that she spent her young adult life searching for a man to “support, love, and care for her” the way her dad did.

“Joe reminds me so much of my father,” Melissa noted.

Check out the clip below!

It is important to point out that Teresa didn’t reveal anything that Melissa hasn’t already said about her life and relationships with her husband and father on the show.

Teresa also said that her own daughters, Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana “have daddy issues” due to their father, Joe Giudice, spending four years in prison then being deported to Italy in 2019.

There seems to be a lot of hypocrisy happening on RHONJ at the moment.

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

Thoughts on this all? Who’s side are you? Sound off in the comments.

Yes, Teresa did defend Joe when Jennifer first called him a “bitch” during their fight at the Jersey shore last season. She said her brother was just defending his wife and that Jennifer should try to make peace with the Gorgas.

 Yes, Joe has been called a “bitch” before on the show. Melissa called him a “bitch” during season 3 of RHONJ. So, if Joe is upset with Jennifer calling him a “bitch,” he should also be equally upset with his wife since she made the same comment on national TV.

Yes, Teresa made a comment about Melissa having “daddy issues” on the show. She mentioned that Melissa always talked about her father’s infidelities and how it impacted her life and relationships. Teresa believes that Melissa’s attachment to her brother stems from these issues.

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