RHONJ: Teresa Giudice’s Emotional Wedding Day


RHONJ fans, can you believe we are already at the mid-point of season 13? Time flies when the season is filled with drama!

Bravo dropped the mid-season trailer for season 13 of RHONJ on Monday, and it has received mixed reviews from fans.

The second half of season 13 focuses on Joe and Melissa Gorga‘s decision to skip Teresa Giudice‘s August 2022 wedding to Louie Ruelas.

“So your only sibling is not showing up?” Teresa’s longtime makeup artist and friend Priscilla Distasio asks in the trailer, to which the RHONJ OG replies, “Yes.”

Joe and Melissa claim that they skipped Teresa and Louie’s wedding due to Teresa’s role in untrue rumors about their marriage being spread on the show. At the season 13 finale party, it is alleged that Melissa was caught kissing another man in a car during a night out in New York City.

A source close to the Gorgas claims, “Teresa betrayed them in a way that’s unforgivable” however, that is NOT the truth at all.

AllAboutTRH previously revealed the TRUTH behind the cheating rumors surrounding the Gorgas marriage. Both Melissa and Joe knew about the cheating allegation against Melissa before filming for season 13 even began production. The Gorgas were aware that the allegation originally came from Margaret Josephs. Teresa and Louie gave them a heads-up before the season started and knew that the cheating rumor. In fact, Margaret even recently backed up this claim, telling one media outlet that the entire cast knew about the cheating allegations against Melissa at the RHONJ season 12 reunion.

In August, a source close to the RHONJ cast told AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY:

“Teresa & Louie confronted her brother Joe about the rumor that Margaret had told her BFF about earlier this year prior to filming off camera. Teresa never believed it but wanted Joe to know. Joe went back home and told his wife everything. Melissa then called up Margaret and confronted her. Melissa did not want this on camera as she knew her children would see this. Everyone on the cast except the newbies have known about this situation since prior to filming. Melissa never confronted Teresa about the rumor or the fact that she spoke to Joe Gorga about it. It wasn’t until the season finale that the new housewife Danielle tells Melissa what Jennifer told her and Melissa immediately goes after Teresa and blames her for this entire rumor accusing her of being behind it. That then causes Joe Gorga to charge at Louie to the point that he has to be restrained. They both then make the decision they won’t be coming to the wedding even though they were aware of this rumor since prior to filming and never confronted Teresa on/off camera until the season finale a few days before her wedding. Teresa had no idea that the rumor was going to be on camera as she was distracted with her wedding and it was Jennifer who told newbie Danielle on camera.”

In the mid-season trailer, fans will see newbie Danielle Cabral bring up the cheating allegation to Melissa on camera. While Melissa pretends to be shocked, however, per AllAboutTRH‘s insider, she already knew about the allegation, she just never expected it to come up on camera.

“She caught you in the backseat of a car, kissing a guy,” Danielle tells Melissa.

Margaret then involves herself, calling Danielle a “pot stirrer.”

“Meet the new Danielle,” Danielle fires back at Marge. “You made her.”

Fast forward to Melissa telling Dolores Catania, “How can I celebrate somebody else’s marriage when they are constantly trying to destroy mine?” 

Dolores replies, “If you don’t go to the wedding, Melissa, I think it’s over over.”

Turns out Teresa’s 17-year-old daughter, Milania Giudice, feels the same way. Earlier in the season, Milania told her mom, “If [Zio Joe] doesn’t come to your wedding, then it’s wrapped, it’s over with — never speaking to you again.”

As we all know, Teresa has not spoken to her brother or Melissa since late July/early August 2022. The upcoming season 13 reunion will be the first time Teresa, Joe, and Melissa will be face to face in nearly a year.

Check out the season 13 mid-season trailer below!

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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Source: PEOPLE

Joe and Melissa claim that they skipped Teresa and Louie’s wedding due to Teresa’s role in spreading untrue rumors about their marriage on the show.

 No, that is not true. Teresa did not betray Joe and Melissa. The cheating rumors surrounding Melissa were known to the entire cast, including Teresa and Louie, before filming for season 13 even began. Teresa even gave Joe a heads-up about the rumors.

The tension between Melissa and Teresa escalated when Melissa confronted Teresa about the cheating rumors during the season finale. Melissa accused Teresa of being behind the rumors, which led to a heated confrontation between Joe Gorga and Louie. As a result, Melissa and Joe decided not to attend Teresa’s wedding.

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