BIG RHONJ Fan Rachel Fuda


There’s wrong with being a fan of the Real Housewives except if you are Rachel Fuda and have claimed you barely watched the hit show prior to joining. 

The newest Real Housewife was caught having a Bravo fan account with the Instagram handle being @BravoLover1234.

The account had been active for several years.

Fans found the account and quickly called her out about being a fan as she had claimed she barely watched the show prior to joining.

Confessing to ET, Fuda says it was “so embarrassing,” when others found the account explaining, 

“First of all, nothing wrong with being a fan of the show. I mean, we are all watching the show. We're all fans to some capacity, that's No. 1. So, let's say that. No. 2, this was my old Instagram page before I got married.”

Rachel says the instagram handle wasn’t always BravoLover1234 and that she changed it to that while filming the season.

She says that she changed the handle as the season professed because she wasn’t getting along with some of the ladies, 

“I'm like, 'I need a finsta to watch these girls' stories.' So, I log onto my old account, and I change the name. Like, deleted everything. I had no followers. There was nothing on there. I guess I forgot to go through [and un-tag] pictures. ... I'm still tagged because I just changed the name; so I was using it as a finsta to creep on my castmates, and I got caught like an idiot. OK? That is it. It's really not that juicy. I swear to god, I will always own it -- even if I’m wrong, I will say it. I am an idiot."

Love Love Love Gabriella on TikTok showed the photos of Rachel tagged in her old Bravolover Instagram account

@lovelovelovegabriela Rachel Fuda the newbie on #RHONJ claims she’s not a Fan, her old IG name says different! Rachel is the new #MELISSAGORGA ? #RACHELFUDA ? original sound – lovelovelovegabriela

Thoughts on the newest RHONJ housewife?

Rachel Fuda confessed that she had a Bravo fan account with the Instagram handle @BravoLover1234, which had been active for several years.

Fans called out Rachel Fuda about her fan account because she had previously claimed that she barely watched the Real Housewives show before joining.

 Rachel Fuda changed her Instagram handle to BravoLover1234 while filming the season because she wasn’t getting along with some of the other ladies. She wanted to create a “finsta” (fake Instagram) account to secretly watch their stories without them knowing.

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