RHOM Alexia Echevarria’s Ongoing Silence Towards Adriana De Moura

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Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria known for her captivating presence on the show, continues to hold onto her ongoing feud with co-star Adriana de Moura. RHOM Alexia Echevarria remains determined to address and resolve the issues between them, showcasing her unwavering determination and commitment to finding a resolution.

In fact – she hasn’t even spoken to her since the Real Housewives of Miami reunion filmed months ago.

The feud hit an all time low with the former friends when Adriana De Moura compared her foot injury to the near-fatal car accident Alexia’s son, Frankie Rosella was in, back in 2011. 

Earlier this week Alexia and her husband Todd Nepola were in Beverly Hills when TMZ caught up with them and asked if it’s possible for Alexia to forgive Adriana. 

Alexia replied, “in my heart. I love to forgive people and I’m hoping we will get there.”

Alexia explains what she didn’t appreciate is that after the reunion, she thought Adriana would have more time to reflect and understand and instead went on a press tour bashing Alexia.

In fact, after the episode aired of the comparison, Adriana De Moura blasted Alexia Echevarria for shaming trans woman in season four. 

Alexia acknowledges that Adriana is being dirty by bringing things up from the past. Alexia says that Adriana hasn’t reached out and says the entire situation is sad.

Alexia is being hopeful and says maybe when they start filming – they will have a moment and an opportunity to talk things out.

Alexia adds bringing up the past will never allow them to move forward 

Will Real Housewives of Miami stars Alexia Echevarria and Adriana de Moura ever reconcile their feud?

The feud between Alexia Echevarria and Adriana de Moura started when Adriana compared her foot injury to the near-fatal car accident that Alexia’s son was involved in back in 2011.

Alexia Echevarria has not forgiven Adriana de Moura yet, but she mentioned that she loves to forgive people and hopes that they will eventually reach a point of forgiveness.

After the reunion, Adriana de Moura went on a press tour bashing Alexia Echevarria, which Alexia did not appreciate. Adriana also brought up past issues, including accusing Alexia of shaming a trans woman in season four.

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