Kristen Doute Addresses Pump Rules Cheating Scandal Involving Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix


Former Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute has been very supportive when it comes to her good friend Ariana Madix amid the cheating scandal. And Kristen is now opening up on the facts of what happened on her podcast. 

According to Kristen, Kristen and Ariana were at Toms show and Toms phone had fallen out of his pocket and someone picked it up handing it to Ariana. Ariana then had this weird feeling to check Toms phone although they both have a very trusting relationship and never check each others phone. 

Kristen said Ariana had a gut feeling that she had to look. Ariana then went through Toms photos and that’s when she found a screen recording of a FaceTime call with Tom and Raquel being inappropriate. 

Kristen on what really happened with Scheana and Raquel:

Ariana calls Raquel Leviss right away and Raquel was with Scheana Shay after taping a Watch What Happens Live episode. Kristen describes Raquel as coming across “dumb” in the conversation but Scheana knew something was wrong so asked Raquel who she was speaking to.

That’s when Raquel casually explains she is talking to Tom and that they had a seven month affair. Scheana immediately grabs Raquel’s phone throwing it in the gutter. 

Raquel told Sceana she was in love with Tom.

Kristen opens up Tom’s apology to Ariana:

Kristen says Sandoval was not apologetic which shocked Kristen. Kristen says he was gaslighting Ariana telling her that they haven’t been happy and she wasn’t supportive of his endeavors which Kristen denies. Kristen explains that Ariana has been the only one in Tom’s life who has consistently been supportive of them while the rest of the friend group have laughed at him for years.

Kristen checked in on Ariana two days later after Ariana had filmed for Pump Rules. Kristen says that Ariana actually apologized to Kristen after she saw her and that made Kristen get chills.

Kristen says, “For her to apologize to me? Because she didn’t listen to me or because of the way their relationship started? No. That’s why I took to social media almost immediately because I was so tired of people saying, ‘Oh my God, this is Ariana’s karma”

When did Tom Schwartz Find Out?

Kristen reveals that allegedly Scwartz only knew a month ago saying, “ Schwartz said that he told Tom he needed to tell Ariana before it blew up in his face and humiliated the hell out of her……Too little too late.”

Kristen on If Sandoval and Leviss Can Stay in the ‘Friend Group’

“In my opinion, it’s very much over. Right now the only person Sandoval has is Schwartz, and Schwartz isn’t happy about this, either. This is pouring down on their businesses”

Kristen on how Ariana is doing:

Kristen admits that Ariana is not doing well and that shes numb to it. She doesn’t want to hear anything else about the affair. Kristen explains, “We were telling her some more rumors that were coming up yesterday and she’s like, ‘What does it matter? I just don’t need to know anymore it’s just going to make me feel worse.”

Kristen on what it was like to come face to face with Tom:

Kristen says that when she was at Ariana and Sandoval’s house, Tom walked in and said, “’Yea I know everyone hates me,'” Kristen says she then went and spoke to Tom to make sure he didn’t stay explaining, “We did go upstairs, and I have to respect that they share that home, legally he’s allowed to be at that house. So I reminded everybody that the best thing we can do right now is respect what the laws are.” She says that they asked Sandoval if he could give Ariana a couple of hours heads up before he comes home so that she can leave. Tom’s response was that she could leave if she was uncomfortable.

Earlier this week Bravo confirmed Kristen Doute would be returning to Vanderpump Rules amid the cheating scandal

Kristen Doute reveals on her podcast that Ariana discovered a screen recording of a FaceTime call between Tom and Raquel, which was inappropriate. This led to a confrontation between Ariana, Raquel, and Scheana Shay, where Raquel admitted to having a seven-month affair with Tom. Kristen also mentions that Tom was not apologetic and tried to gaslight Ariana.

According to Kristen, Tom Schwartz only found out about the affair a month ago. He apparently advised Tom to tell Ariana before it became public and embarrassed her, but it was too late.

 Kristen mentions that Ariana is not doing well and feels numb about the affair. She does not want to hear any more rumors or details about it as it only makes her feel worse. Kristen also reveals that Ariana apologized to her, which surprised Kristen and led her to address the misconceptions on social media.

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