Jennifer Aydin’s Journey on RHONJ


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin is giving viewers the behind the scenes scoop on how she got cast on the hit show for season nine. The RHONJ star reveals how the process went crediting Jacqueline Laurita for sealing the deal.

Speaking on the Namaste Podcast, Jennifer reveals all the juicy details on what she went through to secure her spot, “So when they when they cast me on the show and I got the contract, it was a preliminary contract. There was a lot of things to the contract that we get is a universal generic contract for all reality talent. It goes across the board. It wasn’t a specific contract for Housewives of New Jersey. It was a universal reality contract and there were things in that contract that were crazy. Like I agree to defamation of character.”

Jennifer recalls calling her producer to address her concerns saying, “I called my producer because my husband was like, ‘you can’t in your right mind want to sign this? You’re like a well-respected, reputable woman in our town. We don’t need it. Like, why would you even want to sign this? And part of me felt embarrassed in front of him? Right? So I called my producer and I’m like, “Can we just take a few of these things out? And she said, “Look, this is a universal contract. These clauses do not pertain to our show specifically. I will have you know that any one that you see that’s on the show has signed this contract. You either want it or you don’t. And at that point, I felt put on the spot and I felt like my integrity was on the line, so I felt like it was kind of like a game of who’s going to give in first, and I said, “Well, I can’t sign it then, right?”

Jennifer reveals that the producers didn’t push her after she addressed her concerns and just said bye moving on. She says that they started filming season nine and she kept getting signs and seeing messages about following your gut.

That’s when Jennifer says she knew she would regret not doing this and told Bill that she’s done everything he’s ever wanted and that this was something she wanted to do for herself. Bill supported it as he didn’t realize how badly she wanted this.

But to her surprise when she called back the producer and apologized – they turned her down. The producer told Jennifer, You said no to a preliminary contract that was only three weeks. What if you say no to the contract that comes after this? We can’t risk wasting three weeks of footage and time and money on you for the risk that you’re going to say no. And I’m like, Look, I know I haven’t proven myself. I know you guys don’t trust me.” Jennifer pleaded with the producer and the producer said they would call back and after a few days let Jennifer know they would not be moving forward with her. 

Jennifer says she hung up and sent a long text apologizing and assured the producer she was 100% committed if asked next year. Jennifer says she was very disappointed and then credits Jacqueline Laurita for getting her the contract. 

Jennifer explains she was involved in a Best Buddies charity event that is a Big Brother type of school for children with autism and that she got Jacqueline’s contact information through Kathy Wakile. Kathy Wakile’s daughter worked for Bill’s practice. 

Jennifer talks about the phone call she had with Jacqueline that got her on the Real Housewives, “Somehow Jacqueline and I had gotten on a phone call and she saw my personality and she was friends with a former producer, who was the producer when Teresa was on. But she wasn’t the producer when I was on and she was like, I’m going to call the producer and tell them that they need to reconsider you.”

And whatever Jacqueline said worked as Jennifer goes on to say that the producers reconsidered, calling three days later and letting her know that they will bring her on for three weeks at no pay and assess after.

It’s clear Jennifer was exactly what producers were looking for as she’s five seasons in.

Are you surprised to know about the process behind the scenes to get on the show?

Jennifer Aydin got cast on Real Housewives of New Jersey after Jacqueline Laurita recommended her to the producers.

Jennifer had to sign a preliminary contract that included clauses such as agreeing to defamation of character.

Jennifer hesitated to sign the contract because she felt embarrassed in front of her husband and questioned the impact it would have on her reputation in their town.

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