Vanderpump Rules Cast’s Reaction to Raquel Leviss’ Alleged PR Plan


Crisis mode engaged!

Raquel Leviss is working overtime to rehab her image after her affair with Tom Sandoval became public knowledge.

According to Deux Moi, the Vanderpump Rules star hired a new PR team to create a narrative that paints her as the victim in this scandal.

It seems that Raquel previously shared a PR team with Tom, so she kicked them to the curb in order to “save her image.” Raquel apparently has plans to break things off with Sandoval while also alleging that he took “advantage” of her during a “vulnerable” time in her life. She then plans to do an apology tour.

The from an unnamed source read:

Raquel fired her PR team yesterday, which, not so coincidentally, was the same as Tom Sandoval’s PR. Her new team is already on the offensive, crafting a narrative that Raquel is also a victim in all of this. When she films with Sandoval later today, she’s been advised (and is planning) to break things off with him. TBD if that happens. The plan is to then go after him for screen recording the FaceTime sex session without Raquel’s consent, which was uncovered by Ariana on Sandoval’s phone and led to the unraveling of events. They’re planning to allege that Sandoval took advantage of Raquel while she was in a vulnerable moment in life, clouding her judgment, then recording intimate videos without her knowledge. She will then go on an apology tour, relaying that she’s devastated by what has unfolded and for betraying one of her best friends (Ariana). At present, Raquel is not taking responsibility for her role in this affair. She’s more concerned with correcting the record on the “finger-banging” vid than taking accountability for the hurt she has caused. And just for the record, she didn’t have these ideas, nor plans to distance [herself] from Sandoval, until her new PR relayed their strategy to try and save her image.

Another source then confirmed that Raquel‘s “crisis” PR strategy is “dead-ass true.”

“The crisis PR stuff is dead-ass true. I can’t speak to the whole scheme, but she’s hired ’em & is obsessed [with] her image NOT apologizing to her “best friend” shows her priorities,” Jared Lips stated.

Jared Lips Stated
Jared Lips Stated

Not surprisingly, Lala Kent, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute had quite a bit to say about Raquel’s alleged PR strategy.

Kristen quipped, “she’s not even slightly sorry. Disgusting,” while Katie added: “More nefarious behavior.”

Kristen Quipped
Kristen Quipped
Kristen Quipped
Kristen Quipped

Naturally, Lala had the most to say, admitting that her “troll” mode “had been fully activated.”

The mom of one went engaged in a huge rant on her Instagram Stories, calling Raquel “dumb.”

Lala said:

“I think it’s safe to say that my troll has been fully activated. I’m okay with that. I’m okay with that right now. I saw something on Deux Moi about Raquel’s PR strategy. The strategy is to pretty much lean into like save your image. We gotta lean back into the fact that you’re done. All right. You’re just dumb. You’re the victim. Lean in on that now that it’s convenient. Okay? For so long, I’ve been saying that she ain’t got a lot upstairs, and everyone’s like, she’s so sweet. And she sits there and goes, ‘I’m not dumb, Lala! I went to college,’ but now that all hell has broken loose and she’s lit herself on fire, she wants to lean in on I’m dumb. Everyone else filled my head. I’m the victim. It’s not gonna work. It is not going to work. Now that I’m thinking about it, I wanna cut of whatever she’s paying. Her PR team, I created that image for her. You are just oblivious to life. The exact image that her crisis PR team is trying to get her back to is the image I created for her. Where’s my cut? Sending you an invoice, Raquel.”

Vanderpump Rules airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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Raquel Leviss has hired a new PR team to create a narrative that portrays her as the victim in her affair scandal with Tom Sandoval. She plans to break things off with Sandoval and allege that he took advantage of her during a vulnerable time in her life. Her new PR team aims to go after Sandoval for screen recording their FaceTime sex session without her consent, and Raquel plans to go on an apology tour to express her devastation and apologize for betraying her best friend, Ariana.

Raquel fired her previous PR team, which coincidentally was the same as Tom Sandoval’s PR team. She did this in order to save her image and distance herself from Sandoval. Her new PR team is now crafting a narrative that portrays her as a victim in the affair scandal.

Lala Kent, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute have expressed their opinions on Raquel’s alleged PR strategy. Kristen called it “disgusting” and Lala referred to Raquel as “dumb.” Lala also mentioned that she had created the image that Raquel’s crisis PR team is now trying to get her back to, and jokingly stated that she should be paid for it.

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