Tom Sandoval Cheating Scandal


Buckle up, Bravoverse; your world is about to be rocked by Tom Sandoval!

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix have called it quits after it was revealed he cheated with their Vanderpump Rules co-star Raquel Leviss.

As longtime viewers know, Tom and Ariana have been together since 2013. They share a home and two dogs, but it turns out all of that wasn’t enough for SanDEVIL.

We are going to break down everything we know about the cheating scandal! So grab a Pumptini because there’s a lot of tea to unpack.

How the affair came to light…

On Wednesday, Ariana was seen supporting Tom as he performed with his band in Los Angeles. This is shortly before she found out about his affair with Raquel. It’s been reported that during the show, Tom’s phone fell out of his pocket. This is when Ariana saw a video Raquel sent Tom of her touching herself.

Deux Moi reports:

“Apparently the “most extra” singer’s phone slipped out his pocket the night of his show and his girlfriend picked it up for him. [She] found videos of bambi girl doing some *nasty* stuff to herself on his phone. He did not deny it to his current girlfriend and came clean. Bambi eye denied it until she got caught.”

Deux Moi Reports
Deux Moi Reports

According to reports, Ariana confronted Tom about the cheating at his show on Wednesday (more deets below). She later ended their relationship on Friday. TMZ broke the news of Tom and Raquel’s affair on that same day. Initally, Bravo fans couldn’t believe the claims, but Ariana’s brother Jeremy Madix confirmed the news.

Jeremy wrote on Instagram:

“It’s funny to watch people social climb and be soooooo fake that they’re willing to shit on people that are supposed to be their “best friend” ( a term that gets thrown around very often around here) all just to come up or have some sort of story line. This lifestyle and this group is beyond toxic and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. All just for clout from a corny ass network like BravoTV sl. Toms a try hard having a midlife crisis with his cringy band and Raquel has faked her way to the top trying to make something of her life willing to step on whoever to get there starting with James. Sell out type lame shit. Let’s all remember that Raquel was a fan of the show before all of this. Does anyone pay attention?”

Jeremy Wrote On Instagram
Jeremy Wrote On Instagram

Bravo caught it all on camera

If you’re worried about having to wait to see this drama play out on Pump Rules, don’t fret because Bravo caught the whole thing on camera.

“Bravo caught this all on camera, they were at Tom’s show on [Wednesday] when Ariana found out. She sound the video on his phone and interupted his show, he ran off to deal with [it.]. Bravo is forcing them to film tomorrow, so this will al play out on camera. And James [Kennedy] is going absolutely insane, threatening to [f–k up] Tom.”

– Deux Moi
Bravo caught
Bravo caught

According to TMZ, the network is going to work this storyline into season ten. Producers believe they can “get segments edited and pushed out before the end of the season.”

Similarly, a source tells Page Six that “It’s true that they split and cameras are rolling.”

The source adds:

“The majority of the cast is expected to gather and film tomorrow to share their reactions to Raquel and Sandoval’s affair. Mostly everyone is shook and completely heartbroken for Ariana.”

The 411 on Tom and Raquel’s affair

Tom and Raquel’s fling wasn’t just a one-and-done thing. Their affair has been going on for the past seven months, beginning in July 2022.

A source tells Page Six that Tom and Raquel’s relationship “began last summer” and that the two were “communicating inappropriately for months.”

Raquel “has slept over at Tom and Ariana’s house when Ariana’s been out of town.”

“This has been going on for upwards of 6 months — all the while, Tom was sleeping next to Ariana in bed,” one source tells PEOPLE. “She was completely blindsided by this; devastated doesn’t even scratch the surface of how she feels.”

“This is someone she thought she knew, someone she planned to spend the rest of her life with. You can’t even put into words that betrayal,” the source adds.

“She was supporting his new single,” a second insider says. “She had no idea any of this was happening behind her back.”

To make matters worse, Tom and Raquel slept together at Tom and Ariana’s house when Ariana was in the next room sleeping, according to James Kennedy.

 James Kennedy
James Kennedy

Raquel and Tom apparently “want to be together,” as Tom has real feelings for the 28-year-old. They reportedly had been “ruminating for weeks” on how to tell Ariana about their affair before getting caught.

Oddly enough, Tom bragged about “respecting” Ariana in an interview with Page Six just hours before she found out about his affair. Similarly, Raquel boasted about Sandoval on Wednesday’s WWHL, claiming she has always thought he was the cuter Tom.

How Ariana is coping

Obviously, Ariana is devastated after finding out about Tom and Raquel’s affair.

“Ariana was blindsided by the cheating,” an insider told Page Six, adding that the 37-year-old had “no idea there were any issues” in her ten-year relationship with Tom as they had been “affectionate in public recently.”

The source adds that Ariana “has been hanging out with Raquel recently” and feels “betrayed by her friend.”

Ariana shut down all of her social media profiles as the news of her and Tom’s split hit the press.

The aftermath so far

On Friday, Tom was seen moving out of the home Ariana, and he shared in Valley Village. In photos, Tom can be seen loading suitcases into a friend’s car. He then stopped at a convenience store before heading to a performance with his band in Orange County.

At the show, some fans screamed “cheater” at Tom while others yelled “Ariana.” Tom told the crowd, “we love [Ariana].”

The VPR girls have shown up for Ariana and are getting her out of the house to take her mind off the drama.

As for Raquel, Deux Moi reports that “Raquel’s family is pleading with her to stop filming, get off the show, and seek help. Is she heeding their advice? Nope, too thirsty for fame.”

Vanderpump Rules cast reaction

Turns out the Vanderpump Rules cast was just as surprised as fans by the news of Tom and Raquel’s affair.

“Hope you all feel as sick as I do. This explains everything,” James Kennedy wrote on Instagram on Friday. He also agreed with a fan who called Tom and Raquel “the two most vile subhumans.”

VPR alum Kristen Doute has rallied around Ariana and rushed to her home after the news of Tom’s affair broke.

Katie Maloney, on the other hand, called Tom and Raquel “clowns” while telling fans to “just you f–king wait” after they suggested she and Ariana “burn it all down.”

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As for Lala Kent, the 32-year-old made it clear she’s going “torch these motherf–kers” at the VPR season ten reunion.

Raquel and Scheana drama

Meanwhile, Scheana Shay and Raquel also have some major beef at the moment. After the two appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, Raquel confessed the affair to Scheana.

“Scheana was furious,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She and all the Vanderpump Rules costars have rallied around Ariana during this time. They can’t believe Raquel would do something like that.”

A source tells Page Six, “After taping ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ Scheana and Raquel went out to drinks with friends. At one point in the night, Scheana lost Raquel and then found her outside of the bar on the phone with Ariana, who Scheana could hear was bawling.”

Scheana asked Raquel to explain what was happening, which is when Raquel confessed the affair while Ariana was “still on the phone.”

“A heated confrontation ensued following the revelation,” the source says. “They went back to the hotel separately and haven’t seen each other nor spoken since.”

The “heated confrontation” reportedly turned physical, Rumor has it Scheana punched Raquel in the face. It seems Scheana’s friends are now worried that Raquel will press charges.

Scheana punched
Scheana punched

According to a comment captured by Bravosnarkside, Raquel’s sister confirmed the hit on Instagram, writing, “[no one deserves to be] punched in the face.”

The VPR season 10 Reunion

Now as fans gear up to watch all this drama play out during season ten of VPR, Andy Cohen is trying to figure out how Bravo will make the upcoming reunion work.

“How many parts is too many parts for the #pumprules reunion??” Andy tweeted. Lala told him, “the limit does not exist,” while Lisa Vanderpump is begging for only one part, saying, “I’m not sure my heart is up to it.”

Andy told LVP, “You have time to get a pacemaker because I NEED YOU.”

Vanderpump Rules airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

Did Tom Sandoval Cheat on Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss? Shocking Details Revealed!

 Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, and Raquel Leviss are involved in the cheating scandal on Vanderpump Rules.

Ariana discovered the affair when she found a video on Tom’s phone that Raquel had sent him, showing her engaging in explicit behavior.

 Tom and Raquel’s affair has been going on for the past seven months, starting in July 2022.

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