Joe Gorga’s Video Views with Joe Giudice: Teresa Giudice Reveals Details


Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Joe Gorga, also known as Joey Gorga, has proven himself to be an opportunist, at least that’s what his sister Teresa Giudice thinks.

Last week Teresa Giudice daughter Gia Giudice slammed her uncle Joe Gorga on Instagram after he posted a video of him and her dad, Joe Giudice, reuniting in the Bahamas over the weekend.

Joey shared a video of him and his former brother-in-law hugging after running into each other at a bar.

Joey wrote: “Both walked into the same bar simultaneously. A lot of history there. We have memories since we were kids. I’m happy he’s doing well and looks good. We were both happy to see each other and catch up. Glad someone caught it. #life #rhonj.” 

Gia saw this and immediately labeled her uncle an opportunist considering they only saw each other for 5 minutes and made sure to take a video of the interaction.

Teresa Giudice is now revealing that Joey Gorga is proving he is an opportunist as he was heard bragging telling somebody that he got 10 million views on the video.

Teresa tells Access Hollywood, “He didn’t know he was being videoed. He told me, ‘we saw each other for like 2 minutes.'”

When asked why Joey Gorga would post the video, Teresa says, “That’s my brother..I think he told somebody that he got 10 million views on it. Oh, okay, opportunist..You first talk about him and say nasty things about him, but then you post a video with him? I mean, it doesnt make sense.”

When questioned about her daughters being part of the show, Teresa says, “They made them part of it by saying they put food on our table. Which they didn’t. If anything, we put food on THEIR table. The show was called ‘Teresa Checks In.’ So, if anything, I put food on their table. Let’s get that straight.”

Teresa also confirms that Joe Gorga only visit her once while she was in prison saying, “My brother came to see me one time. And guess why? The cameras were rolling. He got paid for it. He didn’t come any other time.” She adds, “He came to see me in prison one time and this is what I’ve learned. Unfortunately, the past 10 years it’s been heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak, and I’m done.”

Are you surprised Joe Gorga was heard bragging about how many views the video with Joe Giudice got?

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