RHOP Chris Bassett’s Thoughts on RHONJ’s Louie Rueles and Joe Gorga


Things between RHOP Chris Bassett, Louie, and Joe Gorga have been worse than ever with the boys not interacting since Joe Gorga decided not to attend Louie and his sister Teresa Giudice’s wedding.

Joe Gorga famously had family drama with Teresa Giudice first husband Joe Giudice but recently ran into him and recorded the interaction to share on social media. 

So what does RHOP’s Chris Bassett have to do with all of this? Well he saw some recent clips on the Real Housewives of New Jersey and revealed that Louie is a great guy despite how his brother-in-law, Joe Gorga, is trying to paint him.

Chris spoke on a recent interaction he had with both husbands saying, “I don’t know the drama with Theresa and Joe/Melissa, don’t watch jersey..but what I will say..Louis was one of the coolest people I met at bravo con…”

Chris explains that Louie just seemed like a really nice guy willing to chat with anyone and just wanting to have a good time. 

“He (louie) and I still chat on occasion…2 separate times I tried to talk to/introduce myself to Joe…he couldn’t be bothered, to into himself…so take that for what’s its worth.”

Is Chris Bassett’s perspective on Louie Rueles and Joe Gorga surprising?

 Louie and Joe Gorga’s relationship has been worse than ever, with the two not interacting since Joe Gorga decided not to attend Louie and his sister Teresa Giudice’s wedding.

 Louie Rueles is the husband of Teresa Giudice and the brother-in-law of Joe Gorga. Joe Gorga has been trying to paint Louie in a negative light, but according to Chris Bassett, Louie is actually a great guy.

Chris Bassett, who had interactions with both Louie and Joe Gorga, stated that Louie is a really nice guy who is willing to chat with anyone and just wants to have a good time. On the other hand, Joe Gorga seemed to be more self-absorbed and uninterested in engaging with others.

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