RHONJ Recap: Housewarming History Lesson


Episode four picks up with the RHONJ Recap of boys’ night, which involves all the very drunk husbands returning home to their wives. Let’s say the Housewives were less than thrilled.

The next day Teresa and Louie prepare for their Housewarming party. Louie tells Teresa about his drama with Joe at boys’ night. Meanwhile, Melissa and Joe chat about boys’ night at their new house, which is still under construction. Melissa finds it ridiculous that everyone misinterprets their comments about the Giudice family on her podcast.

Joe still has a stick up his ass over Melissa’s sisters and mother not being invited to Teresa and Louie’s wedding. He and Melissa say that Teresa doesn’t need them now because she has her new family with Louie.

Teresa can’t believe they are upset over the Marco family not scoring an invite to the wedding, but Louie notes that Joe is in pain. The mom of four calls Joe to patch things up, but he’s cold as ice on the phone. Teresa suggests they make peace and asks if he wants to talk. Joe doesn’t want to talk but wants peace. Despite agreeing to a truce, Joe says he doesn’t know if he’ll attend Teresa and Louie’s housewarming party.

At Dolores’ house, she and Frankie hang out with her mom, who seems to be doing better after her health scare last season. Frankie asks Dolores how Frank and Paulie’s relationship is going, and she admits they are learning to accept each other. Although Dolores makes it clear her priority is Paulie and that Frank will have to learn how to adjust to their new normal.

Next up, newbies, Jen Fessler and Rachel meet up for lunch. They talk about the ladies and how Jennifer peppered Rachel about her nose job, which Rachel insists she wasn’t offended by. Jennifer then called both ladies and trash-talked some of the other women. Allegedly Jennifer called Jen F to trash-talk Marge while she called Rachel to dish on Dolores. Both dub Jennifer a shit-stirrer and jealous.

Meanwhile, Dolores and Margaret meet up to shop for Teresa’s housewarming party. While shopping, Melissa calls and tells them that Joe is pissed that her mom and sisters aren’t invited to Teresa’s wedding. Marge and Dolores agree that it’s not cool of Teresa.

It’s finally the day of Teresa and Louie’s housewarming party. Teresa is super excited about the party while Joe rains on her parade by texting her that he’s not coming. Gia and Milania are shocked but not surprised and not how they haven’t seen their Uncle in so long. Joe tells Melissa that he’s so hurt and can’t take being around his sister. He calls Teresa selfish and says she wants to keep the family apart.

Milania and Gia tell their mom not to worry, saying Joe should be happy that she’s found her happily ever after with Louie.

As the party starts, Margaret tells Jackie and Dolores that Jennifer is up Jen F’s ass. She says Jennifer called Jen F to talk shit on her, which backfired because Jen F told her all about it. Marge insists that Jen is delusional to think she’s jealous of her.

Melissa arrives at the party sans Joe. The ladies all wonder where Joe is, which is when Teresa tells them her daughters haven’t seen him in six months. Teresa says she hoped Melissa would have brought her kids to the party so they could all hang out.

As Melissa enters the party, she bumps into Gia and Gabriella, who are less than thrilled to be talking to their aunt. Gabriella’s body language says it all. Melissa goes on about how much she misses them and why their cousins can’t be there. Gia admits she misses her cousins and says it sucks that they always get stuck in their parents’ drama. In her confessional, Melissa says that it’s clear her nieces hate her even though she loves them.

Louie and Teresa then give a speech thanking everyone for being there. Teresa says everyone at the party is their “chosen family,” which Melissa thinks is a slap in the face considering Joe wasn’t there. Marge stirs the pot and addresses Melissa about it, who gets increasingly upset over Joe not being there. Melissa excuses herself and runs off to cry in the bathroom.

The mom of three continues to insists that she was the one there for Teresa’s girls when Teresa was in prison so her “chosen family” comment is a slap in the face.

The party continues on with the sprinklers going off at the party, which causes quite the comotion. Melissa returns to the party to stir the pot. She tells Jackie that Danielle isn’t happy with her after she dissed her outfit and looked her up and down. Jackie doesn’t care and calls Danielle “insignificant.” Danielle overhears the conversation and jumps in. The newbie calls Jackie is judgey while Jackie takes issues with Danielle using her hands to talk. Jackie storms off instead of actually having a conversation with Danielle.

Marge then approaches Jennifer about calling Jen F. Jennifer explains she called Jen F to get the name of a marriage counselor for her and Bill, which shocks Marge. Jennifer then explains that while she was on the phone with Jen F, the newbie didn’t defend her good friend Margaret at all.

Meanwhile, Jennifer denies Marge’s claim that she said Marge was a jealous of her. Instead, Jennifer clarifies that she believes Marge is threatened by her. Jennifer adds that she doens’t buy that Marge exposed Bill’s affair because she thought Jennifer was a hypocrite. Marge then drags Jen F into the conversation which pulls Rachel and Dolores into it as well.

While Jennifer denies calling Jen F to simply shit talk Marge, Rachel chimes in and says that’s a lie because Jennifer called her to talk bad about Dolores. This pisses Dolores off to no end. The ladies begin screaming at each other with Jennifer calling Rachel an idiot. Jennifer again insists she didn’t call Rachel with the intention to talk about Dolores but the conversation ended there anyway. In fact, Jennifer says she called Rachel to apologize for commenting on her horrible nose job because she knows how that feels. Naturally everyone is shocked by Jennifer’s comment.

The episode ends with Rachel storming out of the party with her husband.

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At the Housewarming party, Joe, Teresa’s brother, texted her that he would not be attending the party, causing tension and disappointment. Melissa, Joe’s wife, also arrived at the party without him. There were also conflicts between the other housewives, with Jennifer being accused of stirring up drama and tensions rising between Jackie and Danielle.

Joe was upset because Teresa did not invite Melissa’s sisters and mother to their wedding. He felt that Teresa no longer needed her old family because she had her new family with her fiancé, Louie. This caused Joe to distance himself from Teresa and express his hurt and anger.

Several conflicts arose at the party. Melissa confronted Jackie about her negative comments towards Danielle, which led to Danielle overhearing the conversation and getting involved. Jennifer was accused of talking negatively about the other women, particularly Marge and Dolores. Jennifer denied some of the accusations, but tensions escalated, leading to Rachel storming out of the party with her husband.

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