Adriana De Moura: Confronting the Past on RHOM


RHOM star Adriana De Moura is getting tons of backlash after she made an awful analogy comparing co-star and former friend Alexia Echevarria’s son Frankie Rosello’s 2011 car crash to her foot “injury.”

Since the episode aired, fans have went in on Adriana claiming she continues to make horrible choices.

Adriana has stated she regrets making the analogy telling Page Six that she has apologized but Alexia refuses to accept her apology, “It doesn’t matter how much I apologize and I’ve apologized profusely, like, pretty much down on my knees and she would not accept my apology.”

To make matters worse between Adriana and Alexia – Adriana decided to remind viewers of the show that Alexia was shaming trans woman on RHOM last season, “Alexia was shaming a trans woman at a Pride event.”

Adriana elaborates by saying, “If you look at the footage on Season 4 when she’s going to be the marshal of the Pride parade in Miami in Wynwood, she’s sitting there with her then-fiancé, Todd Nepola. And he’s checking out the girls, this beautiful blonde on stage.

Adriana says that’s when she remembers Alexia telling Todd, “That’s a man. That’s a man.”

Page six notes that in the third episode of Season 4, titled “Painted With Pride,” sees Alexia — a noted LGBTQIA+ supporter who has participated in multiple Pride parades and events over the years — misgender the performer.

Todd ends up telling Alexia he is aware its a man and Adriana says that the scene still bothers her until this day explaining, “That’s a trans woman who went through a lot to get to that space where she needed to be. So, talk about sticking your foot in your mouth.”

Adriana’s point of bringing up the situation from season 4 was to remind Alexia that she should not cast the first stone as she isn’t perfect.

Is Adriana De Moura in the wrong for bringing up past controversies?

Adriana De Moura made an awful analogy comparing her co-star and former friend Alexia Echevarria’s son Frankie Rosello’s car crash to her own foot “injury.”

Yes, Adriana has stated that she regrets making the analogy and has apologized profusely to Alexia. However, Alexia has refused to accept her apology.

Adriana brought up Alexia’s past behavior of shaming a trans woman at a Pride event to remind viewers that Alexia is not perfect and should not cast the first stone.

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